Webwave Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.540] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
OK, let’s do it. What’s going on,Sumoling, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar and Lindsay today I am joined by the team over at Webb Wave. Webb Wave is a white labeled white website builder that lets freelancers and agencies build professional, custom designed websites for clients. It is available on AppSumo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dive into the product, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. The second thing is that if you want to leave us any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. There is somebody here on standby from the Web wave team to go ahead and help you out there.

But we will also be circling back to those questions at the end of the walkthrough, which is specifically for those of you at the replay. And the third thing is that there will be a replay of this available. You can watch this as many times as you want if you need to step out. That’s totally OK. All right. That’s enough of me. Hey, Magic, how are you doing today?

[00:01:17.760] – Magic (WebWave)
Hello, everyone. Hey, Lindsay. How much money and from what way? I’m the founder and we started this. As Lindsay said, this is a website builder that lets you create an a custom designed website for your customers. We’ve launched this tool back in 2013, so we’re a couple of years old already. We’ve got over three hundred three hundred thousand users in Europe. And right now we’re really excited to go global with this product. We’ve upswell.

So hello, everyone. Today I’d like to present you how you can use Web ways to create websites for your customers. So let’s get it started.

I’ll share my screen with you and I’ll show you how you can create a website and how you can publish that website and communicate with your customer really easily with regard to. So let’s get it started. This was the this is your webmaster to follow.

You will see all your websites here, all your products here in one place. And I’ll just create a new one and pick one of those off of our templates. But I’ll just take a blank a blank page right now and get everything from scratch and create everything from scratch to show you how like how elastic this tool is and what can you do?

What can you achieve with it. All right. So let’s do it.

This is the this is the this is a tool you will see you can add elements here. So let’s let’s get let’s let’s get into it. All right. I’ll get images first. I’ve got some images. I’ve got some images already prepared for this webinar, so I’ll just drag and drop them here.

To add all of them once. OK, I’ll just pick one and add it to my website, as you can see, this is a you can you can put your objects wherever you want on there on the canvas. So this is not like a table fixed position at all. This is more like Photoshop and more like drawing your website.

All right. So I’ll fix this. I’ll change this element to be as wide as my wing, as my screen. I’ll add a mini to the top. OK. I’ll change the color of the of the text here. To black, and I’ll change the color of the background of the many. Just have to select it. OK. And select style and let’s make it transparent. All right, our money is not visible right now, so I want to add some background.

I’ll add a rectangle here, put it on top of my screen. And again, make it 100 percent white and the color will be white. As you can see, my my background is over the money right now, so what I want to do is I want to open layer spanel and put the money over the background. OK, let’s make the background a little smaller and let’s add a header on an old name of our company or something, let’s make it architecture.

Let’s say make it a little bigger. OK, will do. All right, let’s add some catchy, catchy phrase in the in the center of the of the image, again, I’m adding rectangle here and changing it to be white as wide as my as my screen make even bigger a little and changing the color to white. And make it a little bit transparent. OK, let’s say this is good and let’s add some tax on top of it.

OK, you’ll get. Out to a line in the center. All right, let’s line up to the center and say let’s make some great designs. OK, let’s make that bigger, a lot bigger. And the element begal. OK, and let’s add a button here so that people will be able to scroll to see our design, let’s say see our designs. OK, this is our bottom. Let’s put it here in those in the center of the website and change the background color to.

To maybe something like this. OK, when you let’s change the color of the of the button at Hoover, so we got to change the state to Hoover and change the color to maybe a little darker. OK, this will be right. Moving on, let’s add some we can add I’ve I’ve used this single elements here, but we can also use the first groups to add a couple of elements at once. So we’ll just use, let’s say.

And. Sex with violence. OK, let’s let this one. Now, OK, we’ve got this and then let’s add some image gallery. Pictures, layout, let’s save this one. No, I wanted to add image gallery, not pictures. Uh, well, this is. Exactly. This is the one let’s that this guy. We’ve got it here. Let’s change images that are shown in our gallery. All we got to do is just change images, delete the ones that are here like.

Automatically added and add those that we’ve added before. All right, we’ve got our images here. And one more thing I want to do is I want to add a single image. You can use this image stock. You can you can use unflustered. You can get your images from from image stock, from stock images, from on schoolish. But as I said, I’ve got my images.

