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[00:00:00.950] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay today. I am joined by the team over at Optinly, obviously lets you easily grow goal based website pop ups with specific triggers to engage visitors and grow your customer base. It is available on AppSumo right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it currently has a five Taco rating in our store. People are raving about it in their reviews.

So before we go ahead and walk you through the tool, I just want to tell you all a few quick things if you haven’t been to one of these before. The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and leave that in the chat room. We love to hear it. We have already gotten a Q&A. Why does your zoom start up?

I started webinar. I don’t know. I’m not sure why if you have any more questions. It happens every time. I have truly no idea. I’m so sorry. If you have any more questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video, we will be circling back to questions at the end of the walkthrough. We also have somebody from the optimally team here to help you out.

And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, if you have any who you want to just like watch this later, you totally can. I’m sorry I got distracted. We have questions coming in. Thank you all for your questions. All right. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you. Rob, how are you doing today?

[00:01:38.160] – Rob (Optinly)
Yes, I’m doing fantastic, Lindsey. I’ll be doing I am doing great.

[00:01:42.230] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I am excited to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walk through. Thank you. And have fun.

[00:01:49.070] – Rob (Optinly)
Yes. Thank you so much. Thank you. So let me just share my screen and then. So let me know if everybody can see my screen. Yeah, looks good.

We got a presentation. OK, perfect. So, uh. OK, so it’s loading. So while it is loading, so I just want to thank every Smalling that has been working with this for the for the past week, and then we are really, really happy about the response we got over the last five to six days. So thank you so much for all the love, not only just purchasing, but also all the tributes that have come by.

So we are very, very happy to be on Absolon. And then there’s an excellent, excellent community. So thank you so much for all the feedback. So it has really, really helped us push through in terms of what to prioritize and what to not prioritize. So thank you so much. So with that so I want to quickly talk about so at a very fundamental level, what is optimal. So apparently is a best tool that helps you capture leads, engage your audience and increase sales.

So how does it do it? So I quickly go ahead and then and then explain that to you. That is a very I’m going to go through a deck as well as there is a quick walk through. Also, we’ll keep it at 30 to thirty five minutes. So as you know, we have a five star rating that’s going on in there and then so and so we also want people to experience the tool and also go ahead and then leave us positive reviews.

So we are doing this as a webinar special here so you can go ahead and then get to additional websites or you can also go ahead and then get, I would say, a dollar twenty worth of Amazon gift card and then so whichever works best for you. So all that you have to do is purchase the tool and leave us a review and then write to my email Rahmat optimally dot com, and then we’ll be able to go ahead and then get it to you.

So that’s the Lebanon special that we’re running for the day.

So we’re going to start with a little bit of housekeeping notes in here. So it’s very simple and straightforward. So we’re going to talk about how often we can help you capture more leads. And then we’re going to talk about what are some conversion statistics. So how optimally can help you in your leap conversion statistics? And we will do a quick demo overview and then some social proof on how will this deal has been doing and stuff like that. So we will end with an ask ask us anything on call.

I also have my my co-founder co-founder Ramesh is here, so we’ll go from there. So let’s get started. So what are the use cases that which you can go in and then use optimally? So, of course you can use optimally to go ahead and then capture leads and then there is an email collection pop up that you can use for that. And then you can also create the fear of missing out factor to all your website. This does with the help of a countdown timer because it prompted a lot of impulse buying.

So I’ll let me show you because we have the spin will be how the countdown timer. So we have all the templates that can help you in useful in a good way, not in a bad way. So the other thing that will help that optimally helps you to do is go in and then engage your audience again. Spillville is a very, very good for example, lead magnet’s if you have a PDF, if we want to go ahead and then share a coupon code, you can just use a spin will pop up that we have and then you can go.

And then for a return of an email exchange of an email, maybe you can share the coupon code with them and then you can also use we have pop ups that will help you go ahead and then project the coupon code and then pop up at the point of purchase and everything. So that’s one of the other use cases. And we also have pop ups that will help you conduct surveys throughout due to the so that some of all the feedback that you get this a lot is very instantaneous.

