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[00:00:00.930] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Are they able to answer questions in China or what’s going on Sumolings? Thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. We are so glad to have you here today. We are diving into zero in this lets you collect targeted business data from LinkedIn and then verify those emails to use for your outreach campaigns. It is an estimate right now starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walkthrough, I’m going to give you all the lay of the land here.

The first thing that you should know is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in using zero, and you can go ahead and do that down in the chat room, if you want to ask any questions about the deal, the tool, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below. This video, we’re going to circle back to the questions at the end of the walk through.

The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch it again later, you totally can. This will be available about an hour or so after we’re done. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, how are you doing?

[00:01:09.500] – Maja(ZeroIn)
Hey, guys, hey, Lindsay, hello to every you’re here, thank you for joining us today. I’m good. I’m good.

[00:01:17.660] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I am excited to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

[00:01:25.700] – Maja(ZeroIn)
Yes, sure. Thank you, Lindsay. So thank you again, everyone, for joining us today. It’s going to be a massive pleasure to just walk you through. I want to first of all, thanks for all the amazing questions that you put there on our deal page NOPSEMA. I absolutely gave my best to answer every single one of those. And in some cases I understand. What is it that you need explaining around. So and I also want to have to give you a big, big thank you for for any review that you left on the same deal deal page.

So I hope this walk through is going to be very useful for you.

If, again, you have any more questions, you can do so and so on our deal page. You can. And I would be super happy if you give us more news on this news interview page as well. Just remember that whoever leaves an honest review on our new page is going to get doubled the import credit for your lifetime deal day by announcing them. So, again, I’m going to start with walk through our tool and show you the most common, most common use case B, be there with me.

Write down those questions and be super happy to go through them later on. OK, so I’m going to start sharing my screen. OK, I hope I’m going to do this right during my screen looks good.

Yeah, OK. Hiding my pencil or trying to hide my panel, OK. OK, so this is a new page. It’s a reminder, whoever I mean, their leave their views, ask questions by the hour and start playing with it. OK, so the first thing obviously you need to do is actually go to the website and create your account. So I had some questions about three account that is actually available on our website. It’s very limited in terms of the credits that you have, but you can play with all the functionalities actually within our free account and then ask us any questions that you might have.

Our support team, Kim is online even during the week weekends, so you can actually play for free and then decide, OK, this is worth a while and I’m going to buy the action video. It’s an amazing deal. And obviously, you just don’t need to check out check out the pricing whatsoever. So just type in your email here. Make sure you type in your correct email and remember what emails that you send and you just simply sign in by clicking here.

It’s it’s just the first step of creating your account. So once you create your account, you actually can log in and to zero in. And you’re going to see something like this, cesarian actually has two parts that are visible to to you, the first part is something that we call a CRM, part of Sirin. And this is exactly where I am right now. In this part, you have as well as within the Google Chrome plugin, you have this interactive guide.

So it’s just right here on your right hand side, this angle here, a play button, it starts automatically. And it’s actually a very smooth walk through the the the CRM portfolio. We call it port. So you just press next and next and next. And it just explains what each of the elements of the user quarter is, how to use it and cetera. If you don’t want to go through through, just exit it, say next time, make sure to say next time and that’s it.

I’m going to walk you through it right now. So basically here on your left hand side, you have all the tools. This is your account name. These are your credits. We’re going to explain those credits a little bit because we had some questions about one or two different types of credits and so on. So we have plugin related credits. This means that these credits are associated to the usage of your Google Chrome plug in. They’re going to show later on.

So whatever data that you’re pulling out through Google again and then verifying and finding business emails, these credits are going to be taken away. Please note, this is also what is actually a good thing about Zurin in comparison to other tools is that we’re just taking down credits only for one hundred percent actually verified business email. If we don’t find a business e-mail, we don’t take credit for it. If you pull out only the data except business emails using Google from plugin from LinkedIn that we do not take your credit.

So then you have import credits right here. And those are actually credits related to this situation. When you’re going to use the user profile and the campaigns to import the list of emails that you maybe already have and use it in similar to no bounds and tools like that to double check those emails are still valid. So if you want to clean up your email lists that you have for months or years, you want to clean up here and then you can import just emails and I show you how to do that.

And we are going to take the credits away only again for the emails that are one hundred percent verified. So if we determine that the email is not valid, it’s going to be stated, but we don’t want to pay credits for that. That’s just the business model that we have. I know it might sound strange, but this is a decision that we made. OK, OK, ladies, here is actually don’t get confused about this, we’re going to correct this, that database some users expect to see maybe a database is already already set, at least to use, and they start using these filters to find these.

But that’s not that’s not the point. So this portion of user imposible is actually a collection of all the leads that you collected by using Google Chrome extension or by importing delays that you already have. So this is just a quick preview of what is it that you have in different campaigns. Later on in a mob, we actually have are planning to put a database connected to the user portal because throughout years of work we already have millions of the data available.

