VMaker Webinar & Transcription


What’s going on, sumolings, that you so much for joining us for another product, walk-through webinar. I’m Lindsay. I’m joined by the team over at the VMaker. The maker lets you record your screen and webcam, plus capture microphone and system audio to share with your team and audience. It is available on upswell right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal before we dove into this tool. I know you all are excited, so let me just give you real quickly the lay of the land.


If you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in Bowmaker, go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions, though, about the tool deal, how to get set up, leave your questions in the Q&A box down below the studio. We do have somebody from the team here to answer those as they come in. But we’ll also if you’re watching the replay of this, we’ll be circling back to some questions at the end of the walkthrough.


And there will be a replay of this. So if you need to step out, you totally can. All right. How are you all doing? It’s so great to have you guys here today. Thank you. Thank you.


Thanks for joining us today. Yeah.


Welcome. I’m so glad to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass us over the walk through and let me know when you’re ready to questions.


Yep, so I’ll take it from here. Go for it again, thank you. Thanks. Thanks once again, guys, thanks a lot for having us today and the entire team for the way this deal has gone so far and all the small links for and are giving us a warm welcome. And I think we have started getting some nice reviews that letters. Very nice to see. So I’m just going to share my speed and get started with a quick demo.


And probably at the end I can show you some of the use cases which we have seen from our users as well. And then finally, we’ll just open up for questions. So if you guys haven’t done this already, you know, I think Galanti just had a brief description of what we make or does and basically how to record your screen webcam or both. But, you know, your system audio as well as the external audio as well. So in order to get that, all you have to do is just go to we make our dot com and then, you know, you can sign up for the tool from there.


Just click on log in or sign up in my case. And once you’re in, you would see your dashboard and from where you have the option to download Mimiko. So right now we make is available in the marketplace where it is available in the Chrome plugin version as well. These are the two options. The Windows version is a work in progress and you know, it’ll be launched pretty soon as well. So that is one more thing on the way for you guys.


And the deal which we are offering right now is, you know, the Windows version as well. So you don’t have to worry about being anything extra for the Windows question. It’s all like a it has, which is in place. So once you have downloaded the application, just go ahead and start it from there. Can I see my application? Yep, yep, good luck, man, but. We make all right. I just want to think I said that on screen.


All right, can I go see the application for opening up? Yes. So once they’ve downloaded the application, you know, just go ahead and launch. And this is how your screen looks like every user who logs in to be made and gets their own workspace as well. You will get a dashboard you see in the background, and I’ll just walk you through the application first and then come back to the dashboard. So over here, you know, the first thing I want you to look at is the option here called preferences.


This is where you control pretty much everything. Your default recording quality using system audio recording countdown. We usually have a 30 second countdown highlighting mouse clicks flip camera showing the control menu on the left, recording and model showing the launching pad stardom and enabling auto update. We always recommend to have this feature always done because any new updates that is coming in, you will always get it and you won’t miss on the scene. So once we are done with that, we have a few options here to go to.


The next one is adjust your screen and the next one obviously is to record just your webcam. So while doing this, you have an option to switch between your laptop webcam or to add a second webcam if it is connected and if your laptop is recognized, we will automatically recognize that particular webcam as well. And with respect to audio device, you have this option for recording or using a built-In microphone or use an external microphone like what I’m doing right now once again here, in order to ensure that you don’t need any external application for this, we make it automatically detects these things.


And that is the screenplay’s webcam option, which is kind of the most popular option, which many people use where you can record both your screen as well as your webcam. You can see the bubbles popping up. And finally, the most interesting feature, the scheduler option, and you can just click on it. So this is a case where, for example, if you guys are joining this webinar and if you feel like, of course, this is going to be available on YouTube, but for example, if this is not, then all you have to do is just type in, not for this particular recording.


Select the date and the time of that meeting and you can simply schedule recording. And if the system goes on and logged into your account, but then we make a will automatically record this particular time frame, it’ll automatically record your screen and it will be updated to your dashboard as well so that, you know, you don’t have to be always present to all those webinars and meetings. You don’t have to worry about missing them. It’ll always be recorded.