So it is always best that you run service at critical points of your website so you can go in and then do that. And if you have an e-commerce store and then it is somewhat what the one thing that you would really, really go ahead and then really, really go ahead and then worry about is reducing the shopping cart abandonment in those stores. So we have built an amazing technology that’s called the accident technology. So whenever somebody tries to exit your website, Boompa, people show up and then you can go ahead and then you can go ahead and then and then.

Sure, this show doesn’t show and offer. You can show like like an e-book in exchange for people wanting to stay back so we can do everything so. So that is the shopping cart abandonment rule and then so I want to go ahead and then give you like so that was the use cases for optimally part after the that is now coming to part B, so why should you use a pop up in the first place? Generally a pop up. This is considered to be a nuisance.

So what approach that Opportunely has taken is what if pop ups were up, looked and felt like the part of the website? So it is no longer considered a nuisance and it is very discreet in a way that it blends with your website. So that is exactly what opportunity that’s for you. So if you look at the high performing pop ups, right, there is a conversion rate of almost 10 percent. So you should use a pop up so that you collect more immolators.

And one of the reasons why you should be milady’s, that’s a very fundamental question, because what happens in here is that if you can use any advertising method like Google ads or like Facebook or Twitter, and what happens is that it all that is paid media.

So to do go ahead and then advertise again on LinkedIn, you have to shell out more dollars. Right. But what if if you had one owned media, which is emails that you collect off your website, which with users consent, you can keep sending them relevant information over and over again. So it is very important that you build a very strong email email list so optimally enables you to just that. And then, you know, if you use a countdown timer.

So again, it induces a small formal and then that’s very effective. And instead of using three, instead of using three and put in good box, it’s like asking for name, email and phone instead of if you just ask for name and email, it is going to be higher conversion rate, even 50 Exmoor conversion rate. So all these are the best practices. And what we have done is we are taking a complete new approach of taking away the design factor from you.

And we do all the heavy lifting with almost seventy five plus templates, more of it in the upcoming slides.

So what we have done is we have looked at the the act of designing a Pop-Up, as I would say. What I would say is it is it is a combination of what I would say is a it’s an art and a science. So what we have done is you look at any other Pop-Up or a pop up builder or a website visitor engagement tool out there, you have to build everything from scratch. You know, the biggest trouble of creating a Pop-Up is actually creating the Pop-Up in the first place.

That will stop you from using it on your website. But what Opportunely does is it does all the heavy lifting, almost every single thing that you can imagine or a single use case that you can imagine is all available in the park. So you have like seventy five plus highly responsive and customizable templates. So it is working across devices, it is working across multiple factors. So anything that you can think of on the top of your head, we all use cases and we have built all the best practices into the tool.

So we also have different rules. So let’s say that if you want to just go ahead and then show up in the pricing page, yes, you can do that. If you want to say I want to go ahead and then. Sure, pop up only when somebody goes ahead and then lands on my homepage. Yes, you can do that. So there are rules and triggers that you can do. And also that is also what we have built as the accident.

And so if somebody is trying to exit your website, they will immediately come up and then it will start maybe throw up an offer. And the best thing is we offer seamless integration. So MailChimp integration or any email sending software that you can think of? Yes, we do have it. And we have been also been listening to a lot of feedback that we have been getting from the community. So thank you so much. And so we are working on all the integration requests.

We are working on a team feature, subtheme feature and everything. So that has been really, really helpful. So the agency version is on the pipeline, so I don’t have any day. So I know that’s the next question. But we are we are listening carefully and also we have gone ahead and then and then implementing it. Also right now, the focus is on integration so that you can push the data seamlessly into as many integrations as possible.

So we also have an in-depth analytics board so that you will understand what is working, what is not working. So I will have all that information in there. So that’s this is something that you can go ahead and then. And then and then use it. So that is. And then before Ramesh is going to go ahead and then do the on boarding and life demo session, but I just want to give you a very high level about the offer so we have a deal.

