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What’s going on through my legs, it is Chris from AppSumo. We got an awesome webinar for you guys today. I’m going to give you guys just a minute to trickle in. I know there’s a bunch of you in the waiting room. What’s up? How’s it going, Michel? We got John. Cool, cool. Once you guys let us know where you guys are tuning in from. I am in Austin, Texas. Alex, you are.

Where are you at?

I’m in Malaysia right now. It’s near by Singapore. So awesome. Very cool. All right. For those of you who don’t know, today we got yaye images who are going to be doing this webinar and walk through. We have Alex from their team over there. Yay! Images puts a collection of eleven million premium stock photos, vectors and illustrations at your fingertips so you can improve your marketing to super cool tool. We were playing around with it recently.

I’m sure a lot of you guys are already loving this. But Alex, want to want to welcome you and thank you for for joining us today. Thank you. So where where did the images come from initially, how was this started up and what’s kind of the path been for you guys?

Right. So your mean was originally founded in 2008 by three Norwegians. There were previous executives from Champix, which is Norway’s. It was their largest photo agency. So they were doing Microsoft, which is single image sales until about twenty thirteen. And in twenty thirteen they kind of pivoted to this new streaming model, which was basically embedding images and that didn’t really work out well so well for them. But during that time they acquired a lot of images and contributors.

So in the last year, me and my partner actually acquired this business from them. And that kind of brings us to today on NOPSEMA, where we’re launching this business again. Awesome. Very cool. Who are the who are the main users that you kind of find on your platform? Is there one specific demographic that you guys go after is a kind of anyone with an online business or a desire for four images.

So it is super, super broad. We’ll get everything from designers to like big corporate companies. We’ve got IAC working with us. So they do like match group and Tinder and those kind of things. Oh, well, a lot of big Norwegian corporate companies as well, such as Egmont. Yes. It ranges from big corporate to like small designer, blogger, everything. Yeah, that’s super awesome. All right. And before we turn it over for the for the walk through, I want to throw out two points for everybody.

One, if you have any questions that you want to ask Alex, you can click the Q&A button at the bottom of the screen, type them in there and we’ll circle back to them towards the end. And also, we will be sending out a replay for this webinar. So that’ll be coming out probably later this afternoon. We’ll just email it out to you. So don’t worry about taking notes or if you have to pop out early and missing anything, we’ll get that out to you as well.

But with that said, Alex, if you want to turn your screen on and kind of show, show the good folks how to get the most out of your images. Yeah, for sure. And I I’m going to I’m going to turn off my camera and let’s see. There we go. Cool. I can I can see it coming through clear. You can see it come to be clear. OK, all right. This is a home page.

Basically we’ve got the home page here with how many images we have and contributor’s there’s some categories down here. We’ll be adding a lot more to this, as well as featuring contributors and what kind of content they have. So if you click on a category, you can get results like like this, for instance, road trip results is kind of an interesting category, interesting content, but it might not be relevant to what you are doing. So if if you’re doing something else and you need different images, use the search bar here with the search bar.

You can search for images, vectors and editorial. So when you search for images, that’s going to return images that are jpeg. So if you’re doing social media and blogging, you’re going to want to use the images filter and then you could search for something like Chihuahua.

And then you would get all these kind of great results from Chihuahua’s, you can browse through the pages and these are all going to be JPEG and they’re all going to be stock licenses. So just explain a little bit about the license quickly. So we come to this page, there’s a Chihuahua we’ve got. Resolution right here. Price. Some keywords, description, and most importantly right here, stock license, this means you can use it for commercial use.

And if you click this eye info icon right here, you get a little bit more details about what you can use this image for. So if you’re doing print work, graphic design, web design, social media, if you want to modify, modify it for your own use or if you want to use this image to resell on something so you can use this image for reselling in specific use cases, especially if you’re a designer and you’re adding your own design elements to it.

That’s a perfect use case to use this image to print on a T-shirt or something and and resell it as your own product. So just go back here, and if you want a little bit more specific images, you can filter by orientation. So if you’re looking for something like Instagram or Snapchat, you can find a vertical, you can use vertical, and then you get these images that are vertical. So something like that might work really well for Instagram or Snapchat or that kind of social media.

Whereas if you’re looking for like something a little bit different, you can do horizontal. And we get kind of great horizontal images. So here’s an image. With a Chihuahua and a woman and just notice here next to stock license, we have release, that means that the model has signed a form with us saying they’re OK for you to use the image for commercial uses. So that’s really important. Just go back. And then we can clear this filter or leave it.

