WriterZen: Data-driven Keyword and Topic Research to Improve Search Rankings


WriterZen simplifies complex SEO data and tasks so you can create an organized content creation workflow. WriterZen also pulls data from Google Keyword Planner to give you data-driven keyword and topic recommendations for your next content.

Generate unique content ideas with detailed insights and long-tail keywords delivered to you by WriterZen.


WriterZen Pricing Overview


WriterZen’s monthly price starts at $27 for a “basic” plan. This basic plan is perfect for solo users and for single project work. This is because you can only perform limited keyword research per day and have limited keyword credits per month. You also have limited content brief uses and a 5000 word limit for the AI content generator per month. Nonetheless, you’ll have access to all of WriterZen’s features. The price scales up if you need more uses for these features each month.

Alternatively, WriterZen is offering a limited lifetime deal at Appsumo starting at $79. Find out more about WriterZen’s lifetime deal below:


Price starts from:

$27.00 per month

✅  Has a 7-day free trial
Save 30% when you get an annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$79.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

WriterZen lifetime deal on Appsumo


WriterZen Features and Benefits


👉  Identify the perfect topics for your posts so that they are always engaging

👉  WriterZen’s keyword research tool pulls data from Google

👉  The topic discovery tool can help you find strategic topics with low competition and great relevance, so that your knowledge base is more complete

👉  Create your own niche by identifying untapped topic clusters that are growing in popularity and need an expert on the subject

👉  Pick your keywords based on how relevant they will be, what kind or authority you have with that particular keyword in order to rank higher for it during organic searches

👉  WriterZen automatically sorts keywords based on their ranking attributes, so you can focus more of your time and energy on creating engaging content for the right people

👉  Use the Content Creator tool to generate SEO-optimized content using AI (artificial technology)

👉  Use real-time data to build captivating articles quickly. WriterZen’s analytics and suggestions will help you along the way so that your article is perfect for whatever keyword or topic they need

👉  Built-in plagiarism tool that allows you to check if your content is original and 100% unique. WriterZen is also capable of identifying duplicate content

👉  Create reports that your team can easily collaborate on with just a few clicks of the mouse

👉  WriterZen has a complete documentation resources for everyone regardless whether it’s their first time using the tool or not




Who is WriterZen For?


WriterZen is the perfect tool for marketers, SEO content agencies, content writers, affiliate marketers, and small businesses who want to improve their search engine visibility through smart keyword and topic research.


Things to Note About WriterZen


👉  There is no balance between keyword lookups and keyword credits, You will run out of keyword credits way before keyword lookups.

👉  Some users say that the keyword research tool can take a long time.

👉  AI writer is not that sophisticated


User Reviews for WriterZen


This tool makes content writing for SEO much easier than before. I have refunded Blogely for WriterZen and am happy with that decision.




– Great for keyword research

– Nice overview of SEO stats while writing an article

– Plagiarism checker included




– It seems to take a really long time to collect all the data for the keyword research, topic discovery, and the plagiarism checker. It would be nice if the load time could be reduced, especially for the plagiarism checker.

– When clicking on the guide button, the documentation seems to be only available in Vietnamese and not in English. It would be nice to have an English documentation/guide.


Overall, I recommend WriterZen.

by Michael_T | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Tutorials are way too long about the tools in the software


I searched all the tutorials looking for an over-the-shoulder video showing how to use the content writer and there is nothing. Daniel tells more about why the software does what it does. That may be fine for some but a tutorial showing an article being written would have been great. During one tutorial Daniel again talks about the tool helping you with ideas for your next article well I’m not looking for ideas for the next article when I can’t get the first article completed. Too confusing to use compared to other AI writers and I still haven’t learned how to have the AI write more after adding my own sentence. Good looking interface!

by MrRalph | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐


I really do like the interface. You get a lot of helpful data at your fingertips… but I’ve tried to get support and the email address bounces. On top of that, the entire app was down when I tried using it this morning.


It’s not as full-featured as Frase – at least for assembling content from ideation to publishing – but it has great topic discovery and can help you plan many pieces of content that are related. Fingers crossed that the bumps in the road will smooth out.


If my experience is unique or if they can get the whole thing to remain stable, I’m happy to keep my LTD and increase my review rating too. But will be monitoring their response and stability through my refund period to make sure this is more than a half-baked effort.

by WorkingCopywriter | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐


Great product, but limited in its use.


Here’s why:


1. My main issue with WriterZen is the Keyword Credits per month consumption when activating the Golden Filter: you can run out in just a few searches, regardless of the level you start at. Every golden filter for a simple keyword term search eats up credits in the 1000’s.


2. The AI writing words per month usage is also very limited at a basic level. You can write just 5 articles of just 1000 words each and you’re done for the month.


3. After purchasing, I found out in one of the webinars that this software is not intended for local SEO marketing agencies, it just doesn’t provide enough info to do a good job, but you find out about it once you pay for the service. Of course, you can ask for a refund but why go to the trouble when you could be told in advance that way you can decide if you still want to go for it or not?

by marketingconsultations | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐


Just been using the tool for the last couple of days.


SEO and content generation LTDs are something I always look out for since my digital agency’s and project’s main strategy is SEO and content marketing.


I tried writerzen based on some of my friends’ recommendations.


After using and seeing the potential it has right now and hoping it will continue to develop and advance in the same nature.


So far what I like the most:


– Keyword Explorer is my favorite really love the way it is designed gives the ability to control the data.

– All-in-title competition checks! It’s unique and great competition checking metric definitely will help out to sort big lists (I used scrapebox for that where I had to use lot proxies).

– Ability bulk import keywords and cluster them. (Keyword list feature also quite handy)

– Importing custom keywords list in the content creation process where it enables me to bring keywords from my other SEO tools too.

– Clean and UI interface!


What I think could be improved:


– Love the fact ahrefs data is being used but would love to get ahrefs metrics on individual basics rather than the whole domain. (Like backlink count for the webpage on top 10)

– Bring an average keyword score value into the rows taking in link data, on-page SEO, and content depth.

– In the content writing module would love to see more components such as more on-page SEO factors.

by Alston_SaaSPirate.com | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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