But stay tuned. We need to go through these first steps, baby steps, and then we can talk about the roadmap campaigns is actually the core of use it for. This is where you actually want to start. So once you create the account, then the second step that is super important. Can you see here download extension? You actually need to download the extension to your to your computer. It’s just one click and it’s done automatically. So it’s going to be available once you login into LinkedIn.

Let me show you. So you download extension click. I’m not going to do that now because I already have it. Unless you go to LinkedIn, you can see Zerrin just popping up here on your right hand side. You need secretely to login into the plugin extension here as well as your user portal is just it’s not done automatically. You can start creating your first campaigns right here, campaigns for actually folders where you keep different types of leads that you’re collecting.

So basically, I have a couple of ready you just type the name, click, enter that so you can stay open, delete. You can change the name and so on. So you can see those campaigns actually in decline. And right here. Sorry, here.

You can actually choose from the existing campaigns or actually create a new new one from the game itself and use it for local campaigns are important because I mean, we advise people to depending on the different search or search, which is a link then or activities like import over existing Syrian emails. They create separate campaigns so they know where is what. And they name it based on research that happens when they’re formed on LinkedIn. And so are also note that you have a link to a helpdesk in your user portal.

We are actually updating this as we speak. So we’re trying to listen to what’s important to you, what questions you have, and try to create as fair as possible the Help Desk articles. So alongside with the chat, you can always go to Help Desk. OK. So in short, this is the user portal. I’m going to go back to use a portal, but I want to show you in action how actually Zurin works. So I’m on LinkedIn profile here and you can use your in to actually track data and find business emails related to just one person.

A specific search was going to in one person’s profile. He likes. Important things to note about the Google Chrome extension and LinkedIn is that we actually made some limitations in terms of how fast and how many data can be pulled that within a specific within specific search. OK, this is because LinkedIn is very strict with any type of information that they might detect. So we try to mimic a human behavior. So you and your responsibility actually to use tools similar to zero in and zero in.

But it’s on us to make the two align as much as possible with LinkedIn in terms of services. OK, so I chose and that is going to be in test three campaign right there. And then you can see his first name, last name and all the other information to speak at a campaign event and click find email and the email is found so you can update, remove the email from the campaign and so on. You can open the user portal from here, which is of interest free.

And. Yeah, so the data is here, someone said that the view is not going to leave here, it has so many data so they can need to scroll through a long time to the end of it. Yes, we are aware of it. We’ll going to work on user experience. But what you can do right now is make your views shorter because we’re collecting a lot of data. You can say, I don’t want to see these information.

I don’t know. And then it’s going to just think it’s going to be easier for you to go through the data. So this is how you can use your in the wrong extension to like one by one email. It works so you can open it like multiple single emails and just click finding Madeleine adds to the campaign. What else I wanted to show you is actually how ring works and well, in this particular case, the sales navigator and bulk data gathering.

So I have used some advance filters that you can see here in sales every year to filter out whatever I want to see. And which is super handy with Sales Navigator is that you can actually save every single search that you create and you can you can save your can stabilize and so on. You can create sales figures and the super powerful. And it also when it comes to Zurin, because Zurin actually works on all LinkedIn profile. So it doesn’t matter if you are free, if you have a router, if you have sales navigator profile, it’s absolutely fine.

But what is the thing is that zero and can see only the profiles that you can see. So for example, your three connections, so it’s your network of connections is pretty small. You’re going to be very limited in what you can actually see. One fast change, if that is to go and buy Sales Navigator and then you have much more visibility in terms of what data and companies and people and required to be able to see. If you see a LinkedIn member instead of someone’s name and last name, then you won’t be able to use your data because it’s not visible to you.

So let’s get started on. Just refresh the page. I was playing this earlier on, so if you see any, of course you’re going to see some little bugs and things like that. Please let us know. Are you a tech team is they’re working nonstop to make sure that they’re actually are getting the most of zero in. And we’re so super happy that we have so many similarities just giving us suggestions and oh, I think I’ve found a bug or this and that we couldn’t that we couldn’t predict.

So I’m super excited if you have any any type of feedback. That would be amazing. So I’ve chosen text three for this bulk search. So, again, you choose a campaign and you click a number of pages from which you want to collect the data again right here. The series is just going to collect all the data except business emails. So, again, a lot of questions here where why are we limiting to three pages at a time?

So in Sales Navigator, in free auction, for example, you can see 10 conflicts, Page and Sales Navigator. I think it’s it’s a bit more like 15 or 20. And we’re limiting this exactly because we don’t want your LinkedIn account to be jeopardized in any way. So what a simple bypass means that the bypass is just once this from three pages is done, then you can just jump to the fourth page and start the same thing over again.

