What Does a Content Marketing Specialist
Do for a SaaS Business?

What Does a Content Marketing Specialist Do


Content marketing specialists (according to their job description) help run and grow a SaaS business by writing, creating, editing, and distributing content that engages customers and helps the company sell its products. This involves researched analysis of customer needs and desires, as well as the crafting of original content that is both interesting to read and useful.

According to a recent survey by Contently, one of the fastest growing job categories in the US is that of content marketing specialist. This is a highly-paid job title, and it is a huge benefit to small businesses that they have the expertise within their organization to hire the right person for this role.

In order to be successful in this field, a content specialist must have strong writing skills as well as a knowledge of SaaS products. They must also be able to work collaboratively with other departments within the business, including product development and marketing. In this article, we will look in detail what a SaaS content marketing specialist does and why a SaaS business needs them.


7 Things a Content Marketing Specialist Do for a SaaS Business


Develop and Execute a Content Marketing Strategy


A content marketing specialist is responsible for developing and executing a cohesive content marketing strategy across all digital channels. This may include creating blog posts, crafting social media posts, and developing email campaigns. The main goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by providing valuable information that helps them solve problems or improve their lives.

To be successful, a content marketing specialist must understand the target audience and what types of content they are most likely to consume. They also need to be able to write engaging copy that catches the reader’s attention and compels them to take action. In addition, a content specialist must have a strong understanding of digital marketing channels and how to best use them to reach the target audience. This is why they are also often confused with a digital marketing specialist.


Produce Engaging and Relevant Content


Content marketing is a key component of any inbound marketing campaign, and SaaS businesses need a content marketing specialist to produce engaging and relevant content. 

SaaS companies have a unique challenge when it comes to content marketing – their products are complex and can be difficult to explain, so the content needs to be clear and concise. 

A good SaaS content marketer will understand the SaaS product inside and out, and will be able to create helpful content like a blog post or an email marketing campaign that engages potential customers and helps them learn about the product.


Develop Editorial Calendars


A SaaS content marketing specialist can develop editorial calendars that are both effective and efficient. By understanding the needs of the company and the target audience, a content marketing specialist can help create a plan that will engage customers and promote the SaaS company’s products or services. Additionally, a content calendar that is well-organized and tailored to the audience can improve website traffic and lead to more conversions.


Manage Social Media Channels


A SaaS content marketing specialist is responsible for developing and managing the company’s social media channels. This may include creating and publishing high quality content, engaging with followers, tracking consumer trends and analyzing results. A SaaS content marketing specialist should be familiar with the company’s target audience and know how to reach them through social media marketing. They must be familiar in using social media platforms and should also be able to track progress and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Optimize Content for Search Engine Visibility


SaaS companies are always looking for ways to optimize their content for search engine visibility. A SaaS content marketing specialist can help them do just that. As a content strategist, he or she analyzes the company’s website and identifies the keywords that are most relevant to their SaaS business. With this data, he or she can then create or optimize content that will help improve their search engine ranking. It is therefore vital that the specialist is an expert in search engine optimization.


Analyze and Report on Content Performance


Every SaaS company wants to create great content that engages readers and drives conversions, but it’s not always easy to determine what’s working and what’s not. That’s where a SaaS content marketing specialist comes in.

This individual analyzes and reports on the performance of your company’s content marketing and brand awareness campaign, helping you to identify areas that need improvement and make data-driven decisions about your content strategy.

It is therefore very crucial that the specialist knows how to use Google analytics and other online marketing tools to analyze and report on your content’s performance.

They can also provide tips on how to make the most of social media and other online marketing tools to reach potential customers.


Manage a Team of Content Creators


A SaaS content marketing specialist oversees a team of content creators. They are very much involved in project management. They make sure that the team is creating high quality content that is relevant to their target audience. The specialist also helps to create a content strategy that aligns with the company’s overall marketing goals.


