Warm Welcome Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.110] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I’m Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Warm Welcome. We are really excited. We’re expecting a lot of y’all here today. So I’m going to go through this intro kind of slow, warm welcome, lets you leverage personal video with business cards, site bubbles and emails to build trust with your audience. It’s available on Ximo right now, starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

Before we dive into the walk through. For those of you all who are joining us for the first time, let me go ahead and tell you how things run here. If you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in warm welcome, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room if you want to ask any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video.

We do have somebody from the team here on standby to answer your questions, but we’ll also be circling back to questions at the end of the walk through. The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out and you want to catch the rest of it later, you totally can. All right. Seems like a lot of you were here. You can go ahead and say hi to us that you want.

I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you, Michael. Hey, Michael. How are you doing?

[00:01:19.230] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on here, Lindsay. Appreciate it.

[00:01:22.440] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
It is great to have you. I’m going to go ahead and let you take it away for the walkthrough and then let me know when you’re ready for questions.

[00:01:30.340] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Fantastic. All right, well, thanks so much, guys, for coming in. We’ve been just having a great time over on the ABC model page and really loving all the feedback we’re getting there, as well as through our own tools, the warm welcome bubble on our website and a lot of you in the app asking a ton of questions.

So really excited to just kind of do a quick walk through today, kind of show you show you the range of warm welcome and you hit us up if you’ve got any questions, obviously. So first thing, I just figured I’ll give you a quick idea of what we created here. And as we saw the world kind of going more and more digital, we saw that even in the business side of things, relationships which are obvious oftentimes what are driving revenue in the business?

Word of mouth, all of that sort of stuff tend to struggle more. And so we noticed. There’s an opportunity there to for businesses like yours and like ours to stand out and build trust more quickly by introducing ourselves personally through video. So we actually built warm welcome as a tool for our own businesses to use. And then we we had so much success with it, enjoyed it so much that we built it into this full featured, you know, app that you see today.

So the real core behind it is just to reconnect the world of business and make the world a bit more personal. And we do that, obviously, like I said, by helping you stand out and build trust so that you can build better relationships that will drive revenue. And the kind of what of that how it actually happens is through personal video across the entire customer experience. And that’s really a huge differentiator for warm welcome is if you’ve been around the Internet, you’ve seen personal video probably used, either you’ve used it or you’ve seen other people use it.

But oftentimes it focuses on one tiny little slice of the pie, like a video email or, for example, a video bubble on your website. That’s just for a form submission or legion. But what we wanted to create was an end to end across the entire customer experience, touch points for you to be able to use personal video to really accelerate and grow your business.

So we’ve built so far we have five different tools video, email, video, bubbles for your website, video, email signatures, video pages and video business cards. And I’ll show you how to create each one of those and kind of a quick use case for each one. But since there’s a lot to cover, we might go a little quicker and then feel free to hit us up with questions. So first thing, let me share my screen here and I’ll dive in straight into the app.

OK, hopefully you guys can see this over here. This is the the widget section of the app. When you come into the app, this is just a sample account. So forgive the fact that it’s a lot of my face and some and some funny contacts, but I don’t want to fill it up too much since that won’t be your first experience. So you’ll see over here we have all of our navigation on the left hand side. You can always click this out and that’ll give you the words so that you can know what each of these are.

And then once you get used to it, most of the time we all leave ours with larger screen real estate on the site. But right up on the dashboard, this is where your messages will come in. This is essentially like your inbox. So any message you get back from a video email, you sent a message, you get back from a video bubble on your website or page, a business card that all will drop into this inbox for your conversations.

And what you can see is it’ll show where it came from. So this one came from a video email that I called a video of personal video just for you to Craig. And so it shows my message to him first and then his reply, which is B in this case as a test. And you can see it kind of goes back and forth down the way here and you can add in text, audio or video. So if I want to reply to any of my existing conversations, I just do that right here inside the conversation so I can hit text and type it in.

I can also record audio or straight to video and record and send right back. So I’ll start out here, I guess. Let me show you a couple of the other places just so you’re familiar with the layout, and then we’ll dive into the the tools themselves. So we’ll head over you just sort previewed. But this is your widget area. These are the different widgets that we’ve created so far. And when you want to create a new one, obviously this big blue button will help.

And it gives you here the options for the different widgets that you can create right off the bat. So it’s a really visual process to try to show you exactly what you’re creating. That’s the widgets area will go in deeper into that. Then you’ve got your video library. And these are kind of preloaded in here from our founder, David J. To just give you some ideas of what you might use a script for your email, signature business, card bubble, all that just to kind of help with some quick ideas.

But anything you either record import from YouTube or Vimeo or upload directly if you’ve recorded elsewhere, drops right in here. And then you can use that as many times as you want in as many messages as you want. You can create widgets with them or you can send them as emails. So that’s this where your library lives. You’ve got your contacts area, which again, mine is very slim at the moment, and each one of your contacts will fall in here.

And then when you click into them, it’ll give you a bit more detail. When you send a bunch of messages, they’ll show up there and then you’ve got your stats, which right now we’ve got. Your email opens and views where our widget stats are being built right now, so you’ll be able to see that soon. And then finally, you’ve got your kind of profile area. So when you hover down here, you’ll see the teams that you’re a part of right now.

I’m just part of the one. I’ll show you what it’s like to be part of multiple down the road. But if I go into my profile settings, this is where you’ll want to come kind of right away when you get into the app. And this is where you’ll set up some of the details, like your email address, your website, you can put your social properties on here and that will all automatically fill your video business cards, video signatures, things like that profile photo you can use in your video signature as well as your video business card.

So go ahead and put your name, the company, the sample company, obviously your position and a phone number, your email and website over here. I’ve got a few settings for what notifications you want to get right now. We’ll ping you via email every time an email you send is opened or the message is seen. So that essentially means they clicked through and started watching the video and then a daily wrap up of all the activity as well. So if I go to the next section, this is another one that gets set up right away is an email.

