Vieworks Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.810] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product, walk through a webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team. Over at Viewers Works is a video lead generation tool that enables marketers and sales teams to turn views into sales by rewarding viewers.

It is available on AppSumo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walkthrough, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. The second thing, if you want to tell us or if you have any questions about the tool, rather, if you want to leave those questions down below this video in the Q&A box, we will be circling back to them at the end of the walkthrough.

And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you want to just watch this later again and again, you can totally do that.

It’ll be available shortly after we’re done here. All right. That’s enough of me. Hey, Chris, how are you doing?

[00:01:01.980] – Chris (Vieworks)
Lindsey, I’m good. How are you? I’m doing very well. I am excited to dove into this today.

[00:01:07.710] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I will pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you want to take some questions.

[00:01:11.280] – Chris (Vieworks)
Great. Well, yeah, we’re thrilled. Everyone was thrilled to be here in the community and looking forward to doing this walkthrough and showing you more use cases of our platform. So. Here we go with The View Dashboard, so this is the interface that you’ll see when you first log on and just point out you’ve got your dashboard here with all your statistics of how your campaigns are running, the impressions the video starts to completes and the leads generated and perks claimed that will jump into in a moment.

And here you’ll see your brand seats. Now, a brand seats is your your brand name new kind of dedicated subdomains to run your brand campaigns on. And that’ll be the link that you can share and post and integrate into your websites. And your active campaigns will be the campaigns that you’ve got running at any point in time here. Now, first, before we get started, we go into a company building and this is where you can update your plan.

So if you’ve got any stacked up code, this is where you’ll be redeeming them to be upgrading your plan. And you can fill in any company details as well here by editing your company. And then from a managed user point of view, you’ll be able to get a number of different user permissions. So if you want to add your team or any clients into into the platform to very easy to do so just here. And you can select first name, last name, the email address and you can select what permission you want to give to them, whether it’s a client or whether it’s a team member, which is limited.

They can’t see any of the buildings and they’ll be able to see specific campaign brand seats that you want to assign them to. OK, so that’s the the the admin and the basics, let’s jump into creating our first campaign and getting this getting this up and running. So back on the dashboard screen, you will see create and see button here. And this is the first stage that you’ll have to do wants to just get your campaign to get your your your company.

So I’m going to give just a few weeks. So this is your company then goes in here. I’m going to give scared again. You can just put your company name in your YORO or anything else you want to run for your brand.

And then we just the tick shows that it’s available and then upload your your squad social icon. Into the platform here, and you can just resize it. And then you can create your seat, and so here you’ll see now I’ve got my my seat created and it’s one of the perks that I owe, which would be the the subdomain that we’re running on. Next up, we want to create our first campaign so we can go into either campaign option here or click on the action here.

And this will take us through to the campaign set up feature. Now we’ve got four different types of campaigns and four different templates that you can do at the moment. Sweepstakes is very simple. Watch our video. And when I was in vouchers or when a free a year subscription win, great prizes, whatever you want to do. But you’re running a contest and your users will watch the video and then they’ll be entered into a chance to win some great prizes that you’ll you’ll put on for them a coupon code.

Again, fairly straightforward that if you are offering discounts against your products and services, you can upload unique this coupon code. So we’re going to we’re going to do that for this demo. But likewise, the reward link would be if you wanted to point someone to a lead magnet or a special website to redeem the reward elsewhere, such as access, some exclusive great content and a free form is a white label, also a white canvas, blank canvas template to enable you to ask your users what they want to do to then claim the reward.

So it might be download our application and receive your free credit within them, but it gives you the the access to be able to fill in what you want. So let’s just do a coupon code for our demo and we’re going to give our campaign a name, so. This is just for your own references and we’re going to select when we want the campaign to run to. So I’m going to want this to run up until the end of January.

