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If you’re a person who’s always behind planning and optimizing websites, or content for websites, creating your own sitemap for reference can be bloody work. But now, it doesn’t have to be because of Visual Sitemaps.

As the name implies, VisualSitemaps is web planning tool that will create you a sitemap in seconds.

Do you have a great idea for your website structure but can’t map them well? Do you want to analyze your competitor’s website structure and content? Do you want to do quick website audits to optimize your site?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Visual Sitemaps is the perfect tool for you.

Find out more what VisualSitemaps can do for you in our review below!


VisualSitemap’s Pricing Overview


Visual Sitemaps’ price starts at $19/month for a single user, and this plan is best if it’s only for personal use. The price scales up if you want to use this tool for commercial purposes as you’ll gain a full access to all the features of this software.

Visual Sitemaps also has a limited lifetime deal offer on Appsumo that starts at $59 for a Tier 1 deal.

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Price starts from:

$19.00 / month

✅  Has a free version
Save 25% when youu get an annual plan
✅  Customizable plan for agencies

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for Tier 1 Deal

VisualSitemap's lifetime deal offer


VisualSitemaps’ Features


Visual Sitemaps has a lot of different use cases because of the features that it has and the output that it delivers.

👉  Get an overview of a website’s structure and framework within seconds just by typing its URL. The sitemap which will be features screenshots of the webpages that it crawled.

👉  Crawl through public or private websites to audit their site, or find their best UI and UX strategies, or create their sitemaps.

👉  The drag-and-drop editor lets you work through complex websites and pages easily.

👉  The editor allows you to re-arrange the structure of the pages to your liking, change titles, add or remove sections, and upload screenshots to make your sitemap more comprehensive.

👉  Collaborate and communicate with your team or your client through screenshot tagging and annotation features.

👉  Highlight your competitor’s strategies and features with screenshots, comments, and notes.

👉  Get notifications within the app or in your email when feedback is made.

👉  Have threaded conversations with your team as you plan, discuss, and strategize.

👉  Customize the details on the sitemaps that you create with simple to advanced settings for a more complete or narrowed-down website audit.

👉  Type in XML URLs to crawl through specific sites and discover broken links.

👉  The Visual QA feature can help you keep track of your competitors’ website and content. Just input the URL of the websites and pages that you’d like to track and the AI will update you of any changes made. With this handy feature, you’ll quickly see if your competitors make any changes to their content and adapt your own strategies to beat them in their game.

👉  The Visual QA feature can also be used to schedule crawls and automate internal QA to keep your website healthy and consistent as you update and optimize your own site.

👉  Download your sitemap in various file formats depending on your needs.



Who is VisualSitemaps for?


👉  Web, UX, and UI designers who want to analyze how their competitors design the interface of their websites and adapt their strategies.

👉  Founders, marketers, and SEO strategists who want to keep tabs of their competitors content and activities.

👉  Web developers who are required to create optimized website structure for their clients.


Things to note about VisualSitemaps


👉  Screenshots of some web pages can at times be inaccurate.

👉  Some people find the drag-and-drop editor feels limited when it comes to what you can do with it.

👉  Crawling a website’s pages can become very slow.


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User Reviews for VisualSitemaps


“Very straightforward and simple tool. Allows you to scrap web pages and see the site architecture for websites. Great tool to spy on the competition. This tool allows me to see my competitors SEO/UX strategy. I can compare sites side by side. Provides valuable info!”

by NC23


“I’ve needed a tool like this for years. I’ve been manually mapping websites, and marketing projects for years and the value of being able to share a visual with clients, or staff is priceless.

In fact, just getting a visual overview of competitor websites, or seeing how your platform is changing over time will be a major benefit.


I played with Visualsitemaps free version for the past couple days and watched all the YouTube videos including the “back story” and let me say, I’m blown away.

Very polished, does what you want, and many different use cases and scenarios where you can increase your teams communication, campaign effectiveness, and even for prospecting; Not to mention UI, UX, and CRO potential!


Well done fellas, looking forward to what the future brings!”

by Csdoes


“I am a web designer and an agency owner and having a full picture of a website is important to me. As a client site grows, I want to make sure I know all of their hundreds of pages and how they link to each other. Having an image of each page – means I can go from one page to another as I inspect them.

I can also send a link to my client and have them consider how the site could be improved – meaning more money in my hands from new projects.”

by Diriye


“I have been doing much of this work manually. Visual Sitemaps save you time and money to gain the Big picture of the targeted site. If it is an e-commerce site you want to map, there is no way you want to do it manually.

VisualSitemaps gets it done in a few clicks. The new features of comparing the Pre-Post site changes are exceptionally useful for the UI/UX team. I find the support team were responsive and keen to assist.”

by Andrew


“This is such a high-quality tool, both from a design and functionality standpoint. It’s a game-changer for competitive research as well as working with teams. I LOVE the visual aspect of the sitemaps and the ability to annotate the screenshots. Plus it’s super fast – I mean, if I sat down and tried to screenshot every page on my site it would take forever – huge timesaver and instantly made me feel more organized.”

by sumo-ling


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