WooRise Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:03.000] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Hello. Hello. What is going on Sumolings see if we get some. I’m Lindsey from Sumo. Thank you for joining another product webinar. We’re going to get started in just a few minutes, but I want to give everyone a second to mosey on in today. We’re joined by one my dog here, but we also have Chris, who is the founder and CEO of WooRise. WooRise is a platform that helps you create beautiful giveaways and contests to generate more leads, greater social following and increased sales.

It’s an awesome tool. Actually got my code last night. I’m very excited. I have a small business. I picked it up because of the Instagram functionality which was missing and some other tools, weirdly enough. But it’s highly customizable. It’s super user friendly. Plus you can not argue with the price we rise is available right now and ximo the lifetime access is just forty nine dollars. Before I turn this over to you, Chris, to give everybody a walk through, I just want to go over two very quick things.

First, if you have any questions about this tool, how to get set up, how the deal is structured, anything like that, you can drop those questions in the Q&A box below the video and we’ll circle back to those questions at the end. I’ll be monitoring it. I promise that we will send out a replay and not long after we’re finished recording this. So just in case you need to jump out early or if you’re worried that you’re going to miss something, you don’t have to take notes.

You just sit back and relax. All right, Chris, are you ready to get started?

[00:01:36.540] – Chris (WooRise)
Yes, I am going to switch off my mike and camera.

[00:01:41.100] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Chris, I’ll turn this over to you for a walk through simoleons. Remember, if you have any questions, you can go ahead and leave them in the Q&A box below. We’ll get to them at the end. All right, Chris, it’s all you have fun. Thank you.

[00:01:57.650] – Chris (WooRise)
Uh, hello, summer links. Uh, uh, thank you for the comments, uh, and the reviews so far.

And we have opened the Whereis dashboard.

Uh, and, uh, we’re going to go to user interface. I will start with the interface to what we see here, and then we are going to create, uh, demo combined. And there’s some futures, so this is the main man, no, uh, Will, uh, I will start with Intergration. We will talk with, uh, uh, about Kopans later, uh, on the Internet, based on, uh, you will find, uh, the integrations.

You can activate or get help. You can see all the connections here. Up next is the settings. From here, you can, uh, uh, change, for example, the, um, side name, the you are of your, uh.

And off your site. Or at a different or select a different language. And in the bottom, you have, uh. And option three, a boom and bust the link or change the site icon.

So let’s move to sites. Here you can add more sides if you want, uh, you can also use your option, more calls to update them and, uh, also increase their entries. Uh, as you can see, I have added two more sites here.

If you want to add a new site, you can click on Add New. Uh, in the case of optional deals, you can select the free plan. And enter your site, you are, and the next you can switch to that site. Let’s, for example, visit the demo site to.

OK, now you can go to your account to upgrade your plan and tell your up some code or entering a code to increase your entries. So, uh, next on the same screen, you can see more sad things for each side. For example, you can access the. They are cash paid. We do not have any complaints right now. Or you can access other things like media, uh, add more team members. And here you can find some privacy tools to export personal data or erase personal data.

If a user requested. So in your account, you can upgrade your plan or downgrade to.

Access our program if you want to make Meimei staring at her eyes. Uh.

It’s a simple screen, let’s go to profile here, you cannot change our personal settings like your email, your password. Um, let’s, uh, let’s move forward on campaigns. So here you can add the new campaign. Let’s Atheneum. When you click on ADD, nuh uh, you will need to select the template, the template is a starting point. You can edit any template and customize it. Let’s add, uh, an email saying up this time.

Great campaign.

OK, now, uh, we can add the campaign here, uh, you can add more content images, uh, you can add more blogs.

Clicking on the plus icon here, you can see a paragraph you cannot name how I think you will find the more ROBLOX category books like, uh. On blocks for think. Uh, layout elements and some embeds, uh, you can embed a tweet, uh. Uh, Mr. Graham, post Facebook, post a YouTube video and so on. Uh, you can also, uh, move things, uh, up and down. Uh, you can say that every block has their own settings, so, for example, you can.

Ed, you can change the color of this group, by the way, this is a group blog. Actually, inside the group is a heading block and a paragraph below, it’s an emergency, you can, uh, turn it.

From the media library, let’s take this. One woman. OK, we have changed the eight months. Um, you can remove the block, uh, if you want, uh, if you don’t want, uh, a name, uh. OK, you can play with this settings and blogs and all the customizations is really simple. Let’s move. In the end, you will find the options here.