And then we will paste in here our video, you are out. So at the moment, YouTube’s compatible with so few works, is compatible with YouTube, compatible with Vimeo. Plus, we do also have our own video player as well. If you want to host the video, you are on your own CDN. You can still see and you are in here, but very easily we can just go to YouTube and we can just use our Atsumi video here.

And I’m going to, for example, grab the shelling. When I copy this and then I am going to paste it into the video URL, and then we’re going to give the campaign a headline, so watch.

Sayed. And learning the. OK, and you can put whatever you want in here, this is what’s going to be visible on the front of your video, what your audience will be able to see. So you want to make it catchy? I want to be able to offer what the reward is. And then we have a lot more features of the user wants to learn more. We can we can add learn more into this explanation that they can click and see.

So it might be. So say they get any specific instructions you want to put in that, and then this is where you get the coupon codes, so if you were to go in to check out, you put your coupon code and hey, you go the deal code in. So I’m just going to put an example. This isn’t a real deal code, so it won’t be actually working. If you have multiple codes, you can upload, download a copy file, paste your codes in the row and then upload it back into the platform.

And then it will give everyone a unique deal code. But we’re just going to do one standard code that’s going to run until the end of January. And we want to capture user data. So parts of the flow is you can ask specific questions. So we might want to ask, are you interested in getting more leads? You can ask it to more questions, but this is a great way to qualify your audience. And then we can send a user to more information afterwards.

So we might want to send a user to our website and we want to know.

So I’m going to put you up in this field and I’m just going to do fine by now in the button sense of conditions.

So if you do have any legal’s or any specific use, any specific requirements, any anything that you need to to cover off based on your reward goes in here. And if you want to provide support that if users having any issues with deeming, you can put your your support email address in here, which shows on the email that sent afterwards, we then have some advanced features which will simoleons do have access to, which is includes some additional customization to really optimize your campaign.

And it could be include referral links. So if at the end of the video a user will get a unique link that they can share with their friends, who can also watch the video and get the reward, and we can change the video over text so that the bespoke is watch a video, earn a reward. But if we want to change that, we can we can customize that that messaging here. And we also have country targeting. So if your reward is only applicable, only available to certain countries, you can include or exclude them here.

Now, when we see in a moment the demo is going to have a countdown we can set what point of the video do we want the user to be able to claim the reward and unlock? So the default is seventy five, but we might want to make that one hundred and then I’m going to make this 20 percent just so we can show you the the make it 10 percent. We can do a maximum number of claims. We’ve got some pixel code integrations, we can do some CRM labeling, we can do some reporting.

So if you want to send weekly daily reports to your team members in your account, we can set that up here as well as then the user data. We’ve got multiple different languages as well. So the moment we can select different languages that to which it runs in and you can link to your privacy policy. So this is a very popular feature we added for the simoleons where you can remove the power by the works in the widget and put your own privacy policy.

You are on here. So. Put your own company and I’m just putting this to the for the demo. We have an interactive quiz. So if you want to reward uses that actually have answered a question correctly, we have a multiple choice of three questions that you can overlay and add that to the widget. And we also have a feature where you can make the widget play automatically upon somebody clicking on the link, which is great if you’re running any advertising, any Vaneta video or if you’re running on social and you want to then have the messaging and images on Facebook, for example, and you click that link, it’s going to open the video with the countdown on straight away.

So here we go after Save the Campaign. It’s very important you get taken to the public, your campaign section. Now we have this this message here because it takes a couple of minutes for the the you are euro to populate. And so if you see if you do see an error, then just give it a little bit more time, because this is your URL, which is going to be be generating now. And we have multiple ways of sharing.

So we have a direct link here. She’s going to look at it in a moment. We have an embed code. So this is easy copy paste and place on your website. You have iFrame, so if you’re using WordPress, you can actually use this iFrame integration or if you’re running any advertising you can use this iframe we have a QR code so you can actually download the QR code attaches to any literature. If you’re doing events, if you’re doing conferences and want people to watch your video, learn about your reward, plus capture that data.

