WebTotem: Protecting Your Site Data

WebTotem is a software that has been built to protect business’ web pages from emerging cyber threats and monitor their security 24/7. Using this software will help you protect your company’s data and keep your web pages safe.


Features and Benefits of WebTotem

👉  SSL Certificate Checking – WebTotem checks your SSL Certificate to make sure that your webpage is kept on track. Also, it helps keep your website protected.

👉  Firewall – The app features a smart, proactive defense against any type of intrusions and emerging threads based on herd and AI immunity. It will monitor and filter your website traffic and will not let introducers get access to your information.

👉  24/7 Protection – This protection does not get turned off for some unknown reason. It is unlimited when it comes to the time range that it is up and protecting your site and the kind of threats it will protect your site and data from.

👉  Attack Report – This report shows important information about the hackers such as their IP address, the time of attempts, and the country of origin so that you can take proactive measures against these attacks.

👉  AI Herd Immunity – This feature makes the firewall better after every attack.

👉  Global Defense Network – It also has an option for you to reduce false positives through enhancing and sharing knowledge base about attacks among websites network.

👉  Antivirus – This Antivirus is powered by Machine Learning engine and it scans your files and it removes malware.

👉  Monitoring – It involves improving your website’s overall health and reputation, SSL certification, availability, reputation, deface scanner, and server resources.

👉  Vulnerability Management – Most of the breaches today are due to the vulnerability of the application and server misconfigurations. It involves open ports, and scoring.

👉  Team Collaboration – This app works perfectly for team collaboration. You can add up to two teammates and monitor your websites together. Also, it has white-label reports that sends reports branded with your company logo to your clients.

Who is WebTotem for?

👉  Website owners who need a reliable app to make sure that their website is safe from any attacks from hackers and intruders.

👉  Hosting providers who are looking for a trustworthy cyber security solution that can help them rest easy.

Things to Note About WebTotem

👉  The app can sometimes show a lot of attacks without any blocks.

👉  Does not have sub-accounts that clients can log in to.

👉  The plugin is not white labelled to our agencies.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2016

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 18

👉  Founder: Olzhas Satiyev

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