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What’s going on, sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Viewst. An easy-to-use app that lets you create professionally designed ads from scratch in minutes. No design or coding experience required. It is on appsumo right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walkthrough, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.


First thing, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, go ahead and do that over in the chat room and also just say hi to me there. I love to hear from you. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below the video. We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walk through.


But we also have a couple of people here from the team to go ahead and answer them as they come in. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available if need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. Enough of me. Hey, Victoria, how are you doing? Hey, Lindsay. Hey, siblings. I’m so excited to be here with you today.


So let me briefly share the background why we actually developed views. So I was working and we were working as an agency. And during the high season, we didn’t have enough capacities to create ads and simultaneously. Let me share the screen so you can see this. And I actually approached my designers asking them what tools do we use in order to build designs and apps for our clients? And they mentioned so many different tools. And there are so many cool tools available for creating digital designs and visuals, especially for social media like, I don’t know, camera or Spencer, which is available on apps actually, or Corella, for instance.


And we do like this tool and we used to use them a lot. But being an agency, we had to create not only social media but also display ads. And that’s how we turned out to develop youth. So we the our major goal is to build a one stop shop where you can cover all your arts production needs in the first row. And secondly, we’d love to automate routine tasks in order to help you to scale and create as many ads with as low number of professionals or people in the team as possible.


So let me switch to the screen and show you a couple of our use cases. First of all, this is our welcome screen and where you can see a very short video, how to start working with users and how to build a simple animated banner. And I’m going to show you. So I’ll skip this part and I’m going to show you how to build a banner. OK, let me keep everything. Here we go. So there is a demo project just to make you feel comfortable, not to start from a white list, but let’s build something from scratch.


So first of all, you can OK it. Let’s keep this on board in three. So for that. Well. Let’s start all over again. So first of all, there is a possibility to build any kind of a of course, we were working on on display ads for, say, Google ad networks for desktop and mobile, or you can build social media ads or you can create interactive videos, or this is a very unique format which is floating nebulous.


But let’s start with basics. Let’s create a banner or be done. We can use templates. If you don’t have any experience in design, you can start using templates. But I want to show you how to do the banner from scratch. Let’s choose an empty canvas. Here we go. So we try to make our tool as simple as possible. Done. Boom. OK, first of all, send it to. First of all, let’s start adding text on our canvas.


Good, we can work with this text, we can edit it, we can to the font or we can upload our special wanted to have it for our brand. I’ll show you how to do this bit later. We can play the style. Let’s choose something like, I don’t know, let’s choose extra bold. Then again, we can play with the text, changing the size, changing the alignment. Let’s make it, let’s center it. And then let’s add.


Let’s alignment to the left. OK, let’s go, let’s do the good and maybe a little bit lower and then let’s with this tax. Here we go. And let’s align that to. To the left. Let’s align it to the left, good, let’s choose the topic, for instance. I love sports. I love running. Okay, let’s do something about running.


Oops. That’s to run and run cool. OK, I want to add some image, there is a big library of images you can use on the tab or you can upload your own images and you can create your favorites folder, for instance, for images you use quite a lot. But I want to choose something from my library or photos we have currently. OK, currently we have integration with Sebat in D.C. and we are going to integrate many other libraries.


OK, let’s find Snicker’s, for instance. I like this one. OK. It looks good. Here we go, it looks good, but I don’t like the background because it doesn’t work with my band. I’m going to create we have a very cool feature, which is remove background image background. So with the click. Wow, I can get. I can remove this background and now I want to now want to mirror my. Sneaker. OK, and let’s make it a little bit bigger.


Let’s make it like. Bigger and less centered and maybe let’s put it behind in order to work with the tax. Here we go. Let’s add a call to action. I like this one. OK, let’s move to the center. Let’s do that, let’s put it that I’m like Snapp’s, by the way, makes me feel comfortable, align this elements and different layers, and I want to make it a little bit lower. OK, cool.


Let’s change. Let’s change the color. I want to, I don’t know, bluish, for instance. Good. And let’s play with the color of the text. And I wanted the same as the call to action, for instance. OK, I can you choose I can use this index and then. OK, now that here. So you give the same color and you can choose different approach. So it’s up to you what index you have in order to input it here.


And let’s play with another text as well. So let’s change it. I like it now and I don’t know, let’s add some shapes to make it more interesting. We have a library of shapes here as well. Let’s get back to the image. Let’s play with the shapes. There are loads of different shapes. And like this one.