We want to add your own logo. This is how you replace what would normally have a warm welcome logo. You drop yours in here and then it replaces it across the board so that what your clients see or what your customers see is your logo instead. And so we’ll kind of keep browsing, browsing through here real quick. You can set up email templates if you’re going to send the same one over and over, and then you can select those when you go to send it.

You can change the background of your video pages and then you can add some team members that you can we can get into. And then here’s where you can see your subscription and upgrade and whatnot and billing details and then a list of some of the integrations that we have ready to go right now. And this will obviously continue to grow and expand with Web hooks and many other suggestions that you guys have had. And you can grab the mobile app to be able to respond on the go.

So that’s your profile area. Make sure the biggest points here are get the initial profile set up with your info for video business cards and video signatures. And then for emails, make sure you drop your logo in here so that it can be branded for you. So I’ll go ahead and go back to the conversations and I’ll show you real quickly how to send the first or send an email. So I’ll just add it kind of to this stream, to Craig.

But go ahead and hit this blue button, just like in Gmail or anything else when you’re composing and it opens up this composer. So I’ll start typing. And Craig, it should autofill because I’ve written him before and then I can go ahead and record a video for him which will pop open this, which you’ll probably see a different angle here. And I can switch over to a different camera. I can switch over to a different microphone and then record my message real quick.

I’ll go ahead just for the sake of time here. And instead of recording, I’ll go ahead and use one from the library that I have. So I’ll use my onboarding video. So you just you can kind of preview them by mousing over, as you heard there. And I’ll add that they’ve just drops it right into the email here. And I will go ahead and say, you know, Hey, Craig. Welcome. And then you can actually add a video playlist items right here in so the way that the playlist works is if you want to record a 15 second intro and says, hey, Craig, so glad to have you here as our newest client, I just wanted to give you the first steps and expectations of the next week.

That next section of what those expectations are is probably a video you’ve sent a thousand times over and it’s the same script. So instead you can record that and you can click add video from library and go ahead and attach it. I’ll go ahead and add on my birthday message here and you’ll see that’s right there. And what will happen on the other end is when they receive it, that video will auto play as the as soon as the first video ends.

So you can save a lot of time from repeating yourself over and over. So I’ll go ahead and hit send. I’ll get a little confirmation down here that it went out and then very shortly after, I should see. Let’s see. I think this is the Craig’s account. So I’ll go ahead and I can see a new email has come in here and right there I’ve got the logo and I’ve got my you saw there was a preview, Jeff, but actually with Gmail, the way it’s set up, you can actually play these directly inside.

So you’ve just joined in.

I’ve been on boarded with the Mount KO. And so that’s a really cool feature place right inside. If their email provider offers that otherwise, it plays a three second Jif and when you click through, it’ll take them out to the page for it. So I’ll keep moving along. That’s video email in a nutshell. When they respond back, obviously it’ll bring it right here inside of this stream. See, it shows that this is a message back from Craig and these are messages I sent to him.

So it will show another one just in line in the conversation. And you can reply back right here from the app. OK, cool, so that’s video email in a nutshell. I’ll go ahead and show you the Wichita area now, which is kind of everything beyond email. First one is that will do is a video business card. So I guess I’ll just create a new one just so you can see the process, at least for the first time.

And again, here’s my four options business cards, signatures, pages, which have a few options. And then your website bubble. I’ll go ahead and click for business card to start. And when I hit next, it’s asking me which video you want. I’ve got they I’m loaded so I’ll go ahead and use this guy part and add otherwise you can record it. But again, just for time I’ll keep moving here and then you see it preloaded, all the information you saw from the profile.

So I don’t have to change anything. Then of course you can add your email address here. And in a summary, you can add some more. Some more text here, kind of whatever you want, we’ll keep adding fields to this social field, additional source of call to action, all that kind of stuff that we can add into the business cards. But once I do that, I’ve got a few settings I can change, like background color. So you can see if I want a dark theme or black theme, if that’s more on brand for me or if I want the buttons to be my my branded blue color, I can change all of that right here.

And that adjusts it then when fit video is going to make it so that it goes all the way in versus playing with the borders. But if you want a full frame, you could go ahead and do that. And then auto play is obviously when they open the browser, it’ll start playing immediately. You’ll have the branding options obviously to turn off the power by warm welcome once you choose that one time that setting the sticks for the rest of the widgets that you create.

So you don’t have to turn that off each time you just turn it off the once and then it’s all yours from that point forward. So I’m going to hit done here and that is it. The entire process is done and the business card is ready to share and you’re ready to receive messages from it. So there’s two two main ways to access your video business card. One is you just can grab the link itself. And so if I add a new tab here and paste that link in, you’ll see it’s already ready to go.

It’ll auto play. Hey, guys, this is my video business card. And when they receive this, then they can respond back and forth. So you can just share your link, feel free to use it shortener or anything like that to do that. And the other place you can drop it that we’re finding people having a lot of success with is, for example, in LinkedIn. So, David, this is our founder at Warm Welcome. And so I’m going to send him this quick message.

And as soon as I paste that Lincoln and send, you’ll see it will actually add that video. It’ll unfurl that video right inside of the message. So you can see it’s auto playing back there. It’s got the nice visual on it. And then, of course, if they click on that video, it’ll pop it open and auto play it. Hey, guys, this is my video business card. I thought it was a about and they can respond back right away.

And what we’re finding with prospecting and everything else inside of inside of here. So cool thing. And see we’re already off to the races. I got a new client right away. So what we’re finding is that when the normal text prospecting inside of LinkedIn or inside of your email flows, when you interrupt that with a video instead the you really stand out and there’s a lot of notice on it. And that’s when we’re finding people get the most responses right after that video is sent and introduced into the into the funnel or into the sales process, etc.

