Zion Builder: A Hyper-Fast Website Builder for Interactive, High-Ranking Websites


Zion Builder is a fast website builder that combines flexibility with performance to create fast loading, high-ranking sites. With a visual editor, you can create and layout your website even without any coding knowledge.

With this benefits, Zion Builder guarantees that you’ll quickly develop websites that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but are also going beyond in terms of speed, and performance.


Zion Builder Pricing Overview


Zion Builder’s price starts at $29.99 a year for 1 website. This plan is suitable for personal use and has all the features that this website builder offers. However, the price scales up if you want to use Zion Builder for developing more websites, making it perfect for people who create websites professionally and for agencies.

Alternatively, Zion builder is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which you can get for $99. Find out more about Zion Builder’s lifetime deal below.

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$29.99 a Year for 1 Website

✅  Has a free trial
Has a free version
✅  Risk-free 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$99.00 – Single Payment 

Zion Builder Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


Zion Builder Features


👉  Extensive Element and Template Libraries – Add elements that you need to create the perfect website! You also have the option to start with a template so you won’t have to begin from scratch. Choose from over 50+ core elements, widgets, and builders.

👉  Visual Layout Editor – No prior coding knowledge required to create websites.

👉  Global Styles – Apply the same styles on the multiple elements in different sections, and pages for quick editing.

👉  Stylize individual elements

👉  Action History – View your previous actions and rollback to a previous version if needed.

👉  Header and Footer Builder

👉  Theme Builder – Customize all the pages on your site for better user experience.

👉  Blog Post Builder

👉  WooCommerce Builder

Dynamic Content

👉  Modal Builder

👉  Integrate your work with SEO plugins like Rankmath, SEO Press, Yoast SEO to ensure your website also ranks well on the Google search engine results page



Who is Zion Builder for?


Ecommerce business owners, affiliate marketers, agencies, website owners, and developers who want to create fast and high-quality websites efficiently.


Things to Note About Zion Builder


👉   You may encounter some small bugs when building pages

👉   Documentations and tutorial can be improved


Zion Builder Alternatives



User Reviews for Zion Builder


As they advertise it, it is very fast, way faster than other page builders i’ve tried. I noticed that someone complaint about bugs, well, we did encountered some small bugs, however, the dev team was able to answer quickly and we always solved the problem.




– Custom PHP + JS + HTML code block (Important for me!)

– Fast both loading and especially the core of the application (Oxygen has a problem with less demanding sites – hosting price)

– Easy to use for my clients

– Very good scores on Google Page speed and GTmetrix (tested with Astra)

– Style child selectors that allows you to style through their interface

– It’s a plugin not a template!




– Encountered several small bugs however, the team was very helpful

– Although the builder is very intuitive, they could create more video tutorials for clients and create documentation for developer (However, most can be read with the NPX package)

– Some elements contains extra div elements (I understand it is probably for better control for non-programmers)


In the end, I am very happy with the purchase.

by JakubSnyrch | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



I own (or have tried) every single page builder for WordPress. To say I was skeptical about another page builder is to say the least. I used the test drive on the Zion site and quickly abandoned it (yeah, judged it too quickly). After spending some time on the Facebook group, I came back the next day to try again. Okay I thought, I think I get this. I got some more push back from users on the Facebook group… so I thought I’d dive deeper this time.


The more I use Zion Builder the more I like it. YES – it is a learning curve as all new builders are. This one is intuitive and hits the marks for what is missing in just about every other page builder.

The builder is fast, easy to use, and can be described as smoother than elementor, as fast as bricks, with some of the customizability of Oxygen. Zion does a great job of blending workflow with customizability for more developer friendly CSS classes. This means you don’t have to open every button to change the style, but you also don’t have to go into the styles.css to find the class buried beneath all the rest. You can edit the class globally in the visual editor. Remarkable.


The interface is a reminder of Brizy Builder but less quirky. I like the Brizy editing interface but it just isn’t intuitive and can be confusing. Looks like Zion beat them to fixing that – and I think clients will like it.


Am I saying that this will replace other editors? No. It will not replace Oxygen or Bricks – at least not for me. But it WILL REPLACE Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor. In comparison… they stink, they’re slow, and they’re old.


When I am thinking about how my clients will interact with the site and page editing, Zion is simple, uncluttered, and it makes sense.


Final thoughts, the developers of Zion listen to their users. They want to improve and get better. They have a roadmap and are going to continue building this page builder. I think most WP folks will regret not buying this in a year or two. The Zion team is looking at the big picture and ready to take on the future.



by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐ – –


Zion Builder isn’t going to kill your current thoughts on other builders. But at the pricing they are selling this builder at for unlimited licenses, you won’t find a better page builder deal on the market. They are focused on three things I really like:


1.) Community feedback: While most builders will say they listen to the community, they really do. *price changing for this is a perfect example*


2.) They are focused on speed: Anyone building with Elementor or Divi knows that they can achieve speeds that are good but it takes a good bit of work. All that work ends up as unpaid time or worst yet being passed on to a client who you have to explain why it takes you even over 15 minutes to optimize their website. Unless you are speed guru, you want your product to work out of the box and this is something that Zion is working towards keeping their product lean as possible.


3.) While Zion pretty new in the world of page builders, they have already covered a lot of ground. This keeps me hopefully that in the future they will start making even bigger strides to bring out bigger and better features.


If you are a hardcore Elementor user, then you probably will end up skipping this deal because Zion doesn’t have ever single feature that Elementor has put in the past few years but keep in mind, they are pretty brand new. This deal isn’t for people who only see today, it’s for people thinking of the future. If your assumption is that Elementor will remain king, well lets say some people are voting for the underdogs and I think Zion fit well in that category.


Also consider that if you build one $100 website. Yes, $100 dollar website you have now made your money back on this product. There’s no limit to the licenses which means you can build as many websites as you need to feel good about this product.


For me, I know it’s not as polished as others and I welcome that because it means I have a chance to mold it and fit it into a spot that other page builders are lacking in.

Responsive developer + Good product + Great deal = non-stopped profit.


You would be a fool not to give this page builder a try.

by forcedlogic | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


In general it has a lot of potential, but right now is not ready to be used.


I’ve tried Zion Builder extensively (V2.50 and V2.60), I wanted to build a few pages, but right now is impossible to create pages without finding bugs all over the place.


I feel more like a beta tester with this builder, I’ve reported more than a dozen of bugs.


I think that Zion Builder will get better in time, and this deal is awesome, but if you are looking for a WP Builder to build a website right now then, there are other options out there.

by luciandesign | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I’m mainly a website designer aficionado, and I’ve got some other deals for DIVI and Oxygen Builder. Everyone has its owns pros and cons. Zion builder catch my eye on its kind of “mix” between both builders, the flexibility of adding advanced properties (like html tags and css classes) and a simple visual building area so if a client wants to hands on the website, it would be much easier than other WordPress builders. I’m gonna try it and will have some work done with the builder. Hope the best for the developer team!

by daryumi | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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