I like this one. OK, let’s make it bigger. I don’t know, like. OK, good, then let’s alignment’s let’s alignment to the center as well, a little bit down and then let’s put it backwards.


OK, I like it. What do you think? That looks OK. Let’s go to animated. It’s never been so easy, so let’s choose a layer, let’s you can easily add animations, clicking on the timeline of the layer. OK, let’s keep it for him so you can let’s let’s do it, I don’t know, let’s leave it at. Or what else, let’s face it. They did they didn’t let us do next and let’s add.


OK, sorry for that, but it’s actually it’s very helpful when you go use and use for the first time. I just want to skip everything and then let’s add some animation to this nigga.


Fade in, OK, let’s also add some animation to the layers, let’s do slide. Left and right. And let’s add something to the to section as well. Let’s go leave. It was good, and now we can play to preview. It’s OK, but not so cool, let’s fix it a little bit, let’s make this animation’s sure.


And. As simple as that, let’s make all of the animations in the trailer to make it more dynamic and let’s. Shortening the actually the mission as well. OK, another prevue. I think it’s it’s better now. OK, the next step. So, as I mentioned, the idea behind views was to help users to build mostly apps. And for this purpose, we have settings page where you can choose the map, where you are going to use or you’re going to launch a campaign Web site to Google.


Okay, so when did you Google this then is going to be aligned with technical requirements by Google so you can really upload it to the line item on your network and it’s going to be fine.


It’s going to pass through moderation. Now we can download it or let’s think about auto automation, so we want to create inventors for different channels of different sizes, different formats. So let’s fast forward and let’s add. I don’t know that so many Foremans, OK, and just with a single click. Let’s keep this again. So with a single click, we got as many as six months. You see, it’s more or less fine, so you don’t even have to adjust them.


And it’s not perfect yet because this is actually our better or smarter sites feature and they’re going to improve it going forward and our next improvement should be published as soon as in April. But anyway, you don’t have to build it from scratch, so you just need to play with it a little bit. Let’s. Let’s change, first of all, I want to make it known that. Zoom in to make it easier to work with it.


Let’s play with the sex they know too much when a. Oh, alignment to the center and make the text bigger. Oh, yeah, I think it’s good. And the one that just. Hi, Betty, thanks for your patience as we figure this out. Feels like a. A lot was happening at once and her computer needed a break, so we all need a break sometimes.


How’s everybody doing, feel free to talk to me if you guys have any questions, go ahead and start your questions in the Q&A. We’ve got a couple of people from the team here on standby to answer them. So definitely would love to hear from you. Let us know your use case. Let us know what you want to do with this tool. We will chat with you, chat with us she. You hope everybody’s having a nice Friday. Thanks for hanging in there, Al.


Not maybe disappear since nobody is talking to me. Hello, welcome back. Oh, guys, I’m so sorry I was trying to fix it as soon as I can, so let me get back to the screen share. I hope you all still here yet.


There’s still everybody still here. And we’ve been answering questions in the queue. So you’re good.


OK, great. OK, this chair.


Can you see my screen? Yes, we can. Looks good. Yeah, great. I think that’s what the reason why it didn’t generated. So as I was trying to show all. OK, let’s get back to class sizes.


Here we go, and let’s choose another size, I don’t know, for instance, this one. And let’s check out whether all animations are in place so you don’t have to work with each single banner again and again and again. So you can simply click at home once you get all the banners. Same animated looks good. And then there is another big thing for banner makers and agencies and designers and marketers. It’s a very common thing when you get comments from your client for less minutes and then you need to work with the whole etcetc one by one to fix this changes to change.


I don’t know the text or the color or anything else you have to to work with this. So let’s, for instance, change the color of our call to action. Let’s make it red, for instance, and let’s change the text as well. So. Let’s make it, John, now. And let’s see all the sizes changes. And here we go now you have all your business within, you call to action and you don’t need to work with each of them, and that’s cool.


So let me show you the brand, which is also very important for designers who work with big brands. Let’s go to Favorites and Favorites is the first version of a brand. They’re going to release a brand book as soon as, if I’m not mistaken, the next. OK, so we can upload the font on many fronts and then we can upload images while editing. Let’s add some font. I want to add our fonts. Sarah from. I have it here.


I should have. Okay, let’s wait. So I don’t want to waste your time again. Maybe it’s not a good connection right now. So you to your and your images and then, well, I can show you it’s in a different account, actually, haha. OK, let’s let’s dove into the banner. OK, cool. And to the text and then you can go to the library and you have your favorites. And this is my phone ServPro.


