WiserNotify Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.660] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar, our I am Lindsey and today I am joined by the team over at Wise or Notify. WiserNotify is a tool that delivers customizable social proof, notifications and widgets to build trust and increase sales. It is available on AppSumo right now, starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dive into the tool, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to go ahead and tell us a little bit about your use case, maybe a little bit about your business, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. The second thing is, if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, anything like that, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We do have somebody on standby to answer those questions will also circle back to questions at the end of the walk through.

And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you can. And then you can also watch this just as many times as you want. All right. How are you doing?

[00:01:09.400] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
I’m doing great. What about you? I’m doing all right. I’m excited to have you all here today. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough and then you can let me know when you’re ready for questions.

Sure. So, yeah, let me share my screen and we got ready to start.

OK, looks good. OK, thank you for introduction and hello, good morning, Smalling Central Garcia, and I’m the founder of Wisen Notified. So I will today walk through with the itinerary, fire how it works and what unique features we have. So we will start with when you log into your account. I already logged into my account to save some time. So once you logged in, you will see the first installer pixel. So there are multiple ways to install your pixel.

One is a manual and others like you can do with our next integration, which we have 100, one hundred and fifty plus net integration. So you can find all the integration and below that you can see install guide. And let’s say you have your website with the Shopify or the WordPress. You just need to click on this question, a question on an icon. Once you click on that, it will give you the full guide, how you can install the pixel in your website with the network plugin.

Once you do that, you just have to click on the way to fix it. So once you click on that, it will take just a few seconds to say your pixel has been detected successfully. Now you are ready to create a notification. So below that you will see there are a few others as abattoirs are notified that call item solution, dot com, dot com. So these are the website which I have installed my pixel, so I have used the different options I have used manually or I have used using the tools.

So for example, in the dot com, that’s the workplace website. So I have used it using a plugin. So it’s very easy to install. You just have to go in your plug in setting. You just need to click on the add new search here. I want to find the words in a different plugin you just need to install and do that once you click install and it will ask you for your API. So here’s how well you find your keys.

Click on the your name. I go to the profile on that. You just need to click your API key here. So clicking on that, you will see the your API key here. So you can do that via. You just copy that and you can just go there to your what, Bristol and click on this and submit it so it will start detecting the pixel on your website. So I’m going back to my pixel now in the pixel, you will see like we have these all the website.

So if it’s a red here, you just need to see it so you don’t have any visitor. They could be red if it’s more than 60 seconds. Let’s say I’m opening my website and I have the visitor and your pixel is active and can detect it. Then automatically it will get it done to great. So I’m just going that and doing a one of the visit. Now I’m just closing this and I would say, well, if I pixel.

Analysts say it’s a pixelate successfully and you can see the face get green now before for a second. Now, once you get done with the installing pixel and one more beautiful thing is you just need to use one pixel for all your website. You don’t need to worry about, like, how many pixels, how to manage Baojun. If you had the more than one or two website, just one pixel will work with all your website. Once you are ready with the pixel, you just click on the create notification.

So once you come on the notification that so yeah, there are the two options, let’s say, for example, you are on the dashboard, so you will see here and notification here. So clicking on that, also, you will go on the same screen where you will see all type of notification. So we had to type of notification one social group. And second is we checked. So in the social profile, we are going for type of it in the notification.

One is like second studies and the fourth is limited stock. So each notification had the more than 10 plus design and the damage on my screen, you will see live visitors, right. Clicking on that. You will see on the right hand side there are the enclose notification in the designs and templates available for that template. So if I go on the research and you will see there are the four plus notification type on the four plus notification type, once you click on that, you will see this blue water.

It’s a get selected, so you click on the any other you will see all the designs available on the right hand side so you can play around with the design, look and feel based on your website and based on your requirement. So yeah. So this is a notification if I give you the use case.

So if you want to show how many users you have on the check from last one over that, you can configure and you can show on your website that one of them is also configured when you are setting up your notification. So that time might be 30 minutes or maybe one or two hours. So it’s a summation of all the use resource which you had in that time period. Now we go on the on the list and we have the file notifications.

One is technology so convergent, mostly used when something happened on your website, for example, someone is signing up, someone is doing some activities on your website. They are taking on the front page at the time. Normally we use the traditional notification. Second notification is a purchase on the purchase, like, say you have the shopping cart and you are selling something on your website. At the time we use the purchase notification in the notification, it shows which product has been sold, how, what time and from where they can buy these notification.