It’s clear it for now. So let’s go to people, let’s say we want to get a lot of images with people in them because maybe they work better for us in social media or advertisements or something like that, so we can do the people’s filter. And then now we get two hours with with people in the photo. And we can even go to people. And we’re starting to get some images here with two people in the photo. With with the Chihuahua’s loss, that’s really great.

So let’s cancel that out. Another thing we can do is use the color filter, so if you’re looking for images, we say a lot of blue in it, you might get a lot of results, like a blue sky line in the background. So that’s how you would use a color filter. So we’ve got the blue color filter and we get some results with water and and blue background. Next, we have the text based filter. So the text based filters for is if you want to add text to specific part of the image, you can use this text based filter to select which part of the image you want to add your text.

Do you want out of the top of the image horizontally? You can do so right here. If you wanted to add it on the left side, you could do it like that. So let’s just say we are on the top apply. Let’s see what kind of results we get. So we’ll get results like the. Some Chihuahuas on the beach, so that’s great, we get our techs up here for any kind of social media post or advertisement or anything like that, so.

That explains a little bit about that the NSW filter is not safe for work filter, so if you’re browsing images of like let’s say you’re browsing images of women and there might be some terms in there that could be you could perceive them in a different way, you could turn to not safe for work, filter on. And that would allow you to kind of filter out any of the images that might be explicit or not safe for work, so those are the basics about how the filters work.

And so. I can just give the profile here, the profile is really basic right now, but I can just say that we’ve got some new features coming soon, favorites and project invoices and download history to the ABC. Of course, you won’t have any invoices in here because you’d be purchasing throughout Sumar. So that kind of explains the search filters. What else can I go through interpreter? Let’s say business, so we’re searching for business, so we search for everything here.

When you search for everything, you have to be a little bit careful because sometimes you can run into images that have celebrities in them and celebrities haven’t given their permission for us or you to use the image for advertisements and commercial uses. So let’s add in celebrity. So. And see if we get something like that coming in. Anyway, so let’s try the editorial filter so we go editorial search business. We might get some copyrighted photos. So these are editorial licenses, you wouldn’t be allowed to use this image for commercial purposes because it’s an editorial license, the editorial license means that you can use this image for news, news articles, news blogs, things like that.

So you have to be careful with editorial. Let’s go back to the home page and let’s go back to searching for dogs and let’s try something else, which is Vector’s. So vectors are great for designers. These are images you can use on designs. Let’s see if I get something more specific, like a Chihuahua again, or let’s say a pug. So we’ve got these kind of graphics and illustrations that we can use, these are great for designs if you didn’t print on demand vectors are really great.

One thing I have to note about vectors that’s really important a lot of people might not know is that when you download this file, it’s not going to come as a jpeg. So it when you open it, it might open with an adobe program or something like that. And and that what that means is that these files are EPWs and SBG files. So when you download, these are going to be SFG. So if you’re just using these images for blogs, you might want to stay away from Vector’s for now.

But we’re going to have to filter that will allow you to download these as a different file types. So that just explains Vector’s quickly. Let’s see what else we got. I let’s try something like. Shira. OK, so golden retriever, little golden retriever puppy. Again, we can search by people, filter all this kind of great stuff works for any of your searches. So two people we’ve got two people again here with a golden retriever. We can do those kind of searches.

And as you can see again. We’ve got stock license, which means you can use it for commercial use and it’s or less, which means the models have signed forms for us saying it’s OK for you to use this for commercial purposes. What else have we got? So all these can be quite interesting as well, especially with Halloween coming up. You can get a lot of great Halloween images for your promotion’s blog’s products, all those kind of things.

So for the story, we might want to see if it works, those are. I don’t know. OK, so, again, we can try something by orientation. We get a lot of vertical orientation images coming out here. And wants to see zero zero people and see if anything comes up with that. OK, so you’ve got to know people now. Now you get kind of like pumpkins and skeletons, scary stuff like that. So that’s kind of cool that you can filter the people out of the image.

So a lot of Halloween items here. In that pumpkin’s. Candlesticks. These are kind of cool, so if you find an image you like, another way to search for similar images might be to look at what the contributor has submitted to us. So if you like to do that, you can simply click on the username. And it will say a lot of that kind of stuff that they contributed something to us. Contributor has submitted too much, but if you’re looking for specific models, so you see a model, an image, and you really like the model in the image.