. So that’s a quick use case there for a video business card. Again, if you want to embed this on your own site into an about page that you have, you can go ahead and grab get code and you can just copy this and drop it into any HTML box on your website or anywhere that allows you to access the HTML like an email, an HTML email, and you can drop this in. And depending on on the provider, it’ll kind of display a little different.

But the you can drop it right in to wherever you have html open. All right, that’s business card. Sorry to keep moving so quickly, but next we’ll talk about your email signature. So this is a nice little way to make every interaction. You already do a little bit more personal and give you a chance to build that relationship, make that connection to drive the relationship forward and hopefully the business forward. So I’ll create a new email signature again for sake of time.

Hey, I’ve recorded one in my library. I’ll add it. And here it is ready to go for me with my information already in there. Again, we’ll make more and more iterations of this different designs, different looks and feels with a different amount of information. And you can go ahead and customize, get your blue back in there to make sure it still feels branded for you and then you’re literally done. You hit, done and it’s ready to go.

You’ve got two options here. For most cases, the quick share signature code is the best option and works perfectly. If there’s any problems with how that displays or how your email provider does that, then you can grab the full embed code, which will give you a lot more granular control. But otherwise I can just copy my signature code and then open up a an email like this one and then I can literally just command V or R control V and paste it right in.

And now your video signature is right inside. It comes pre linked and everything. So as soon as they see this on the other end, they can just click the link and again it’ll play. Hey guys, things are clicking on my video email signature, I thought. And they can reply back just the same way, you can invite them into a conversation and you’re off to the races there. So if I go back in here, obviously we don’t want to paint this in each time.

So what you can do then is go ahead and go into your settings and go down to your email signature. I’ve got one already in here, but I’ll delete it so we can see how easy it is. So here’s the signature. This is inside of Tweeter, and we’ll go ahead and call it a warm welcome. And you can create as many signatures as you want with your unlimited double stack there, and then I go ahead and paste this in.

Same thing. All I’ve done, just as a recap, is hit copy signature code. And then I can go right in here and paste it right in that box. You can see it accepts all the code and formats it. Then I just choose my options. I’d like it for new emails and replies and inserted above the quoted text hit Save. And now any time I go to compose a new message or reply, it automatically adds it in there and you’re off to the races.

So you don’t have to do anything other than that. So is a great way to add this into the process because you’re already doing this. It takes a minute to record this and add it into your email and now you’ve got the chance to make better connections with your customers with almost no effort. So that’s a great way to personalize things. All right.

Moving on, next piece here is going to be your bubble. And the website bubble is essentially like what?

You can imagine it as the kind of like when you walk in the door of a retail store and someone is there to greet you.

You walk into an Apple store and they know they have someone up front and they greet you. They ask you how they can help. And it’s a very personal, welcoming, sort of comforting experience. And we want to allow you to do that on your website. So we created the video bubble here, which will we can create right in here. And I saw a select bubble and I will go ahead and choose. Let’s see. I’ll just use my page one for this.

And load it in there, actually, it turns out I don’t want to use that one, I’m going to use the video I have of Devon in there instead. So here’s a great tip. You can inside of this edit, you can always go back and change the video and select something else from your library land, given that she’s a much more welcoming face than mine. So I’d rather have her front and center on the website. So I’ll go ahead and continue.

And now you see, Devon is mocked up right there, will get our blue branded color in there again. And you can go ahead and sample the experience of this. If you click this open, you’ll see this is what happens on the website. It’ll start playing this automatically and this is our video.

And they can respond back in the same ways as far as I can on any other widget for a warm welcome. So I’ve got my video loaded in. I can change the video bubble size so that it’s a little more or less significant. On my website, I can add in a title that says welcome and you can see it, typed it right over the top.

If it’s a little hard to see, I can click this Daquan for readability. So now that pops off a little bit more and I can make some more customizations along the way. Again, fit video and then reply Options is a nice feature. If you don’t want them to be able to write you back, you can go ahead and turn reply options off and just have a one way welcome. So some people have been using that or wanting that feature and we’ll go ahead and get that across the rest of the widgets as well.

So once that’s ready to go, then you choose the pages that you want this bubble to show up on on your website. So this can be either the across the entire website. So if we want this across all of warm welcome, we would just go ahead and type that in.

Spelled wrong. Warm welcome, dotcom, and that would take it make it go across the entirety of the website, or if you want it just on specific pages of the websites, you want to create one bubble for your home page. Another bubble for your blog. Another bubble for some landing pages, even if they have completely different URLs. That’s why the deal says unlimited URLs. As you can put this on as many websites as you want and they’ll all funnel back into this account and this inbox so you can put specific URLs per per landing page like I was talking about, or maybe a booking page for a discovery call, a pricing page on a SAS company to help explain or answer questions because they’ve shown some more intent there.

You can switch it up and choose the specific URLs. And you would do that. You can list multiple U URLs here, but you would just go ahead and do that and hit pricing and then you can return and do another one that’s about and say, I want this one on multiple pages, or you can just list a single one for now. We’ll go ahead and hit as the default and across the whole thing I had done. And just like that, it is ready for me.

You can see it’s prepped and ready. And then on mobile, it’s going to do the same thing here and show and take over the screen once they click on it. And then I all I have left to do is drop the Codan. So I will because each website creator website host is different. I won’t go into every detail on how on where to piece this. But the basics are that you just go ahead and add this code to the header section of your website, HTML, and if you’re doing it per page and you just go to the pages header section and you go ahead and just copy the code pasted in, just like I showed you on the email signature, but instead into that header section.