Just even let me have that review, YouTube video and the channel subscription. I will not call in people for that notification due to the time constraints. I go to the notification. This notification has the phone, a different notification and phone notification. How the different templates. So the first one is going to count. So it will show the summation of audio contribution count how many conversations happen on your website so you can define that. How many sign ups happen?

How many do you have to see? How many users have been? We seem to be on specific page. You can customize and you can show that on the condition count. Also, you can show the purchase count like how many product has been purchased on your website on the specific time. It might be one day, two days, one hour or the thirty days. Or you can also review comments like how many do you have on the Google, Facebook, Instagram?

So we have the number of integration with the review application secondees. You can say recently a viewer count. So this is used when you have the one popular page and you can you want to show like how many use it has been, which is that this page on that specific time you’ve been able to sort of show this notification on the page and the limited stop this limit is talking specifically for the Shopify. You will see all that is a like an item left and handed.

We are viewed. So an item is automatically going to by our application shopping for application and will be get updated once you have sold one item from that and it automatically get one decrease and it goes to nine. So it will magically happen with the Shopify application and also this physical will. So we get the from the application and we will show that on the time which we have defined in the setting, now we will go to the widget. So we had to fight that one widget.

One is announcement. Second is called to action that is collected forties and fifties other. So you can see in the announcement we had around nine to ten announcement notification. So this notification normally we use when we want to announce something on our website, if I talk about the first tweet. So first, normally we use like let’s say we are doing like some discount for what we are giving some discount to specific product. The time we can configure and we can use that notification.

Second is a free plan. Make sure you are getting a free plan to your website and you want to do the people for thirty days or not because it’s something you have this USPI for your product. Then you can use that announcement free plan, similar Relix that you are giving up one to one product on. The two products are free on the two products. So you can use that like, say, buy a t shirt. And get one free, so that’s a notification where you use for a bite and get free notification before the notification as customizable from the tags, look and feel their buttons that we will down into their next in next five minutes.

So we call to call to action similar where we have the final duplication and the call to action. If I explain to you all in one in the All-In-One, you can be all your social social platform.

You can do the link and you can use the CPA with just a one to notification. It will just show you the one icon with the green icon, which we have it below, and the green icon will have the key and it will open all the social groups. Social tool, which you have, is a collective these collective use. When you want to collect an email address from your website or you want to use the if you want to ask if you are using it to ask some questions, you want to call collect some feedback from your customer at the time, you can use this notification for the e-mail question are the subscriber and we have the figure.

So let’s say you have that review on your Google Facebook platform at the time. You can integrate all the platform with us. We will integrate with the application and we will get realtime. And you can use this notification to show all our review on your website. And we have the other tool that you can see blinking that if you see here, it used to lecture someone is not visiting your website and they go away. Then you can use that blinking tool to get your user back.

If you see this blinking tool, you can use that and secondees the social media followers. So how many followers you have in all the social media? You can use that social media follower. So these are notifications we have. So let’s say we take one use case for any consideration and this tool we will select that. And from the design, I will select these started and I will say conversion. I would say action canalization. I want to set up this conversion notification on my website.

I solution dot com. I will select my the other because I already had this selling my other. That’s why it has been seeing me suggesting this you I already have or I can write any new you out and also I can indicate that you are within my notification so I will just keep putting solution dot com for now. I will create and customize once you click on that. It would take me on the beautiful results, so there are four.

Step one is a type we already select. Mexican is designed where we will decide our particular notification to display. Where we define the constraint are rules and regulations, where we want to display the certification and Forty’s data and source. In the fourth, we will define what data we have to integrate, what data we have to identify or what they have already be. We also said that we will define on the fourth step so you can see on the screen is divided into three sections.

On the left hand side, you will see all the tools which we have, all the templates which we have available. You can switch if you want. You can switch this template real time. People click on any other tool to click on this and it will automatically it will ask you, OK, you want to change the balance of power to change it. Will we get change on the middle part real time? Because he said, we’ll review.

I will go back to the third one, which I want I want to integrate in my website, so I will select it back to that. And one more thing. So if you see this result and preview, it has two options. One is a desktop and second is mobile. So you clicking on the mobile, you will be able to see the light preview with the mobile also. So that’s how it will think. Like, it’s a very beautiful thing that you can just see how it will look like in a mobile and in the desktop it together.

And so on the right hand side, there are all the configurations. So the configuration is divided into three parts. One is the design where you will see how my notification will look and like second is a click. So it’s a key when the notification, when the notifications really click what I have to do and the third is the daytime timing. So what I have to show the notification, what data, how to capture that we will do fine in the daytime timing.