A lot of main options about the campaign, about your give away. For example, you can set the start date and end date show or other end date or hide it.

The same for entries here. You can enable the virus. Let’s do it for this campaign.

For example, you can record USERRA with three points for every, uh, uh, Rafil here you can optionally.

And limit, for example, if someone saw the give away and, uh, bring, uh, 10 people, uh, their total.

Eleven, it, uh, will be thirty thirty rifles you can limit, for example, to 50 100 depends for your, uh, from your uh, uh, campaign. Here you can pick, uh, you can select the social media buttons you want to enable, uh, or you can leave attempted to display them all.

Uh, next in the next update, you will find options about design. Let’s preview our campaign so far. You can change, for example, the main color. Let’s take. This one and maybe other, uh, background. I think this one is OK for now. So draft. And let’s preview. Oh, changes here you can see a polar background, you can add a name and just background if you wish.

Next, uh, in the sharing options, you can replace or add a name much for when your audience sharing the give away the campaign in a Facebook, Twitter, etc..

You can add the title or a description.

A description. Next, you can add the official rules. I think officials in the U.S., so let’s. Add a test and put it.

And the bottom of officials rules, by the way, you can change all the strings from the settings we saw earlier, let’s click on the official rules.

Here are the first or you can add, uh, you are to an external page where you host your official.

Uh, next is the edited content here, you can add the content that will appear when your, uh, campaign, uh, ends. You can add, for example, links to your website, social, uh, social media, Bartons images call to action or even the witness. Uh, and, uh, and S. we have two options for now.

One option A is to allow countries you cannot select here, uh, if your own, uh, to restrict the give away to specific countries or leave it, uh, empty if they give away, uh, is, uh, for all for other countries.

Uh, so, uh, next there is the very instant when. Uh, you will find two options here. One option is to pick random winners at the end of a campaign.

You can only set the max winners and the whole system automatically will pick the winners until the end or pick random winners by entry frequency. You can set against the max winners or. And then there is frequency to pick a winner everyday. Uh, for example, uh, a cutter, uh, for example, 100 entries.

Uh. Let’s. Move to the next stop. Uh. I do I before this is important. Uh, top, uh, it’s, uh, our four. You can edit all this fails and ask Josh.

From the reform to, uh, here in the right, you will find a lot of fields, you can see some Standfield fields, some advanced fields in the girl plan, you have the option to work toward the pricing fields so you can accept, uh, payments, uh, or, um, add, uh, some social actions.

Uh, let’s, uh, add, uh. Facebook is it for now. Every failed social action, uh, has their own settings, as you can see, we can add here the link to our Facebook page make make it. They’re required to keep it optional.

Uh, here you can change what I call a failed label, visibility.

Or Nable, conditional logic, for example. Let’s go to the next failed and the failed to show you some examples. For example, field label visibility. Here you can show the name if you want or keep it high, then, uh, in the advanced sections, uh, you can enable the conditional logic.

For example, we can show the name only when the Facebook is clicked.

Let’s see what. Let’s go to preview mode. You can see that, uh, the name is now white, and, uh, we need to click on the Facebook button first.

Next’s. Click on this. Now, you will say that the name, uh uh. It will appear below the bottom. You can enable conditional logic to any field, uh, show you can create, uh, advance more advance, uh, campaigns.

Uh, here is the subscribe. Uh.

Techmark, you can you can, for example, my first fatal to our MailChimp, uh, uh, Faid. We’ll see that in. Moment. Next, there are some form sad things or some sad things about the personal that. Well, the. Uh, you have some options here for GTP, PR to prevent the storage of IP, or if you want to automatically delete the entries, uh, after a period of time and their next stops, uh, are very important.

Let’s start with confirmation. Confirmation is the thank you page is what a user, uh, will say when hit, uh, enter to win, um, the subasic some basic on button, by the way. You can change the button for form settings. Yeah, and, uh, it has, uh, it also has a conditional logic option.

So back to confirmations, you can add if you want multiple confirmations and show them depending on their condition and logic.

Let’s start with the fact that the first confirmation. Here you will see a stuck, you can add the marriage tax from the little like on the right.

For example, the name, then the Matt Stark name, uh, will, uh, get the name of the user when some made the for example.

My name is Christopher. So, uh, it will replace the stop. Christopher, thank you for your participation.

Additionally, you can add more, uh, Matt Staggs. You can also add this screen a confirmation my to add images, text, video, YouTube videos and more.

