WP 301 Redirects: Automatically or Manually Set Up Redirects for Your Site to Fix Broken Links


WP 301 Redirects is a premium plugin for WordPress websites that allow you to easily scan for broken links, set up redirects automatically or manually, manage affiliate links, and manage all your sites on a single, centralized dashboard.

Optimize your site, increase site traffic, improve SEO and customer experience with WP 301 Redirects.


WP 301 Redirects Pricing Overview


WP 301 Redirects’ price starts at $5.99 per month for a “Personal” plan. The price scales up if you want to use this plugin in multiple websites and gain more site scans per month. With higher plans, you’ll gain access to better features that this tool can offer. You can also save much more by subscribing to a yearly plan.

Alternatively, WP 301 Redirects is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo. WP 301 Redirects’ lifetime deal price starts at $49 for a Tier 1 deal. For more details about their lifetime deal, refer to the panels below:

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Price starts from:

$5.99 per user / Quarter

✅  They’re offering 50% discount for a limited time on their yearly plans during their launch!
✅  No Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$49.00 – Single Payment for a Single-code Deal

WP 301 Redirects Lifetime deal on Appsumo


WP 301 Redirects Features


👉  Redirect your visitors to the pages they want to go instead of them hitting the 404 page

👉  By simply installing WP 301 Redirects, you can automatically redirect all mistyped URLs to the right URL. You can even decide how sensitive the plugin is when it comes to typos.

👉  Create redirects manually for complex cases

👉  Site-wide Link scan and verification – Easily find broken URLs and bad outbound links automatically.

👉  Get rid of harmful bots from your website by redirecting them to the 404 page

👉  View built-in reports right in your dashboard to know what’s going on in your site

👉  Know the sources where your site visitors come from and the browser that they’re using.

👉  Get daily reports of how many redirects happened during the day.

👉  View the logs and stats of all the websites you manage, including site redirects and 404 hits.

👉  Protect your site from poor outbound links with the Google safe Browsing and Alexa Rank API integration

👉  If you’re rebuilding a site, You can just set up redirects instead of rebuilding all the URLs on your website.

👉  Fully rebrand WP 301 Redirects according to your liking.

👉  Add short-links to hide any long URLs.


WP 301 Redirects Use Cases


✔ You bought a site with content and use the Link Scanner to check every single outgoing link, not only for broken links but for bad ones too (linking to pornography, malware-infected sites, etc.)

✔ You bought a site and want to reorganize the URL structure by creating redirects

✔ You have a site with a lot of content and want to make sure all links you put in years ago are still good

✔ visitors are complaining about some missing pages, and you want to put your 404 pages under control

✔ You’re doing affiliate marketing and want to replace the long, ugly affiliate URLs with short ones that you can view stats for

✔ You have a lot of sites and want to manage all your redirects and 404 from one central location


Things to Note About WP 301 Redirects


👉  The plugin tend to be buggy sometimes

👉  The 404 redirection feature doesn’t seem to work on certain themes and work well with some plugins.


User Reviews for WP 301 Redirects


“I have been dealing with several rebuilds of sites, from Joomla, Drupal and what-not, each of them an old version that used a non-SEO-friendly structure. Moving to WordPress, I needed a plugin to resolve references from old URLs and this was just heaven-sent.


“I used the free version initially, to get started, but quickly realised how powerful and extensive the pro version is. I am not gonna use anything but pro from now on.”

by pjb


“This is an amazing tool for Redirects. It has a clean dashboard and its UI & UX easy to navigate while providing all analytics. It is a must tryout tool.”

by tobinkoshy


“A useful tool to have a larger WordPress site. It is especially handy if you have moved page URLs or change the domain name because of a site redesign or major change. Using this tool you can track where you may need to make further changes like correct a page title typo (let’s face it, we’ve all done it!).


“We need to use it more to get a better feel for it’s usefulness, but so far well worth it!”

by grant57


“As a long time user of Broken Link Checker (BLC), WP 301 Redirect Pro intrigued me, especially when they advised me it does everything BLC does and a lot more. Unfortunately, while this plugin does a lot, it does not do everything that BLC does. In many ways, it feels like I upgraded from a Toyota Corolla to a Lexus but many of the things that made BLC great are missing that feel like a step backward.


“Let’s list the positives. From the start, the redirection rules allow me to replace (for my needs) the Redirection Plugin (one less plugin is always a good thing). The auto-redirection is fantastic and allows me to see where people are landing on my site (or bots) to help fill gaps or be sent to the wrong page.


“The 404 log is a game-changer, and I spent time realising that over the years, my website changed, but even google was still trying to go on now 404 pages. However, it helped me add relevant 301 redirects.


“The link scanner does give a lot more detail than BLC in that it tells you not just any redirects but also if it’s a nofollow, noopener and various attributes.


“That said, what is missing is the ability to change the link directly in the log/scan (or multiple at once) lists, which saves a lot of time. Instead, you must go to each page and change it manually.


“Additionally no ability to ignore types of pages in the scan EG I don’t like to scan draft posts as they are a work in progress, and things can change at any time (scheduled/published is fine).

There are more things I would love to see, such as ignoring redirects and 404 from specific IP addresses (we have a static IP). Also, to autofill pages/posts as you type instead of copy/pasting the whole URL.


“In short, WP 301 redirect Pro feels like a scalpel that allows you to read and review various links in great detail to make informed decisions. However, it lacks global features to make it a powerhouse and a genuine BLC replacement. If you do not have a link checker, this is for you. I am happy to keep using WP 301 Redirect Pro and hope they implement more features over time.”

by Dimitri


“I got this free deal, then paid them for the upgraded unlimited sites.


“The 404 redirection feature (which was the main reason I purchased their upgrade) doesn’t work with 2 page builders I use, as well as at least 2 themes, which means that 90% of the sites I have I can not use their 404 redirection.


“I did not have a good support experience while trying to get help to solve this issue. They just blame the page builder and don’t want to try to fix anything.


The plugin’s 301 redirection works fine, but the 404 redirection is pretty much useless when using some page builders and themes, and I just got the feeling that WebFactory support didn’t really want to try to address the issue.


“I’m not trying to be mean, but this is the experience I just had with their plugin and the 404 redirection feature.


“I still will use the plugin for the 301 redirects (but not the 404) but it kind of stinks that I have to use a different plugin for the 404 redirection when this is built into their plugin – they just don’t want to fix it.”

by kmcclellan97

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