One, two, three, four, five. So this is the price and the number of sites you get. And like I mentioned, if you buy any of the plans and then if you want an upgrade and then so if you purchase and then write a review, of course we can add to website and also you can choose between adding two websites in any of the plans or except for the unlimited doesn’t make sense or with the twenty dollar Amazon coupon code.

So that is the thing. And right now as of as of as we speak. So this is the rating four point nine, three of five. So we have about like 30 reviews, so across 30 reviews. So it has done really, really well. It has it has gone through the acid test, but it is really, really well. And here are some of the feedback that we got. Easy to use plug and play feature, which is simplicity because we done a lot to build simplicity into this thing, simplicity, and then has been built from the ground up.

So even someone with very basic design knowledge can use the templates and then get up, pop up and running low on the on the website with less than two or three minutes at probably 10 minutes. Not definitely not two, three minutes. So yes. And then. The price also simple, easy and fast and does what it says. OK, now, before we start the ask me anything, I’m going to quickly turn this over to Ramesh and then he’s going to take you through the tunnel.

So the actual demonstration. Yeah, thank you. I’m really appreciate it, and until I find myself, I’m asking them to share my screen and I’ll show you a demo of how often you work at a high level overview before we do, you know, ask me any questions or any questions after this demo. So and the more you read, I get most of you are familiar with the, you know, screen and this is the dashboard. As soon as you log in and you’d hear how like that we’ve built up and need to be very, very, very simple to work with.

And it’s easy to understand. So there are not much, you know, if you know, you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. We do the heavy lifting you there to create a campaign. And it’s very easy. You can start creating a campaign from here. All of a. But you mean you are and then using running multiple of multiple campaigns. OK, so so let’s say, OK, so for example, I’m just going to just title I’m just doing it.

And the next screen, it’ll actually ask you to choose the template that you wanted to design. Just I can hold on. I think if my question got containment timed out, sorry about it. To just give me a second, OK, and my second time, dad, please, please Bearak.

So there in the meantime, that’s a question that has come by where they’re asking this opportunely remnant their server on the server so I can have full fledged sars-cov-2. So you don’t have to worry about finding it on your service. So this is completely on on our Web site. So so that is the so that is that is the way it is done. Any other question in the meantime, so if you hear this, this is that I’m I’m having a small difficulty.

Yeah, yeah. OK, now I’m so sorry. This is not an issue, but OK. No, no, no, it is not. It is a baby, not a curse. Don’t worry. Thank you. Really? Yes.

And so when you look back there, I’m sorry. By that time I’m out of work and I can probably tell as soon as you create a campaign, it actually offers you a number of templates so you can choose the templates from me. Actually, seven types of templates. So six of templates, mom and pop ups and you have floating basely have fiber. You have both problems and you have the gamification options like in mainland also for Pop-Up Lingerie, just like can I get this type of animation help for this demo?

I’m just going to use the anomaly. I’m glad that actually helps you. Do, you know, capture emails as soon as you choose the template and actually do the settings. So. OK, so initially you have two options in this, I think we can show the, you know, on a page or you can show it on an exit indent and I’ll say you can have a timing set. So, for example, a visitor comes in.

If you wanted to show the property immediately, you can type in this digital. For example, if you wanted to have this do let’s say, 10 minutes later or 10 seconds later, you can say this, OK, I’m setting the student 15 seconds later. And there is also one more reason which I was actually talking about. You know, if you keep the popup showing up again and again for the same, the people get annoyed. So for this purpose, we actually give you a control Lokman control on how this should be for the same method.

So this has two important settings here. So obviously automatically if, for example, a copy of the signal came to your fine, saw the output he actually subscribed to, I mean, gave his email address and click subscribe. In this case, the paper will not appear for the same customer. Again, that’s because we collected we collected the email and just got back to the setup. So for him but his browser, it will not appear. But the same customer I mean, Tamanrasset did not subscribe.

You can have a setting here that actually can set up, for example, five days to reappear for the same method. Right. And also, you have Fine-grained targeting rules that rules, for example, you can target based on you. For instance, you may want this book to show up only in a specific page in your store, for example. OK, one million and about page are let’s say you wanted to show this one and blog, which you also have a condition where you can exclude some of the others, for example, into the content blog.