That’s a good way to search for it, actually. So let’s put some people back into our images with. So it’s the Halloween. OK, that’s some people here, those are scary. So if we do something like this and let’s just say we like these models for whatever reason, you might be able to go into his profile and find similar models doing different things. So that might be a way to find more image of the model we like that a model filter which allows you to actually filter by different models.

So that could be interesting, especially if you’re looking for more diversity in the images and specific things like that. So this picture is that quite a few images. You can see a lot of images here. Sometimes they do different scenes, like one scene, they’ll be in the kitchen, next one to be in the hospital, but it’ll be the same model. So that’s kind of interesting as well. Yeah. Yeah, great. OK. And again, we can try some of the filters like text based filter.

And there you go, we even get images from this specific contributor where they’ve got space for our text in the top here. So that’s really great. Especially with the posters or something like that, and you want to put text on top. So, again, with holidays, a lot of holidays coming up autumn, we get some similar stuff. Christos. We’ll turn more people to it. We don’t get too many results in that category. So I think that kind of sums up a lot of how the search filters work and features down here, we’ve got categories as well.

So these are kind of great to browse, to get a sense of what we have if you’re not really sure you need yet.

So maybe you can find something that kind of pertains to a business that you can use. Let’s say education, something like that. So we’ve got a lot of great images for education. What else can we find here? Adores animals are really great. I like looking at animals, so. We’ve got all kinds of things. Never again, we can search by images, Vector’s editorials type Dr.. So that kind of gives us Vector’s EPS and SVG files, again, great for designers.

But if you’re just doing blogging or social media, stuff like that, images is a great. As we go back to images and get images of animals. So that’s really cool. Let’s see what other images this contributor has. OK, so it doesn’t have to mean wildlife images. So all these categories have a lot of great content you can browse through and kind of get a sense of what kind of images you need, maybe need a flying cow, I don’t know.

Anyways, a lot of interesting stuff here. Crocodiles, cheetahs, lizards. All kinds of stuff here, and again, you can see the resolution, the resolution is not bad there. So that’s quite a high quality image, I think. All kinds of stuff to Marmot’s. Anyway, Chris, are you still there? Yep, I’m still here. You want to hop on and we’ll do a do a couple of the questions. Yeah, let’s do some questions now.

I think I think I’ve kind of run over all the features once or twice.

Perfect. All right. So first up, what is one credit for? Is it equal to one download? Right. So one credit is equal to one download and it’s always going to stay the same. There’s going to be no changes to that one. Credit will always equal one download for you for the same four images. Vector’s editorial all the same. Perfect.

All right. Many is asking, when is the video part of the app coming? Video we like we’ve got a bunch of contributors right now really excited about video, we’re looking at adding it by the end of the year. So we’re really excited about that. So we’re try to get as many contributors together as we can. And then once we have them all together, we like to offer some really nice promotion to everyone who’s recently become a member and maybe even on ABC, Moeletsi.

So I think that’s really exciting. Perfect. Very cool. All right. Murda is asking when not safe for work is read. Is that mean the future is turned on in black means it’s turned off, meaning you won’t see the explicit images or what is the color for when it is on? First off, yeah, correct. We just implemented this. I believe it’s green design. Green means it’s on. Red means it’s off. Yeah. Yeah.

All right. Awesome. Let’s see what is next. What happens if designers are ghostwriters need to use images on their client’s website or for blogs. OK, this is a great question. We’ve had multiple times and it’s a really specific use case. So if you’re a designer and you need to use this on your client’s blogs or websites, that’s totally OK with the license included in the app. Similar deal, especially if it’s integrated and sold as your design.

So using as a background for a header, using it for Schlyter images, basically any use that’s integrated with your design, what might not be OK is if you’re reselling the images, just invoicing your clients for images like that, that might not be OK. But if you’re using it as part of your design work, that’s a great use as well as if you’re a ghostwriter and if you’re running a blog articles for your clients. In our opinion, that’s a creative service you’re offering them.

So if you need include images with your with your blog post, the writing service, that’s totally acceptable. All right, cool. Maryland is asking, can I download a picture from my previous download history and not have a count against the number of users? Yes, correct. So if you if you download this image one time, you’ve already spent one download credit on it. So if you go back and download a second time, it’s not going to spend the same credit again.