And it already I’ll just put it here, Matel. OK, and then I’ll add a header above it. OK, as you can see, while you’re dragging elements, the lines will appear, will show up that will help you align your elements wherever you want them to be. Right. So in the middle, there is a green line.

And if you want a light to align your objects with other objects, there are blue lines and there are also like pinkish ones that will show you that that the distance between this element and another element is the same.

OK, let’s change the style to it.

One, make the make it even bigger. And wider. And centers. OK, and let’s add a footnote to our website. Again, I’ll use quick elements futer. Well, let’s make let’s let’s use this one. And let’s put it down here. OK, so we’ve got a very basic website ready and let’s add some fancy animations to it. So let’s start with animation on show. So when the element is displayed on the get to the website of the to the screen, it will be animated.

Uh, so what we got to do is, again, we got to open settings panel and two animations on show. And what animation do we like, let’s say fading or maybe folding. Folding good. Maybe from the top. OK, we also can choose how the animation when the animation launches, so we’ll start the animation when the when you can see the elements stop and let’s make some let’s put a one second delay and the whole animation will take one second.

OK, looks fine, let’s get some more fancy animation, so maybe let’s add some parallax effect to the to the header photo.

OK, so all we got to do is go to settings panel, change imagist settings and add some scrolling change, scrolling speed. So I’ll put one hundred twenty percent and. All right, we’ve got our parallax effect here, as you can see, the ground is moving in a different speed than the than the foreground. OK, so let’s adjust our website to the to the mobile screens, right?

So you’ve got the you can adjust your your website to free for.

Offerings like that and free mobile screens its tablet, its landscape version of mobile and the vertical mobile. So let’s start with the way of the tablet, as you can see. Nothing is set here correctly right now. So we’ll just use. We’ll just set up elements automatically. OK, and our website looks pretty good, pretty good. What we can do right now is we can make some changes to the website. We can change something by hand. So if we see that there’s too too little space here, we can just grab it and move it down.

This will this will only affect this.

This will only be shown on the on tablet and this will not be shown on on desktop or desktop.

Looks just the same as before.

I’ll add some space here and maybe I’ll make the map, maybe I’ll make it again. One hundred percent white. OK. All right, I’ll publish this study to be published. All right, let’s see our landscape version here again. What I want to do is I want see elements automatically. I’d like to change the. Put this down a little right on our menu, looks good, this looks good. I’d like to change this. Gallery. Like maybe maybe change the number of images for in, so I’ll just go to images and create settings and change images in real to to.

OK. I got to move this down. One more thing is our, uh, portrait version of the mobile version again.

Let’s set up this automatically. Move this evidence down a little. All right, looks fine. Now, one more one more important thing is that you can adjust the screen the size of your screen. Like this, so it will be you can see fluidly how your website looks like on all devices, like maybe this one is this is a little too high, so I’ll put it down as well. OK, let’s publish the website. And see what we’ve what we’ve just created.

OK. We’ve got a working website, we have animations with Parallax Effect and. We’ve all we’ve done all that in like minutes, so we’re pretty good right now. OK, and here is where the real fun starts. So right now, let’s get into how you can work with your customer, how you can improve working with your customer with Warboys. All right. So let’s go to let’s go to our webmaster, Spanel, and see and see our website.

So this is the website that we’ve just created, this one. OK, and right out of the box, you’ve got this website has an address like some random something random dot your brand, that studio.

First of all, we what we want right now is we want to send our customer a good looking URL that that that that that our customer will be able to open and comment on the website like so so the customer will be able to see what we’ve done for him.

But we want to send him a good looking URL, not some random, not some random stuff.

So what we want to do is we want to add our agency domain name. Right. You can add your own agency domain name. I’ve got a domain name prepared here. It’ll be like soft dot club.

Let’s say this is my company name. Right. So let’s set the domain name. All right. You will most proud when you are connecting your own website, your own domain name, you will have to redirect the domain name servers to our servers. But my domain name was already redirected, so my domain name is working fine. What I need to wait for is that I need to wait for generating SSL SSL certificate for this domain. It takes up to forty eight hours but well it’s already done.