That might be a reason to say, I don’t want this to appear on on my about page. You can also do that just in case. If you wanted to target based on the coding, for example, some let’s say that if a visitor was coming from your Instagram feed or any source that you have using that, for example, from your ad campaign that you have set up a student barometer, you can do that, for example, and say if the barometer contains you, game company to Instagram or the like.

They contend that so this possibly get a fair one live and the ordeal and thinks this could be better media. So you have Fine-grained targeting based on the orders of the website, which you can you can use this. Right. And and also you can target based on the devices. So by default, the popup is actually scheduled to appear in all three types of devices, let’s say desktop, mobile and damage. You can also have these, you know, appear only on desktop and you can turn up in mobile and tablets.

But they can also make it appear on mobile and tablet by default. All the templates that we provide is automatically the best answer. So if you want to customize the template, you can just click, click, customize it, load the return complicated and you can customize the template and each and every text images and all those things and everything is completely customizable. When you click edit like on here, I think you probably saw the second already. If I’m going too fast, let me know.

So let’s say on the a cheesesteak in my lungs. And I want to change anything from family and name had the option to change over time for them to really provide integration’s. I mean, this is a global event. So we provide about 26 to 30 type of funds that will be more funds that are actually coming up soon. So you can you can change upon the canal city the particular color of heading, for example, if you wanted to, you know, link particular packsaddle.

So you can do that. For example, let’s say I’m highlighting some of them here and I can link it. So if you click on this link, you can edit the real time on this, you know, to be if someone clicks on it, I want to be taken to Google Dotcom. I can do that. Similarly, you can that you can edit all the descriptions and text whatever that appear here. Similarly, you can also change your name from the palm print placeholder text, for example.

I can say email button text is. Subscribe and you can also customize the font on font, family color, background, color, burglaries and all the colors of you in the back. And also, for example, you can customize it, you know, quantize, and it can change the colors. So this is all up here, so in case if you want the button to be redirected to that, it’s up to the subscription in most of the cases you may.

What happens is that as soon as the customer clicks, you don’t give us his email address and click subscribe. He will see a thank you message. So. So thank you for subscription. This is the message that Lapeer. And this is completely customizable. Thank you. Thanks. And you can read out as soon as the documentary is shown, Jonah, it’ll wait for a few seconds and it can be related to any particular page, for example, example.

So if you wanted to read it to. You can you can do that completely, right? So similarly, we can change the background and make this the default image that actually comes up when we are changing the image. We have integration with the exhibit and you can choose from tons and tons of images. It can it can search. I believe Europe tried to fix eBay to search for an image you can search anywhere in the other bits itself, but they’re not being made.

And to choose an image and, you know, because I chose it, because I made it actually search up in a discrete format. But, you know, you mean you get the idea, right. So. And similarly, you can also upload images from your own computer. They can drag and drop and any any image from and it’ll be automatically uploaded and it’ll be sold immediately to that of the design and probably be the ones who are not similar to the other important factor.

I just wanted to highlight here is that is the accept terms and conditions, especially this is valid. And I guess it’s a question. Can I add my logo? Yes, of course you can add your logo. No worries. And in the exact terms and conditions, you have a few extra options. This is especially useful in your time and you want to be compliant so you can have you know, you can turn this off without any conditions appearing, but it can also have this checked by default.

And also you can have this unchecked by default if it is unchecked. And, you know, the customer has to check the box and then click submit. Right. And also, we have some really cool animations that you can do. For example, the. Thank you. Some Juman then and Flippen, we’ll be adding some more a few more cool animations for these pop ups so that they know it actually appears more engaging and I know appealing to the customers and visitors so one can download the template and adjust it and say something.

And it usually takes 30 seconds to reflect on the other side. So you can go back to the topic to read all the settings. The settings appear almost all of all the sites, actually. So, I mean, almost all the problems. But some of the topics may have special settings, especially, for example, the Spinderella option. So in the spinning wheel option, we have a number of options, actually. So you can set up the probability, the window information in a spinning wheel, especially.