So in the designing. So let’s say there are the six settings. We will discuss the two settings due to the time constraint and the first is a text editor. Once I click on that, it will take me. On the editing setting, you can see like on the center, John, as from the New York US, so you can see first name, last name from the city and the country. This all out, first name, last name.

City and the country are dynamic where you which is get from your data collector or the data source to clicking on that. You can change the look and you can make it bold italic or you can change the font or you can change the dynamic value which we have. So you can also define the more dynamic value which we have in the dynamic value constraint. And this is a second line. You can see the second line. It is just sign up.

You can also change this content, whatever you want. Let’s say I just want to put the expiration at the end, I put it, and it will be reflect real time on the media center. And time ago you can take two days. So each cut, it’s a value which we have defined time ago. So you can show on that card line, let’s say I want to hide the time ago. Well, if I say height and you automatically get height, so if there is a game, then two days show recently.

So let’s say some conditionings didn’t happen before, maybe before five days, then it will hide because you’re not sure if you will show that the conversation happened before five days, it will look bad. So stays OK. If we show more than two days then please hide these two day value so similar you can play around with this. All the options you can say shopping first name and last name short on the user name so that you can define your look and feel and you can update this notification as perspective of the text.

Now we can go back to the icon. So we had the four options. You see the icon on the left hand side. It it can be map, it can be icon, it can be attached or it can be flat. So you also beautiful thing is that you can you can authorize that. Actually, I want to show the map first. I got that, then I content the flag and let’s say I want to show the flag first, then I will take the flag first so you will automatically get duplicated on the middle center back.

So this is an automatic dynamic stuff. Let’s say someone is joining from the USA. They will show the US a map. If someone is shot joining from the UK, they will show the UK map. So it’s automatically dynamic and it will get captured from the data soldier similar. You can check the change, the background color. See, I just keep the map for now and I will take it to the first and then I will say I want to change the background color to these blue and I want to give the radius.

So if you see the padding and the radius, you can see the map is getting shorter and this color is getting a play on the middle part. So I will not change it for now. I will keep it like as I would like that and we will go back.

So this is the two things which we have discussed. And also you can just roll over the at this help. I you will understand what they can do. So this is this is the how it will look like this. All the settings. One more thing which is very unique and beautiful, the tool is provided. It’s embedded into the you are actually clicking on that. You see like this is how it will look like. So this is a cool one.

Like good. You can put it in your website and you will be able to see how it will look like on your one page. So for example, I have integrated on the notify on the side of page. I want to show like how many Smalling has been registered in the last two days on our website. So I give me one second. I’m just bringing that up. OK, it’s getting loaded, so now once we go and sign up and like how it was going to look like, give me one second.

Just coming off. OK, so you will. It will take one second to get there. And it will show you see 167 some willing to join us in last two days. So this is the notification which we are using on our page. So this is how it will look like if you are using the embedded code and it will show this like these. OK, so we are good with that. Now, I would make it off and I will go back to the normal notification now, I will say.

Now I want to change also my icon. Then we have the beautiful library right now, this time up. I click on that. We have the lots of icons from that. You can change, you can change, or you can select which icon you like, or you can upload the new icon based on your requirement. I will keep the file for now and that icon will get airplay if we don’t have any map or the location from the user.

Now I will go to the click options in the click options. We have the total five options which is available and from the options we will discuss the two. One is a CPA Lebanon link and the second is collector. So basically it shows you OK, Undecidable, you see on the top right here a sign up. Now you can customize that, you can change the font, you can see make it fold or you can change the color for that, or you can find the color.

For example, let’s say I want to change the color of these to something. Think that I would say. I think so. Based on your reaction color, based on your team, you can change the color or whatever way you want to look and feel. Then let’s say on the clicking, you sign up. Now, what will happen? Should I read to any page or I will say, OK, open the collector. So this is a one unique thing when a collector so clicking on the sign up now, it would open the form then only and it will ask for email address.

And this is a fully customizable so you can change the tags, you can change that, you can change this text also. So we will see that you go back to the all the settings. There is a collector clicking on the collector. You will see like, OK, this is a description which you can change. So let’s say I want to say. Please. And your e-mail. Very simple, and I want to I want to take the name I want to take immolators.

