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With so many AI writing tools available, you may think you’ve seen it all. But then comes Voila. It bills itself as a personal assistant and presents itself as an all-rounder that can brainstorm ideas, generate outlines, write blogs and emails, fix grammar and spelling mistakes, translate content, and even chat with you like a human.

Voila boasts the unique feature of working on any website without requiring a dashboard or editor. However, is this enough to capture our attention and convince us to switch from free Chat GPT or Bing Chat that most writers now enjoy? How does it differ from Jasper Everywhere? Let’s dive deep into the world of Voila to explore its features and benefits.


What Does Voila Do?


Voila is referred to as a personal AI assistant on their website because it promises to offer much more than just writing assistance. It can work on any website without requiring you to access any separate dashboard or editor, which makes it stand out from other traditional AI writing tools in the market.


What Do People Use It For?


  • Voila creates high-quality content for various purposes, such as marketing, advertising, sales, engineering, UX design, etc.
  • It allows you to create various types of content such as emails, blog posts, assets, and documents.
  • It works through a simple process- all you need to do is press (CTRL+M) on your keyboard while browsing through websites such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or any other website you want to use it on.
  • Once you press the buttons (CTRL+M), the Voila personal assistant opens up giving you access to all its features.
  • From there, you can create high-quality content, fix grammar and spelling mistakes, translate content into different languages, and even ask it questions like a chatbot.


Features of Voila


Content Creation


  • Voila has an extensive library of templates that cater to various writing formats, such as business strategies, marketing plans, social media management, UX design, and many more.
  • There are various AI assistants, including business strategist assistant, marketing expert, social media manager, design consultant, and UX specialist.


Voila AI Assistants Options


  • Furthermore, there are templates for social media advertising, marketing, product website, copy recruiting to improve writing and fix grammar and spelling mistakes.


Grammar and Spelling Check


  • Voila can proofread your work for any grammar or spelling errors.
  • It ensures that your work is error-free before publishing it on any platform.
  • Simply select the sentence, press CTRL and M, and then choose “Fix Grammar and Spelling.”




  • Voila has a built-in translation feature that translates content from one language to another seamlessly.
  • If you have a post from another language, like Spanish, for instance, you can translate it by selecting the post and pressing CTRL plus M. From there, select “Translate.” The sentences will be properly translated from Spanish to English.
  • You can easily switch between different languages while browsing through websites like Twitter or Facebook without having to copy-paste the text into Google Translate.




  • Voila’s chat GPT feature allows you to ask it anything just like a chatbot.
  • You can ask questions related to any topic or subject matter such as science, history or current events and get accurate answers within seconds.
  • As an example, I wrote a prompt asking to “explain law of gravity to a five-year-old” and Voila responded with a simple explanation.


Voila's ChatGPT's feature


*The Grammarly app is highlighted in green, which indicates that it did not find any grammar errors in Voila’s response to my inquiry.


Chat History


  • Let’s say you accidentally closed the window or tab and want to go back to your blog post.
  • Simply press CTRL + M, click on settings, and you’ll see the chat history. You can find your written content and previous chat history with Voila in this section.
  • After a user asks a question with Voila, they can maintain an ongoing conversation with it and access the entire exchange via the history feature.


Voila's Chat History




  • Voila offers several shortcuts that allow you to navigate through the tool quickly while browsing different websites.
  • For instance, CTRL+M opens up the tool, while CTRL+SHIFT+S allows you to save templates for future use


Browser Extension


  • Voila offers a variety of integration options, such as Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, among others.
  • Voila’s browser extension is easy to install and provides access to all its features. Once added to your browser, you can use Voila on any website without accessing a separate dashboard or editor.
  • To activate it, you only need to press CTRL+M, and Voila will open up, giving you access to all its features.


GPT-4 Fair Usage Policy


  • Voila has implemented a fair usage policy to ensure fair access to GPT-4.
  • The current policy allows for approximately 300,000 words per month, resetting on the first day of each month.
  • Once this limit is reached, any remaining requests will be handled using the GPT-3.5 model.


Ability to Add Own API


  • Voilà can be used without an API key from OpenAI.
  • Users with an API key can choose to use it with License Tier 1 for unlimited requests and the ability to select an AI model.
  • Utilizing a personal API will result in additional costs on the user’s OpenAI account.


👍 Things that stood out while testing


It works seamlessly on any website


  • Unlike most AI writers that require access to their dashboard or editor to create content, Voila works differently.
  • You can simply navigate to your desired website – be it social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – and press a few buttons on your keyboard.
  • Voila will then open up and allow you to create different types of content without needing an additional dashboard or editor.
  • Users also have the option to resize the Voila window and reposition it, allowing them to continue interacting with the app without obstruction.
  • Voila will prompt you to pin the extension, which you can do in the top right corner. Then click on “next,” and it will display that you can improve any writing pieces from any website or post.


Voila Extension


  • Select a sentence and press CTRL+M to improve its grammar, spelling, length, language simplicity, summary, or even translate it.
  • You can also select a sentence you want to change; press CTRL+M to improve its writing style.
  • You can also regenerate it if you are not satisfied with the result.


Voila Vs Jasper Everywhere


  • Jasper has actually recently released a similar feature to Voila which it calls “Jasper Everywhere.”
  • This browser extension allows access to the AI-powered content creation tool Jasper Brand Voice, enabling users to create on-brand content within any platform.
  • An “Ask Jasper” function automatically appears when you select a text within a content and allows you to choose from its 60+ templates.