Hiring an In-House Specialist Vs Outsource to an Agency


There are pros and cons to both hiring an in-house SaaS content marketing specialist or outsourcing to an agency. In-house staff can be more intimately familiar with the company and its products, but an agency may have more specialized skills and experience. Ultimately, the decision depends on the company’s needs and resources. We will look into detail about the pros and cons of hiring in-house versus outsourcing below.


In-House SaaS Content Marketing Specialist




When it comes to content marketing, some businesses choose to hire an in-house SaaS content marketing specialist instead of outsourcing to an agency for several reasons.

  • In-house specialists will have a deep understanding of your company and its SaaS products. They can create relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, increasing your chances of conversion.
  • An in-house specialist can work with other departments within your SaaS company to ensure that all aspects of your marketing strategy are aligned and working together cohesively. This creates a more unified brand image and increases the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.
  • An in-house content marketing manager or specialist will be familiar with your company’s budget and can help you make the most of your investment in content marketing initiatives.
  • An in-house content marketing specialist can be tasked with business administration duties.




Here’s a look at some of the disadvantages of hiring an in-house SaaS content marketing specialist:

  • It can be expensive, when we speak about content marketing specialist salaries. In order to find and hire a qualified specialist, you’ll likely need to spend more money than you would if you outsourced to an agency.
  • It can be time consuming. Not only do you need to find someone with the right skillset, but you also need to make sure they have enough time to dedicate to your company. This can be a challenge if your business is growing rapidly and the in-house specialist can’t keep up.
  • It can be difficult to keep the right content marketing specialist. An in-house SaaS specialist can be hard to replace if they leave, which is a concern if you’re not careful. 
  • It’s difficult to manage a team of specialists. If you have a team of specialists, you’ll be making sure they’re all up to date on the latest in content marketing.  It’s hard to keep track of what they’re working on so you can make sure they’re producing high quality content.
  • Your specialists have to keep up with the latest trends in content marketing. If you have a team of specialists, it can be hard for them to stay updated on all the best practices. You probably won’t know if they’ve missed something important that has changed.
  • They may or may not have other skills such as knowledge about Google ads or creating engaging social media posts.


Outsourcing to an Agency




Outsourcing your SaaS content needs to an agency can provide you with a wealth of benefits.

  • An agency will have a team of experienced content marketing professionals who can help you create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. They can also help you get the most out of your content marketing strategy.
  • They have access to a variety of resources and tools that can help you produce content that is both informative and engaging. They will also be able to help you update your content on a regular basis, which will ensure that you always have fresh content to share with your audience.
  • Agencies can help you develop a content marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. They can also help you create a content marketing plan that achieves your business objectives. This will ensure that you have the right tools and resources to achieve your goals.
  • You can focus on other areas of your business and leave the content creation process in the hands of experts.




There are a few key disadvantages of outsourcing your SaaS content needs to an agency over hiring a SaaS content marketing specialist. 

  • Agencies can be expensive. They often charge a premium for their services, which can be difficult to justify if your company is on a tight budget. 
  • Agencies may not have the same level of expertise when it comes to SaaS content as a specialist would. This can lead to content that is less effective in reaching your target audience and achieving your business goals. 
  • Agencies may be less responsive than a dedicated specialist. If you have specific questions or requests, it may be difficult to get a timely response from an agency. 
  • Agencies can be difficult to work with. They may require more oversight than a specialist, which can take up time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

While an in-house specialist may be the best option for some businesses, outsourcing to an agency may be a better choice for others. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options before making a decision. If you outsource to an agency, it’s best to choose an agency that specifically caters to SaaS businesses to ensure they got the necessary experience and knowledge of the niche.


Final Thoughts


Content marketing is an essential component of any successful SaaS business. A content marketing specialist is responsible for creating and managing the company’s content strategy, which includes developing and publishing content that will attract and engage customers. By creating valuable content, a content marketing specialist can help to differentiate a company’s products and services from its competitors and drive conversions. For more SaaS product marketing tips, don’t forget to check out our blog.

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