So next, you have the option to record full screen, you have the option to record just a window. For example, if I click on, I have a window that is popping up and then you can also choose, customize when and if you feel like, you know what, I just want a particular part of my screen to be recorded, then you can do that as well. And those are some of the options. And yes, any time you do, you can always adjust your political.


So any plan, although they get to record up to Fouquet resolution. So that is like a given between and before you start. You also have a few more options within this particular bubble which comes up on your face. So you can see that there are two ways you don’t swansburg.


Yep, you can adjust the size. Obviously I don’t think you would want this. And let me I’m just going to go with this. So while you’re recording at one point, if you feel like you, I need to add more emphasis here. The emphasis has to move more towards the screen, sort of into my face off the screen. Then you can just click on this particular icon and it just pops up to the middle and you can see that it goes like this and then you can go back to the previous ISO’s, whatever you want.


We just pull up here and finally we have this very nice auction called adding more frames to this so you can see that I can adjust this shape and size of this particular thing. So if I need to go for a rectangle or if I need to go for a square option, you can do all those things. And yes, you can also make your videos a little interesting as well. For example, if you’re sharing a birthday bash or if you are in a holiday mode, then yes, we have frames that are a few more options coming.


This is the fourth set which has been released and we have been getting some nice response to as well. And secondly, if you are a salesperson and if you want the prospect to remember your name and just go ahead and customize the font and customize the text, which is appearing here as well.


So. Yup, we can do something like that and you get the option to customize this based on your brand color as well. So which way you are and you can just give up a color so that it is also being customizable. So these are some of the options with respect to different ones are all set. You know, with the type of recording, the window, the resolution and everything else is set. All you have to do is just click on start recording so you can see that I have chosen to select a particular section of the screen.


I just want to record this particular area of the screen, then select that and then just click on and start recording.


And entry to the countdown just starts and it pops up. So it is getting recorded at this point of time and you also have the annotation feature once it starts recording. So with the annotation, you also have the option to choose between different colors. Let’s say I want to choose blue to go with and then I can just come here and I can just draw a free hand, whatever I want to emphasize, just show them part of my screen, which has to be emphasized.


And once I’m done, it just disappears automatically after a period of three to five seconds. And then I can just go ahead and stop recording. Or if you feel like I did something, I did screw up something and I need to delete it before stopping the recording and starting it again. You can just delete it right from here. You also have the option to mic if you feel like, you know, at this point of time, just show them what it is.


So let me just drop this recording so you can see that once I click on stop recording, the video starts getting uploaded automatically.


So, yeah, this is a current player, I think, you know, since our launch, this has been the talk of the town for hours and, you know, everyone was like, hey, man, the tool is great, but you guys have to really, really work on the player. So, yes, we did get a lot Giovanna’s also this morning, he has been handling all those calls as well. So after talking to a lot of people, we understood the importance of this game.


And right now we have removed the branding and you will soon get the option to customize with your own brand. So this is like step one and step to would be to add your logos here and there as well. So that is also on the way. But as of now, you would see a clean page without any makeup running right here. So that’s going to help you to make sure that it’s more like a white table solution. And yep, this is the player page from where, you know, you can share this video.


That’s the first part. So if I click on Share Button, you have the option to remember that you have the option to share it to YouTube directly. Let’s say I click on it, but this looks just like how YouTube books, you know, the option using frames. So that is how it works. You can adjust the size and height, weight and height of the player from. And you have the option, I just kicked Facebook, you have the option to go to Facebook and Twitter applies, of course, to our email as well.


Now, the point is, you do the link of the video is shared. So if you guys want to upload the video natively to a particular platform instead of just sharing a link, then try to minimize this. All right.


So if you guys feel like you need to upload the video natively, then you have the option to download the video as well. You can click on download in order to download the video and then upload it manually to different platforms. So unless you download the video is entirely stored on cloud and the entire operations happens on cloud and you also get unlimited storage for this as well. So apart from that, click on the edit icon, you always please do this.


