Vadootv Player Webinar & Transcription


What’s going on, Sumolings? Welcome to another product, walk through a webinar, we got a lot of you joining us today. I’m going to give you a second to trickle in. There are a lot of you excited for this Vadoo TV player walk through. So this is an ad free video hosting platform with a customizable player and tools to help grow your audience. It is available on Appsumo right now for thirty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and y’all are raving about it.


I cannot get over this five torkel rating and four hundred and eighty eight reviews. That is huge. I have never seen numbers like that before, which is why we’re going to have some fun today. Before we dove into the walkthrough, I’m going to just tell y’all a few quick things for those of you who haven’t joined us for one of these before, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, go ahead and do that in the chat room.


We have some people excited to see you. And if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and put your questions in the Q&A box that’s down below this video. We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walk, but we also have somebody on standby here to help you all out as the questions come in. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.


It’ll be a little bit later today that you should receive, that it’ll be linked on the page and definitely. All right. I think that’s enough of me. I think we’ve got enough of y’all here going to pass this over to you, uncle. How are you doing?


During good time to say upon the introduction, I’ve been overwhelmed by the love I’m getting. We’re getting for absolute grown ups and it’s been asleep, sleepless, lifeless week. I’m so happy to just get going and give a brief introduction why we are working on this problem. What is it? What is the use case? And then we can start with what? Here is my screen to everyone, yeah, looks good. So we built what the TV player with the use case that people and basically Sammie’s as well as creators have one do to grow.


The it can be used case includes sales videos, marketing videos, customer customer support videos, communication, internal communication and much more. You can also use it to actually create education videos as well as tutorials. We realize there’s no one tool that solves all these use cases. We wanted to build it specifically for the audience, which is the small and medium businesses and also creators. I’ll start with the with a walk through, and this is our Dashkova new line on the beach, and I have some projects here, but when you do get started, you have to create a project.


Before that, I think, is a use case of our own plugin, which is there to record videos of yourself or the screen all together, both of them. So this is a chrome extension, it’s called caused by what you give, and I’ll be using that to record the screen with with my with my self-respect. And start recording. I this is good and you started recording on this morning, and when you actually start recording, you have a option in the bar below which you can use and toggle between.


You can use the pencil to actually write on the screen so I can write some more than anything descriptive. That is neat. You can believe that there’s a there’s annotation. You can highlight things. If you want to know the page, you can create arrows to point out something on the on the home page you’re recording and the Daily Beast mode as well, which we are testing out in the beta. So you can use a tab recording or text or a camera recording.


You can choose which microphone you want if you want to show the good, but then disappear and. And there are also, too, if it’s the other, which are based on the Amish school book, which builds your background, and there were to diagrams coming of it, which you can go to, you have. Let me stop recording. The video will go to any page very quickly that we do, and ideally you can export and download the video or move it to, but it will push it to what we need.


If you’re doing it for the first time, there’ll we are recorded videos project whether we will get approved. It should take less than a minute for it. And after that we encoded it be different sizes or different screens, different solutions. So people with different speeds can access it. And they don’t deserve a place on the. It it is almost done. And after that, the could be. It’s going into a recording, so it should be done in a minute.


You can play the video in this format, but often including you have their differences on. So you see what you can do with it is now shared by different places anywhere. Basically, you a scheduling, which is a language that you can share. This is a pretty good gig to come up with, including some. There is an email option as well. So you see that we do a has been studying natural selection and you may as well copy paste it into an e-mail inbox for any time to.


We do that and you can send that proceeds for your marketing use cases. Send the first night was nice that you do to your clients or your needs and see the convergence increase the. You have been begging and begging is something which is similar to what we have on the beach to copy this and put it on your website, which is a statement based on using the hashtag. You can shoot so shooting anyway, so if you click on Facebook, you will get uploaded on Facebook and you posted on Facebook.


And others, quick and let’s. So we do have been included no YouTube video recording for whether or not. You can see the genius that is the main suitcase you. Impact on the image now have copied the code and this is going to be me and we’ll have a video, which is obviously a different opinion. Close that to showcase how any man looks, let go to say what you got in the video below and this is a debate. Hi, I’m Sarah and so is.


Back and these are the options in Google Analytics, so you want to know how your videos are performing? We have this. You can be sure that the damning reviews, how many people are playing those videos and what is the conclusion in terms of people visiting the beach to actually be spending and how many people are actually competing? So not a lot of, you know, what this engagement level and after what we do to get to this region and political engagement is with the usual gulf on that.