So you just, you will just need to wait so that the published website. One thing is that the published website will not be secured body. But in 48 hours the SSL certificate will be generated and the website what we secured. All right. So first thing we’ve got we’ve done for Sphynx. So we’ve got this random stuff that we solved at club. And so we’ve got our company name in the U.S. But the random thing we want to change is random thing.

So let’s set your own address. Let’s change the address and insert a customer name for you here. Here, for instance, let’s say important.

Customer. All right, and we’ve got a good looking you are out to be sent to our car to talk to our customer, right? Email it to him or send him however you like this this URL and what your customer will see is that he will see his website with working on emissions.

We’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve got a review.

He will just see the whole website. The animation’s looks like he will be able to click or click around the website.

And what’s more, your customer will be able to add comments on your website. So he will be able to add new comment. A commitment will load and what your customer will will be able to do here is to add new comments. So let’s say. He’ll add his comment customer, let’s say, customer, John. Right, and, uh, make this. So let’s say your customer wants this this background to be more transparent, right?

So he adds a comment to and puts it here to do to make the background more transparent. Right. Another comment. What he’s making is change this icon.

Well, it’s important your customer can can add comments to all the. We’ve got a we mess this up, all right, so your your customer can change the can add comments to all the older versions or older responsive versions separately. So let’s say he wants too much space here.

All right, so your customer can add his comments, this will help you work with your customer because instead of calling and writing, long emails with descriptions were to where your customer wants something to be changed.

Your customer just can can just enter the website and put his comments.

And and that’s see, you will receive those you will receive those comments and he will be able to see them in your in your website builder. So I’m opening website, buildOn. Right now, as you would do while creating a website for your customer. And what you can see here is. You’ve got this man with a with a red dot, that means that your customer has put some comments on your website. So let’s see what comments CARSKADON you can see make this more transparent.

What you can do right now is just go to the website builder, select the object, make it less transparent. It was more transparent, right? Right. So let’s change the transparency and you go back to the comments mode first reply, Don.

Mark, the comment that’s resolved and let’s say this will make this will make communication with a customer much easier than than just calling him or meeting or writing really a little long.

Right. Uh. OK, so after you’ve you’ve made some you’ve made your basic.

Like changes to the website so that the customer is pretty much happy with what he’s getting, what you can do next is you can create a content management system for your customer.

So what you do is you go to your website, select more options, CMS users and you create a.

Account for your customer, so let’s say it was important customer that at jema dot com, let’s generate some random password for him.

You can pick a ox’s level because we’ve got various options of access levels. The. I’ll just be editor in chief right now, and you add a user for your customer. Right, then send your customer base this link and send your customer his credentials and what your customer will be able to do is he will be able to go to his website.

And he will be able not on. Mr.. All right, let’s just. All right, what your customer will be able to do is he will be able to go to his website and not only add comments, but he will also be able to log in to his to his to his content management system.

What he needs to do is he needs to add admin to his to his name. As you can see, this is a log-in panel, you can change this, this icon to be to be your icon, to be your brand icon. What do you want?

And what you need to do is you need to take Truesdale here.

Add your own file. All right. And that’s it, your customer will. Not see. And hold on. I need to find a file that’s correct. And I’ll just reset it. This should be fine. All right. Anyway, you can add your own domain name here, you can add your own logo here.

This is let’s say this is a your brand, your brand tag right now.

But let’s get on with it. So what do you want to do? Is you want to enter your what your customer want to do is he wants to enter his credentials. So it was important.

Right, he. Puts in his credentials. And what he does is he logs to his content management system and the content management system lets your customer change the content of the website, but your customer won’t be able to match the design up.

So he won’t be able to delete elements, move them around or anything like that. What your customer will be able to do is to change texts on the website, like this is my website. He also will be able to change icons, images and so on. Right. So let’s change this icon and let’s change the Doloris, the images that are shown in the gallery.

Let’s use some stock images on house.

Great looking house. OK, let’s remove this one. All right, this is what your customer can do, right?

What’s more, when you’re in your webmaster, when you’re in your website builder, you can choose which objects your customer can change and which are definitely not for your customer to be changed. There is also this country’s content management system is so very simple that you will not have to basically you will not have to do any any training for your customer. So we will just catch right away how the how the how the content management system works. So it will be much easier than using WordPress content management system.

All right.

And let’s say you’re discussing with your customer, your customer puts comments to your website, you changing the website, your customer changes the content of his website himself.