This is a great solution for that. And we have some more advanced overlay widgets, which if you want to optimize your website and you’ve got a link text, which then calls the player in a full page, you can play with Overlake features. OK, so now let’s take a look. What the campaign looks like. So here we go. So this is then the widget, we’re fully optimized and we have a mobile version, too, which.

Because. And then, as you can see, if you use it on your Web site, you can share it on social and then we have the mobile version as well. Now, if the user comes to this, they will be able to read. The message is very clear. Watch this video and a watch and save 20 percent of learning how this works works. If I want to learn more keys than the. The success that she’s showing you, the details and the terms and conditions.

And you’ve got privacy policy for your company in here to. As we watch the video. We see this counter in the top right hand corner. Tap into that potential even more by actually getting leads through the video. That’s right. Now you can supercharge your sales funnel and rake prospects and use the tool today can then claim the video. So we’ve set that it very early on, but you can set that up. What are the points of the video that you want?

And then as a user, what go through the flow? They will click on filling in. Any questions that you’ve got? They will.

Agreed to the terms and conditions and they will connect via Facebook, Google or email, and they will. Submit. And then they will receive their coupon codes, so this is then where they can copy the code, they can paste it in, they can go straight to the platform, and they can share this via email, Facebook on many different platforms. And at the same time, our system will send them a white labeled email as well, which just confirms the details.

So they’ve got that email and then they can click through and then come and sign up and purchase. So that’s the the the the player. When I go back to the platform, we can have a look at our CRM and our analytics. So here we’ve got all the data of your different campaigns and. We will be able to see which campaign you want to choose. And you’ll be able to see again the video starts. You’ll be able to see the perks claimed the click for the call to action at the end, and the video completes as well as the click through rates and the view through rates.

And you can download this into CSFI. And as we go into our CRM page, we will be able to. It’s going to give you an example. So I was in the wrong page. Here we go. So if I go into the CRM will be able to see. A specific campaign that we want to then be looking at and then we can download the CSV file directly or we can see the user data and then we can actually see who’s been signing up in the database.

And then when we download that, we can also connect this directly to our CRM system. So using our Zacchia natsu that.

You want to automate this and push this directly into, say, CNN, Fox, so we can then send up email marketing and a follow up list will be able to use.

In Zacchia. The ability to connect his template to save new viewers, viewers, and to send Fox so we can try this one or you can try and from the hundreds of different applications integrated into Zakiya, it’s a very straightforward and easy just to push your leads directly into MailChimp, into HubSpot, Salesforce, et cetera. If you need any, the the other interesting feature that we’ve got is we’ve got a marketplace. So if you want to be rewarding your your customers through email, through links, in reach outs, we want to order them a coffee.

Normally, we take them out for coffee and we’re offering to sell our prospects a big deal. But now it’s very difficult to get through and get them on a webinar when I can actually purchase copies through the fireworks marketplace from, say, Starbucks and actually load up my accounts so I can not be rewarding a Starbucks here to to my my prospects. And they are going to then be watching the video or learning about my products and services and wanting to then do business with me.

And I’m going to in return, offer them a Starbucks coffee voucher, which is going to create this value exchange and improve brand and improve the chances of me closing the deal and selling services to to my customers. We also have charity donations such as One Tree Planted. So watch this video will concentrate on your behalf, which is a very popular one. We do have the eats delivery to Amazon vouchers and over a thousand other partners in our Purt marketplace, which is constantly evolving and growing and developing.

Great. And we also just do have 24 hour support. So if you do have any questions that you can reach us down at the bottom here and we do have an onboarding check sheet. So this is a great tool to run through what I’ve just shown you and showing how to set up your campaign and how to run it. Great. Well, Binsey, that’s everything from me. Is there any questions? Wonderful. Thank you so much. Similar things, you can go ahead and put your questions in the Q&A box.

