Vidlogs Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.300] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Vidlogs. This is a workspace for remote or dispersed teams to host a high powered live and asynchronous meetings with recording and transcription. It is available on right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the tool, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. The second thing, if you have any questions about the tool deal, how to get set up, anything like that, you can leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We will circle back to them at the end of the walk through. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Tom, how are you doing?

[00:01:16.580] – Tom (Vidlogs)
I believe Karen did, I think you might be muted. There you go. Now I have everything in order. Sorry about that. Great to be here with you, Lindsay, and all the small things. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with you guys and share our deal with you. The last one week has been a very humbling experience. I have learned a lot from each interaction that I’ve had with with with everybody on the show through our life, through our comments, reviews, and learned a lot more about why you would use this tool.

What do you like, what do you not like? And we are trying to react and do our best to accommodate everybody’s use case. So talk a little bit about what we are trying to bring, a tool that allows for regional collaboration seamlessly, that allows you to meet shared videos, have asynchronous communications and transcribe online in one to to talk a little bit about my team here. You know, this is a few of my team members, my name is Retime, my team member Dean is my co-founder, Adam, our advisor.

Alyssa is our delivery manager and of course, all of us with different hats at different days because we are a startup. So has been helping us with the marketing and customer success goals and has been helping us set up on dev ops and the backend. And I have a few other developers not here on the slide, but I just wanted to briefly introduce us to you guys. Why I wanted to talk about why we really built with locks, we were working on a video tool for video hosting, etc.

And as a team who is located in three different time zones, we felt that we were always missing each other on finding it hard to communicate with each other. And gridlock started as a fun project to actually ease communication among us, and then we start and it happened and we started thinking, you know, this this is a great tool that we see a use case for. So we launched us on Product Hunt in August. And here we are with our tool here.

We feel that, you know, with covid and all remote work we are on in a project meetings constantly and it is hard to recall takeaways and be on top of every single desk that you’re doing and also take notes. And just multitasking is not recommended, isn’t it? But honestly, I think we all do it. So this is something we all struggle with. Also, I also struggled with the fact that there is always the fear of missing out, you know, you are double booked or you are in another meeting dealing with something else and you cannot attend this one meeting.

So you have to lead meeting minutes on miss context or, you know, not really get the complete picture. And hence we all struggle with that. Having a tool that can help you replace something. Right with your team members when it happened, as soon as it’s done is, I think, an important use case and feature that we all would like to have in our day to day work. So talking about use cases, we’ve started working with a few use cases that we were facing ourself in terms of project change and management for our development teams, for teams who have to constantly triage and struggle with the recreation of defects, user testing, design themes, remote education.

But as I spoke to everyone here, I figured out a few more, you know, use cases that I think Whitlock’s can be great for consultants who want to share targeted content with the targeted audience only on knowledge sharing with clients not not on open YouTube, but just for your clients or somebody who’s particularly using your product. But even corporations need better radio communication and seamless unless we do communication, interviews and research. I met a user here who educated me on why she would like to use wood logs because and to bring her own research fellows and folks and conduct interviews and research and not be on discount and be paying them because she has her own people.

So I learned a lot from every interaction that I’ve had here in terms of use cases. That’s in fact how we met Lisa. Lisa is a delivery manager and has been working with several different projects and joined us on Whitlock’s. Lisa, would you please talk to us about why you think this is useful for you?

Yes, sure. Thank you for the introduction and thank you, everybody, for joining in and your interest in our product. It was a pleasure reading all your feedback and and your thoughts in this regard. So myself, I join blogs because I really felt that this is solving the problem I’ve been struggling with for many years. I have a background as a project manager and a product owner and I was taken part in participating is a lots of different meetings where I had I was struggling with taking notes during the meeting and then reminding myself of what actually was the action points everybody’s agreed on, what are the summary of different meetings?

And it was quite difficult to work with the weblogs. We believe that we can help people easily search through transcriptions, through the recordings, find the right meetings and basically simplify this flow. And another part that I’m using on a daily basis, actually, is that our development team is using asynchronous or video recordings as our developers and developers and our team actually located in different countries, in different continents, time zones. So we often use asynchronous video communication as a method to request a synchronous response like updates.