So it’s pretty simple. It just gives us that pause in action to mimic a human behavior. And of course, it’s it’s slow and we made it a tiny bit slower. So just click Artomatic fact. And it’s going to start start collecting the data again, trying to mimic human behavior, but still be fast and so on, you’re immediately going to see the progress right here and in stages. Status bar right here. I’m going to get you’re going to get them to education when the data collection is done.

So this little thing shows us that this person, the profile is in the campaign that you currently have selected. If you change the campaign, I’m going to do it right now in the middle of action. But if you change the campaign, you’ll see that the whole thing disappearing, so. It’s a good indicator where actually what is it, as you have already in your campaign on. And so on, in case you create another surge and there there is overlapping maybe of people for one surge to another.

This is one one way to just avoid avoid duplicating the. I’m just going to let him finish. And you can open the thing, you can open. Well, one more three more windows and start the same action from a different search or different page over and over. So it’s going to take a little bit of time. So once this is done. And until this is done, you can do something else and so on. Again, I’ve told you that there is an interactive guide within the user portal.

The same thing exists here. So you can click here. We have been adding new things and elements in chrome extension as well as a portal. So if this guy wasn’t up to date and some of you were kind enough to say that they’ve seen some glitches, so we will fix this, which is. Let’s see what we have in store for you right now. It’s feeling pretty good, open up. It’s right there. Oh, this is a great example.

I want to show you this so you see how some people just have like some icons next to their pages over instead of their last names and so on. This is going to make problems with Iran to verify the business, because what we do is actually use the people’s name, last name and the name of the website of the company they work for to try and find and then verify the business when we want to do. If you see something like this, just delete it and if you can.

I’m going to just correct this, because this is obviously. Name. The last thing or so. So this is a link to that person’s profile, so I can check it out, see what’s happening there Stephen. Actually, Stephen. This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it’s the case. OK, this is done. So to go back here, refresh the page just in case. And now you have to do is just select all, make sure to do select, not do this because it’s going to select only the data from the first page, but do select all.

And add to thank you and you can see here. And you know, what’s the. If the search is in progress or what’s happening. Yes, we have some, and that’s where they’re coming around. So I’m going to add one by one. And I think this network is, again, due to another bug that you guys say you can see and again, we’re working working on that. I think few people reported across the week and so on.

So you can do one by one. You can select all odds to email final Q and whatever works best for you. Suffrages. OK, so this is a good example. So when there is not a good connection between a user profile and the users company that a user user profile, then there are and can’t find the email. So this message, you just say, OK, or if you know the domain, you can type it in yourself.

So and also was interesting to know that this is a new product and we made an algorithm that is actually in the background using machine learning. So the more we’re feeding the machine with the data, the more precise and smarter is. Yes, this is just the beginning. And what that means is if. If a tool is not capable, for example, today to find email addresses of some people, that means they might be able to do that tomorrow.

So you can rerun the search again eventually.

So. Yeah, we also have limits on how many emails can business e-mails can be found at a time in terms of affecting and so on. So we are going to remove those limits starting next week. We’ve done so just for the sake of the testing of our servers and other things. Now that we are confident, confident that everything is running smoothly, which is going to remove all those limits. And we’ll start thinking about removing the limits when it comes to the first three pages fetching.

So just stay tuned and we’re going to make it more better and better every day. And I’m going to walk you quickly through these elements here so you can select, select pull, you can delete leads. You can obviously that’s important. And thank you. You can move to specific campaign or a specific campaign like you can grab and just put it into a specific or different campaigns and so on. Quick filters are super important here because you can say show me on the leads with valid emails.

So I’m going to show you only with email so you can export only that or you can show you with invalid emails. So we don’t have now because we just go please, with the German email addresses. Those are the ones that are still in progress to find leads or whatever. And you can find this through segment, but also pretty handy, so DataDot depiction is very interesting because you can once you’re finished practicing before you send the email to find few, you can choose to do the data application in case by name and company and eventually email.

But since you don’t have it, it’s not going to live for it or just e-mail. So you can see I have zero here because I don’t have any dislocates and just click the duplicate and it’s going to just delete anything because that would that are within the campaign. You can use this little tool if you no name, last name with the name and love Lexa’s to find a signal emails or you can use to verify things, e-mail, if you just want to say the name of the person you’re not sure you want to validate or whatever is the case, you just type it in here by email and that’s it.

And you can export all of these lists in these formats to fight crime and into Google sheets, which is going to show you really quickly. Person functions go to a different campaign, which is one of the key. Apon. I’m going to improve the next table there with me, have a bunch of them.

Well, let’s see, just a short one. You have the matching here to make sure fields are match, first name, last name, company name, demain, email. All good. So what you can import. So I’m importing a list of females that they already have. You can only import emails. You just have to import anything else if you just want to verify emails. There is another use case which is OK. I know all names, last names and my names.

