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[00:00:01.350] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Webb Toyota. This is a Web application cybersecurity assistant that protects your Web page and actively monitors threats. It is available on Ximo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dove into this tool, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, maybe your Web app, you can go ahead and do that, get in the chat room if you or if you just want to say hi to us, you can go ahead and do that there. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up. I know you guys might have some licensing questions. You can go ahead and leave those in the Q&A box down below.

This video will circle back to it at the end of the walk through. The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, how are you doing? I am good.

[00:01:10.440] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
It’s great to have you. And hi, Dana and everybody else over on your team. I see the shoulder of somebody. Hello. It’s good to have you all here. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough and then let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

Hello, my name is and the founder of Web Dotcom and with me, my colleagues all day and our product owner. OK, first of all, we really appreciate your feedback. It was really amazing. We collect a lot of feedback and a few words about our team and how we came up with our product. Before the launch of our startup, we were engaged in information security, security audits. We provided penetration tests around the world and took us places in various competitions, such as the positive five days, zero days, and we found two unknowability inviable and in one of them, big components.

In twenty seventeen. We started by creating a product for one large customer, for an entire country, and we monitor one hundred and fifty thousand websites and created a single cyber shield for all of these websites. The experience was very successful and we would use the response time from one month to one day and in the whole country and reduce the number of compromised websites from six to 10. And we began to improve our system. We add new models and security agents and create a unified network to prevent attacks, and the product has grown into a full fledged startup.

Our solution could become interested in the enterprise clients who have gone to hundreds of websites for hosting providers, web agencies. And we made the decision that security should be available for small and medium sized businesses. And last year we launched our version of Web Totem for you. Symantec that we pursue and that we face is very simple installation and easy of use even for non-technical people. For example, my mom, she’s 65 and currently she has websites on Drupal.

And as a result, we came to one book solution, which provides websites almost we use full monitoring and protection of the web resources. Add up to our deal for both sides. Also, we have a separate version for our enterprise clients, but we have not yet released for our clients. OK, let’s start. I want to share my screen and I want to show our demo. OK, this is all a little page. Last year, we were told by TechCrunch topics 20/20 is one of the interesting startup and cybersecurity.

Also on all legit page, you can see our pricing and you can compare this upcoming deal and understands that it’s really it’s a really cool deal for for you of Marling’s because it’s really cheap and it’s let them do. OK, let’s talk this out about this all over you. And on our Facebook, you can see all websites which you add to your panel and it’s really that easy to add to website. You just click a website, you choose Choose Protocol.

And for example, for example, we can add up sumai dot com. And. You can wait a few minutes. Yeah, OK. And for example, we can we can see Web.com dot info on that website. We installed our agents before our demo and you can see one models. For example, we monitor SSL certificates, problems with the sale certificates. We can check your reliability. We can check your reputation based conflicts in the process. Also, we have certain models that scanner we check for your open parts because sometimes when they check your website and when they want to install, somebody does some open bolts and we can notify you about that problem.

Also, we check your website for DEFRAGMENT. You defaced your website. Our system immediately notify you about that problem. Also, we have our own scoring. I will show you later. Also, we have several sources and we can check your Seiple, we can check your Beachport version. And as information about what? So and of course, our main model, it’s so application firewall, it’s our security flagons. And you can see attackable to reach Witchboard time.

How many attacks from which IP from rich countries. Also we have antivirus and Anjali’s. Just check all your files on your website and trying to find some dos and Webshots and this.

We have we have some problems. We do have any problem with the presentation. It’s OK. Oh, we have some problems and now it doesn’t seem like there’s any problems. Mark asked, how do you install a. Which bid, which paid to do see? I’m looking in the chat room. Oh, JJ says that he’s seeing a blank screen. We’re seeing the overview page, yeah. OK, one moment. That’s that’s that’s what he means.

OK, I do see our report. Yes, in fact, it’s loaded. Hi, J.J., you’ll be having a nice time in Australia. Thank you, everybody, for your patience. We do this sorry, it’s saying a. It’s saying you’ve started your screen sharing, but it’s not showing me the screen that you’re sharing, is anybody else having this? Your chance of mind. Cool. We’re all on the same page, we’re going to get there together.

JJ is going to pop a shrimp on the Barbie one for the rest of us. JJ. Hi, Mark in Canada. Oh, how cold it is. Instead, it was perfect for them before I know I don’t know what’s gone, I don’t know where this came, she went on to say our screen, but yeah, it’s OK to stop like Emily. It’s worked before it’ll work again. It might be hackers trying to attack. JJ says we should update our version of Zoom.