Edit the name of the video. I’m just going to put the name of the video right now because I’ve been creating quite a lot of them of this to organize these videos later on. I’ll show you a dashboard quickly up next. And just below that, if I just finish to zoom in, you can see that it also shows the number of views of those video. So there are two views here, its views and anonymous views. Now, part of that is being recorded on the views.


It means that people who have signed up for Obamacare have viewed those video, not just shattered one of your clients who is not exactly a user of Remak. Then those views are accumulated under anonymous views. So you can also get to see, you know, how many people have seen those videos. So let’s say, you know, I’m just going to share this video just with Joe. And, you know, if I just click if I’m going to copy the link and then send it to Jobin, then and if I see one view there, I’m pretty sure Juman has seen this video already.


The next option is called timer, so let’s say again, while chatting these videos, you will always have this option read and I don’t want the video to be available forever. So in that case, just click and you can choose probably number of days. Let’s say you’re sending some confidential agreements, like maybe a design file, which you don’t want the client to hold after like probably two to three days. Then you can just tell them that it’s available only for two days and then click on Don.


And after two days, the link will expire and they won’t be able to watch this video again. So that’s another update in order to make sure that you get full control over the files you share. Apart from that, you can delete the video from the dashboard. If you feel like it’s not great, you can duplicate it into another video so that, you know, you can chat it with somebody else and you have the added option so that we just click on edit now.


Just give us a. One, by the way, we have a couple of questions coming in where people want to know about how they can record their webinars and screen recordings. So I just created a meeting just for the desk meeting right now, which is being sent to your email. So once you’re done with the explanation, we can probably show them how we can, you know, schedule the meeting to record with.


Oh, yeah, sure. We’ll do that as well. So, yeah, just I’ll come back to that, you know, with the recording thing. This is how the ED page looks like and you have the options here in order to edit. So firstly, you have the option to trim your radio. All you have to do is just click on trim and then, you know, it just gives you this option, Fred. And, you know, you can just cut down the video size.


Now, remember, when you trim the video and when you played here, the resolution will not be the same as the original resolution. It will be compressed. It’s because we need to fast in the editing process. You would see this in many advanced editors varying the quality while you are editing, the video will be compressed and then when you finally render it as rendered as full resolution. So don’t judge the quality from your own unjudged, from the final cut and just to the portions, just click on yes here and it will be done.


And secondly, you also have the option to resize. Now, here I have already resized my video bed and I have just recorded a custom portion of my screen. And if you feel like you need to read, I said better just go ahead and think this is just black screen. Maybe I just bring it somewhere here and you can see that I can just try again. Simply custom record the screen as custom described the screen to custom dimensions as well.


And finally, you have the option to flip between left and right. OK, and then you also have the option to rotate the video as well.


So this is a basic edit, which we have got to play again. There are some more features to be added here as well, but this is the first level of edit.


What do you have right now with in between now?


Whatever it is you make, it is already being saved in know automatically. But then if you need to complete this, you have to click on export video and only then the final video is rendered. Never, ever forget to click on the exported video. And you can see that once the writing is done, it just goes here and your final recording will be loaded in a different page.


So yeah, that’s pretty much what the recording is. Just wait for it to explode. Meanwhile, I’ll just take you guys through the dashboard, but.


All right, so, yeah, this is the dashboard, and you can see that my mind is very, very, very messy. I’ve been trying to organize with a few folders, but I have been unsuccessful. So firstly, you have this option here wherein you can click on to create new folders, just let’s say.


The two that’s not the way to name, but still I’m going to go ahead with it so you can just create a folder with this. And once you’ve created the folder is when you can create a collaborative workspace, you can just click on the shadow option here and you can invite a few people, you know, to this particular workspace. And while you’re inviting them, you have the option to give them just view access or you can also have the option to give them access.


Now, you can do it here while you’re inviting by email. And if you’re inviting them to a link, then you can do it right here. So I can generate an edit link, copy it and then share it to go through my internal messaging tool or something to my teammate in order to invite him to this particular folder. Now, what of what happens when I do that?