The most important is that choosing to be the first thing is that choosing the team and the primary color in the second vehicle, you can change these colors. Don’t mind going here. And and you can see all the labels here, some of the names of the beans and the discount code that actually read, and if it is a win, you need to tone it at everything. And if this is a loss, I mean, if you are interested in the loss, you have to dump the stock and you can set the probability on one hundred and one hundred basis.

So let’s say you want lots of. No, let’s say you out of the hundred visits, I’m told a hundred times, you know, if you want this probability of, you know, people losing 20 times, I mean, 20 percent of the time, you said that’s 20 here. For example, if you want, you know, the total the sum total of the probability should be a hundred. Right. So based on that, you can set the the probability of each and every, you know, the ballot.

OK. So each and every part of the reason you can set a probability based on the probability if you work and you can tell it. So some of the neighbors, you can tell them of death. All right. So and also you have the next important thing is that the collection by email collection part in the email collection. But we give you two options to gather the means. You can put me and the e-mail address as you share the name field and the email address for user customizable and also the buttons you can use, fully customizable as well.

And you can also have the information shown here. And also you have a no thanks text being given him and in the same mail. We have two types of outcomes. One is having information and the other one is a loss. So when and if you had an event information, I can you can edit completely customized information. So, for example, you can win it and use the shot-put prize. To show the discount, go the customer wanted and I mean the sorry, the price label and you can also join the coupon code, you can disappear just in case.

For example, if you are not giving any coupon code, you can also turn this off. Right. And the copy button in, for example, some people may not be offering in some of the upsides, you may not be offering a download option probably instead of giving a coupon code may be more relevant in the e-commerce site. But for example, if you are running a blog and if you are offering a free e-book, they are or even if you are offering them your own book, do some of the customers to win in this case, you can you can change this to download and it can kind of scoop on cord and, you know, enter the link to your, you know, download link you.

So as soon as a customer clicks to download it, actually we take them to the download, batten down the line and they can get download, they can download the book. So this is another way of using instead of showing the coupon go, we can also offer this for freebies and other stuff. Similarly, for the last thing. So the customer has last e-mail, wanted to give them a call, text or something that didn’t actually sign.

So once you have configured the template and similarly it has the same kind of options that you saw earlier for the display rules targeting rules, you can you can you can have this thing coming up after spend some time or you can also have that, you know, the screen will be up there for the same method after X number of ways that you can target them all these things as possible. Right. So I think I have given a fair overview of how these books they know work.

And if you have and the other thing is, you know, as soon as a customer gets an email address, they can we can view all this, you know, the subscription, let you know your subscribers and the subscriber dot and the other. And the important part here is that, you know, the integrations let’s say you’re using your I think you can find most of the popular email service providers in the integration list and he can integrate with Malcolm, you know, and HubSpot Mennonite, if you actually integration is very, very simple.

We we are giving almost, you know, the documentation for all all of the integrated and is very easy. Just grab the back and choose the audience. And then disconnect once connected, and all the images captured by optimally would be automatically sent to your email list, right. So you can Maxo by default up the Negroid to multiple sites so you can have, you know, this one site as I read the demo, because I’m just using a single site option for the multisite option.

For example, if you have to run you you have five Web sites. You can add all the five websites here and each site for each site. You can manage the campaigns separately. And while installing it for each Web site, you have the different app that I believe is the key here. So you can always grab the installation instructions here in case you are using WordPress, which we already have a plug in come. But the integration for what you can just download and install and just copy the app idea here and based in London and just connected.

If you’re not using in one breath, you can always copy veteran and use it in the you know, at the bottom, just at the bottom before the body. Digo you’re standing outside and also we have an option to you know, you can you can also, you know, integrate optimally using Google Datamonitor. We have given a complete Step-By-Step instructions or, you know, optimality. For a global dive manager, that is a step by step instructions.