I don’t know if. Working. Superdog. Let’s try another yeah, one moment. Maybe I will try to reconnect. Yeah, no problem. I can hop on over here and the camera on hi, everybody, I appreciate your patience as we figure out and Zoom. How’s it going, Lindsay? It’s going you know, I think most of you know that I’m in Los Angeles, so it’s bright and early over here.

And, you know, just I get younger each time. I love that my skin care routine is working. We love to hear it. I got questions coming and Lucky Ulay, yeah, I’m originally from Miami. I’ve only lived in, like, bright and sunny places, I feel like. Try again, I want buy. Yes, we got it. Oh, got you guys live in awesome places, by the way. OK, we’re back.

Let’s make sure that we can see everything that we’re supposed to be seeing. OK, let’s try again. It’s our dashboard, for example, we can check report, and it includes models. So we check for your SSL certificates, which are reliability. We check your reputation, country reputation in protest. Also, we have stunning models. It supports our model. We check your open parts. And it’s really important because sometimes hikers, when they try to check your website, they install some back doors and these back doors, they open ports.

And we will notify you about this open. But also we have a scanner. And if it gets infected, your website. And after that, if our system understands that you have defacement, our system immediately notify you about that exact problem. Also, we have our own scoring. I will show it to you. Also, we have several sources model recheck your C.P.U. We check your Beachport version. And as I said, our information and of course, our main models, its firewall and antivirus.

And this is firewall. On this page, you can see ATEC report, which might be at your website, how many attacks from what countries and cetera. And of course, our antivirus, our antivirus check all your files on your Web server and trying to find back doors and Webshots and we can. Schlomo and after on that page, you can see all this model in one dashboard. And for example, if a weekly quarrel, you can see how long it takes from each conscious.

And of course, it’s from most of the attacks from Russia sorry, guys from Russia and how many attacks, how many attacks blogged and from which IP and status blocked IP or maybe not logged because our system analyzes all your logs and we use. Have these game. Are we stuck again on the same screen? Yeah, it looks like we’re seeing like the SSL, the defaced reputation, scoring that part of it on another page, it’s probably on.

One moment I will try to. So we take on the application. OK, give us one minute, because I think it’s a problem on one side. Sure. No. Hi again, everybody. So sorry. Um. Sing a song, nobody wants to hear me sing a song, I do believe Disneyland is still closed. I’m only concerned that this does not conflict with other security plug ins. Yeah, Abdoul, that’s a good question. Go ahead and drop that in the Q&A box.

And I will ask about the country that they’re in, nice and jolly person, I try, man, it’s early. I’m you know, I’m really putting it on for you guys. Sorry, I’m off camera again. I’m back. I appreciate your patience. I’m I’ll find out for you. Hey, we have a question from the audience for you guys. Where you all located? Yeah, we could see it. We’re seeing a map this time, are we in the right place?

OK, so sorry, sorry for this problem, we have to understand its from inside problem. OK, let’s try. This is our report page for Wirral. You can see how many attacks from rich countries. And so you can see from Rich Ipis and our system. Just blog these guys. Also this hour, antivirus Lutts. Yes, this underwear looks we spent about one hundred and six hundred tiles and you can see how many infected websites when his files change files, deleted files, and if our system find somebody else on your website, you just you can do this.

It’s really easy for you. And after that, this file, we can put this file to guarantee. Also, this is our screen. We check your website for some future headers, websites, security and compliance. And you can check your website for some prostitutions. Also in firewall, you can you can use our advanced adoptions, for example, again, it’s a global defense network. You can turn on those protection. And also we have. Lance Adoption’s and also you can get your IP address is at least obliquity.

And of course, we have Lagan for WordPress, the same dashboard, but on your workplace, the station, and you can see the same information on your workplace. Yes, it’s it’s more. Also, we have reports you just choose which models do you want to see on your spots and to each website, and it’s no problem to. Yeah, hey, it looks like we might be frozen again or I was hoping that maybe this was just loading because that’s what it says, but it looks like we’re on the firewall page and it hasn’t fully loaded.

Well. Well, maybe we can answer for the questions, we can go ahead and answer some questions if you have any that you would like to send in, you may do that right now. An anonymous attendee has a bunch in here. Does this work on all hosting platforms? It works for all HP based policy platforms, so you either if you are and what press, you either download our agents with the WordPress plugin or you use the connection and both our agents to look if you need a firewall.

And the Checkers book basically works for all websites that works on page. Does it have an effect on server performance by running this? It has some slightly not not so big effect. It takes some of the resources as part of the resources when it checks for the first time. But because for the first time, it consumes almost not more than 10 percent of resources.