And then what you get as a result of that is what what you see on our website. So this is that same video that you just saw right here on Warm Welcome. And when you scroll down, it minimizes to get out of the way a little bit. They can always pause the video as well. So there’s not as much movement. And then if I click on it as a user, I’m Devon with a warm welcome.

And this is our video level. If you have any questions at all or you want to learn more about how warm welcome can work for you and your business, feel free to reach out right here. Leave me a video message or text and I will get right back to you. I look forward to chatting more by. So right there you can see a great welcome from a friendly face can go a long way and then I can reply back and and when you reply back, I can say this.

This is great. Tell me more. And when I go to send it, it actually will ask me for my email address and my name. So this is a great way to also provide some sort of Legian. You could potentially offer something here. And when they reply back, you’re capturing those emails. These these are calls to action will be customizable very soon. Right now, they can reply back, but adding calendars and all kinds of other options, custom links, custom destinations, those will those are all on the roadmap and coming down the pipeline here.

So, yeah, that’s the video bubble right there. And then and then again, the same thing happens when someone replies there, it’ll drop it right inside of the reply thread as well as into your overall inbox here. And and then you or any team members can come in here and reply to those. All right. Last one is the video page. So video pages is a really interesting one because it’s kind of the the versatile one. It’s somewhere in between the business card and the video bubble.

It’s just a video. And instead of with the info on the side and you can embedded in a website, you can link directly to it hosted by us for quick access. You can drop it into an email with the HTML and that will link out to it. You can really do a lot with this. And when you put it on your website, it’s basically like having a bubble. But big, right? We’re right in the kind of flow design of the website, so I’ll go ahead and just like any other time and hit page here and I’ll go ahead and see a preview.

Next ad for my library. Here’s a page script and you can see right here there’s two main options right off the bat.

One is where the full design and the other is a split design and the split design, obviously. Then you can have some background color control. If you want to say turn this to a light gray or you want to go dark with it and then change up your button color, because that blue is our brand and color after all. And as you can see, as you kind of scroll through here, the darker the buttons get automatically will change the color of the icons on top so that it always looks nice and clean for you.

So you can see that right off the bat. We’ll go ahead and go back to full and we’ll do the button color in this nice blue. And yeah, so we’ve got some more settings here for video auto play, all the normal things you’re used to seeing at this point. And when you’re ready to go, you just hit. Done. It’s created for you right away, if I copy link, that’s for any quick shares, if you don’t mind it being at a warm welcome URL, then you just go ahead and piece that in.

It’ll auto play right here since we had that. Hey, guys, it’s Michael at Warm Welcome and they can reply right back just like anything else. Otherwise you can grab an embed code, which is to drop it right inside your website. Same thing. Any HTML box or any criminal access to an area that you have, you just drop this code in and it’ll format it with you. You can obviously tweak this a bit to fit your needs.

And then if you want to drop it into an HTML email, you can grab this simple email code here and it’s ready to go and you can paste that right into most of the email providers. So say you’re doing a blast email to all of your existing clients because you want to grab some video testimonials. You would you could potentially record a video that says, hey, guys, we’re so happy to be working with you. Thank you so much for choosing us.

We’re excited about the growth you’ve had already. As you know, our business grows from word of mouth and from referrals. And a great way to do that is to be able to display the work we’ve already done with the existing clients and add a little social proof. So if you wouldn’t mind doing us a huge favor, would you just hit record on this and reply back and let us know what it’s been like to work with us and what your business is like as a result of that?

It would be massively helpful for us. Thank you so much.

You record that real quick as your video and then you would hit copy and copy the email code and you could send an email to the one hundred and fifty clients that you have. And all at once they’ll receive that that same video. And then when they get to their page and they reply back, it’ll create an individual thread like you see here for each person that responds. And then you can go ahead and write from there, say this was their their response to you.

You can just go ahead and hit the dots and hit download. And now you’ve got your video testimonial that you can post up wherever you like. So that’s the that’s the page option there. And that kind of takes us through the majority of the use cases. So, again, the goal was to get as as much of the customer experience give us as many personal touch points as possible in really quick ways that can help us win with business and also win in the relationships.

So that’s what I’ve got for now. So, Lindsey, if you want to pop back on and be happy to do some Q&A.

[00:31:19.190] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Absolutely. Hello, everybody. All right, folks, closure. There are a lot of questions here. And I know that David is in there doing his best and we’re going to do our best. But frankly, we might not get to your questions. And I really don’t want you to take it seriously. I’m just going to apologize now. That’s just. All right. So similarly, you have questions as always. You can send us the Q&A box.

Now, I’m going to start here. Can the video signature be put in mailing services like Active Campaign or woodpecker or Limbless for book email marketing campaigns?

[00:31:57.260] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
The answer to that is yes. Every as long as it’s an HTML email, you can drop in the HTML. And if it’s not, you can just drop in the Jif alone or the gif however you want to say that. And and and it’s just a simple image file, same exact look and feel. But and when they click it, it’ll still go out to your video. So yes you can. All right, do I have an indicator in my dashboard that will tell me how many minutes or the amount of videos I have left to record right now, the there is no time limit on videos a lot.

It’s probably asking that because they felt the pain elsewhere where there are, you know, 30 seconds or up to three minutes.

[00:32:41.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How many limits? Yeah.

[00:32:42.410] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
So we don’t have any limits on the length of an individual video. We do have storage limits, which I think right now the the plan the double stack plan is on 50 gigabytes, which most videos are relatively short and recorded over a browser. And so they’ll come out at 20 megs or something like that, in which case that’s twenty five hundred videos. We right now, no one is close to that. So we don’t have the actual counter in there, but we’ll certainly add that.

And then if you have any storage concerns, you can always use the Vimeo or the YouTube import and will continue adding to that list of outside third party sources for those videos. And those don’t count against the storage anyway.

