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Review by Josecar Peniet


WOXO’s AppSumo lifetime deal is about to end in a couple of days. I’m creating this review because most people might skip it, thinking that WOXO is just another video creation tool in an already flooded market of video creation and editing tools, but that’s not the case.

The funny fact is that WOXO doesn’t even have a video editor (at least the typical one).

Their team is doing an excellent job trying to create something fresh, that’s why there are some hidden gems in WOXO, and that’s what I’m going to show you here.


What is WOXO?


WOXO is a content creation tool focused on social media marketing. If you’re running a digital marketing agency or if you’re a business consistently posting on social media platforms, then keep an eye on WOXO.

It will surprise you on how you can use it to generate more impact and reach more customers with LESS work.


Woxo Homepage


Fast Workflow for Bulk Video Content Creation


The first thing you see when you land on WOXO is their video creation tool. It has a clean interface with a lot of various  templates to choose from.

These templates have the typical sizes that’s suitable for publishing your videos on social media or your website (square, portrait, vertical and landscape 16:9).

Also, the templates are divided in several categories (quotes, fun facts, e-commerce, trivia, tips, reviews, restaurants, hotels) which makes it easier for you to find what type of template is perfect for the content you want to produce.

But attention!

Those are not individual templates, but thematic bundles that you can use to create a bunch of social media videos within minutes.

The goal is to make it easy for businesses to create video content without having to spend a huge amount of time editing them. And that’s what WOXO does. WOXO can reduce a month’s worth of work into minutes.


Two Ways of Creating Videos: Spreadsheet or WOXO’s Project Interface


Only when you go and click on one of the thematic template bundles and go deeper into the video creation interface is when you’ll start to understand the power of this tool.

Both versions of the editor are based on a spreadsheet and are meant for speed.

In the “WOXO’s Project Interface”, each row is going to be a different video based on the template of the bundle you’ve chosen.

Each column then allows you to edit in no time both texts and media.

That way, content creation becomes a really fast process because you’re basically  changing the content on the ready-made templates without all the fancy and complex stuff that some video editors have.

The best way for you to understand how it works is to check out some of the pre-made video templates on their website.

Now you can imagine how powerful this tool is especially if you are a digital marketing agency. You can generate hundreds of videos for your customers with only a few minutes of editing their template.

And that’s not all because with a simple spreadsheet, you can do the same even faster without needing to access their project interface!

Check their YouTube video tutorial below where the WOXO team shows us how to create 100 videos in 5 minutes.



They even used a Scraping Tool which was also highlighted in the video-making process shown in the demo that allowed them to gather data easily from a website. But you can also add anything manually in a spreadsheet as well, given that your spreadsheet meets WOXO’s standards.

The key to creating videos quickly is to think about the content that you want to produce and start adding these content (mostly in text format) in the spreadsheet to weave a pattern.

If you are a social media agency, one thing that you can do is to send the spreadsheet to your customers and ask them to fill it out according to your instructions.

But there’s more!

If you’re creative and you want to combine WOXO’s bulk video creator with tools such as a summarizer tool, you can have a super fast way of generating videos based on the summary of an article in just a few clicks.

If you are an agency owner, not only can you create SEO articles for your customers’ blog or website, but you can also create videos that can rank in YouTube as well.

Joe Maracic shows us how to do it in a couple of minutes on his video below.



Social Media Widgets for Websites


No time for managing your website? No problem!

You can use WOXO’s social media widgets on your website to pull content from your social media accounts. These widgets  automatically refresh its content once you publish new content on any of your social media platforms.

You only need to set this up once, and then it automatically synchronizes with all your social media platforms without even having to log in. This is really useful for business owners that are struggling to post content in social media but don’t want to or can’t afford the time and money to create additional content for their website.

These social media widgets compliment  WOXO’s Video Content Creation tool nicely. Anything you publish on the supported social media accounts are going to be displayed on the widget.

As you can see, the most used social media platforms are available right now. Also, there are a lot of different formats for each.

Their current lifetime deal allows them to have unlimited no-code widgets for an unlimited number of social media accounts, websites and views. Everything is unlimited, even in Tier 2! This is a total steal for anyone, especially social media agencies that can make a lot of money by doing a single-time simple setup for their customers.

I have created a GIF, so you can have a good idea about how this work, and the good news is that the speed of these widgets is nice.


Immediate Roadmap


And that’s not all because this tool wants to be at the top of the market, that’s why they are preparing really impressive features. Some of them have already been delivered and others are in the pipeline:


Scroll Stoppers (about to be launched)


Social media platforms are overwhelmed with all the content that people are posting. We are talking about millions of posts every minute, so you are really going to need something special to get people’s attention.

Scroll stoppers are just anything that breaks the pattern when someone is scrolling on the social media, so you can get their attention. In what WOXO’s team is working right now (video effects and stickers) is a good example.

WOXO I New Video Effects

WOXO I Stickers

  • API (in progress)
  • Teammates> Sub-Accounts with Private Data (planned for this year)
  • Open AI GPT3 writing tool (planned for this year)
  • CNAME (in progress)
  • Brand kits for creating customized videos for different brands (in progress)
  • Content Calendar ideas

And many other things that are already on their roadmap >>




WOXO is a practical product that can help people save a lot of time. We are all so busy, that’s why the most demanded tools are those that makes our work simple and help to save us time.

After analyzing the deal they are presenting on AppSumo, WOXO is a fantastic product and a total no-brainer deal, especially for agencies, because it includes extremely generous features and limits that will produce a quick ROI. Even for small business owners, the lowest tier is a great purchase because it includes a lot of value for a single lifetime payment.

This is one of the few tools that I seriously recommend following, because they are building something different to what already exists, and they are doing it in a smart way. The team works towards excellence, actively listening to the early adopters, and implementing their feedback fast.

Have any questions, want to say hello or just want to check what others are talking about this?

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