[00:19:13.210] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We do have some here. The first is, how are your customers using view works if they do not offer a reward?

[00:19:21.970] – Chris (Vieworks)
So if they do not offer a reward, will customers aren’t using fireworks if they’re not offering the world? Because we are primarily centered on this value exchange philosophy. So there is so much noise and clutter and content out across all the different platforms. And video is by far the most powerful vehicle to be able to sell your products and services. So by offering offering them some sort of value, then you are getting up to eight times more video engagement and you’re capturing that data in Leeds, which so many people often watch a video and would never you’d never know.

They watched your video service, which is a great tool for capturing and measuring who who watched your video content. If you don’t want to be rewarding specific rewards per user, then we recommend running a sweepstakes competition. So you can then just draw a draw at the end of your campaign and give away a give away a prize, give away access, give away content, lead magnets can be a reward so anyone can create a very popular for generating leads.

[00:20:27.670] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Well, what content you’ve been offering is lead magnets previously can be a reward within UX. Awesome.

Right. Question about Integration’s. Are there plans? Can you talk to us about your integrations? The question here is, are there plans to have direct integrations with tools like Awaba MailChimp and Sun Fox? Yeah. What can you tell us about integrations?

[00:20:51.770] – Chris (Vieworks)
Yeah, sure. So we are a young company. The beginning of our journey. We started off with Zacchia because they make they take a lot of the pain out of integration. So it gives us the the connections to all of those platforms that you’ve mentioned and many, many more that gives us the ability to launch the platform and see which integrations are most popular working well. And we plan to with enough customer support to do direct integrations on each of those with you.

There’s two types of integrations that we are focusing on. There’s integrating into existing video players such as YouTube and Vimeo. We have Twitch and Wistia and a bunch of others rolling out soon. And then we have integrations into where we push the data, the user data into, such as, as you said, Melching, HubSpot and Salesforce. And that’s where we’ve been using Zacchia to to handle those integrations for the time being, but definitely hoping to do more as we as we evolve.

[00:21:48.550] – Lindsay (AppSumo)

All right. Lorenzo asks, we run an agency. What features are available to support multiple clients? Please elaborate. Sure thing.

[00:21:58.720] – Chris (Vieworks)
Where we build primarily build the platform architecture to support that exact use case with the like with the brand structure which we’ve shown you, you’re able to create a brand seat totally unique to your different brands that your agency is looking after, which we also then have a parent child user access so you can create multiple different brands within the one account and you can assign different use cases, different permissions to different users as if they were your customers. And it’s all segmented separately.

So with that structure, it’s very favorable for agencies to be able to manage their clients in that nature. Wonderful.

[00:22:47.200] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We have just one more question here. We have two more that just came in. I would OK with the video site vew player be integrated.

[00:23:02.350] – Chris (Vieworks)
I’m not familiar with this personally. No, not at the moment. We’d have to take a look and see. I’m not too familiar either. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We’ll have to take a look at everybody.

There’s another I the reason that I paused before asking these questions is because I don’t recognize either of the things that they’re referencing here. So let’s see what we got for this one. Do you have any experience with KJB?

I would love to run your tool on top of videos there.

I don’t know that honestly. There is no I’m afraid that’s one of the two video players that we we haven’t come across yet. We did come off Wave. So I’m speaking with the Wave video, which is a previous tool which is being offered in the marketplace. And and now after lots of requests, discussing with the management team about an integration. So that’s ongoing. So that’s the one integration that we have had a lot of similar highlight and we are investigating.

We will take a look at the other players after this and drop a note in the on the. As whether we can integrate so much in the future. Awesome, yeah, I know that a lot of work goes into scoring some integrations and I’m sure that there are a lot of requests. So appreciate you hearing them, but also understand that it could take some time if it does come to be.

[00:24:26.070] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, siblings, if you have any more questions, you just have a couple more here to do a call to.