Jasper Everywhere looks like this:


Voila vs Jasper Everywhere


Once you click “Ask Jasper,” it will display selections of templates as follows:


Ask Jasper Options
  • Unfortunately, whichever I choose from the selection, I always receive this ugly response:


Ask Jasper Error


  • My intuition is that Jasper Everywhere is not yet fully developed. Therefore, in this case, Voila seems to be superior at the moment.
  • Additionally, Jasper Everywhere indicates that it performs best with modern and stable versions of Chrome and Edge but is presently not supported by Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Brave.
  • On the other hand, Voila provides integration options for Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox.


It Can Detect Local Dialects With Accurate Translation


  • Most AI translating tools can only detect major languages, so you’re in luck if you find one that can do so with high accuracy.
  • I tried Voila’s Translate function and compared it to Google Translate. I went to my Facebook account and selected a text written in Cebuano, a local dialect in the Philippines.
  • The text says “Maayong hapon mga suki labs, available ni karon hapon.”
  • Surprisingly, Voila translated it accurately. The “suki labs” is indeed a local slang referring to “valued customers.”


Voila Translation Feature


Google Translate, on the other hand, produced an awkward translation:


Google Translate Result


I also tried Jasper Chat since Jasper Everywhere seems not to be working at the moment.

What’s great about Jasper Chat is its “Enhance Prompt” function which improves your inputted prompt before requesting an action.

I initially inputted “translate: Maayong hapon mga suki labs, available ni karon hapon” and Jasper improved it to a more specific prompt and accurately detected the language:


Jasper Translate Sample


Then, based on the enhanced prompt, Jasper produced:


Jasper Translate Result

Jasper Chat also yielded an impressive result.


Promising Roadmap


Voila’s roadmap indicates an exciting future for the platform, with many enhancements and new features on the horizon as follows:

Under review:

  • AI detection proof
  • Browse the web


  • Allow a standalone Chat mode in full screen Writing mode Bookmarks search

In Progress

  • Code highlighting and improved code input
  • Allow continuing a conversation from the history
  • AI assistants


Things That Didn’t Work Well


Slower Writing Speed


  • I tried Voila’s writing template by creating a blog post and compared it with ChatGPT and Jasper.
  • Surprisingly, it took much longer to produce 546-word content using the writing template than its counterparts.
  • However, all three tools generated the same content length but at different speeds as follows:

❌ Voila- 1 minute and 20 seconds

✅ Chat GPT – 41 seconds

❌ Jasper – 1 minute and 10 seconds

  • Note: Voila’s License Tier 1 utilizes auto GPT 3.5/GPT 4, which is known for producing higher quality output but may have slower response times.
  • However, for those who prefer faster response times and would like to use GPT 3.5 specifically, upgrading to License Tier 2 allows users to select their preferred AI model to use.


Voila with slower writing speed




I have experienced many instances where the text seems to jump from the pop-up dashboard to my active document.

For example, I was once typing a prompt when suddenly the cursor stopped moving. Initially, I thought my internet connection had stalled, or my computer had hung. However, after closing the pop-up dashboard, I discovered that the text had actually been inputted into the active document.

Another instance occurred when I tried to delete some text in my prompt by pressing backspace; however, the cursor stopped moving, and I inadvertently deleted an entire section of my draft.


Limited Knowledge


While Voila can generate text on various topics and subjects, it may not always have access to the most up-to-date information or breaking news.

As such, users should take care when using Voila for time-sensitive projects or tasks where timeliness is of the essence.

Check out the examples below:



Voila's limited knowledge




Jasper limited knowledge


Bing Chat:

Bing Chat stands out from the rest of AI writing tools when it comes to providing real-time information. This means that users can rely on Bing Chat to deliver up-to-date data and insights as they type, ensuring that their content is always relevant and accurate.


Bing Chat Result

💪Without this Bing Chat-like capability, or something close to it, I think describing Voila as a “personal assistant” or “more than an AI writer” is an overstatement.


Less Efficient Than Jasper


Voila’s automation capabilities seem inferior to Jasper

I like that Jasper Everywhere’s “Ask Jasper” button automatically appears as soon as I select a text, without needing to press any keys.


Jasper's Button immediately appearing


The arrow that also appears next to the last inputted word or character in a sentence which you can press so Jasper will continue writing or completing your sentence or a paragraph is a standout feature over Voila.


Ask Jasper Button


With Voila, you would need to select the text, press the usual CTRL+M keys, and choose “make longer” or insert a prompt to complete the sentence.


Voila's enhancement options


Lacks Real-Time Grammar Check


  • Unlike Grammarly, Voila does not offer real-time grammar checks.
  • To check for grammar and spelling mistakes using Voila, you must manually select the text you wish to review, then press the CTRL+M keys to open the pop-up dashboard. From there, you can choose the “fix grammar & spelling” function.


Who Is Voila For?


Based on the features tested, Voila is for:

  • Content creators who want to improve their writing style, grammar, spelling, language simplicity, summary, or translation while navigating any website.
  • Users who want to access AI super QUICK on a website without needing an additional dashboard or editor.
  • People who need accurate translation for local dialects that most AI translating tools cannot detect.


Who Is It Not For?


Based on the things that didn’t work well during testing, Voila may not be suitable for:

  • Users who prioritize writing speed and efficiency over features like grammar, spelling, language simplicity, summary, or translation.
  • People who require real-time information or breaking news for their content creation.
  • Those who prefer an AI writing tool with better automation capabilities than Voila. Jasper Everywhere’s automation capabilities that do not require you to press any keys to access its features are actually more efficient. However, it seems that these capabilities are currently experiencing technical issues and are not functioning properly.
  • Individuals who are not patient when dealing with glitches that may occur while using the tool.
  • Voila, with its lack of real-time grammar check and the need for manual text selection, may not be suitable for individuals seeking an automated and seamless grammar and spelling correction experience.


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