You’re free to go. A customized school like it, you can also redirect the.

Uh, after, uh, the firm Subbase Some Baoshan to Eurorail, you can enter here a urinal and the user will be redirected to that page when, uh, submit the for.

Next, the will we will see the notifications stop here. You can add to a new notification, a new email notification. Let’s add a new. You can, uh, and, uh, a name here. Uh, this works internally, so you can, uh. See the vent if you are working on. You can set the mail where we want to send the notification.

For example, we can select a field from the four. From nine. Let’s until her eyes, I will, uh, uh, in the reply, I will enter.

I know was not cool, you can give, uh, here a subject or you can use a Mastech.

Uh, for example, uh, uh, you can, uh, even use, uh, the, um.

That the title of your campaign? And at the same time, uh, uh, some text.

It’s a car giveaway. Next on the message is the body of the message of the email. You can add any content here, like I just sat there and in the bottom you can enable the condition logic based on the fields.

Uh, you can, uh, for example, uh.

Select, uh, you can even select the winners to send a different message for the winners or non winners.

This is very useful for when the instant win is a NAPO.

Um. OK, so, uh, next is the amped up. Was our combined first. OK, uh, now the bed, the tub, uh, content is amapola here, you can, uh, embed, uh, your campaign. You have, uh, some options.

For example, you can, uh, keep the campaign or ice, uh, landing page.

Let’s face it, this. You are an. Uh, click and cope and start asserting that you are in your campaign.

This is the most simple way to run your campaign.

Uh, next, uh, uh, we have, uh, WordPress. You can install what I use in. Let’s click. On this, you are blogging here, you can install it, it’s, uh, it’s very lightweight, uh, with no options at all.

Simply you you can copy and paste your, uh, your URL.

A tool to show your campaign side, the page or a post of Laura Autobus right next to her is the code to add to any blog or platform you are using. Simply copy and paste the code to where you want to see the give away.

And the next option is Facebook. You can, uh, add, uh, uh, your campaign in a Facebook tab. You can load here your Facebook pages. And the select one to install your campaign as a Facebook stop.

Here you can see your entries. Let’s, uh. Let’s create an entry. First, we will click. Here. I will give a name like my name. Email. Ascribe to our newsletter. I agree to the official rules and to win.

Christopher, thank you for your participation, is the message from the confirmation page.

Let’s go back to our panel to see.

Well, and entry here is Ventry, uh, we have some options in this screen, for example, we can bulk added to our entries, uh we can add a star uh to highlight uh and uh and three, uh, we can, uh, delete it, transit or spam it.

Uh, if we think uh it’s uh spam and three uh search our entries based on, uh, uh, fáilte.

Here you can select, uh, unfelt. Let’s click to see more details about this entry.

Oh, uh, here you can add a note or you can also send the note to the participant in this case. Uh, hello. What that call.


Here you can see more details about your entrance next in promote the.

We have some social media tonge. You can share your campaign to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to send send it to email.

In the upcoming months, you will see more supporters here like WhatsApp Center, etc.. In the report, Todd. Uh, you can see and, uh, overview of, uh, your campaign. Here we have one and three.

There is no fear because we are locked in, uh, in our count so it doesn’t count us. And you want to, uh, uh, starts, uh, uh, below, like top country stops, uh, cities, uh, devices, uh, channel, stop Ruffels. Stop social media.

The next hour, the witness stop here, you can pick winners automatically, uh, one winner or more winners if she wins.

And also, you can expert witness, uh, you can also export all entries from the entries, stop. Here we are on an expert side, thinks you can select the fields you want to export or select all the fields, you can also set a conditional logic.

For example, you can, uh, uh, uh, export.

Some entries with a specific name, email or whatever field you have in the form and also date a depending of depending on the, uh, entries date to export, uh, specific range.

Uh, let’s, uh. Let’s also say the. Intergration, let’s explore that, might see a bit of activity here. Let’s go to settings.

It’s important to take a look in, uh, the dog.

Here you will find the. Uh, information for all for all the integration’s.

Uh, let’s go to thanks, Milsom, say things, uh, require only the male team, uh, API key.

One moment, please, to enter. And. API. Uh, no, it’s it’s better to to keep it like that because it doesn’t hide it, so it’s better to to move on.

Uh, uh, if you enter the MailChimp API key, the next step is to create, uh, a faith you see here, uh, I think your mailed back, uh, to, uh, keep the rice. And, uh, the next step is to create a fit for Melching. Uh, now don’t have, uh.