I want to import those here and the ones you’re going to find emails for me so you can do that as well. In this particular case, just importing a few e-mails already had and I just want to check them out. So again, make sure to select all. And then add to very thank you. It’s very technical lingo until we start working on our user UX design.

So. You can see everything here in progress. This one is now. In. OK, so these are verified. This is not formed, meaning we don’t know the signal that we’re pinging is coming back with inconclusive information and we just didn’t want to put any any of the information for you. If this dataset is invalid or it’s red, that means that it’s a higher ground, that email does not exist. And then you can be absolutely sure that you should not be sending emails to those to those e-mails.

I think I walked through again. Another thing filters. You can search by every single point of data sets within their campaign so you can choose to search by email whatever contains or equal a specific value. You can add multiple options at a time, multiple filtering options at a time, and then search based them. Then you can have as many campaigns as you as you want. So there is no indication of that, I think. And that’s it.

I think I want to throw every single important feature here. I’m absolutely ready for any questions so we can. Yeah, let’s do it now we can. Yeah, we’ve got some questions here, links. If you want to drop any more questions in the Q&A box, you can go ahead and do that. Now, Dave asks if an email is 70 percent verified or any percentage, less than one hundred percent, is it taken away?

Oh, yeah, so it’s usually around 80 percent and we have something like seventy something, so it will be taken away, that actually means that email should be correct and that and it’s went through the majority of the verification process, steps of the of the process. So, yeah. And I have I can have a hand on stepping, sharing my screen screening. I could. Thank you.

[00:33:42.960] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Dave also asks when performing a sales navigator bulk search, are you saying we can open two or three or more tabs for zero win in our browser and perform multiple searches at the same time, for example, in tab one search on sales, NAV pages one through three and tab to search on sales pages four through saying that you should be you should be able.

[00:34:09.300] – Maja(ZeroIn)
But just be careful about that. As I said, Linda doesn’t like any type of situation. And we just follow up.

If the answer is yes, does this run the risk of too much activity on LinkedIn? Exactly. It does. Actually, it does. We are going to remove this limitation to three pages. We’re in discussion with you on where this limitation should live, just to make you guys say this next week, an unlimited opportunity. But we just want to make you say sure.

And he also mentioned and this might be just more of a support question, but he’s been receiving search results that are returning an app bit dot l Wiley email address. Have you seen anything like that yet? This might just be in context.

Maybe you maybe you caught a bug to just make sure to let us know on the chat or just email us at support.

SIRINGO So. Easy enough, and those are all of the questions that we have here. I want to give some a second to leave. Any more questions if you want to talk a little bit about what you all are working on over there and maybe a little bit about the road map, anything else they might be interested in?

Yes, absolutely. I mean, I just want to mention the road map a tiny bit. And so what we are doing right now is we have a road map attached to them, to the shootings. We have a road map on our new page. There is a link there to the picture. We want to make sure that by Q3 this year, we build an additional module or additional functionality that is going to be focused on sales, email automation.

And in between, we’re going to work on user experience, the small smallpox and fixes and just the Zedekiah integration is going to be one of the integration because we don’t have any line right now. So that integration. The difference here is like HubSpot ZoGo sales, where I think we have a road map, we have e-mail integrations like Milkshake MailChimp and if you Symbolics, have any other ideas on or request with which to go, we should create a SAP integration with let us know.

So and yeah, a lot to be done after this initial month of campaign. And we’re here listening to whatever is it that you have to, to say to us.

[00:37:05.350] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much. Dave says that he really likes zero and it works really well.

[00:37:11.500] – Maja(ZeroIn)
Feedback. Yeah, and those are all the questions that we have.

So we can go ahead and wrap this up. Thank you so much for thorough presentation and of course, for being in the store. We’re glad to have you and smiling seem to be raving about the tool. Dave’s not the only one. You do have a five TOCO rating currently in our store with quite a few reviews for just having lunch. So congratulations on that. Thank you. If you have not already and you want to go see what all the hype is about, you can go to Atsumi Dotcom Slash Zero and to redeem your codes.

[00:37:46.000] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
It is available for a lifetime deal starting at forty nine dollars. And of course this is backed by up Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get started, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page as well. We’d love to hear from you. And I hear there are some added perks in there as well. If you do that and if you have any more questions, we did just get one last question that came in.

And I only import with sales nav, though.

No, you can go looking for any LinkedIn profile. But I’ve been saying talking about limitations, it depends on how much how many connections you have and how much you can see.

Amazing. So go ahead, get started. Bulk import today. And yeah, we do want to hear from you on the deal page though. And if you have any more questions, you can always leave them there. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. It has been a pleasure having you. I hope you all have a good one.

[00:38:49.000] – Maja(ZeroIn)
Thank you, guys. Have a nice weekend, too.

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