And finally, when you’re in a place where where you want to know where you want to run, launched the website Life.

Right. So the website is ready. You want to launch it by launching life. So what you want to do is you’ve got to enable premium for the website. I’ve got this premium plan prepaid, so I’m just activating when you can also buy a new one. OK, I’m activating new premium plan. As you can see, this website has a premium plan. And what you can do right now is you can add a domain name, a final domain name to your website.

So just go to set your own address. And you can either register a new domain name with Web wave or you can connect your own domain name that you’ve registered with third party reseller.

I’ve got this domain name prepared right here and I’ll add it and I’ll use it right now for this presentation.

Uh. OK, again, you will need to redirect this domain name to our servers. I’ve done it before to this webinar.

OK, so the status of the domain is domain is working properly. What I want to do right now is I want to enable SSL for the domain name. Again, the certificate will take like 24 to 48 hours to create. So right now the SSL will not be available. I’ll just need to pick one as a pick one of the of the options, like without w w w or with it, I’ll just pick without w w w as my main domain name.

And that’s it.

We’ve got this, we’ve got a domain, we’ve got a website working on its own domain name, ready to be ready to ready to work online.

Look, I think that that summarizes the basics, the basics of how to use web wave, of course, as I said in the beginning, the tool is pretty pretty like. You can do a lot with this tool, so I’ve just scratched the surface of the of the website builder itself. You will be able to create pretty outstanding designs. But this is not the point of this webinar. So I’ll just leave you the best idea. The best option to get to know it is just to just destroy yourself.

We we’ve got this online support here. So if you want if you’ve got any problems, just just you can chat with us online. All right. And that’s that’s basically it.

I’ll just maybe I’ll I’ll be glad to answer some questions if you’ve got some.

If you’ve got any. Yes, we do. How many pages and blog posts are allowed?

Unlimited, we’re not limiting this, so you’ll be able to create the I’m really personally see, I’ve seen pages like websites that were like hundreds or even thousands of pages or blog posts, all of it.

Do you have pop ups? Sure, sure, as I said, I’ve just scratched the surface of what is possible with this website builder, you can create pop ups.

There are a whole we call it interactions so you can create a whole bunch of effects on your website based on what what the person is clicking, where he’s scrolling the screen and etc..

All right. Can I let customers edit the site for themselves? If you allow reselling, what are the limits when reselling? Can you repeat the question, can I let customers edit the site for themselves, I’m guessing by customers naming clients, not just casual Web viewers?

Yes, go allow reselling. And what are the limits when reselling? Yes, we not only allow reselling, we encourage you to resell your websites because I hope you will be creating those websites for your customers so those customers will pay for those websites. Right. And yes, your customer will be able to edit their websites themselves, as I said during this presentation sign, showing you how you can add a simple content management to account for your for your customer.

But we’ve got there is plenty of like access levels from very basic that if you’ve got a customer, if your client is is really like he’s not used to use the computer a lot.

He will, if you will. He won’t be able to use as many features. But if you’ve got a really well trained client who can do a lot, you can basically allow your client to to use the whole the whole website builder with all these features.

Right. So that depends on what your customer can do and what you want to allow your customer to do.

I need to add membership’s. Is this part of that or is it part of it?

You can create but only like basic membership sites. And we’ve got the password protected sites and we’ve got a login option.

But well, if you so you can you can try it. Maybe, maybe it’ll be enough for you for four basic membership websites. It will be OK.

All right, how many log in credentials are allowed per site and the log in and is the log in specific to one particular page or blog post? They know the logging is by logging.

I think what I what I what I understand here is by logging you were saying about content management system users so you can create unlimited content management system users, but they all will have there is nothing that you will not be able to limit there like that.

This user can only be forced or that user can only added another post. So if a person is able to log into content management system, he will be able to edit or post according to the access level he has amazed how many pages I that’s a repeat question.

How amazing can I create something like registered customer zones and give them specific content? They’re. And yes, as I said before, you will be able to create basic membership for membership sites because this is what it’s all about, you can you can password protect your websites. And we’ve got also we’ve also got these logging option that you need to check it out yourself and see if that’s enough.

If I connect a website and create subdomains, et cetera, the functions are the functions the same as the main domain. Do you also have the SSL certificate? Two questions.