[00:33:29.470] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Cool. Yeah, they’re about to test your limits. What is that challenge accepted? All right. If I have three nieces, can I create three separate profiles?

[00:33:44.380] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yes, you can. Right now, the way that would work is you’d want to have three separate accounts. And the reason is each business essentially or each brand, you’re going to want to have your its own account for because it’s going to have its own contacts, its own videos inside its own branding and all of that. You’ll want to keep those separate and so that the conversations don’t get mixed across the way now in the future. I know this is a hot question over on the deal page in the future.

We’re obviously looking towards some accounts and more robust team access and permission, super admins and all of that. So, yes, we’re building in that direction for right now. You’re going to want to have three different accounts to keep the things to keep all of those things separate because you don’t want any of that intermixing.

Can I create videos to share over any text platform like regular text, but also WhatsApp Messenger Telegram? Yeah, so what you saw inside of LinkedIn is the experience in text messaging and most of the messengers we’ve tested it out on, you just grabbed the link, the Eurail link, and it will unfurl that and show the video preview. Or if the messenger allows that, it it’ll actually play the video right inside of it.

So, yeah, you just grab the link pasted in and you should be good to go. Can you edit your video in the tool? Right now, there there is no editing in terms of like clipping or anything like that. So if you want to if you want to have a little more polished of a video, you can do that before you and then use the upload feature. So use whatever you’re already using for that. What we’re finding is in what you’re seeing in culture, even when you look at social media business, the biggest names, the the more authentic it feels, is oftentimes connecting better with the audience.

So I wouldn’t stress too much about the extra three seconds where you were finding the off switch. They’ll just know, hey, they’re human, just like me.

[00:35:48.870] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I love that. Can you. OK, OK. Can you move the bubble to the other side of the webpage? And then another similar adjacent question is, if I’m already using a different bubble on my site, can I use this widget with it?

[00:36:06.240] – Michael (Warm Welcome)

I mean, there if they’re positioned in the same location, then you’ll probably run into some bumps currently. But we can certainly build, you know, different locations for the bubble so that one wouldn’t be an issue.

But right now, bottom right is the is the standard location is the location for your other bubbles, everybody. Do you have a GPU processing agreement? That’s something that you have to write into our support about. I’m just not going to be I mean, we are compliant, but we I don’t know enough details to tell you or explain that right now. So feel free to write into our bubble or inside the app to our support, and we can get you to the right person who can answer your your more specific question.

I get that. I don’t really understand any of it. It’s another language.

Hey, Dave, I love your product. That’s for you. I think it is genius. You have an affiliate reseller or white label program? Yes, we do.

It’s let me make sure it’s just I think it’s just affiliate warm welcome dotcom. Yep, affiliate got a warm welcome, dotcom, and you can get all set up real quickly, it’ll take you about 30 seconds and you’ll be off and running. And then if you need any help promoting it or looking for any marketing assets or anything like that, you can hit us up.

[00:37:31.200] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I keep thinking we’re crushing it with the questions and then more questions come in and how can I be so passionate?

How can I hold one sec just to come back? Thank you. Whoever asked that question about the affiliates, we’re we’re so excited that, you know, you guys are excited to bring it to your clients and beyond. So thank you very much. That means a lot to us that you’d be you’d be willing to introduce our our stuff into your network like that.

And can I include the digital divide?

[00:38:04.840] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Sorry, you say that one more time, you kind of broke up.

[00:38:06.740] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Sir, can I include this on a digital business card?

[00:38:11.850] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Great question, I mean, obviously, you could include the link, at least it would probably depend on the digital business card service that you’re using. Obviously, we like ours. We like our digital business card. I know there’s some really cool fancy like if you’re talking about, like the NFC chip cards where you tap into the back of a phone and it pops up.

I think we can look into all that amazing fun stuff, but it would depend on on what what platform you’re using. So feel free to try and then let us know, because we would we would love to either build for that or use it ourselves, although we’re pretty partial to our solution.

[00:38:51.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. Is it possible to change text to other languages?

[00:38:56.230] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Great question, yeah, that’s a roadmap item, near term roadmap item right now, we don’t have any ability if you go into the app right now, today, but soon we will. We’ve gotten that a lot. And so we’ll we’ll open up since there’s so little amount of text, it shouldn’t be such a much of a much of a process for you guys to update a few of the words go.

[00:39:19.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. If I sent an email to a client with a warm welcome video and they click on record audio reply, what does their side look like? Do they have to set up an account to do so? Or is it the same video page that was sent to them?

[00:39:36.640] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, it’s the same video page that is sent to them, I will try to put one up here. The trick is, if you’re testing this out, this is a good thing to know.

Actually, if you’re testing this out and you send one to yourself and then you click reply from that email, remember, you’re logged in on that browser to your actual warm welcome account. So we’ll kick you over to your account so that because that’s what you would intend to do normally when you click on an email reply. But it’s a little confusing when you send yourself a test because you put yourself in your client’s mindset. So what you what you really want to do is log out of warm welcome and then click on that button to see what the actual process is.

So give me just a second here. I’m going to log out and I will go into the email. And then I’ll I’ll click on reply here. S.. Perfect, here’s a screen share. That’s right, one. Yeah, OK, so this is that email I showed you that I sent earlier to myself or to Craig, and you can see for this one it’ll actually play right. And you’re wondering what’s next, which is fantastic. But if it doesn’t and it’s playing the Jeff or you want to reply here, you can click it’ll open up this public or this conversation page for them.

So I am not inside of the app. I’m just on my private sort of conversation. And they can see exactly what you see on the right side of your app in the conversation they get to see right here. And so they can go back through the whole conversation at any time. And the reply back in the exact same way that you see on your end. But this is essentially the client experience. End of things.