You don’t even have to. Changed anything in case of a website is already using global gag rule Diamandouros and the easiest way to add anything is possible. So we have given Step-By-Step instructions with the screenshot. You can follow these instructions and spell out the meaning of any of your websites in any form you have. Right. So I guess, you know, that’s the end of the demo.

If you have any any questions, feel free to ask me or I mean, why don’t we just quickly show them the top of the it. So that is also the code.

So the launcher and the launcher problem is actually something that is actually unique to America. And let me create a campaign for that. So. To launch a proper place this year, a unique small aCatholic, animated, rigid at the end of your, you know, knapsack, and then, I mean. At the bottom of your own website. So let me show you a preview of just just one moment.

You can you can just go back to the previous screen and then it’ll show in the in the just go back to the previous screen, to all the computers under the undo it and fix the second the. So you continue to listen to this, they’d follow the demo, so that only shows up a small like on screen here and it actually comes up in there, if you want to download, it can also show me something that’s wrong.

Just a second. Let me show you the settings of that moment. And if I can go to the customizer and understand probably so if you can see that I get I can that’s actually going to sit on the left side. So which you can have it here. So this is you know, you can configure this continues on whether we are actually giving some cool events here, for example, this month.

So this is actually like I have a small animation that just keeps on drumming so that people keep wanting to know if and OK, so you will be surprised who is listening.

Right. So you will you do it through the entire process. So you’ll be very surprised like how popular this pop up is actually. So you do it just like a nice eye catcher. It stays at the extreme right hand side of your website. Then usually people click on it. So they’re so used to picking those around those circles on every website. And the conversion is very, very high on this. You might want to just trade. If you can give me a few minutes, I’ll be able to come in and do a demo, small demo as well.

That is I think I think that they have the idea if we can just show them the very, like, full screen take over. So what other types of show that we have so that then I think we can move on to the Q&A. Yeah, sure, I’ll I’ll do that, so that’s OK, let me create an across campaign for. You case say. And and the template just choose the full screen option here, so we have some nine, eight, eight cool templates that they can use to.

For the full screen Bafokeng, let me choose the one. OK, let’s say I confused the. So one more thing about that is that it actually takes over your entire website. I mean, as soon as it comes up, it actually takes a takes over the, you know, and shows up in the entire screen. That actually is very good. You know, when you’re in and you’re targeting visitors for your blog or if you have any landing pages and you want to do, you know, capture the email before the customer actually reads your landing pages.

And this is something that is actually very good. And so it is is completely and totally everything is actually customizable like it’s shown up there. You can replace the images from something from a picture, that’s all.

Also, there is a few more if you Motin, a few more options here, actually.

So this comes from some of the descriptions even that the at the bottom up and you have the by completing this form, you know, you can have a small description in addition to terms and conditions. If you just wanted that, because this is coming up in a thing, think you may want to give them a heads up or something like that. You can use it and you can also have. Just a minute. So this is the thank you page, the thank you pay that shows in the same screen, but thank you.

Actually replays here and you are completely optional. Do you know, increase the size of the bank. Thank you. Messages and you can also read have been to any page you want to do. And if you go back to the settings and you will be able to see the tribute here. So the preview actually comes to the. I mean, this is a smaller one that actually it’s not showing up. If you can hear me doing the Q&A, if you proceeded and they might be able to come back and and show you.

I would actually. Yeah. Yes, I think so. Yeah. So I have some questions while Romney is setting it up in the background. So let me have the I think Lawrence has asked the question, is there a max? No, I’m not sure.

What exactly are you asking the number of times something can be this thing that if you are talking about the impressions and sorry, let I know that you’re talking about impressions, there is no impression. Yes.

If that’s what he’s talking about. And then is there a fee for the number of images from Pittsburgh? No, we have that open API, which we have integrated and unlimited images can be used from Bixby discovered under the fair use policy. So just use it for the right things you don’t have to pay to fix. Oh, OK, Izabela asks a very interesting question, and this is something that we have talked about. What about if the website is multilingual?