And it’s going to come to customization, customization is basically you customizing that we duplicate. This is a basically duplicate. What you can do is give color and make the game in color. You can upload a new watermark, which is basically a local product because everyone loves it. And so you can either uprootedness Amelie’s with minimal damage, which is basically an animation of the person frames of. You can toggle the controls as well, so they display button speed, so if you are unable to see the button, you will automatically be free.


But you can remove the Speedman player unable to keep you from playing if you want to complain about that. We also provide a tactical perspective, you just need to enable it from the bottom up, a possible war going on between or something which is more difficult. And you get a pop up saying that this video is password protected and the password link to the password you allow to get to. The second thing is let’s go do languages. So we discuss how you make that you do and how you can customize the plan.


Now, let’s go to another integration. We have just language used in the past with its. So what we have is a destination for news landing Egis, which is basically a destination do site with more details about that. So what are you going to lose customers? So we do record. Or maybe not. As a and for smoking as a. It’s optional, you can disabled or unable to contain the color of the beach. But unlike in 1998, black, I wanted to see you again.


I want to change the color to white so it’s more visible. I don’t want to. I don’t want to. I don’t want to share. But I want to call to action now. I want people to be open. This is a call to action and this is the other one. And I want the excuse so you can change the color. Let’s keep it a little. Yes, so to reach out and get also to the video. So what will happen is this one of these will be and you can figure out who it was in between four months.


Let’s visit the. And yet Google is not visible in the color. Let me give you the background color. Justin. Well. So it really isn’t available, you can choose between that one interesting thing, it is you can that this can be used for adding a Google Google and it’s good or feasible to call me. Visitors are coming to the platform to align with each individual case. So this is a good place to go to get a chat book.


And let’s go to the beach. And you’ll be able to see. And as you know, if users come in, they can interact with their. You can see the logo, they seem to be so nervous that. If you want to make it easier for growers to grow your beach, you can keep it so that we know are these kind of fields and it’ll be added to the beach. To make it easier for us to discover and certainly.


Let’s move to marketing, which we like functionality which help you grow your audience. You can see the buttons directly to the plate. So while the video is being you can configure. See, Mike. And you put up a little bit, you want and you want it to appear at the third. And you wanted to you want it to get this bill and the six again, you can decide the position I see. Great. And I want it to be see what.


Let’s see, this is one you can see, but it looks good. We do see this is some good. And when you actually start recording this auction in the barbital, which you can use and toggle between you, can you? Now, for some reason, he hasn’t done it in. Once again. It’s called the David Crystal, you are in the Twin Towers and then the six. To come on the top. To. Yeah. This is, um, could you start recording on this for someone I know it’s getting to be kind of you when you start calling you and if you click on it goes to a particular you to say.


Second is lead capture to basically when you want people to get the means and the means and you want them to interdict flying the plane so you can leave this, set it up for the second. Let me check and see. What would happen is you would get a pop up on the food. This isn’t good. And you see that piece into the details to continue the we know it’s an coming from somewhere. And even though it’s pick something, we can certainly do.


We do. But we did. We can pick up instruction on something you can to. So these are the new indications we have, this is the lead that is captured. You can also download this. If you don’t, you do, there’s a button on the left for that. Let’s go back to the project. This is at New, so you have sort of the news, so there’s one functionality to be added if you want to move your videos from one for one project.


I want the recording to go to Están with some links on the recording. I see the team from here and it’s got we’re going to hear this is the folder the project is selected for. Let me go back to Sergeant. So you were there in the recording and then you can check on them on the project team, which is your collection of videos and the dynamics of how your election videos is performing, you can set up certain teams of research, as we call them, on the project, and they would apply to all of these to would apply to individuals so you can beat them up or basically we lucroy you functionality called Uneven DVD, which is just basically enabling Monday to be below or four days.


And it is encryption. And so it is clear which is available on target and hire plans and unable to use and motivate get ones to. If you are unable encryption to reduce upload, it often would be encrypted and it would be impossible for items to gain an even likely white label. And what you can do is you can disable all the labeling and branding you have on the pages. And by this. Last on the emotion, which is very important, you would want to work on a project together and you want to invite users of clients to work with it so you can invite them to the email and the role they want you want them to have can be pretty good if you want them to reduce.