Let’s say I have this particular video and I’m just going to try and put it on this folder. Anyone who has access to this folder will have access to my video. And similarly, if your demand is going to post some videos there, you will also get access to that. So that is how you create a collaborative workspace. So if you are a design agency and you know, if you guys are working on a multiple design, then, you know, this is some place which you can do to collaborate between multiple projects and once that is done.


So, again, you know, within the dashboard, you also have the option to edit right from your you have the option to duplicate model basically folders.


But I prefer the drag and drop option. You can shout it from your copy link, which I had to share, and then delete the video as well. So once we cross this.


They go to Mighty. Yep, so here is when, you know, you can start inviting your team members to your particular whimsical workspace, so all you have to do is just go ahead and type in the email. And from here you can get to invite them. Now, while you’re inviting, you have the option to invite them as a member, as an admin as well. Now, if you invite them as a member, then they can invite anybody else.


If you invite them as an admin, then, yes, they can also invite other members. So that’s the main difference between them. So if you have any deal and if you guys are inviting people to make sure you modify the setting before you invite people to your particular workspace, so you can already see that we have a few members admin here and we have a few members here as well.


So just click on their email and you can just click on Send Invite. And if you have more people, just click on add another invitation and you can invite them. Let’s say you are in need of a plan and you have more than one hundred users to be invited. You can always share their email ideas to us and you see as we file or something, and then we can help you to by looking for them as well. But for security reasons, we just restricted to five to six at a time where didn’t want to invite them.


They get an email into their account and from there they can go ahead and start using it as well. Finally, we have the shared with me option. This is something that works pretty much like your Google Drive. For example, we have this folder, tutorial folders we had and we created some small tutorial videos and we just put them all together. And whatever projects you have with your team, that just goes if somebody share something with you, then, yes, this is the place where you would see that.


So that’s the quick update with the dashboard as well. So, yeah, I think that gives us a quick roundup of how the application works. But now let me just show you the extension. If you are a Windows user, then, yes, this is going to be for you. Just go to Chrome store and just click on Search will be Maika. And you would get this.


You can also download this from the dashboard as well, once you sign up, you’ll get the pop up from where you know, you can just go ahead and download the Chrome extension as well. So once you install the Chrome extension, you would see it here. I’m just going to click on it. So this has been a question from multiple people as well. Where and why can’t I access the, you know, right from wrong? So you has some restriction and you can’t access any screen recording tools from the page itself.


So you need to be in a place which has a warrant in order to access the same. For example, I need to be here in a website or something for me to access it. For example, if I just open a new tab here and if I just click on the Chrome extension. So basically I don’t have any earlier and if I just click on the Chrome extension. It won’t work. It would rather take me to the dashboard, so don’t think that it is about, you know, instead of not doing anything, we have just started redirecting people to the dashboard so that, you know, from here they can start recording.


So just be on a place where that is a real present and just click on the economic situation. So let me just move this again.


OK, so once you’ve installed the Chrome extension, just go ahead and log in to your com. Yep, so once you have logged in again, you know, you have pretty much the same options you get on your screen, webcam, audio screen plus webcam, and if you guys have any other applications, if you want to showcase apart from your chromes to work window, I would ask you to go ahead with the full screen recording. And once you want to click on start recording, it gets the option to record your entire screen.


And apart from there, you also have the option to record an application window or a particular chrome tab as well. So if you guys have something of, know, Google Chrome, maybe an application, maybe a PDF file, maybe an image to show, just click on your screen and you can take it from there. And apart from that, the similar and the features are pretty much similar to what you see on the question. And we have another interesting option here.


So I’m just going to click on the main three dots and click on preferences. So, yep, you have the recording countdown, you have the highlighting mouse clicks, you have the option to flip camera shutter control menu recording model and finally control Tomi’s control is something which is currently available on the Chrome extension that’s going to help you suppress all background noise. Now, please don’t expect to level audio quality there right away. It’s not going to be that great.


