ZeroIn: LinkedIn Prospecting for High-Quality Leads


ZeroIn is a tool that will help you get verified business emails and get account and contact data to develop a database or list of leads that are reliable and can be turned into clients.

Features and Benefits of ZeroIn

👉  Business Email Finder – The business email finder helps you find the right leads or clients for your brand. This way, you won’t have to manually go through every person’s data on LinkedIn.

👉  Update and Complete Business Information in Bulk – You won’t have to update and complete the business information of your leads manually and one by one. ZeroIn allows you to update and complete them in bulk.

👉  Create Separate Email Campaigns For Segmented Outreach – This way, your work can be more organized and you or your team won’t find it difficult to manage.

👉  Search Criteria – Looking for leads is easier with ZeroIn because all you have to do is select your search criteria and then wait for the software to look for the matching leads.

👉  No Duplicates – ZeroIn helps keep your database clean by alerting you if you already have the same email as the one that is about to get encoded into the system. This also makes it easier for your team to avoid duplicate cases and handling.

👉  Move Data to Excel, Google Drive, CVS, or Pipedrive – It also has a CRM tool that allows you to edit and move your data.

👉  Export Templates Compatible with Pipedrive – This is one of the basic features of this software. You can export and make use of templates that are compatible with Pipedrive.

Who is ZeroIn for?

👉  Sales development reps that need a CRM tool and one that can gather and organize good leads for their business.

👉  Marketing agencies who need help when it comes to organizing their leads and making sure that their leads are good and do not have any duplicates.

Things to Note About ZeroIn

👉  Finds and verifies sparse email sometimes because it only depends on the profile that specifies the company’s domain and getting connected to the company’s website.

👉  It only extracts business emails from affiliate companies. It does not extract any data from Gmail, Yahoo, and etc.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2020

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 3

👉  Founder: David Martin

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Ability to Change Email For LTD

Yes. You can change the email in the settings.

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