[00:41:39.540] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, similar things we’re trying to get through as many questions as we can. If you have questions, please send them to the Q&A box. I know that some questions are coming in on the chat room. I think somebody may have accused us of prerecording this.

[00:41:56.290] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
I promise it’s happening with lives, so. All right. That the dog could, you know, using it for a customer support chat. I can, but I would say just for sake of time, what you would have is potentially that bubble, but you would have it inside instead of posted on a URL that’s publicly facing it would potentially be behind a log in or something like that if you wanted the support to only be for users. And then when they click that bubble, it would drop right into that conversations area that you saw many times there.

And I can log back in. So you got me in, out, in, out. But you can log back in and are all logged back in. But what you’ll see is exactly the same thing. Any bubble that they replied to will drop right into that inbox. And then you can go and pick them off, reply back via text or reply back via video yourself. All right, so we’ve got a lot of questions with the word integrate and integration.

[00:43:07.740] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Fantastic. Well, we love Integration’s and as you know, build the core product first and make sure it’s bulletproof, make sure it works for people and adds a lot of value and then we can extend it. So we are now at that point, we’re looking at a ton of different integrations. We’ve got Zappia in there. So an easy one for us is to make that one more much more robust so you can connect it across the board. We’ll look at Web hooks again so you can connect it across the board, and then we can get into some more specifics as they kind of rate higher and higher in the high demand categories and do more direct integration.

Right now, we’ve got eight integrations in there, which you can see in the profile section, but we’ll obviously continue to add to that. We’re flattered that you want us to be a part of your workflow. So we’ll keep trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

[00:43:56.430] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Amazing. Where are you located? How long have you been in business and how many customers do you have? Lorenzo?

[00:44:03.150] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
He wants to know everything about you, Lorenzo. Very forward. But we are personal video, so I understand. So, yeah, we’ve been a warm welcome itself, has been around for a couple of years now. Again, very mostly, most of equal entirely for our own use for the first year, because that’s what it was built for, for our own use in our own companies to build better relationships with our own customers as a business. We’ve been doing software SaaS companies for well over a decade now with this team.

So we’re experienced team. We’re all remote and at any time we’ve got eight to 10 people on one. And welcome specifically much more on the other product projects. So, yeah, I think that they’ll get us there. I think so. Where are you, where are you? Yeah, we’re we’re remote. I’m in I’m in Bend, Oregon. We’ve got people in Florida, we’ve got people in California. We’ve we’re kind of all over the all over the map.

[00:45:07.330] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So fun. I love it. All right. Have you seen people use this tool to put animated explainer video bubbles on pages instead of talking head videos? Somebody else asked, can you can you upload videos from outside of this, etc.?

[00:45:22.600] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, fantastic idea. You know, honestly, personally, I haven’t seen that. We have seen a real estate agent, you know, with a very highly edited video where, you know, things are moving around and it’s not just the talking head.

And that would be a great opportunity for you to either leave the replies on or even turn them off if you want to use it as an explainer. And you could do that right as a page where you embed it right. Right inside of your own website, large or as a bubble. But any any video file that you want to upload will work inside of those places.

[00:45:56.640] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Can I use this to record videos that will accompany each of the sequence of emails and my funnels, along with whatever magnet text book I am sending through email? Is that possible?

[00:46:10.180] – Michael (Warm Welcome)

So you would you would essentially want to record potentially a page for each one of those, a video page widget for each one of those. And then you could grab the the email embed code if that’s what works best for you or and then you just drop that into a record one page. So if you’re on the unlimited plan, then you would record one page for each part of the sequence. So that’s custom to that sequence or I mean, if it works for you to be across the board.

But I would think you’d want one per stage of your sequence and you drop that into each stage and it would take you take them to a unique page and they can reply back. One of the great things I didn’t mention this earlier, but one of the really fun things is that. In for that use case, if you have one person reply multiple times to different bubbles, to different pages, to an email, et cetera, it can get really sloppy to manage.

Where was this conversation? Typically, but what we’ve done is actually streamlined it. So if they are replying from the same email address, no matter where they reply from, it’ll drop it into the single thread of the conversation. So you have only one point where you have to look for any given customer.

[00:47:25.700] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How fun. Love it. All right. We’re getting a bunch of questions about do I need. Is it two codes for two accounts? Three codes for three accounts? Somebody else asks. I have two different websites with two different logos, colors, brand names, etc. One is in Spanish, one is in English. Can I customize them to different brands within two stack codes?

[00:47:51.680] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, great question. We’re getting that one as well. So we write right now as it stands, you want to have a separate account for each one of those separate brands. Again, you you want to have different content. That’s a different business. Different contacts, different customers, different messages, different email templates, different videos that you have in your library, a branding colors, all of that. So you want to have those in separate accounts.

So in the case of App Sumo, you would want to get if you want the unlimited plan, you would get a two stack for each account. So you’d buy one to stack. You go back in, buy another one, buy another one. You can do that. Sometimes you want to get different accounts. But and in the future, we are definitely looking at the super admin accounts and all that kind of stuff and expanded teams so that will those those options will open up over time.

But they it wouldn’t be that you’re going to pay this one lifetime fee for as many accounts as you possibly would want to have. But right now what we have is if you do do that, if you want to have multiple accounts, our team, if you just add yourself as a team member to each one of those, then inside of the when you hover the profile, it’ll list all the teams you’re a part of and you can just toggle between them and go between the different properties so you don’t have to use one log in, essentially.

And then you could kind of go across all of them instead of having to log out, log back in each time. All right, Jen, kind of on the same thing. She has a team of six people. It’s just one brand she’s covered then with just the double code, or does she need six single codes? Yeah, a great question.

So, again, we’re we’re going to keep building more and more robust on this. These are like hot items for us right now, obviously, with the of feedback as well as other feedback. But per seat pricing teams, all those sorts of things are all kind of ahead of us here. But for you, in this case, you can just have the one account, one double stack, and you would add each person as a team member and they would all be able to access a unified inbox.