But then you don’t compare to your regular audio and this is going to help you surprised a bit of noise and you get decent audio clarity on your recordings as well. So that as an added thing, which we have added within the Chrome extension right now, apart from that, the features are pretty much similar. You get the option to record your screen webcam or your screen plus webcam. And you just clarify one more thing for you. Yeah, well, you’re recording the screenplay’s webcam option, you don’t get the frames feature here right now.


It’s something which will be launched on its first launch and then it’ll be put into the comics as well. So one more thing here. Once you click on start recording, I’m just going to click on the entire screen.


OK, so now it is recording and if you see, you know, if I switch on any particular tab, the camera just jobs and then, you know, it reloads again. So this is, again, a normal behavior. The camera has to stop and then go to that particular you want to check if they allow permissions in order to override the screen. And then it starts, for example, if I just go back to my chromes, Tokyo.


You can see that the camera is not starting up and you just waited for three to five seconds. Now I just want to now if I go to the next step, you can see that it’s already starting up. So this is, again, the normal behavior that and you need to check for permissions based on that particular. You are some of them don’t allow and which is why you see a slight delay or while you are recording that this is, again, a normal behavior, which we have seen many people, you know, having issues about.


But then, you know, this is something you have to adhere to based on Chrome store policies, and that is how it works as well. So let me just stop recording.


So once I stopped recording, the flow continues once again, you just you are just taken to your dashboard automatically from where you can get to access the edit link expletive deleted and other features as well.


So, yep, this is the way you get to generating my download link, taking an enormous amount of time today.


Yep, so these are some of the things I wanted to show you guys today and some of the use cases which we have seen so far, but we make available and we have seen people use this as number one. If you are a science guy, if you need to obviously pitch for a proper demo, if you need to personalize it, then yes, that is always a common place where you can go ahead and do it. The second one is if you’re working as a team, if you need to collaborate with the workspace, especially if you are a design team, then there will be a lot of reviews and hydrogen’s or an engineering team there and there will be a lot of iterations.


Again, this is going to be very helpful for you as well. And the most important is going to be on customer support. I think if you guys have used it, if you guys have reached out to us, you would have already seen our customer support video coming your way through. We may go there as well. So these are some of the major use cases which we have seen people use it. And apart from that YouTube and even we have seen them using after our launch.


But Atsumi as well. So those are pretty interesting use cases for us to go back and work on as well.


So, yeah, that is going to be my quick summary regarding the tool and just open for questions now.


Thank you so much. That was wonderful. I appreciate you walking us through that and getting some of these questions answered. Do you have any more questions that you want to drop in the Q&A box? Now, here is your time. Dominic asks, Can you explore the use of the maker on the LinkedIn? I’m sorry, can you repeat that you explore the use of maker on linked in. Exposed the use of chemical or explain the use of explain it.


OK, so basically, you know, I used it during a chrome extension lunch while we were launching the Chrome extension on product. You know, I just recorded a quick video giving people a quick walkthrough of what I what I’m trying to say and then showcasing the product quickly as well. And then finally, you know, I just kept on chat and then chatted with brought up here. If you are chatting to any social media platform, they prefer naito videos, Bridlington, be it anyone you know, they prefer uploading your videos natively instead of sharing external links.


So I would recommend you to go ahead and download the video and then upload it directly to Lanctot. And if you are a real video person, then yes, please do use it. Like if you read a good article and if you need to take people through the system or if you need to quickly record your points or your opinion about the article, then you can just use the webcam option to reject audio feeds while you are sitting without having to switch between multiple gadgets and then you will just download it and export of that as well.


So your personal branding is what I would call the space for, especially with women. So that’s going to be of great help to you.


All right. We have some editing related questions, so I’m going to kind of bundle them into one. Can you cut the videos in between? You have learned over options to add background music. Can you speed up how fast it’s going? I think that’s all of the I think those are all OK.


So what you saw right now, you know, with the added feature as well as like right now, but then, you know, I don’t know if you guys know this, but then we make is a product from Temeka, you know, which is of video production house. So we are trying to bring in a lot of features from those full house video editors. So some of the auctions you can expect or the first one, you know, which we would be launching out of the editor suite is going to be the auction to trim down parts of video.