So what you’ve been working on yesterday, did you face any challenges? When can we follow up? And so on. And then this person said developers sending them back. Their response, like what kind of features can be working on? What kind of issues have been fixed? And this actually helps a lot to to keep on with the work. So I believe actually that was great to show you a quick demo. How we at work. So if you allow me, I am going to share my screen right now.

I believe you can you can see my screen, right? So right after you signing up for the video, the first thing you’re going to see are your workspaces. Similar to Slag and some other companies. We are offering workspace as a way of splitting your meetings based on. So this could be your organization, could be your company, could be actually project where you could invite all your team members. So let me show you an actual use case.

This is our internal communication workspace. Whitlock’s team, and there are basically two elements here is just channels and the team page where we actually have our team members there. You can invite additional team members who can also see the pending invitation, somebody who hasn’t yet accepted the invitation for joining the workspace. And let’s talk a little bit more about the channel. So channels are the great way of speech in the meetings. So, for example, we are using Internet in our team development meetings like product, customer related operations, marketing related meetings and recordings and so on.

But you could also be based on the project. You could also based on the department in your company or some different other topic based separation. Right. So within each channel, what you actually can do for us katelin life or create an actually instant live meetings and also synchronous recordings, we do request video updates. So let me show you quickly how you can schedule a meeting so you can see the screen. I can click schedule. I can give some.

Some people can also choose the beach, for example, it’s going to be next week, for example, it’s going to be at six p.m. for one number and you can invite others via email. It doesn’t have to be a team member or you can simply choose team members from the list. For example, I would like to add Choa and scheduled a meeting. So it’s going to be aired in the media section on the left site before the meeting starts.

You can actually set up the agenda.

You can say there is an introduction. You can set up how much time you believe like this item am going to take and a few more items.

For example, ction points, you believe it’s going to take 10 minutes and it can also set up the description of the meetings and you can move on, play a little bit with agenda item and change in whatever time you want. Of course, you can add the meeting to the calendar. You can invite other team members and actually you can start the meeting at any time. So you’re going to see a screen, by the way. This is a customizable channel.

So it has a standard euro for basically across the channel with a different ending. So you can specify which exactly meeting is that. And from here, you can send a video request or you can start by reading it. So. Right. So let me quickly show you how the room looks like so there is no agenda item. You can study it. And basically, it will be a great reminder for minder for you or your team to see how much time is left for discussion or is there an elements chat?

Are Real-Time transcription. Also have a background transcription as well. And of course, extend to items like recording, sharing, screen some settings, ability to toggle you. So that’s it, I believe. As for the living room, of course there are going to be some more updates. And let me go back to the channel. To show you more so there is also a video recording you can do with the standard option of recording camera, recording screen or recording both camera and screen.

So let me select the camera remote and start the recording. There is a timer that indicates when the recording actually has started, if you like, whatever you recorded, you can always basically restarted again by clicking on this button or you say it’s all right and you just stop it on. It takes only a couple of seconds for showing for to see the video, and you can see the recording right here where you can specify the details of it. You can add some description.

And you can specify also some given topic. To many things and also set up some some mail and you can also transcribe the video recording if it hasn’t been transcribed in legal action, there is also real time prescription available, optionally if you would like to. I would like to have it from initial beginning. So let me go back again to the channel. Let me show you just some other example with a transcription. For example, this is some of the meetings we had with our team.

So this is how a transcription look like. What you can do is a transcription. You can actually edit it. If it was not correct or if you would like to share it with somebody in their own right, some mistakes, that is possible. We are not claiming our transcription, our one hundred percent accuracy, but it’s that if it’s more than 95 percent of we can clarify of it, we can specify this number a bit later. But as far as we’ve been testing, it’s working quite well.

Great to hear your feedback, guys. You can also, besides changing the transcription, you can also specify the team member who was saying this particular part. If you believe that it was identified it was going to defect correctly or just for other purposes. And of course, you can also leave here comments and cheer. Also, this transcription is somebody else outside your team and you can also download audio and video separately. This is what many of you have been asking about recently.