Is there any way to do a call to action that branches off to another website? Yes, so just in the demo, just just show you again. As we’re setting up the campaign. We can put our call to action in this link, so this post coimbre we give the button the name and this is where we branch off. After the use is claimed, we capture that information. We then send them off at this stage here. Can you talk about the stacked codes and the benefits of stacking?

[00:25:11.550] – Chris (Vieworks)
Yeah, sure, so the codes with without having the page up in front of me, so you from a process point of view, you can stack the codes in company and billing after you upload them. And obviously we get more and more value to the more codes that you buy. So we are stacking on brand seats available. So if you are working with multiple clients and you are an agency, then we recommend that you use the code to get multiple access to multiple brand seats and then we limit the number of campaigns.

And so the number of campaigns is the life campaigns that you’ve got activity every month. And we’ve been very generous with the campaigns that we’ve offered. But if you want more campaigns, you see yourselves winning lots and lots of different rewards and different videos that we recommend getting more and the finals to more things than use seats. So if you’ve got lots of customers or lots of your big team that you want additional users to access, that we snack on getting more codes to having more people have access.

And finally, video page impressions. So when the page view loads, you want more page views, then then stack your codes and you’re going to get more mileage and more usage out of the platform. Awesome.

With video hosting sites that provide public links, be playable in view works. Video hosting sites to provide public links, if referring to a video CDN, then yes, you can paste that into your video.

You can paste that in if it’s so, it’s a bit of a of specific link, some links. Yes, but I can’t guarantee all links do so. It really depends on the provider. But we do have a field where you can test very easily and you can paste your video CDN link in here and you’ll be able to see in the preview whether it’s working or not. And that will be on the streets in your.

Yeah, I can’t remember if there was a way to link if there was a link available to email. Can I send a link of the video after someone has become a customer to provide a referral and receive a reward? I think he saw his answer. Yes, sir, is it worth as reward link, is that one so yes, so we would link exactly that.

So this is where you will put. Well, I think I’m a bit too sensitive to answer this question. I’m not sure that it’s a reward link, because if you have instead of a coupon code, you have a link to take you to that reward. But if you are talking about sending the video to have someone, someone watch it. So let me just show you, if I copy this link, this is the referral link. So I’m going to paste this in a new browser window.

This gives me a unique link reference. And I think the system recognizes that Chris shared this link with Lindsey. And if you were to watch this video and claim this reward, the database would tell me that Chris was the was the one who watched it. And actually interesting references because you saw me watch this and claim this a moment ago. It’s now undebatable. So I can’t kind of watch the same video a dozen times and claim a dozen rewards and fill up the database.

So our system does recognize that, whether you’ve seen it or not. Yeah. Can’t scan the database. I got it. Yeah. All right, please review again how branding works on the player. I would like an icon to show up.

Did you show that branding on the player. So we have just total three.

So this one so as you see, this is my logo that I uploaded. So this is the branding and the only branding that you’ve got. So this will be your company brand here. And obviously you can include your branding in any of the copy to make it even more unique. And if you want to learn more, as you said, we can label it totally. So this is your brand privacy policy. There’s no actual mention of your works as a company in the in the flow here.

It’s been very, very popular request, but we are hoping to, in the new year, offer to our siblings into this deal. So this will be able to run on your own domain. But we have to do some more changes than we were required expecting to to to publish that. So in the new year, we’ve got an incoming call.

[00:29:56.230] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Does your player allow control of player features like Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, Fullscreen Auto Play? Very good question.

[00:30:04.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So, yes, it does. I’m just going to show you again what happens. So you’re invested in your. If I pause or try to skip it, it comes up with this message. Watch the video to earn a reward reward without skipping to the reward. Now, if I continue watching. So we tell the user that they can’t skip.

Now, if I do skip, then the I can even add an interactive quiz as your reward discount coupons, links to your skip.