It is pretty much it’s in your wheelhouse. And I know you are already thinking about this. Yeah. So multilingual is actually for most of the multilingual sites, you will be having you all that actually interested. For example, after example, Dotcom’s last year. In these cases, you can create a popup that actually let me show on my screen, just like you have it here. So let’s say.

When you’re creating a boat and you have the opportunity to have the all options to do it, so in that you are option, what you can do, that you can put a flask in and then make sure, let’s say I want to make this completely only available to all the places that actually starts with our has in English. So most most likely, if you have a multilingual website, it actually starts at the end zone. So are it into slightly.

And so in this case you have. You had the question. I mean, I think you have the answer. Yeah, right. Stay right there, because the next question is from Lawrence and then, yeah, there I think she’s asking about so the mobile features that we can talk about. So is there anything so across devices. Right. So how do you go about targeting them? And also if you can open up a template and show them like how we respond to across all devices, so.

Yes, sure, I’ll open up a template and then like to show you how I would respond to whatever.

To have them click. So let me show you the top of that, actually, when. Two once. So much. You can see that this is a double version and this is the mobile, so you can see that how nicely balanced. It Grasset. Do you are you guys able to see my muscarinic? Yeah, yeah, yes, yes, Izabela, in fact, she says, yes, she’s convinced with what she sees. Great. So let me.

That is an anonymous and is asking can you good options by WordPress category?

And I guess I guess you can see the full screen top of my screen again.

Yes, yes. Yes, we can. So this is the full screen. I made it up and I it comes up immediately. So that is just for the demo purposes. And they can also do this as well. And if you go back to something.

Let me turn off the other one. Now, this is my sample. Yeah, do you see them in the public building? Yes. And they can also share this on this response and more. That’s from. Sorry. We started at the bottom. OK, I guess you you’re able to sit down with me, change this to your. The next. And then they confirm. Hopefully be able to see it. OK, let me go back and let me also show you the problem with the launch of the.

You know. OK, just hold on there for a minute. So here is an interesting use case, which someone is suggesting. Do you have any use cases where you can use pop ups for affiliates? Yes, for affiliates. You can always use the Spoonbill and affiliates Trampas in the number of email idiz they have in their database. So you can use this to me as a combination of gamification as well as an interesting way of collecting email. Why don’t you just show them the spin?

It is much more interesting. Yeah, sure, I’ll do it just one more. This one, we won this one.

OK, I think Tom is right, this is the problem that I do see at the bottom right corner of my screen that it’s an animated chat ridgeback appearing. So upon clicking it, I can feel it. And also so this keeps on sitting in there and the customer provides the customer the line and his email address. It’ll be it’ll automatically disappear. You can put some cool animations here that actually can’t be visitors high. Right. So let me tell you, this is a real.

You know, OK, sorry, let me go back to this thing. I’m glad. Let me use the spin room and just follow the demo, focusing on what I’m doing, going to do that, I’m just going to go ahead with this, you know, the same, you know, existing text so quickly that you can you can you can change all the text. So the. So. Soni. It was probably because I used the same template and could not have been because I love each new step.

But let me create a new campaign for this. The police. So how does that play? So you should be outside. And those that I accidentally just give me a second. And. Gary. Just give me a second for. Right, OK. OK. So these hearings that’s been really happening behind me, do it again and again and close that. Thank you very much. Should tell you that I think my email and they can give it a spin.

Spends and it actually, if I run, probably no. Not. So, you know, I have the last probably be said, you know, the default, the last probability is higher. That is right, exactly. And I said, well, it’s OK. So anyway, I am now collecting an email anyway, right through your email. You got the email anyway you want. But your customer, I mean, there is actually. So I guess, you know, that’s OK.

That’s OK. And you can change. You can change the probability of winning person a moment, you know, where you said really, really conservative here. I think the probability of lossing is actually higher 20-20 there. So that is why, you know, I get this awesome Mozeliak, that if the probability of one of them is actually saying zero and if I could probably do to be five. OK, let me try again. If the probability is higher, the probability of me winning is actually quite OK, so let’s try.