So we’ve added this feature back up to some of the updates. I believe it’s pretty much the same. We have a couple of more smaller items, smaller features. If you have any questions, just let us know. Would be great to help and answer all your questions and concerns include. Thank you. All right, we’re going to dove into the Q&A now, or is there something else that you wanted to share? Actually, that would be great, I would like to give back microphone to reteam so she could introduce a quickly our roadmap, like what are items that we are planning to work on?

I believe this is also something that a lot of people might be asking about.

So we think the best way to kick off a Q&A. So let’s dove into that.

So we’ve been gathering. You can hear me, right? Yeah. OK, good.

So we’ve been sharing my screen on. Good. Yeah, so they’ve been gathering feedback from everyone using a public road map on Trello, you can, you know, featured a question, but request that we are tracking those very closely. We are also receiving requests and having conversations through to chat with us, feature on the website and on apps and warpage as well, and know trying to consolidate all of those here in a public road map. So I think the most asked for feature so far was improvement with transcription, the ability to not transcribe and just record.

So that is something we are rolling out. We just demo that right now. Also, there have been a lot of feedback on video quality, which we are tackling next. Also, a lot of questions about how our workspace is organized. I just wanted to address that for a second. We envisioned workspace to be where you have your team and data related to one organization, basically, and several most of the codes available on applicable PA workspaces. You can apply those codes.

You know, if you if you want multiple workspaces, you can apply one each on each workspace. You can always do that. But those those those are discussions that I know there is a lot of questions about that. I know I have to answer and will be coming your way, Lindsay. But I’m working with Jen on the app somewhat to try to make our deal better so that it’s more understandable and more readable. And you can see those limits a little bit better.

And I think for a true lifetime deal, many folks do not like exactly what they want, rolling monthly limits. So I’m trying to work with Jen on that. We received a lot of feedback on adding integrations with us or Google Drive, adding a whiteboard feature. Those are all here and we are starting to tackle them as soon as we are done tackling most of the major customer irritants that I am getting on another channels as one. After you, Lindsay, there might be like a couple of items, so you can also mention that there are also a lot of you asking about the mobile.

So right now our team is working on their responsiveness so that you can easily use your mobile from the browser. But mobile app is something we are also having in our road map and we are planning the future. But first, we want to just make sure that you could use our meetings and use the dashboard from them about mobile device. And there are also a couple of some of other items. It might be pretty exciting, like there are quite big chunks, for example, chrome extension, something we have in our heads that would be, I believe, quite helpful and easiest way to start instead meeting from wherever you are in your browser.

And some other integration of those regions has also has mentioned so. And maybe last item that is also important is about the ability to use your brand or your organization in workspace. So right now we have solutions for the channel where you can customize it as you wish. But Sony also had an option of you adding the logo on the workspace. So you can share is also like outside and everybody could see your logo, your brand there as well. So thank you.


[00:20:52.590] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much for going through that similar. If you have any more questions that you want to add to the Q&A box, you can go ahead and do that. Now, um, we have some other requests for demos. Fernando wants to see a transcript demo and James wants to see a demo of the asynchronous meetings. So a synchronous meeting is nothing but a video request. You record a meeting and then you have to respond because you can respond to it.

[00:21:26.900] – Tom (Vidlogs)
So that would be an Synchronoss request. If you if you guys like, we can look at other features, like adding time limits to the responses. We’ve struggled with that a little bit. I haven’t yet added that feature in because I am not sure that, you know, based on how users use it.

That’s I was I’m waiting for some people, if you’d like, I can actually take just a few more seconds. Just show you one more time over channel. Maybe I did not show you actually how exactly these recordings are appearing. Maybe this is what is being asked. So just to make sure everybody clear. So, for example, in this discussion, this is a standard line that we are sharing across the whole of our team and it is in our calendar.