Do we have to install this on our server or will that on your cloud? You have to download our agent for the firewall and antivirus to work. So basically you install these two, three to three files on your server and then we went from there on. A couple of people were wondering where you all are located at. We have a multinational company, part of them in washow part of them in Kazakhstan, and also we have four guys, but most of us in Europe.

Where are you right now, where you streaming from? Come in Washington or so. Do you need to install JJ, you were right. Do you need to install agent and WordPress plugin or just one of the options? You will install the plug in, and if you choose to install the antivirus, it will do this for you line. We’ll each subdomains be treated as separate websites. Yeah, yeah. It is if we only have access to WordPress admen, can we still install a plug in and it’ll work?

Um, yeah, I think you can stop you from your Web page, so basically, yes, we currently use CloudFlare to get some of the same features.

Would we have to change name servers on the domain to get some of this protection? No, you don’t have to change anything in your domain settings. And currently we are on board with CloudFlare to Whiteley’s, our IP as a piece of our servers to our modules to work correctly. Right now we have a little bit of issues with working with Colpeper, but we are discussing with them. Awesome. Mark says he’s in. We love to hear it, how good is the firewall configuration?

[00:21:43.090] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can we block by country and block because of unsuccessful logging attempts? You can look by unsuccessful Waddington’s. And what about the countries it is on our roadmap. Yeah, we are going to end this picture a little bit later. So. We use Squarespace and KJB for our Web pages. How do I find out if those Web hosts are using?

[00:22:10.930] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
I’m. Well, I don’t know, you can try to use our you can install to get your website to our system and we have the technology security module and it will tell you if your website is written on you or not, go.

JJ says that they are. So you can also just just trust JJ, you know, things. Are you looking to improve the white label on the WordPress plugin? Oh, yes, for sure, we have now the race to quite level feature because we had little time before the campaign and it is why only two reports and notifications, but currently we receive a lot of requests for namely the plug in. That’s why we think about adding it to our own.

[00:23:13.840] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Similar things love the white label, if they hadn’t told you that before your launch. I’m so sorry they somebody should have told you because they do love it. If I have only access to WordPress and not root access to the server, can I still install the plugin? Which of the features will not be used or won’t work?

Yes, it’s no problem. You just you can install our plugin through WordPress Marketplace or your Workplace Administration panel, and after that you can use all our functionality using.

[00:23:46.660] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Those are all the questions that we have here today. I do want to give some a second to ask any more questions if there’s anything else that they want to know or anything that I missed, I’m sorry. Go ahead and throw this in the Q&A box. Now, if there is there a push notification via app on the mobile phone?

[00:24:07.370] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
Currently, we don’t have push notifications to mobile phones. We have only enrolled agents, but integration. Yes, and we will consider to it our roadmap. Awesome. We talked about the road map a little bit, can you all tell me what you’re looking forward to on the road map with Sumell links to get excited about coming up. As we said previously, we are going to continue looking for you. You are everywhere twisting and integral signs. It is the features that we are going to into the first.

[00:24:59.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Is the road map available for people to see, or is this a behind the scenes thing? Sure, we have a public road map and you can see on Absent-Minded Page. Awesome.

[00:25:12.080] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
All right. So if you’re looking for somebody, asked if you could share it. So, yeah, if you’re looking for it, it’s on the page. It is available to you. All right. We got some more questions. How often does your service run scans? And can I control how often the scans occur? The. The frequency of scans is within an hour, I think. Yeah, and basically for availability module is five minutes for all monitoring modules.

It’s all around the five to 10 minutes. And for the antivirus module, it depends on how many files they have and and also depends on the activity on your website. So you can see we can tell you that it’s like half an hour to hour maybe.

Yeah. And I would like to add that we also have OnDemand scanning for almost every modals so you can start on demand scanning for antivirus. Awesome. All right, we have a couple more questions here, swelling’s if you have any more, throw them in the Q&A box. That’s why I’m getting these questions from how many clients websites are currently using web totem. That feels like a crazy thing to ask, but how many do we have to this? I don’t know.

I don’t think so.

I did not read the question is that it allowed thousands to know about the history of the company. How long have you what have you guys been doing before you up?

Before I some all my clients was B2C and enterprise clients because from the beginning we developed our software for one of the country and we went to one hundred and fifty thousand websites and obtained all information about cyber incidents in an entire country. And after that we launched our version for enterprise clients who had to has more than one hundred websites. And after that we make decisions that we want to also to protect small and medium website owners. And yes, and we launched our version last year for small medium business.