Once you download the image, you own it in your account next week.

We have to implement this year, but next week we’re going to implement download history and that’s going to show all of your downloads right there so you can click them again and download them again without spending any of your credit. Awesome. Awesome. All right. How much how much new content is added to your images each week?

That’s a great question. So it really depends on on a lot of things what kind of contributors we have. We have some small contributors submitting a few thousand here. There we have some larger ones with, you know, really big collections and they want to submit all at once. So right now, it’s about one hundred thousand images and vector’s per week. Wow.

A lot. Very cool. All right. Schipp is asking I use images for presentations that people can pay for to learn about a topic. Is that OK? That’s a really interesting question, so presentation is that you are reselling these presentations, is that right? Yeah, it’s unclear. Skip, if you want to rephrase that with a with a bit more clarity, maybe we can take another stab at it. I’m not sure if he’s selling the actual presentations or versus people attending a presentation that he’s using the images for.

OK, no worries. If if he’s doing a presentation and people are attending it, that’s totally acceptable. Also, if he’s if he’s if he’s doing these templates and selling them as a design service, that’s also acceptable use.

Also, for most cases, it should be OK. Cool. All right. Luca is asking, can I use the images for printed greeting cards printed on greeting cards? That’s interesting. Use case. You can use these images for printed greeting cards, but you should add some of your own design elements, add some text, maybe a few images, not just one tool for greeting cards. That’s the suggested use case like that. Cool.

Awesome. Let’s see, how can I filter out editorial images so they don’t appear in my search?

OK, so if you have everything filter selected and you’re browsing for images and you come across some celebrities, for some reason they could be editorial and you don’t want to use those for business purposes, sort of filter out editorial images. Make sure you use the images filter here or here. So that’s going to filter out all the editorial images for you. Got it. And then what can be used for commercial purposes? OK, so for commercial purposes, anything that says stock license right here that can be used for commercial purposes.

OK, cool. How do I filter by JPEG or JPEG file types? OK, so the only one GPG to come up again, use images when you search. So we’re searching and we keep images on all of these files are going to be JPEG files so you can be able to open them like you would expect. Perfect. Very cool. Those are those are all the questions that I am seeing in here. Let me let me double check if any last ones came in.

OK, here we go. Kinen editorial photo be used in writing a blog about that topic.

Con Ed, yeah, correct, an editorial image can be used in a blog writing about that topic. That’s OK. I think it’s acceptable to use case here.

All right. Do you have any any final things about gay images, about the road map out, you guys, what you guys are working on before we sign off?

Right. OK, so recently we just added all of these filters. So if you’re new to the gay, you just see this now and you think they’ve always been there. But actually we just out these in the last week, four people have already been here. They’ve probably seen us adding new features literally every second or third day. So there’s a lot of new stuff coming. The project folders, which are like a non-negotiable feature that people really need and they keep requesting, that’s like non-negotiable.

And we’re definitely adding that most likely end of today or even one day. So that can come very soon about the roadmap. We’re going to work with our contributors really hard to keep adding content. So for you guys, this is an investment in us. We have great images right now, I think, for almost all use cases. But we’re going to continue adding more content, better quality content, and you’re going to be able to use these download credits for that.

So it’s also an investment in us that we’re going to continue adding content. And then, like the other question said in Q4, we’re going to add video. So that’s really exciting that we’ll have video because a lot of people are requesting affordable video, not one hundred dollar videos, because I think that’s way too much to pay for video content. Awesome. Alex, thank you so much for joining us. Really, really appreciate you coming on and showing everybody kind of how to use this, how to get the most out of it, how to use all the all the filters and kind of find the find the perfect image for what they’re doing.

Everyone on here. Hope you enjoyed it. I hope you got a lot out of it. Again, your images on ABC currently ASIMO dotcom slash images, super cool tool. Sure. You guys are always needing these types of things, so I hope you’ll check it out again. Everything is backed by a 60 day guarantee, so feel free to dove in there, play around with it, find those, find those awesome images. Maybe nice up here too, and let us know how you’re using it.

And if you have any further questions, you can leave those on the deal page. I’m sure you can also hit up to the images team directly. But I want to thank you guys for for joining us. And Alex, thank thank you as well.

Yeah. Thank you so much, Chris. Great. Awesome. All right. We’ll talk to. Take care. Bye bye, everybody. Happy Friday. But.

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