And if you go to the image tab and choose mine and on for instance recent upload, when you choose an image you can add it to your favorite. Checking with this checkbook’s or you can check it and then you can see your favorites recently uploaded and you see your favorites and here you see your friend actually. So this is it. Another thing I would like to tell you about, it’s these are features which are going to be shipped very soon then which should help you to scale your production as well.


So one of the major features they’re working on that we will go into it as soon as in April is the ability to make bug generation what it means so you can create your must have banner and then you’ll be able to upload your CSP file from your CRM, for instance, where you have a lot of lines with your different type of products and different description of the products and for instance, the different price of these products. And then you can create as many different banners similar to as many lines you have on your CFC file.


So this is the one feature which should significantly, significantly help you to scale your production. Another solid feature is the ability to ship, to push creates banners directly to your Google, Facebook client cabinet. And these features are going to be shipped in the coming two or three months. We are working on it right now as well. And probably let me show you another I’m getting back to a new account and let me show you quickly the use case for and this is actually this is actually this new project which was created.


I can change the name of the project here. Let’s make it run fast. OK. And yeah, and now you are also able to create any kind of social media for months, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tugger and Pinterest, and you can always create a custom size, which is very easy. So you just chew the size and then you add you need to for instance, you makes hundred by a hundred.


And as simple as that. Yep. So I think these are the most biggest features they have already delivered, and these are the use cases which are available already, and now I will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you so much, I appreciate you walking us through everything. I know that all the questions that have come in so far have been answered. So is there anything else that you want to know? Go ahead and send those in.


I know a question that a lot of families have in general is just how does your tool compare to others on the market? What can you tell us? Yes.


So first of all, as I mentioned in the very beginning of this webinar, there are so many different tools which are available for digital designs. And these tools are really cool, like cover of Stancil or Corella, and lots of them are available on excellent. And I strongly recommend them. But if we are talking about production and when you’re talking about and you need not only images and videos, but you also need HSM banners. This is one big add value which provides to the users.


Second, big value is actually the ability to scale this production so you can use more Tresize generation features in order to create many, many banners in just really seconds. And another good feature, which is team access. And I didn’t show it to you, but let me show which is available for all similar things. OK, you can create different teams and invite different members to your teams. Let’s create a team. Let’s call it. I don’t know.


Absolutely. And you can invite different teammates to this team and you can share different kind of access to your project. So which is very useful, especially when you need to possibly get approvals from your clients, for instance, or from the managers and your teams. And it’s getting much easier. So you don’t have to send a lot of emails back and forth, back and forth. You can simply invite all the people who are stakeholders of this project.


And quickly, seamlessly. And I think it’s also very helpful whenever you need to scale its production. So these are the biggest advantages which he brings to our users.


Awesome. Thank you so much. The other question that we have here, the last question that we have here is, are you planning on creating folders to store project items in? And then on a bigger question than that, I guess, is what is on the roadmap that you’re looking forward to that’s important? Yeah, that’s a very good question, because executive use is just in the very beginning and we are less than one year old and they have so many ideas and so many features which are now a pipeline.


And the first of all, you can find our public road map, which is available. Let me say that he is so we created a special landing page at Soomro, used dot com. So on these landing page, you can find the public road map. And we would be so grateful if you add to your feature request to this public room, because it will help us to prioritize which features we should deliver first and which maybe we don’t have to deliver at all.


And as I mentioned before, so the biggest features are connections to Facebook and Google client cabinets and cabinets and them bug generation in order to build different variations to test to run a test for your marketing campaigns. And what another thing I forgot to mention, we already have a plug it FEMA, because I know lots of you use Fiamma to great business and other cool things. Now you can upload your designs from figments of use in order to scale it, in order to animate it and in order to save it in different formats.


And we also have a possibility to upload files created in Photoshop. And you can find all our tutorials. How to do this on our YouTube page.


You said so. They’re amazing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you walking us through all that and giving us all that extra information and similar things. You want to check out that road map app views, dot com. And of course, if you have not already redeemed your code app dot com bust, I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. So if you have not already, you can go ahead and redeem your codes. Forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.


Of course, it’s backed by most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. If you want to leave your reviews, you can join all of the others from Sony reviews here that have been giving it their five Taxco rating. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the page as well. Thank you so much, Victoria.


I really appreciate you being here and walking us through everything. Thanks, Lindsey. Thanks. It was good to be with you today. Thank you.



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