So everybody jumps in and we are recording almost every single hour meeting. So these are how the recordings look like. And then I can also share this link with somebody else and say outside. So if I click, join and I can do the recording from here. But this is also a shared building. So let’s see if you can share it with somebody else, with your team member, somebody outside this person can click hit the record button and then basically all this recording will appear on the same meeting.

[00:22:46.500] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So let’s say right here. Right. So this is the meeting dedicated here. You can see the whole chain of the responses as well as the meeting recordings. So this is how it is working right now. But we are planning more to involve around this and make it more like a conversation between two people in some for their perspective. Hope it answers the question.

[00:23:08.120] – Tom (Vidlogs)
Right. Thank you.

[00:23:09.980] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We have a couple of questions about P.J. wants a clarification. Hi, PJ, by the way, is would you say this is like slack but focused on video? Why the emphasis on video, overwritten messages? What benefits do you think? That has a little bit more about that. I think the new millennial generation is extremely visual. The you know, they’ve been brought up with Facebook and Instagram and and they they like to correspond like this and especially when they’re remote for a while.

[00:23:45.930] – Tom (Vidlogs)
Face to face communication has a value that you cannot put to you, that you cannot measure. I would say because, you know, seeing someone smile, seeing somebody correspond with the time is different then always chatting. And there are cases where we are remotely working, working from absolutely different corners of the world together. So seeing each other has a value and it takes less time to record a thousand words and versus it’s what you use to type depends on what you are doing for a brief extra messages that we are not trying to, you know, I mean, it has its place also, but we do communication, I think, is becoming more prevalent.

[00:24:31.640] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. We have a we have one more question here in the Q&A, if anybody else would like to submit a question, they can do, is there going to be a possible webinar about add on?

[00:24:46.240] – Tom (Vidlogs)
We have been we have been asked about this, that it is on a road map. I would request until moldings to go vote on it. And the moment the infrastructure is not able to handle a large, large meeting, we are we are working towards stabilizing what we already have to make it a useful tool for the. For some swelling’s and users, and then then we would have a scheduled webinar on our roadmap, but a lot of people ask for it.

Sure. It is also another form of radio communication. And since we strive to be, you know, provide seamless video communication, this is an obvious add on that we cannot.

[00:25:37.810] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Thank you. All right. New last question. I’m using workspaces as a workaround for some privacy on different teams. When can we expect channel privacy? Is there a time target?

[00:25:51.490] – Tom (Vidlogs)
Oh, we are working. We have received feedback from other folks as well. Thank you for your question. We’ve been corresponding with you on e-mail and chat and you know as well. But yes, we’ve been getting this question and we will be we will be scheduling it in some form or the other. I understand that there is a lot of what we can do with privacy, but there is a need to make channels restrict channels, and that is something we will be working on very soon.

I hope to get back to normal with a precise timeline in an e-mail.

It’s quite a big topic overall. So it requires a lot of also a technical dove. Deep, deep dove. Right. So it’s not a very quick to make feature. So that’s why we want to work on it properly to introduce and decide exactly how do we do that.

I think I think that makes sense. I always say in these things, features take time to create. I am so impressed by engineers and anybody who could do it because I know that I couldn’t. And I know that you are bombarded with fantastic ideas and requests from so many people, especially right after you launch, which is when we are recording this, that the timeline probably changes even if you were able to create one for many reasons that are totally out of your control.

[00:27:24.340] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So you know what? You get it when you get it. And we’re glad to hear that you’re listening to singalongs, feedback and that you are considering things. And and. Yeah, that’s great. So we appreciate you. Thank you all so much. And we’re out of questions. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. I did my little stalling bit to get everybody a second, but we’re all done. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap up similar things.

[00:27:46.270] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
If you have not already, you can go to absolu dotcom slash bid logs to redeem your codes there, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by app sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we do love to read your feedback on the page. You can go ahead and leave your reviews there.

You can also leave any other questions that we do not have a chance to answer on the page as well. Thank you so much, Lysa and Rhythm and Dean, for hanging out with us today. It has been great having you here.

[00:28:22.390] – Tom (Vidlogs)
Thank you. Thank you all so much for your questions and all the love. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

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