VBout and Acumbamail Review


In this blog, we’ll review all 106 email marketing features of two of the hottest email marketing softwares to date: VBout and Acumbamail.

We’ll compare their features side-by-side with a summary of the pros and cons of each software to help you decide which email software marketing to get. 

Find out which is better: VBout or Acumbamail?


VBout and Acumbamail Features Comparison


VBout Acumbamail
Email Marketing - -
Email Campaign Types
Regular Broadcast
A/B Testing
RSS Campaign
VBout Acumbamail
Email Sending Types - -
Normal broadcast
Send with small batches
Scheduled sending
Send Test email
Resend to Non-openers
Personalized sending times(for each subscriber)
Use your own SMTP
VBout Acumbamail
Email Builder - -
Import HTML Design
Multi-Column Layouts
Undo/ Redo
Merge Tags
Coupon generator
Preview in Mobile & Other Devices
Check Spam Score
Builder UI/ UX 3/5 5/5
VBout Acumbamail
Automations - -
Flow Builder
Trigger Advanced Basic
Trigger link click
Trigger by email open
Trigger by RSS feed
Trigger by API
Trigger by list joined
Trigger by date
Trigger by segment
Add/ remove tags
Add delays
Add forks (true/ false)
Push notifications
Add to/ remove from list
Link to next automation
Update contact info
Notify team
Automation Power 5/5 3/5
VBout Acumbamail
Reporting - -
Track unopened/ opened emails
Track bounces
Track clicks
Track opens
Track unsubscribes
Track devices
Track ISP
Track geolocation
Track browser
Track Conversions
Email click maps
Tracking URL
Shows Read all/ Quickly read/ Barely read
Custom report builder
Integrate website & more into reports
Growth by list
Leads funnel
VBout Acumbamail
Landing Pages - -
Create forms to capture leads
Create pop ups to capture leads
Text personalization
Undo/ Redo
Hide elements on mobile
Embed HTML
Create Menu
Builder UI/ UX 2/5 4/5
VBout Acumbamail
Summary - -
More robust solution 🏆
Easy to use 🏆
Omni-channel automation 🏆
Analytics 5/5 4/5
Better email limits 🏆
Email limits $0.006/email (at max stack) $0.0026/email (at max stack)
If you... VBout Acumbamail
Send emails/ SMS only 🏆
Want unlimited push notifications 🏆
Want more advanced triggers & automation flows 🏆
Want to build custom reports 🏆
Use for agency clients 5/5 4/5
Need social media marketing features 🏆
Need lead scoring and management 🏆
Want the best UI/ UX 🏆


VBout and Acumbamail Review


Both VBout and Acumbamail are solid tools. Both are mature, and have monthly paying customers.

You won’t go wrong with either one.

That’s probably why they are both more expensive than other email tools that were on LTD.

So which plan should you choose?

Both deals at the top plan has a limit of 100,000 email sends.

Assuming you send newsletters weekly (4 emails per month), 100,000 emails can cover 25,000 subscribers.

But don’t forget your automations like the welcome or upsell sequences. So depending on how often you send emails, the number should go down.

For this limit, VBout & Acumbamail charges $599 and $259 respectively.

Where the former is almost 2x more expensive.

Why? Do you really need it? And is it really good?

Vbout is more than just an email automation tool.

There are more marketing channels (email, SMS, push, social media, retargeting…) to increase the touch points with your prospects.


Website tracking to track and identify your prospects.


And targeting options to make your marketing more specific and personal to your customers.


You can also trigger multiple sequences in one automation flow, giving you the flexibility to build out complex and advanced automations.


This transforms the tool from merely an email tool to an omni-channel marketing automation tool.

But do you really need this power?

That depends on your business and your goals.

If you only need a powerful email and SMS automation tool without the bells and whistles, Acumbamail is the perfect choice.

It’s cheaper.


And has some cool email features that VBout does not have.


For example, the ability to send emails at timings your subscribers are most likely to read.


And resending emails to non-openers.


They also have a better overall UI / UX from the Email Builder to Landing Page Builder.


This makes creating an email campaign a breeze.

Think of VBout as the heavyweight champion who knocks out his opponents with one punch.

And Acumbamail as the lightweight champion who is fast and agile.


 Pros & Cons of VBout and Acumbamail


✅  Vbout Pros:


  • Well established company with a solid team
  • Fantastic if you’re an agency. The amount of control you get for client permissions and custom payment settings shows it’s TRULY made for agency.
  • They host a ton of peripheral features (that’s actually useable) like social scheduling, heatmaps, popup/widget builders, and more. You could literally replace a bunch of other tools with just Vbout alone if you don’t require anything TOO complex or powerful.
  • Their automation builder is amazing. I’d say it’s one of the closest automation builders (in terms of features and power) to ActiveCampaign.


❌  Vbout Cons:


  • Bad landing page and email builders. You’ll need to mitigate this with a HTML builder like Dragit or PSD. They say it’s up next on the roadmap.
  • UI needs a hard refresh (Notes: Will be completed by June 2022 according to the team)
  • UX can be confusing so you’ll need to spend more time learning it (Same notes as UI refresh above)
  • Their Appsumo deal is not cheap for an email marketing tool. However, it’s a completely different story If you do use the other peripheral features


✅  Acumbamail Pros:


  • GREAT UI (Everyone knows I’m a sucker for good UI)
  • Intuitive UX
  • Focused only on Email marketing (can be a pro or con, depending on what you need)
  • Amazing email/landing page builder
  • Established Spanish team with an Italian parent company.
  • More likely to be GDPR compliant (because of point above)
  • Super affordable deal (1/2 the price of Vbout)
  • Own SMTP available


❌  Acumbamail Cons:


  • Automations lack power in comparison to Vbout
  • Focused only on Email marketing (can be a pro or con, depending on what you need)
  • A lot of the documentation is in Spanish – might be a hurdle for users who don’t understand the language
  • Don’t have many other cons to add since I haven’t tested it deep enough.




Acumbamail is more intuitive and (much) quicker to set things up. The limit is also better. Landing page & email builder are better.

However, Vbout is a lot more robust when it comes to building automations and flows, comparable to some of the best out there. You just need to get used to the learning curve.

Both are great tools. Both have cart abandonment. If your use cases are fairly straightforward, use Acumbamail. If you’re experienced with email and know exactly what you’re doing, use Vbout.


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Ken Moo