You know, right now, if you really see it, you can just between the start and the end, let’s say I need to move it from, you know, maybe 18 seconds to 24 seconds then. Yes, I don’t have an option right now. But this is something we are working on. And this is probably going to be the first feature to the editing suite, which we are seeing now. And we have, you know, a lot of requests coming in, which we are working on as well, which basically means adding your text, your own background music and what you just said.


You know, those are some of the features as well. But then, you know, the trim portion there and you know, you can just basically trim down mid portion of the video. That’s that’s going to be the first one that’s going to be launchpad.


Very fun. Let’s look forward to it. All right, we only have one more question here in the Q&A box of siblings if you want to go ahead and throw any more questions in. Now is your moment. We have the question. What about recording webinars? Have they covered that yet?


I think so, yes. I’ll just give a quick run through on the same. So you have the option to don’t just click on the out and then click on the schedule option. So some of the prerequisites for this is you need to have the application on your system and then you should should be logged in. You know, we had this question today like probably three hours before as well. So the person has logged into the dashboard but hasn’t logged into the application.


So make sure you log into to the application. Just click on schedule, give it a title. Maybe I’m just going to say, you know, small. Webinar and then just click on the date to take you hosting somebody tomorrow. All right, so let’s say, you know, it’s between five thirty and to say like 3:00 p.m. or something, so you can just set the date and if you want, you can add the option to get a confirmation five minutes before recording.


So that is a pop up that comes in and start recording. But if you feel like you won’t be available, then you can just click on schedule recording and it will automatically be scheduled. So that’s how you do it. And once you get it, recording the duration as as like can do too much.


They say, I’m just going to keep it until it’s scheduled at six thirty.


All right. So if I just click on scheduled recording and it’s done. Yep, so you can see that, you know, I get the confirmation message and at any time if I check back my application, you would see a red dot means that the scheduler is on. And yep, I don’t know if you saw the mail pop up coming in, but then, you know, you also get an email stating the confirmation of the undercoating being scheduled as well.


That’s awesome. Thank you. All right. What sizes can you download the video in? OK, that’s a good question. So what about you have recorded it just comes in in the native resolution, so let’s say you have recorded it on ATP, then that’s going to be the quality. And in terms of size. I mean, if you’re looking at the dimension, if you haven’t, you to use the custom dimension of Shin Bet and you’re recording a portion of the screen, then that it just comes in the negative six to nine dimensions, which you’ll get.


So that’s the usual much fun.


All right. So it. Have any more support questions? If they want to get more information about how to use the tool, where can they go? How can they contact you?


So you have those option to write to us any time at all, like we make our dot com, but you also have the enough chat so you can see the Entercom symbol right here on your dashboard.


So you know that that has been the best seller for as you know, people have been raving about the gas Rosabeth so far and all credit to Josh Howard and on the other side. So he would be the guy who would be with you as soon as possible. We have almost a twenty four seven support button. We all talk about, you know, during the night that our time as we get to that would be the best way if you need some quick replies there.


This is awesome. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your taking the time to hang out with us. So if you have not already, you can redeem your codes at Atsumi Dotcom slash moviemaker. Honestly, Atsumi, I was considering getting some coffee maker, so we I think this is an awesome and easy to use tool. Our video editor recently used it to kind of test it out and and he had great things to say about it. So I really appreciate y’all.


He’s not the only one. Our editor is not the only one with great things to say. All have been raking in the reviews. So kudos to you all. And you have five top ratings. So congratulations and see if you’re not already going to go to the deal page, redeem your code starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by Studio 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you.


Once you’ve done that, please go ahead and leave your views on the deal page. We really, really love our support team, loves them and makes everybody happy. And then if you have any more questions, you can reach out to their team as well.


I know they’ve they’ve been getting a lot, so maybe also be patient.


Thanks. Thanks, Lindsey. Thanks once again. Thank you. Yeah, thank you.

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