If you connect a subdomain of your agency domain name, the functions of the website will be the same. Right.

So everything that works on a on a on a final day, on a final domain name will work on the. On the.

On the website that has a sub domain name connected, but a website with a sub domain name connected with what will not work as you will not to be, you will not be able to use it as a production website, mostly because this website is not indexed by Google.

So if you want to create like those subdomains are very useful to show your customer the work, they will not be useful to you, will basically is unreasonable to use them as the final domain names.

For production website. Is there something like a CRM for incoming messages through the contact forms? Same for orders. You can, uh, you can, um. Connect these contact forms with Miller Lite and you can get all the well, then the Miller Lite will be able to like the Miller Lite will be your CRM, basically, and you’ll see all the only responses that.

The same question came immediately after that from somebody else amazing can ad networks place asdis on these sites? Oh, yes, the ads that makes this question much easier. Yes, short answer is yes. Yes, you can.

You can you can even you can add like custom code to your website. You can add that code wherever you want. So you’ll be able to show the ads on the website.

Well, are we able to create an e-commerce store or is there an additional cost? You are able to create a commerce store and there is no additional cost for that. Again, this is very this is basic e-commerce store it will be suitable for if you’re selling like a couple of products or maybe 10 or 20.

But if you’re selling hundreds and your and your and your revenue is like.

Through the roof, better, better use some dedicated tools for that.

I’m not saying that right away, because when weight is to create a great design, this is not a commerce website. Right. So if you want to if you want to create. But it is great to test your idea to do, as I said, to sell a couple of products and test your idea and.

The most the most like most frequently what we see is we see people who are selling really high end stuff like custommade like paintings or like handmade pillows or something like that, things that are pretty expensive but are unique.

So they are or maybe photos like photographers. So seldom there are photos pretty often.

So the things that are and where you really you are really well, when the when the seller really wants to emphasize the you that their product is unique.

Right. Yeah. There is where Warboys excels. But if you want to sell cosmetics or electronics, Shopify is where you should go.

Are you able to export these build’s to use with the different systems like WordPress?

You are able to export the websites, but you will just get like static content, see content like XML, access, JavaScript. You will be able to upload it to another server and hold it there, but you will not be able to connect another CMS to that.

So this is useful for pretty static websites like.

Study websites. How does Web web help? Oh, OK. So with these sites, I’m sorry, I don’t know what some of these words. OK, so I suppose this question is mostly about CEO, so you can customize your website however you need for a CEO and we also have this built-In tool that’s owned by its CEO.


OK, and but still that my answer is I’m answering this question.

I know, to be honest, and we’ve got we even got these built in tool that will help you figure out if your website is SEO optimized.

So this tool will will point you that you’ve missed like a header tag or something like that.

And I upload my own code for the whole page on the specific URL. Yes, you can you can upload your code to that section of the website, you can upload your code to to the body section wherever you need.

Can we sell online courses? Yes, Helen, do whatever you want.

Oh, yes, we’ve got this online story, as I said, as I said before, Will, but my guess is, of course, this will be just like selling anything else right now.

Maybe. I know this may be the question about the digital products. Right. So. So nothing. So you’re not saying all you want to do is like automatically send a link to or a Condell or.

I don’t know is the file or something like this to your customer. We haven’t got this done yet, but this is on our roadmap and it will be available in February. So in February, on February, you will be able to sell online courses. If they are if this if this is what I want.

You were wondering, do you have an elegant Elam’s integration, I’m guessing to build the course using your site. Perhaps as all of us is learning management system right now. Uh.

Well, this is I think that if you want to create a a specific like course, better use some dedicated tools for that, you will be able to upload, like to use those those courses on your website so that you will be able, for instance, to create a password protected website.

Well, those will you where you will be able to show those courses.

All right. Does the website have anchoring features like when I selected Tab on the menu and Auto Scrolls to the section? Of course he does fine. I love that will there be any website statistics available for each domain? Of course, there will be. Yeah, we’ve got built we’ve got we’ve we’ve got a built in statistics, but they are pretty basic.

But we all we just encourage you to to connect Google Analytics, and we make it really super easy to to connect Google Analytics. But if you don’t, there will be some statistics.

But they are just very basic for the host included. Is there a future CVN option?