I want to take the number so you can also make it like, OK, you can take the name, address and phone number, or you can say, OK, I just want to take the email address or you can say, OK, I just want to take the phone number so that you can define that. And also it’s also asking for privacy policy. You can see the checkbox here. You can say, OK, I don’t want to take that on so you can make it up to me.

That way you can change the button, name a message, use the color of the icon and a little background. So this is a fully customizable you can make it available for your notification. Now, one more thing. It’s to verify by labeling selected right now, which is verified by would notify. If you want to put by your name, you can just change. It will make a change. And clicking on that on the right to notify, you can also put your name or your link on the website where you want to retire.

So that’s a unique feature which you can use in that. Now we go in the daytime time, so date and time. So in the daytime it’s a notification data setting. Clicking on that, you will see, OK, how many days of data I want to consider. I mean, it’s like a 30 day. So just take my last day data to show the notification from the last election. I have one hundred and fifty orders that from the hundred and fifty orders you need to define the fifty orders.

Just take last week in orders from the hundred and fifty orders. So that way you can define from how many days you want to take your order. If you have the BBC website and you want to take it in our like and you find like OK, from last twenty or thirty hours only. So that way you can find from how, what time you want to take the data. So that’s from the notification data collection and you can see receiving submitting data.

So from the White House notified notification, you can send the data to your tool, might be your CRM might be or any other tool which you are using. Maybe your email collector. If you want to scan the data to maintain or Bibra, you can use this web to send your data. So there are two ways Venezuela who can secondees via email. So first, we will see the web clicking on that. You just need to enter the data.

Let’s say you are working with dimensioned then Meltem had the one you had. We just need to take that where you are and the picture to you and you just need to see this data. So they will send that data to mainstream and you will able to verify, OK, this is working similarly, if you are using a pipe that you just need to take the pipe. We have looked at it, just put it here and send it to you can even taste it now.

And actually you are not using any third party tool and you want to just see is the data, is the email. So we have the facility where you just enter your e-mail address. When you want to receive this data, you can enter that, then you can find the subject. OK, what would be the subject of email? And then also you can define what would be the data inside the email so you can also find the body, how it will look like so that we can define and you can receive all the data from the notification and so that we have seen the three part designing design and the data time.

So once you are done with this, all the setting, then we can save it. And if you have an equation in these three five different it, you can reach out in the support or you can just send us a message in the report. We will definitely try to try to address that. Now, once you do find the design, then we will go into pistoleros like this. This is basically where you want to show your notifications. So in the first, when we is creating a notification, we have selected the domain.

We want to select this solution dot com. You can also add the other domains if you want. Let’s say you want to add the other domain. I see. I want to show on the dot com and I will just say, OK, I just like OK, I can say I want to show this on the dot com also. So you just type that and click on the add. It will come to the list of the website and it will have a display notification on.

So there are two options you can show on the all the pages or you can see I want to show on the specific page, I don’t want to go on the all the pages. I just want to show this notification on my contact page. So we have the very beautiful thing like it is on the keyboard. So for example, I’m on a solution dot com and we had the one contact page and I just want to show this notification on the contact us.

So what I would do, I would say, OK, the key here which is available is the contact us. I would say, OK, you want to contact us and contact us. So this notification on the do so if I have the multiple Quantico’s page on that cancellation and otherwise notify and definitely it will get notification. Sure. On that page only. So see me that way. We have the multiple options in the. This condition, we equally are equally matched that we use that expression or we say don’t make that.

So we have the multiple options, you can play around with that and you can define the conditions. Also, we can say, actually, if you want to show this. Absolutely, absolutely. All we are consultation, dot com slash, contact us so that you can also be. Absolutely. So I will do it back now and also segment the segment. Also your notification next. Say you want to show this notification to only new visitor. You don’t want to show to repeat, the user is returning to your website, so you can just select here the returning visitor or maybe the new visitor.

So that way you just like the new visitor. It will show you the notification to only the new visitor. Now, this is a UTM based display. So let’s say you are running one campaign, your campaign is running on the Facebook or Google, so you have to find your UTM source. So once you have defined the source, you just need to enter the Sochua and click on the ad. It will say you’ll use that it’s coming from the Facebook and you want to give them 20 percent discount as a notification.

Then you have to define your duty in search of the Facebook here. And that notification will show that says, OK, you have received the 20 percent discount when it come from the Facebook, similar way we had the cookie. So let’s say you are maintaining for in your website, let’s say you want to show this notification, who is a free in a free plan? You want to show them, please buy this plan and you will get 20 percent off at the time you define OK, a cookie is equal to three.

