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Standing out in the market can be tough knowing that there are a lot of other businesses and services offered that are of the highest quality. Warm Welcome can and will help you make it in your industry by just being yourself and reaching out to give a personal touch into your marketing campaign and in communicating with your customers.

Features and Benefits of Warm Welcome

👉  Video Business Cards – Video business cards are the thing in the ecommerce world nowadays. They are more innovative and creative and they draw more attention from the receiver. Whereas your usual business cards will end up the junk mail, these business cards will make a statement.

👉  Video Signatures – Avoid sending out boring emails by adding video signatures for them to get the attention that they deserve.

👉  Video Email – Written emails tend to be bland and tedious to read. With video emails, you can capture the attention of the receiver, giving the email a more personal touch.

👉  Video Bubbles – Testimonials and messages from your team members can be easily delivered through video bubbles.

👉  Video Pages – Instead of just typing “contact us now” then putting your contact details, you can use this feature and leave a personal video message for your clients to contact you.

👉  Video Playlists – for longer messages or a series of messages, you can make use of Warm Welcome’s video playlists to attach the first personal message, and then the second, and then the third and so on and so forth.

👉  Automatic Sorting – the messages that you receive will be automatically sorted into threaded conversations which you can refer to anytime.

Who is Warm Welcome for?

👉  Marketing agencies who want a deeper connection with their customers through video emails and messages.

👉  Freelancers who want to impress their clients and be able to express themselves thoroughly through video messages and emails.

👉  Busy businessmen who want to make their emailing quick and well-sorted but all the more effective.

Things to Note About Warm Welcome

👉  The software does not have a team functionality just yet making it unideal for those of you who have bigger teams. Every video will be sent as the main account holder.

👉  It does not work well on the desktop but it works well on the phone making it inconvenient for those who are mainly using it to work on the desktop.

👉  It does not allow different names and emails for different widgets.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2010

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 5

👉  Founder: David Jay

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