Yes. Yes, there is. Well, as I said in the beginning of this webinar, we operate in Europe solely so far. So all our customers were pretty packed in one place and created was not an option like was not a question. There was there were no questions about CDN so far. And when we launched on upswell, the CDN was a huge what if it was a huge fee.

So then what we are doing, we launched a week ago and so what we are doing. So the one thing that we are doing the whole week was the like researching how can we connect the CDN?

We’ve got an option right now and it seems like we’ll be able to connect it, maybe even in a week or two.

But this is this is while this is really the very optimistic I’m not giving any date so far. I’m just saying that that our CD, OK, won a couple of days ago and said, well, I found this awesome tool, but we will be able I got to research this some more.

But this is the top priority right now for us.

[00:44:24.530] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
All right. Can its public page be a one page complete page, public page?

[00:44:32.630] – Magic (WebWave)
Of course. Of course. Yes.

We’ve got these templates of our own and there are a couple cover, dozens of of them. But you can also create your own tablets and use them to to to to serve your customers much faster. All right, so we have technically four questions left here in the Q&A, but they’re all about the same things as human beings. If you have any more questions, now is your time to send them in. All of the questions are specifically about Integration’s.

So they want to know, do you plan to integrate with Send Fox? Do you plan to integrate with a dedicated learning management system tool? And is it possible to integrate the Google calendar? Google calendar, it’s no problem to integrate Google calendar, and it’s really easy if we plan to integrate with ulamas, if the demand is there, we will do this. And the first thing was the sandbox, right sandbox. And I don’t know what sand fox is.

So, again, if the demand is there, we will do this. But we need to have some demand.

What you can do, what you can do right out of the box is, well, you can add most of the tools. Like most often when when customers ask us if they can integrate their website with some with some third party tool and if we’ve got dedicated integrations for it, we don’t have too many dedicated integrations. But that’s because you can easily integrate your website with a third party tool.

Just by the way, it looks like copy pasting a a code snippet from that third party tool.

[00:46:29.690] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
And that that that’s basically what you would need to do if you’ve got problems doing it. We’ve got our own life support that will help you. Wonderful. So if I have questions about the road map feature integration’s, if they want to if they want to see what you have coming up or make any recommendations, where can they send those?

Look at those things and go to our website, website. Otomi, scroll to the bottom and those in the in the future there. What’s new section and where where we’ve got our world map for the next free monster.

[00:47:10.540] – Magic (WebWave)
You can also post your requests for future updates and we’ve got a whole changelog section like pointing out what we’ve done and what so you can you can see for the last couple of years how we’re adding new features every every couple of days.

[00:47:33.040] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Amazing. Busy, busy question for the calendar for integration with Google Calendar. Is it possible to make a to make clickable calendar items that lead to specific events? Uh uh. Maybe, maybe it is, I think well, that depends, because I know this is mostly I think this isn’t a question of is it possible to do it with webmail, but it’s a question of is it possible to do it with Google Calendar because.

[00:48:17.270] – Magic (WebWave)
I don’t really know how to answer this question. So can you explain the export from Web waves systems to WordPress? Sametz?

Yes, I can explain. You will not be able to do it. You will be able to explore your website to study code and upload that code to do a two to two to your hosting, but you will not be able to export websites from websites to directly to WordPress.

[00:48:46.030] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
And our last question here, can I create a page? Uh, there is a programming language, so well,

[00:48:59.250] – Magic (WebWave)
this question basically this question makes sense because. I don’t I don’t know how to answer this question. No, you basically will be able to answer to create a page.

But no, no, this question is I don’t know how to answer this amazing simulations if there’s anything else you want to know so we can hopefully get you an answer for.

[00:49:24.490] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
We’re going to we’re going to try our hardest to get you an answer. If there’s anything else, you could send it to the Q&A box. Right now, I’m stalling a little bit. Just want to make sure that we have everybody’s questions answered before I go ahead and wrap this up.

It looks like we’re doing OK.

All right. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up here. Simoleons, if you have not already, you can go to APSA dotcom slash web wave to redeem your codes again, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this deal is backed by Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get set up, play around with this and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, please leave your reviews on the deal page who you love to read them and you can always leave any other questions that you have on the page as well.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us. I really appreciate it.

[00:50:18.500] – Magic (WebWave)
Have a good one. Thank you very much. See you around.

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Ken Moo