And that’s that’s essentially what you’ll need to know about that, is it will still be one single inbox that then they could reply as the brand back to if you want them to each have their own inbox and have their own separate, completely separate account and inbox than they would each need in their own account. You can have different business cards and different email signatures in the unlimited plan. And if they reply to that, instead of going to the overall inbox, that’s where I showed you.

If you go back to that specific widget like your your business card, it’ll just show the messages that have come into that place instead of the big inbox. So that’s how you would use it in your current setup with six employees.

[00:51:03.880] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. Can we send bulk video, emails, video via warm welcome?

[00:51:12.100] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Not currently, not currently, not via warm welcome, you can obviously use warm welcome with whatever book center you’re already using. You can use the video or the email code to drop things in there. And then we are definitely looking at both sending and segmenting and all of those sorts of things directly through. Warm welcome as well. Right now it’s you just use the one you’re already using and just drop the video code right in there.

[00:51:46.130] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, a couple siblings want to know when this deal is leaving, guys, I feel like I say this all the time. We don’t know. I mean, I don’t know if you know, but we know. I don’t know. I don’t know if anybody knows. We you know, we find out later. So get it while it’s here. US that they want more details about the affiliate program. Somebody else is said to drop the link in the chat.

Great to see you. I’ve got to click on panelists and attendees, right?

[00:52:23.050] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yep. All right, let’s drop it. All right, links in the chat room. Danco ended up. If I want to turn off, can I turn off specific reply functions, for example, I might only want video and audio replies, but not texts. Or maybe I want audio only or another combination.

Nice. Yeah, right now it’s either on or off on the video business or on the video bubble. We’re going to get that on or off function very soon all across the rest of the widgets. And then after that, we’ll have them be individual as well as not only just turning those on or off, but also adding in all the rest of the custom setas to calendar or to a custom link that you want to put people to afterwards, etc..

[00:53:16.210] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can it be set up to ask a series of questions like video ask? Yeah, great question.

[00:53:22.960] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
We you know, it makes sense that video ask would do that. They’re created by type form. So they’re they they built a video form. We are focused on the entire customer experience and all the touch points in there, not just as a form, but we’re certainly looking at conditional logic essentially is what you’re asking for. They’re like, can you take them down the path? And yeah, we’ll definitely get into that down the road as one of the applications.

But like I said, we’re really trying to give you the full customer experience touch points.

[00:53:57.310] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, Sumell length. We’re going to take just about five more minutes to get through some of these questions. We’ve been here for about an hour now. So you have any questions that are still not answered? Please send them to the Q&A box. Now, I’m going to try to get through some of these. One of them is, do you have a public facing roadmap?

[00:54:14.940] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, it’s that warm welcome to our roadmap, and it is we are we’re going to be revisiting this heavily now that we have so much additional feedback from you guys.

And I mean, we’re so, so pumped. We can see I can see there’s one hundred and seventeen of you live here right now. I can tell you we have had well over a thousand I mean, probably close to two thousand questions between our bubbles that you interact with the inside the app chat and the deal page questions. We’ve had literally thousands of questions and it’s a feedback. And so we’re going to be, you know, acting on a lot of that.

And so this roadmap is kind of what you see right now. But we’ll keep updating it and making it more current and more specific. But, you know, we’re really excited by all the feedback. And there’s been some some fantastic ideas that weren’t on our roadmap and now are. Yeah, that seems to be a trend with their siblings, the very you guys are brilliant, I love it can be great, quite helpful. You all are. Can we use custom domain URLs?

That is one of those pieces of feedback right now, right now, you can drop, you know, obviously all of our all the things I showed you, you know, all of them kind of come with the embed option. So, yes, those are those would go on your own, you URL’s. But those quick links that you saw where we just grab it and it’s like ready to go, no embed needed anything like that. Those are currently on are you URLs.

But that’s the C name idea that would would give it or would put it on your domain instead and really give it the full branded experience, even with those quick links without having to embed. And that is hot on the on the roadmap. Awesome. All right, I just marked off five questions that we’re going to get to. Affiliate programs were back on it. Can we get some details about how it works and profit sharing, et cetera?

Yeah, the current deal that’s set up right now and feel free to ping us on on your thoughts here. But the deal that we have set up right now is whoever you give it to gets a month free. And then and then you get I believe it’s 50 percent of the of the whatever they buy for the first six months.

[00:56:53.560] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And I love it. What are the main differences between the account options? Can you offer a good use case for both?

[00:57:02.920] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Little vague, but I guess I’ll guess that kind of what the question is, but I think that has to do with users versus team members versus accounts versus sub accounts and kind of the plethora of of lingo that we use to describe that.

So right now, like current functionality today, when you log in, there are basically accounts and then there are team members or users is what it’s referred to on I think on the deal page, it says like unlimited users. And what that means is that inside of your single account, you can add as many team members as you want. So when we go back to the question, I forget the guy’s name, but she asked, hey, I have six employees, but it’s only one brand.

That would be a great situation to say. We have six employees, we have one brand. So you need one account and then you have six employees. You can add those six team members again. All of it’s still going to drop into the unified inbox and they’ll all kind of have access to that. So there’s not a ton of separation there. That’s current functionality in the future. What we know, what we’re hearing from you is I want to have some accounts because I’m an agency and I want to be able to have all my clients on these.

I want to get them. I want to help them get set up or even manage some of their replies in the service for them. Great. We’re looking towards that. That’s awesome. Other people are asking for big teams that all want individual accounts that would be more of like a team like Pursey sort of arrangement again, where we’re building towards all of these things. But just wanted to give you the clear cut answer. You want to have one account.