And can you do it if you want to? And right now, the person you’re inviting should have. But as we are being brought up, you will need to listen to me that. So if you come on home schooling, we have a lot of functions and I’ll start with something around security, so we do have to clients of the database use performance so you can see how the collection of products are performing in terms of all experiments. Let’s come to security, which is very important if you’re hosting education, if you’re hosting video, which is be or people, or if you’re running a subscription, what what you can do is we provide you to function.


One was interesting, which is this allowed downloads. Second is called domain security. So if you have an it will allow it to be as on you can add a domain and see what you can do anything. And what it does is and when you lose your videos with only one vista and one can be placed on the site, that makes it more secure. You do have the same information in the same city. And what you can do is put your own name and some to be accustomed to me being made by a dot com and I want to run.


What would it be on you? So this part of my will be pleased by your and all other baked goods as well as new words. We will have your menu so you can enable this step is giving you what you need to do is interesting and find your customer domain on the day to day. And then it would be currently for invasion and we will not to be doing it. So as you are able to see all the places that you have customers we would like to replace.


Yes, so we go to Integration’s and Integration’s and basically how we connected to our different apps and making it very clear to us that we are integrated into other apps. There is a beautiful view on the Internet by Google and we begin to have that for direct intervention. You provide the books, which are basically ways for you to collect maps and get these books on creation of videos as well as need capture. So when we do appreciate it, it’s going to be a concern to you on it.


If there is a capture done and you want the details to be sent to another site to send an e-mail, then you need to immediately capture. For as of the. So there is a new feature, well, coming out of it and the job can be done, so they are and according to you, you can record your videos directly to the realms as well without using comics. So you can start by this. And it would seem to you that at least it’s saving and get saved on your first.


You can access your home extension, you can set your military background and so on. So it seemed that we could come back and do a new function or new feature, and you will meet that request. We do to see if you want to make a video to request a video from one of the clients. This is basically for a testimonial. Of course, see how good it is. And you want to ask them for video recording rather than manually doing it.


We have a Coalgate request. You order. It is a bitch. And my name goes to anyone I want to request to you when that we do. And what we need to do for this to set up is go to my file and create an organization for an organization is basically you. And the question I like customers that actually want to see changes and then get the other. So you see, after the request by this part of the week, you understand the request.


We will have my name and what I can do that is so you can call me. You see, I will call my camera. I can go ahead and call my cell Stephensen and you get saved. And so you get sent to. So you see on the manageably recorded are be able to reduce that. The other person can also upload a video and yeah, and we’ve already mentioned that the meat on the bones and condition before sharing that. And put up some intubations will be converting them into templates able to use so for customer support, there is a template.


You can check it out for a page policy page, for the follow up for user onboarding, the ways you can use our code. So. In that and again, they want to show kids that there is a way for you to understand what you’re doing, and if you want to agree to a lot of questions out there, how do you think you should go to Michael to upgrade you to the protection on upswell? You can. Change your plan to get by watching my back, I click here.


I have all the options you can select from selected by this arrow and select that. And go back. So. Yeah, we have a road map as well, if you want to request that we just created it until there is a way to comment for the features you want. So get in getting a lot of comments and get our need for you to get moving in on the conservation section. And after that, these are the features in development if we do a lot of people excited that we need to do sometime.


We do have a Facebook group, so if you feel if you want to interact with the audience, what people are using wudu and if you want them to see how they’re using if you want questions to be answered, join our Facebook group. It’s called What? And you can search on Facebook and join. That said, a couple of points at one point, this is how do you create a project manually just by creating a. But getting the new project and working with.


Project. One more thing is you can import Wheatus from third parties. So we have these integration’s called you get in New Zealand is three people that you can just see. What we can do is show you a sample of Amazon Street and really Watergate to meet. And you should be able to. I think I need some sleep. So how can this imposter in this society, which is available on. I missed one part, which is applauding for you, is that because a lot of people have interest in keeping the.


So I’d applaud to review and give to a separate audio clip that you can customize and embed using an embed. So this is the KKK repeating the name and this is a sample. You can customize it. How to see. Michael, the amnesty, I can add an artist. So, Jasper, I can change the color, I can the poster and I can see the country, I can more customization for that as well. How do you integrate it using an embed code, which you can copy and paste when you it to us.


Simple. I think. That state that colored everything, Mujica road map, that is the group. No, I’m mean, your operations, you have any questions? Happy to answer them.