Then you just need to interview what I can name. You have we will identify automatically and based on that, we will show the notification. Now, let’s say you have you are running the campaign and someone is coming from the Ximo, then you could just say one thing, the ad. And let’s say I’m running, I’m running a notification. Who is coming from the capsule? We will say welcome to identify from the system, get them to identify.

So that was notification. You can customize and you can change the wording. You can change the discount, something based on your condition. So for now, I will turn it off. And I will also say new visitor. Once you get done with this, all the settings, then you just need to click on the next and you will go on the datasource into DataSource. We have the one hundred and fifty plus integration. So I have already integrated these few tools.

And if you want to integrate the new tool and you want to send the data which we are collecting from our identify to the tool, then you just need to click on the ad integration. You can see we had the one hundred and fifty plus the integration from the different categories. You can say marketing, communications, CRM review. So in the review we also supporting a 10 plus integration like capture of Facebook, Google, Instagram, business, LinkedIn, Twitter.

So you can just click on that and you just say, I want to connect to Google. You just click on this, you have to place it remarks and you need to see if you had the business account. You have to follow the steps I already have. So that way you have to follow the step and you will have to integrate that. So once we had the integration, you can just define your integration, you can take up to all the pages, you want to send the data from the all the pages, then you just need to select the capture from the all the pages.

If you want to send the data from the just for the contiguous page, then you need to define that condition here. OK, if the data is coming from the Quantico’s, then just send the data to click on maybe to file or something other tools so you can define that here and you can add the condition for now. I will keep it all the way. So now we are done with the customization design display and the data source. Once we are done with that, I would say finish.

It would ask me, OK, do you want to make it on or off, I say, OK, I want to make it on. So once we go, we will able to see, OK, the notification is light and we are able to see that. So you will see once you get the notification, you will go on the second day. Which notification? You can see all the notification here. For now, I will forget with the domain, I have the next stage solution dot com.

This is the first notification item condition which we have created. Now you can see the multiple options like it’s associated with the actual visor. And this is like you can debug the notification if something is wrong, you can see the performance, you can edit that and you can clone that notification. So now next thing is we are going to do see is a very unique and beautiful thing is testing. So let’s say you want to run the multiple notification on the same page and you want to select which notification is doing good for you.

So for that, we have built things clicking on the testing here, you will able to start creating images. So, for example, this is a one of the notification which we created right now. So I will say, OK, and a variant, you can add the multiple variant on the existing. So I and I would say a single line because I want to use the single line notification.

And I will say, from which I have to clone, because once you clone that, you don’t need to consider other integrate other customization, it will just allow you to change the look into it. So I will say create and customize, and it will land you on the notification page. OK, something happened around.

And second, can go back to this. And the selected Gentech, OK, so yeah, so once you click on that, you would come on this page and I would say single line notification, I would select this, I would say yes. And we could change a single line then after I would just say so and I would say finish. Now, you can see there are the two notification which will run on your website, it will be the 50 percent traffic when is a full and when a single line.

So we are running this notification every single one of my website. And it’s like we want to see, like, who is doing a good. So I will say seven days and the system automatically identify which notification is doing good for you. You can see the first single line is doing good because it has 58 percent of the performance and single system will identify the best for us for us to run on the website. So it’s defined based on the information, our click and engagement so that we can use the thing and you can study the data from these immediate results so you can add the multiple variant clicking on this video.

You will have a multiple variant for single notification. Now, once you have the notification, the next thing, the beautiful thing which we have in the performance. So clicking on this icon, you will be able to see the performance. So let’s see. I want to see the performance of these notification in the last 30 days. Then I click select the 30 days and we will have the completion engagement, our complete data. So you will see like we had the one thousand one, two thousand plus visitors.

We have the six thousand plus impresion. We have the engagement of one to one thousand plus. So that way I can see like how this notification is performing. So if you see the ratings of four point forty seven just due to this are due to this notification, we will able to capture the CPR forward four percent. We just increase that forward four percent. We had the click on the notification is the only full time we had the hour and the data submitted for the forty eight times.

So this is like all the data you can go in and you can see that day to day basis or the monthly basis. You can just roll over the graph and you can see that how your notifications performing on the website. So that was the data. Next, we will go to the setting. So this is your domain for your website, so let’s say I have integrated with my Facebook page one is affected by the dot com, so they should look at those twice to notify a dot com so I can choose, which I want to change the setting for acquisition dot com.