Her brand, that’s that’ll keep all of your branding dialed in for that one, if you have another brand, get a second account, get another double stack and do that. And then you can share team members. You can add as many team members as you want to each of those. But but you won’t want to have multiple brands under one account. It just will. It’ll be a little Janki for you.

Will mess it if possible, please. Regarding unlimited email sends code one up to one hundred custom videos. Very thorough. If I need more than this, will there be an upgrade option or must I use a third party host like Vimeo? Yeah, right now, we don’t have a way for you to other than going up in Lantier, we don’t have a way for you to Ellacott, add 10 more videos or something like that so you could either upgrade or you would use an outside platform at the moment.

Will the auto follow up email also take into account if someone simply replies to an email instead of via the video? Good question. I’ll have to follow up on that one, I, I. I believe it it reacts only to the open, so if they if they open it to respond via the reply, it would not send the auto the auto follow up email because they would have already opened it to see it. The auto follow up is to remind them to open it in the first place.

And then and then we kind of trust that they’ll take the action if your video is enticing.

[01:00:34.220] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How do you compare your video messages via email or text versus your competitors? He named some people, but don’t know, OK, how to read the first part of that question, how do I how do you compare your video messages via email or text?

And then they said verse bom bom.

[01:00:55.250] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, yes. Again, there are some great players out there. Bambam is kind of an older one. A lot of people have been using. They’ve kind of kept strapping on to their tech. So we get a lot of people coming over from Bambam to warm welcome and saying we’re so glad to just have this unified experience. The brand feels consistent across the whole board. And I don’t just have video email. I also have the video bubble, the video pages, the video business card video, email signatures that that they are not offering.

So that’s the main difference, again, between us and anyone else out there. Is anyone that we’ve been able to find so far is a very specific slice of the pie. And and we’re trying to help you have a branded and excellent customer experience across the entire spectrum rather than strapping together five different tools and having to manage all of that yourself and then having it look a little disconnected on the client end as well.

Well, the popular opinion is that you are going to be a great upgrade from Bambam.

[01:02:04.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Well, thank you very much. I heard about them for the first time today.

Let me ask if there will be a replay of this. Yes, there will be. You can watch this as many times as you want. All right. A bunch of more questions came in, so we’re going to go through some more. This one’s on all caps, so it wins. Can you delete a brand and create another?

[01:02:27.890] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Sure, yeah. If you’re done using the account for one brand, you could always you wouldn’t delete it. You would just switch your logo, your email address and all those details. You change you delete probably things out of your video library if you want to, and you would set up any bubbles or anything, you’d just change the URLs that they’re going to be dramatic enough to delete the whole thing.

[01:02:52.520] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
The big question, will those future subaccount features be included or additional cost per brand?

[01:02:59.630] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yeah, great question. I mean, we haven’t worked this through specifically, but I would I would guess that you would be paying for subaccount. And the reason is just basic economics, giving a one time fee for then you to have as many accounts as you want with as many videos as you want across the board would be a pretty bad option because we would die and you would no longer have warm welcome.

[01:03:27.680] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
That is fair. How many signatures are allowed for a single code purchase?

[01:03:35.600] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
One of our team members simply additional separate logins. Yes, they would probably have their own personal, warm welcome account, but they can just have like the free edition and then you would and you would add them to your team. And so they would essentially be able to log in through their email and then and then toggle over to your team and kind of do all the replies and add bubbles and whatever they need to run.

[01:04:03.990] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. I’m going to start to wrap this up. I think we’re going to ask just a few more, but I’d be able to send a series of video questions by adding more videos after the initial one.

[01:04:18.740] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Sure, you can do that, I guess, in a couple of ways. You could kind of make that work. One is with the video playlist that I showed you so you can go ahead and add an auto playing playlist. When you send an email out, you add one, you can ask a question and then have a second and third. It wouldn’t probably it doesn’t like pause and give them an opportunity to respond to each one of those. Again, that’s not conditional logic sort of situation, more of a video form that we can build towards as one of the many features that we have.

But the but you could do that through a playlist or potentially if you were doing that through, let’s say, a drip email sequence that came in once you had a new lead and you wanted to walk them through a process, then each email that you send out in that drip would just have its own video page that you’d use the email embed code and drop it into each one of those. And then each reply to that would kind of be stepped out, obviously, rather than in a single email via a playlist.

[01:05:19.300] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, how many signatures do you get with two coats, unlimited, amazing dancers going to want to be present? Could this be used as part of my funnel in which I could include videos?

[01:05:35.320] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Yes, that’s our last one. Fantastic. Yes, we do that ourselves inside of of funnels that are both email as well as inside of LinkedIn. If you’ve ever used a LinkedIn automation tool, you can actually for prospecting, you can actually drop the URL right inside that.

So when they connect in your sequence is going, it’ll when it drops that URL, it’ll unfurl it like a like you saw in that LinkedIn example and they can see the preview of it playing and then click it and it’ll launch out for you.

[01:06:09.400] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Amazing. All right. Thank you, everybody for hanging out with us today. You guys are incredible. I am so sorry if we didn’t get to you, but we did get to at least one hundred and fifteen questions, if not like I feel good about that. And I’m so sorry if your question didn’t get answered. Similar things. If you have not already, you can go to Atsumi Dotcom Slash Warm. Welcome to Redeem Your Codes. This is starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

And of course this is backed by APSA most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we do want to read your reviews so you can go ahead and leave those on the page. And of course, if you have any more questions, as I’m sure you do, you can go ahead and leave those on the page as well. Thank you so much, Michael, for hanging out with us.

And thank you, David, for answering all those questions with us.

[01:07:03.040] – Michael (Warm Welcome)
Of course. Thank you guys so much. Thank you, Lindsey.

[01:07:05.950] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Absolutely. Have a good one.

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