Thanks. All right. Simoleons, if you have any questions, please put them in the Q&A box. If they’re in the chat room, I will not see them. They will not get answered. All right. The first question here is, what platform do you use for your hosting for videos?


We use to do this on Google and we’re using these forums for both hosting reviews as well as distributing them to students. Sorry, have you have you. Thank you. All right. I’m not sure Desmond is in quite a conversation with your team member here, so I’m going to get past those. Can we customize the landing pages?


Yes, you can. I did show it to you. And if you go to a language auction, it would need inside a project you to call and you can change the name description team, the team, the team, the layout, a lot of functionality. If you do reach out to me on Facebook or coming, you talk me, I’m happy to answer it. Can you touch more on audio recordings, can I sell podcast episodes through Vidhu TV?


Yes, you can, so currently what we do is we allow it to be embedded into any workplace or your website or any platform that supports a scheme in which you can place that goal and you can sit behind a keyboard. And we people who have access to it can be the media. So any product that allows you to make money, people, you can continue to go behind that and create something or take one time that that and follow up.


Can we host images also soaring as of now, you can use audio or video. As for videos, we support MP for as well as a week from today and for audio we support completely and that. I don’t know that I understand the question, but maybe you will. What grade would one license permit? Would be great. Yeah, I’m not able to understand this. So if we do reach out to be on support and I’ll pick it up after the recording is done and try to understand their features, we just supported it certain.


So if you want to put that on. So if you’re looking for a DVD, they’re supported above the tree branch if you use it and looking for names that are available for you, if you’re looking for customization, removing the enabling white label and encryption that’ll be available on the video player is completely customizable in all fields. So you don’t have to. You can buy one and it is customized if that is what you were asking. I’m trying to answer that.


Thank you. What are users in your plans or those team members?


Yes, they are. So what happens is every project, the number of users in a number of products multiply the users in every back seat. If a brand has three problems and you have you have five years of them making a plan so that every project will have five users. So these users are not included but are belonging to every project. And one used is that when you can only hope that answers your question, answer similar things, please put your questions in the Q&A box.


It’s really helpful for us of all the questions are in one place. Do you have a link to the road map and can you tell us a little bit about it? Should it, if my screen is still visible, I can talk about it so far. This is a blink and it is available on the beach. You can visit a Facebook group or reach out to support would. Happy to share that. This is very deep request from users and we based on the priority to it, up for consideration.


If you see a lot of working for a certain feature, we take it up and put it in a blue. These are the features we released and as we developed a product, basically we love developing a product with our users and if you see Google, Facebook group, we’re able to realize that. And these are the new features we’ve launched. We launched request video testimonials yesterday and recording video a few days earlier. And these are the moments after the deal has gone to the.


And these are the ones in development, you see the new bubble coming out soon. The answer is we do. And if you report to us, we do. Every week, you fix all these books. So you’ll have bubbles coming up. We a way for you to interact with your audience and the customer journey in with you or your text will be launching with you first. So Bubble, you can click on the video. You can see a video of what they’re pitching and then send them over.


There are heat maps we plan to launch and there are also subtitles. One thing we’ve already learned from the summer winds of picking it up to development, you should see them by next week. And yes, so another feature, which some requested as a lot, is changing the way we do without changing them. So they made clear remains the same. And you can see in the video already approved it. And we will be digging into the lab, not only release that we do, but by feature that the future is under consideration.


Are these and these are a lot of work we are pushing for. It includes a lot of feedback from all the users, this smallest customization, the segregation of Subaccount GDP. And we started working on it already, G.M. aviation work and study. And there’s a mobile app in under consideration. After we finish, this will be picking up more for it for us to work on. Hope that answers your question. Yes, I think you can use your seat for quick resolution videos.


Yeah, we got the questions on the page is that on a Facebook group we’re discussing internally, you’ll see a response from us on the page as well as on a Facebook group. So. Awesome. Are you still in the. Does the player support X API? I don’t know what that means. I’m not sure what it means, as I see the according to the commentators, are you to answer the question and try, of course, what our projects oh, we got two of those questions to back.


What are project?


What is the project is a big question on the page also because we’re not calling it for those we think that’s going to reduce. Be fighting for this and say no for you to better manage reduce. It can also be taken as a subaccount Ottawa police and you can add others to work projects in a project that is the thinking behind it. And they’re also promising to better manage reuse and building and such as bags and flutists projects. You can you can be like others.