Let’s. Try to add it in the background so we can work on this. One moment. OK, uh, I have added the MailChimp API in the background from another account.

Uh, so now we can go to, uh, the form and, uh.

Said thanks. To add a new feed for my chimp. Here we can select, uh, our audience, uh. And here we can see some groups we have on our Whereis account, we can map our fields like email address, first name or any other field field you you will have in the form.

And here you will find some other, uh, side things related to MailChimp like dogs. You can also, uh, enable conditional logic, for example, to try and, uh, uh, to send the subscriber to MailChimp when.

Subscribe is subscribe to our newsletter.

Uh, it’s the Techmark we saw in the edit form here.

So if someone checks there, subscribe to our newsletter there that will send to automatically to make.

Um, that’s all for now. Uh, you can explore more things, uh, uh, you can, uh, play around and try all this, uh, uh, things, uh, different fields, uh.

All click the support button to talk with us or create a ticket if you have any issues or need the help.

[00:42:30.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Thank you so much, Christopher. I just have a couple of questions for you. I we have a couple from the Q&A, and then I just want to go over some roadmap stuff. So is there a dashboard for all the people that use the viral share option? Can you give different gives? A lot of these questions have to do with Bauscher. I’m just going to bang them out. Can you give different gifts based on how many shares they do?

And can you place the viral share before a contest or when does it pop up and can it be used for all types of campaigns?

[00:43:11.670] – Chris (WooRise)
At this time, the browser will automatically show up after the form submission. Uh.

We can I don’t know if we have time to try it. I don’t see why not. Uh, uh, uh, the volunteer, uh. That’s. Close, this will automatically show up in this screen.

One moment. Now, that instant win, uh, uh, should be disabled, uh, it can’t work, uh, we can’t work together.

Let’s update come back.

Look, uh, now we can see the. Also, so I will enter some first details.

OK, here is the rhinoceros screen, uh, uses, uh, they can see the entries, all the entries they cover and here it’s made make no uh, so the, um, uh, the campaign and, uh, we can also, uh, we can also see all this, uh, bonus entries.

We call them my horse, uh, in the entries, uh.

Pates. So, uh, for the other question, we can, for example, uh, reward the, uh, user, uh, we can give the prize to a user with most, uh, words with most urban centers.

[00:46:46.270] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, awesome. I think that answers it. I just want to know about the road map. Can you tell us about future integrations or a few people asked on the deal page about giving custom points or points for social shares?

Just what’s what’s on the horizon for?

[00:47:11.120] – Chris (WooRise)
And we get a lot of questions about that and we are planning to add, uh, the, uh, bonus entries for more actions, for example.

Uh, and therefore, uh, we are planning to add some, uh, fields so you can, uh, reward, uh, users, uh, for its action.

For example, visit Facebook or any other action like Instagram, a visit or the visit link where you can create a custom custom action for every social network, platform, etc.

[00:48:15.150] – Chris (WooRise)
Awesome. So you actually, right at the top, answer the other questions that I had for you, you came prepared. I was going to ask about how agencies might set up different sites. You went over that and then the what about custom URLs? Is there anything else that you want to tell us maybe about how the pros are using Luras? Uh, about, uh, uh, it is, uh, is all in the sights, uh, uh, Schary, uh, here you can add, uh, uh, more sites.

Uh, and, uh, so, uh, say the, uh, you can add Absher more codes to upgrade it or increase their entries for each one.

Asten Uh.

[00:49:18.140] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Mm hmm. I think I think that’s all we’ve got for today, is there anything else you want to go over?

[00:49:28.790] – Chris (WooRise)
Uh, no, that’s all for now. Uh, I’m, uh, I would be happy to answer more questions, that sort of man or in the upcoming debates.

[00:49:46.430] – Lindsay (AppSumo)

Yes. If anybody has any more questions, please go ahead and leave them in the comments on the deal page. We also want to know if you have not already redeemed your code yet for Will Rise, then you need to head over to Atsumi dot com slash. We raise it starting at just forty nine dollars and as always, it’s back by abstemious 60 day guarantee.

So set it up, play around with it and then let us know how it works for you. Let us know what you’re doing with it, what you’re creating and we look forward to seeing all of that. So thank you so much Christopher, for joining us. Thank you. Thank you so much. Absolutely.

Thank you. Appreciate your time. And we’ll talk soon. Have a good one. Great. Bye. Bye bye.

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