So these are the common settings. So let’s say I want to look at my notification next day. I have to look I want to look my notification. Let’s say I have more than 15 signed up on my website that I would say, please look, this notification and you can select the year. The number is a 15. So that would be that loop. If you have the more than 15 data available in your notification to me that you will have the notification order, which notification you want to show.

Let’s say you on your website, you have created multiple notification, allows you to video subscriber page so you can just do the trick and drop and you can just change this order and that will automatically get applied on your website. So that is like how you can configure. You can say a website based setting. You can change it. So it will be different for all the website nextag on the ways that it will be different. I will say I said it’s a now one.

So that way you can define based on your website, if you had the multiple website, we had the one single pixel, so it would be good to have the setting in the just for one place. Now we go to visit and this is a very unique and the beautiful thing. So let’s say I want to identify to date on the to the untaken solution how many people has visited. So I can see I just want to apply the and solution dot com and you can say I had a hundred and sixty one visitor in my Web site today and you can see they have the unique ID they had the hostname they have.

If they have submitted the data then you will we will have the ability to see you can see locations when they come. That impression’s our click and direction. So in action, let me find one of the visitors which had many actions. So I will just go there and OK, we have find that one of the visitors from the SUDA and they have this good data. So I click on the history. So we will say they had the full engagement.

They have the twenty second impression as a notification. They had one pick and they have a three time hour on the notification. So you can see all the unsere with the time and what what time notification. We have a show to that. So it’s a full history of the visitor. You can just go back on the fifth page and you can follow like you can click on which pages they are going, what they are doing, whatever notification that accessing and how you can increase your penetration rate from the study, your visitor.

So that way you can do you can study all the ways you can, which you can see here of these here, like the ACA submitted one of the email address indicated by the system from them before two. So that way you can also identify and you can study customers which are coming via the notification.

Now, we will go to the goal. So we had the goal. That goal is to basically work as a Google. You can see it’s a Google analytics code. So similarly, let’s say I had the goal to contact us page under my Ideal Solution website. I want to be able to make the go to visit the Contact US page so they can contact us. So I had the two hundred and forty one visitor from that seven people has reached to that page and that happened due to the notification we had the four point ninety six ratio from where they click on the notification and they went to the contact contact us page.

So that is a very good read. And also there are like four thousand one hundred and fifty five in place and we have served to date so that you can find your clicking on the end goal. You can say good name, you can find the other keyword and you can just put your under here and add Google. So it will be tracker that. Now we will go on the analytics, so if this is a consumer analytics show, you will we will have the all the analytics here so you can study the data.

Let’s go to the last 30 days and I will see. OK, how many it takes one or two seconds to get the data. I had the ten thousand readers, how many information we have, how many engagement we had hours and the click. So you can see we have this pie here because we launch on the XML on the date and we had the huge spike on the show and everything so that we can study all the data at one place.

Next, we will go on to the integration. So they show you that before we have one hundred and fifty plus integration, you can find all the integration here, like go to CRM, go to that if you go to the billing. So we have five people basically. So you just need to follow the instructions. Once you click on that, it will have the all the instruction how you can integrate this with you. If you get confused, just click on the help icon.

It will take you the article I would have had center and it would have the step by step guide how you can do and how you integrate that with the tool. OK, next, we go to the data. So this data is basically a we are capturing all the data in the tool. So you will identify which data is captured by integration or maybe it’s a big cell or how we capture. So we had the one place you will able to identify what data we are capturing from that.

So let’s say for this this page, we have this locking, then we get to get captured here. So that way you can select the your tools from where you get captured and you can see that your time. So that almost we have got everything and next I just want to show you, is like agency setting. So I have another account where I have the agency in the current account. So if you if you have the agency account, you go that you click on here, you click on the agency, you will see the configuration.

Right. So you can define all the configuration here, your name and everything. And you can you just need to integrate the sea name with your domain and automatically assign it to start working with your name. So that’s the magic would happen once you define that. So you don’t need to worry about, like, how this will work, then you have to go on to manage plan. You can create a multiple plan here. Click on that add plan.

You can save plan name ID, how many hotel you want to assign, how many team member you want to assign, some description price. It will be a monthly basis or yearly basis. It will be removed. Branding or changing of brand. You are not that way. You can define the plan. Just see, I have defined this plan as I have one plan here. Then after you go to manager, so on the manager, you just need to go and NSW so you can just add a user that evil password and the them and you can select a plan so they will get the welcome email and they can start using the your account.