Then the counter disappears and the table. You want to make sure we’re getting out the reward now? You will with. And then it’s not available at the end because it’s saying that you’ve skipped the reward. Cool, well, awesome. Love it, I don’t think that the screen display showed us for that one first, but I know that we heard it.

I think it was because I was in an incognito window to show it. Still counting.

That’ll do it. I believe you, though. All right.

[00:31:11.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Those are all the questions that we have for today. If siblings want to send in any more, I’m going to stall briefly. Oh, is there any limits? I’m surprised this didn’t come up sooner. Is there any limits to the video length to be played? No.

[00:31:26.090] – Chris (Vieworks)
Surprisingly, we did have one of our customers in the early days when we first launched pretty much break the counter because we had thousands of seconds counting down. So but there is no actual limits. It’s really it’s up to you. What we do recommend is the longer the video, the better the reward. That should be the offering. And what you have is the clients and customers who want to distribute longer videos and get more engagement do have much more use to a platform like B works.


[00:31:59.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I love that. All right. This last question here. This looks like a great tool. Do you have any best practices, documentation?

[00:32:08.360] – Chris (Vieworks)
Yes, we do. You can be found in the help and support. So on the platform, on our website. But if you go into the help section here, we have tons of best practice, how to set up a campaign, how to duplicate, how to publish. And we do have some best practices around this video. So what is a video book explaining which the best ones, how to promote your ad campaigns on multiple channels so you get a bunch of best practices or in that.

[00:32:41.750] – Lindsay (AppSumo)

All right. Question just came in Canada. Can a video be split into chapters?

[00:32:49.430] – Chris (Vieworks)
Yes, good question. We do what we call video sequencing so you can and this is an area we really want to develop in the future. At the moment, it’s possible to split your video manually however you wish and upload multiple videos in multiple campaigns in the platform, just as I showed you now. So you then have full say you one video that you split into four chapters. You’ve got four videos with four rewards. You can then link the next video into the city, the call to action that we’ve seen from video one.

So after I’ve watched and claimed video one, I then watch video two is the call to action at the end, then loads the video. The second video plays video to starts the counter again, so on and so forth. And then you will know in your records which of those users have watched the multiple videos before. And you can then give rewards based on the number of videos, a number of chapters that you’ve watched. So that’s our best practice of how we accommodate that.

And in the future, we’re going to make that experience and make some specific templates, looking at that exact use case and streamlining that. Hello, do you have a playlist feature with automatic playing? We don’t know. We have a automatic playing function that you can set the one video to automatically play because we are not a we’re not an online video platform. We’re not a library. We don’t have a playlist capabilities at the moment. So you are grabbing the contact info from the social media platforms, if yes, please review how to leverage this on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

We do grab for using both Facebook and Google. We don’t have any way to let the way that you can leverage that on LinkedIn is by sorry, on Facebook or linked to it by using the database. If they’ve already watched the video and we want to be targeted, then we can use that email campaign to upload to Facebook and do a retargeting. That way we don’t provide any let’s say we re marketing solutions on Facebook specifically. We don’t we’re not connecting to your ad account, for example.

So you just manually lift the data and use that to do. You’ll be targeting on whichever social platform you want to call.

[00:35:22.610] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. And that’s it. Those are all the questions. I’m going to go ahead and wrap it up here.

Thank you so much. Wheelings for tuning in, of course.

Oh, good. It’s not a question. It’s just a thanks. You’re welcome.

Thank you. All right, siblings, if you have not already, you can go to Atsumi Dotcom slash view works. That’s Vye w o r s and redeem your codes. It is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by abstemious 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. If you are like Lorenzo here in the Q&A box, he says he is buying this.

Go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page. We love to read them.

And of course, if you have any more questions that we didn’t have a chance to answer today, go ahead and leave those questions on the page as well.

All right. Thank you so much, Chris. Have a good one.

[00:36:16.130] – Chris (Vieworks)
Thank you. Thank you so much. And two questions and the debate.

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