[00:27:38.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Great, thank you. What is your USP compared to your competitors, what is in general, how do you compare to your competitors? What what sets you all apart? One of our USP is that if you have a lot of websites for you, it’s no problem to monitor all these websites in one dashboard, because if you compare with our competitors we’ve just installed, you can see only one website, second Web site. But in our case, because from the beginning we do of our system to monitor Emollients websites and we do about those reports to one of the websites.

[00:28:23.390] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
It’s a first USB second because our security agents, not only for WordPress and also for BHP based websites. And if you have, for example, if you use, for example, Jubayl Joomla or maybe another platform on BHP for you, it’s not a problem to install our agents. And so because it’s one book solution, because once a month you can see, for example, solutions who provide on the ability or maybe only a weapon to ask for your website.

But in our case, you can see all of these tools in one box. Go to the deal page, Martin is asking, I’m going to guess is just absolute dot com slash web totem. I usually have it open. That’s right, yeah, absolutely. I come up to them for the deal page. Do you have to buy a license for each website domain you own? Now, we don’t have because according to come up, someone to license three allows to eat unlimited number of states and you get 10 websites with the first tier 30 websites, the second tier.

For those of you that are not looking at the deal page, so you get multiple we have word fence installed. Do we need to remove it to install this? You can use also what fence and you also can choose, for example, what with fence by wall or maybe our Web application will, and you can just use our and other models because we have a lot of winter models we have scoring such a. Can you go into some details on the training process of the firewall?

The training process looks like this, we analyze each request that went to the website and it does our system and it analyzes the requests and the ones which looks suspicious. For instance, if some requests are coming from China or Russia and they are not to be meant to be at that time and maybe they’re doing something bad, maybe some e-mail queries in the request, and we’ve got them as suspicious requests. And we also have the IP bans throughout our whole system of Web firewalls installed from agents.

[00:31:15.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
It’s kind of feet one feet from all the agents. So we use this as well to. So it’s like this for. Awesome. Do you provide support in case of hacked infected websites? We have to come out, move to have to exclude the infected, but if customers want to clean the website totally from the infected files, they can contact the support team and we will help them. But it is not included in the. All right, a follow up about the firewall, does this mean that the firewall learns much slower for low traffic news sites?

[00:32:10.260] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
No, that doesn’t that does mean that it’ll be OK, because we also use the traffic from other websites to learn about the characters and their APIs and signatures. All right. Can you elaborate on the client subaccount, what they are, what is included and what limitations we can put on those accounts? The real question of. Actually, some accounts have the exact wreckage or features available in some accounts, the only be the difference in. The main difference is that the main accountancy, the website that subaccount edit and the subaccount doesn’t see the website.

That’s my account and it’s. I hope it’s clear. Great, thank you. Can we send monthly report, can we send an email, monthly report, website to clients in this case, email? Be different of each website. I’m sorry, I don’t totally understand, but can you send a monthly report to your clients? Yeah, sure. We have the automated monthly reports for the clients notes, weekly reports. You can also meet monthly of our requests.

And we will send you the email, which you were just with. But right now, we don’t have the picture to forecast.

Customer we or send the reports to customer can. This is, again, the last question that we’ve got. Can we add Flash, allow clients to see their sites, W.T. security performance? If not, can that functionality be added, please?

[00:34:05.690] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Excuse me. Can you repeat the question, please? Yeah. Can we add allow clients to see their sites? I don’t know. I’m guessing Web total security performance. Is that what they’re OK? Yeah. Can we have clients do that. Of course, you can not just throw them dashboard. Go, can you please give more detailed info about what the A.I. is doing? The guy is learning on the requests that are made for your website. I don’t know if I can go into the details because of the energy and other stuff that how it works.

[00:34:47.260] – Olsaz (WedTotem)
Yeah, so I just can tell you that it is learning from the current traffic that is coming to our website. All right, well, thank you all so much, I love this team effort of the Q&A of just like passing it off to different people. This was a great time for me. I’m so glad that all of you all could join us and siblings, if you have not already, you can go to sumo dot com slash web totem to redeem your codes.

[00:35:14.660] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
It is starting for fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by up 60 day guarantee. So go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works where you once you’ve done that. We do love to read your reviews on the deal page, so go ahead and leave your feedback there. And of course if you have any more questions, you can leave your questions there as well. Thank you all so much.

I’m sorry about the technical difficulties, but I appreciate everybody’s patience as we got through them. And I’m so glad we got to answer so many questions for you all today. So I hope everybody has a good one. Thank you.

Thank you. My it was nice to have you with.

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