So that way it’s all about you can see managing user as an agency. So I think that’s it from my side and yeah, so if you have any other question, Lindsay, can we start with the question and answer? Yeah, let’s do it.

[00:41:28.800] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Thank you so much. If you have sent in your questions, you can go ahead and send in more. Now, we’re going to go ahead and answer those. Nesto wants to know if I have white labeling, will I also have white label plug in for my customers?

[00:41:42.840] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
At the moment, there are a few opportunities available to white people, for example, Dixie Shopify. So it’s issuing our name is application. So there are a few application is not available as a white label, but other than that might be, there would be few available as a white label. So most probably you can say you don’t have the right label application, which shows only.

[00:42:04.570] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
All right, can we display a notification on a page that keeps a site visitor from reading the page until they click on the notification that will then redirect them to sign up?

[00:42:18.780] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Most notably, that option we don’t have right now, but we can consider, as you should plan and we can add on our roadmap, and that would be we can implement that.

[00:42:28.200] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Who can visitors close the notifications? And if so, can we track how many people are closing notifications?

[00:42:36.120] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Yes, we had the exact conflicting on that did include the notification. And we are taking that closing event and seeing that much more.

[00:42:46.840] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
All right, can we export notifications from one subaccount to another subaccount?

[00:42:53.500] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Unfortunately, they don’t. All right, we’re getting through this so quickly, I love it. Can you show the client can you show how the client dashboard looks and if we can customize the welcome email?

[00:43:07.120] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
So, yeah, you can customize the welcoming and the client dashboard will look like same as this dashboard, so the logo will become here.

Other than that, everything will be the same.

[00:43:23.450] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Those are all of the questions that we have unanswered in the Q&A. I know you have an awesome team that got through a bunch of the questions. I’m going to ask just a couple of them, because I know that they are popular among Symbolics. I’m so. This one is like a use case type of question, when I’m launching a new site, which notifications can we use so that we’re not showing low numbers?

[00:43:51.880] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
So as I show you in the setting, so let’s say you have the lowest number of data, then you can show that you can do the same thing. If I have the data less than 10 or five, then don’t show the notification. So at the time, you need to share that. And engaging in notifications like you need to share your you can encourage them. You are selling some products, you are selling them because you are selling them free items.

And we are going to encourage them to sign up so that you can show that also you can show the visitors so that they can able to get the more information from the user.

[00:44:28.960] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Can you show us the stats on the closing notifications, please? And can you please show us the Google, Facebook reviews, notifications and settings?

[00:44:40.150] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Yes, give me one second go. OK, yeah, so yeah, so I just got confirmation from my team, we don’t have the clothes even right now, but we just entered in our roadmap that we are going to release in the next next hour or so. Might be that will be available in maybe next week.

[00:45:09.040] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Right. Can you do the Google Facebook reviews? Notifications.

[00:45:14.740] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Yeah, give me one second. So let’s say I go to that notification and I would say it review. Right, and I will select this one and say. You. And say, so you should. So you will see this type of notification here, so you need to define the datasource, so like let’s say I go, I just passing all the details here from there and then here, then you need to add the integration. So let’s say it’s a notification.

Right. So I haven’t added to this account. So I just need to select this, the so-called I would say finish it because I have already integrated that in one of my account. Great.

[00:46:09.990] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Thank you. Can you explain the story’s notification that you have on your roadmap? Give me one second to Tyler, also wants to know our Amazon reviews possible. Yeah, so, yeah, I can go to the house. We are already using dequeue, let me show you that. Give me one second. I’m just going hang out itchin development. And we launched our current website just before two days ago. So if you see a Billiken clicking on that, you can build a story which you like.

[00:46:58.260] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
So clicking on that, you will see this is all the update which we just didn’t want to lose with the integration. So next you can say, OK, this is our integration update. So this is where you can build the story and you can be present your customer.

[00:47:12.360] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Very cool. I like that. Daniel wants to know what happens if we get a longer Google review, will it reduce the number of characters or show the entire review?

[00:47:28.160] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Yeah, it’s I think we had that question many times in our support, and definitely we have our roadmap for that. So definitely we’ll have in the next few days available. Go. Those are all the questions that we have. I’m sorry, did you answer our Amazon reviews possible? I think we don’t have that right now, but we will look back and we will see if we can bring them in on our platform. Great.

[00:47:58.050] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
So swelling’s those are all of the questions that we have in the Q&A box.

If you would like to get some more in, now is your time to do that. Can you give us a little bit of an idea? Daniel wants to know time frames. What do you know about time frames?