OK, yeah, OK, this time my probability of winning that 20 percent is actually higher because it has a 40 percent probability.

So most probably might. Yeah. There you go.

So that’s how it works. Thank you.

Thank you so much. So going forward, any of the any of the questions from the audience, please. So anybody who has already purchased is here for more training or anybody who’s evaluating, if you have any questions before you buy, so you can ask them. You can see it’s pretty simple, pretty straightforward and wanting. What I want to keep stressing upon is that we have excellent support. So we have a team of support, people who will work with you.

They’ll ensure that you are up and running and your campaign is super successful. So you don’t have to worry about any issues on the support side. So we have your back. So, yes. So that is so you can read about the reviews, about how good our support has been is asking a question. Please respond about getting with Google to acknowledge. Yes. This is actually America’s favorite tech.

Yes. And this is this is completely possible.

So all you have to do is that, you know, most probably in most of your websites we probably have the Google documentation already installed. I mean, the Google document, it is very unique in that it actually helps you to have multiple tags managed in Google. But in your website, you only load the Google tag snippet. So all you have to do that, you know, will be documented is completely free. All you have to do is just go to Google documentation and create an account for your website.

That’s one. Once you have done Google document, going to give you a but small job tracking picture, just like Google and big fucking picture. Right. So it will be there and you just have to put it on your website once you have done it every time. If you wanted to add a tag, I mean, like often any one script, even let’s say you wanted to use attack widget and you want to be integrated, that all you can do is that you can use Google, you can advertise using Google DOT management.

So all you have to do is just Google in your time manager, your work workspace. Just click Newtek. It’ll actually start the configuration. So I’ll give it a title in the tag. Click on the back configuration. As soon as you click on the tag configuration, you will get the popup saying Choose the back at the tactile, choose the customized option here. The custom HDMI option. As soon as you choose it, it you open up a small ed here in the ed.

You can just copy paste the installation instructions here. So I mean, if you go to installation instructions in your. Optimally, you will see that that is going to job. Could you just make a copy? And and the you know, the customer just basically. As soon as he pays it here. Right. So this will make sure that he will basically make sure that the tax you check on this support document. Right. So this is actually a good time to make sure that you do this two steps.

This is important once you have done it. You know, you can leave all the rest of the settings in the advanced settings that you don’t have to do much once some say one. Then click on the trigger. But so, I mean the second second option. So this is a bad configuration you have configured now. We need we continue the triggering back to the triggering back. You know, make sure that you click on when you choose when you click on the trigger itself, it’ll actually ask you the default option will be elevated.

So just to start, why I’m asking is that snippet is very, very small, especially when you load with the building manager. It is, again, very it becomes more optimized. So just choose the whole base. And once not just click save. You can control, you know, very loading your pop up, using your triggers, you Oriental’s at out on routing. So once you click say that the script is actually is loaded in your file, you don’t have to manually add this optimation within your body bag in the website.

You can do this in the time when I get it. So I think the question is on. If you have any questions, you any became the link with the. Yeah, sure. Thank you. Yes. Perfect, so I’m I’m starting to believe in the question and answer session itself.

Yes, yes, yes. So I think we have mostly done and also. Yes, Lindsay, coming up on video just means that it’s time to stop. OK.

So trying to end things dueling, but I guess I’m just kidding. You’re an excellent host. Thank you so much. So that’s it from this guy. So I think we are. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful audience. So we really loved working with you. Thank you so much, Nancy, for hosting us. Amazing, amazing job by you. Thank you so much. So anything else? Please let us know.

[00:56:02.130] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Absolutely. Thank you so much for making my job real easy this morning. Similar things. If you haven’t already, you can go to ABC Dot Dotcom optimally to redeem your codes. They are starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by Sumo’s 60 day guarantees. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, please leave your reviews on the page.

We love to read them. And yes, you have any more questions? You can leave those on the deal page as well, can reach out to their team. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate having you all here. And thank you, everybody, for joining us. Thank you, Linda. I really appreciate it.

[00:56:39.090] – Rob (Optinly)
Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Take it away.

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