[00:48:16.950] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Yeah. So as of now, we have just one release in this week. We have added the sound indication so far as I can say. We have received lots of lots of requests and lots of integration on our end. So we have the two week plan. So every two weeks we are doing a release. So that will be defining the roadmap and we are sending a two week release that we just signed up on release not yesterday. So that has the sound integration, one new design of the template.

[00:48:46.060] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
So, yeah, I mean, we are working hard on that and everyone is on board. Wonderful, hard at work, I love it. Would you consider adding a feature for account holders to add training videos for subaccount holders to display when subaccount holders log in for the first time?

[00:49:06.230] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
I like that question. It’s definitely we would consider it a roadmap and we will try to indicate that it’s a very good question. For the podia integration and other core sites, are the notifications per core product or for the site as a whole, can I set up a notification for sale or coupon code?

[00:49:27.880] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
Two questions. So let me go one by one, I think we don’t have the OK in the polio indication of the other side of notification, but of course, product or the site as a whole. So it’s a full site. And I think you can do the same thing on the site, which can allow us to get the database on your requirement. And can I set up the notification for says and coupon code?

[00:49:57.880] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
So I have to answer that. Yeah, I mean, that is it possible that. But you need to define that. Say I go on the one of the notification here and I just did that. But you just need to define your wedding, so you need to hide for it. This is a code for twenty five percent off.

[00:50:16.690] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
So that way you can define your coding on that. I hope I hope that answer the question. I think so, and Daniel wants to know, can we add a chat bot on our subaccount?

[00:50:30.860] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Not at the moment, but let us put on the our road map and we’ll see, like how many people who can one the opportunity. OK, I believe this question also came up in the Q&A earlier. Can we schedule notification to display when a Zoome meeting begins and then the notification, if they click on it, would take them to that meeting? I don’t think so, we have that right now, but that’s a wonderful situation, so I can pass the development team and had to discuss on that.

[00:51:02.200] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
If it’s possible, then we will try to implement the. OK, and this is just a follow up question, what currently happens with long reviews at the moment?

[00:51:12.970] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
OK, so right now you can see on my screen that is a three line review right now, right. So that if you have the long review, then the good will be visible here. So the few lines will be visible that so what we have planned in our next release, we are going to say, let’s say you have the at this minute, then please show this notification on the website, let’s say. And the next day is like, OK, if it’s just more than 10 characters, then please that notification and less than one hundred.

So that’s what we are going to implement. Wonderful, thank you. All right, again, those are all of the questions I’m actually going to go ahead and wrap this up. Oh, we have. Thank you, Eric is being very kind to me. We’ve got one more question, just as I was saying that. So I’m just going to go ahead and put this because it has a bunch of buzzwords that I know Sue Mullings ask questions about.

So, yeah, that’s fine if you’re using it on your own multiple websites. We’re not talking about clients, just custom branding on the single app. Simmo code mean that there will be no wiser notify branding on the notifications. So is the decision between number of codes to buy just how many visitors? They also want to know what’s considered a subaccount.

OK, so yeah, that’s what I understand. So let’s say you had the one one code and right now it stays like seventy five. So if you want to customize that, you can write it down your own name. So that’s what it is. And the subaccount like there is some account you can say here, like you can say, give me one second, let me bring the.

Yeah. So you have the multiple people who is working with you in one account. So let’s say you have the marketing team, you have the sales team, they’re creating for you the notification next summer contraries. Great, thank you. I hope that clarifies for you, anonymous attendee. And now I’m really doing it and wrapping it up. Thank you to everybody who is being very nice to me in the chat. And thank you to everybody who’s saying thank you for getting the questions answered.

[00:53:35.030] – Lindsey (AppSumo)
If you have not already, you can go to APSA dot com slash wiser notify. That’s just one word and you can redeem your codes today. It is starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and of course that is backed by APSA most 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead and get set up, start playing around with it and see how it works for you. Once you do that, we love to hear how it’s going for you.

You could always leave your reviews. The reviews are great so far for this tool. I just want to say, as we’re recording this, I’m seeing 20 reviews at five TOCO rating, which is the highest rating. So congratulations to you all. And if you want to see what all the hype is about, go ahead and redeem your codes, too. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the deal page.

Thank you so much for walking us through the product and thank you for answering all of the questions and everything. Thank you for being here today. Thank you, have a good day and looking forward to all the wonderful thank you so much. Have a good one.

[00:54:40.700] – Alpesh(WiserNotify)
Thank you.

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