So based on your deal, you can invite as many users to opt out of that. Answer your question. If you don’t do reach out to me. I do think a lot of tech support questions.


How do I get three terabytes of storage if I buy two times that tier five, if I buy two tier fives.


So there is an offer that we w storage for an honest of you. And if you if you do that, I think we do do that. It is available as. Can we upload videos directly, not from YouTube. Yes, you can I did show it to you, so if you create a project and say that you can upload a video to be hosted by us and you upload audio and video in the format I mentioned, these are completely three for audio and B for a movie for.


Great. I scroll down, then I lost it. Can you? Sorry, some of these are not really phrases a question can the videos posted here be shown in the e-learning platform Google? Can can it be can they be embedded some way? This is a deal that I believe is still in the store or.


It’s not like I guess might be available for you. So for elements of their supporters, family tax, you should be able to embedded you will be held to account for the data integration with a lot of people. And the so certainly it’s if you don’t have any available, what you can do is use it anywhere. For now, it creates a preview and people click on it, can go to a landing, page your language and use that. So these are two options available as of now.


And we’ll be doing more native integrations with a lot of spectrum because we understand a lot of educators are the ones who are using drugs.


Can I embed a video bubble on a wiki page? It is not and when it is, they believe it should be in a big speech or any other computer platform for that.


Does the audio have RSS feed capability for iTunes? I’m not sure. We don’t have it as of now, and please come in here and we’ll be happy to take it off.


Thanks. All right, how do you compare to I’ve never heard of this one that they named, but how do you compare to some of your competitors? Sure, so. So what do you see as we focus on a certain set of uses rather than functions and we don’t just do sales marketing. We like to use videos of each and the use cases can be weighed as much as they can start with. Seems they can be for recording any videos for education, tutorials and marketing.


So we deploy to functions and you can use it in different ways. If you compare us to any tool like Pelloux, which is basically for you to easily share videos with speech or communication. You do have those features and we have more features in terms of security, customization like labeling and security and adding another word which better defines a similar part to us, this video. And we do what video does and more in terms of security and with a lot of similar things.


So if you want to check out comparison, you do have a blog where we compare to similar deals and happy to share more details on each of them.


Do you have any plans? I guess what we’re talking roadmap. You have any plans to support chapters allowing the user to skip to specific sections of the video?


Yes, we’re discussing internally and what functions we do want to integrate up and chapters so people can come to a part of the video and also create a lot of video club, lot of ideas together in a playlist.


So we are discussing internally wants to get on there to Awesome is sending the video via email by using a link or HTML embedding. Does the thumbnail start playing in the email or is it just a photo.


So it’s a defensive now. So what the problem is, Jimmy doesn’t support better video playback, just some of the McLain’s do that. We would be adding such integrations. But I think the best option as of now is a difference. And what it does is if you click on it, it goes to a landing page so you can you can customize that has got your need and also personalize it for you already so you can change the name, make sure you do a request for your children and use them to actually better engage with your colleagues or your customers or users.


Yeah, so more use cases coming up, we’ll be sharing ideas on a Facebook group from now on. Right now, a bit busy with a customer support as well as future developments, but supporting more ideas, more on how to better use a product.


Yeah, thanks. I’ve seen this question a couple of times and people want to get more projects. Is there a way for them to add more projects to their account?


So if you go to the USDA, this oppression project type thing, and if you want to buy more project to be able to buy it, it would be around 15 dollars a person off for someone for an exact number. I think until you can comment on Jack for that and if you want something extra. But I think if you go for Q5, you have enough projects and if you run out of them, you can buy something. Fifteen dollars.


It’s a project, an upgrade. OK, so this person this is very specific and I don’t and it kind of from reading these some people might be in this, they want full HD, but they only need one project. I think this is for like solo producers and people just doing one thing. Is there any way to upgrade certain parts of the plan? Yeah.


So we got some requests from users who don’t want a lot of other features, but wonderful like the ones we took for the videos, because I think the thing is going to be is not dead for some of the education we used to have. So we’re discussing internally you should see an upgrade by next week on that.


Great. Thank you. All right. Are you going to be offering the ability to share you are ELT’s.


If you’re asking in terms of video what is as a source video and be acting as a hosting platform, we don’t have the functionality yet to be displayed. And because of security and how we perceive our product, we won’t be able to share the video, if that is what. Is there an hourly limit on a single video? So there is no limit in terms of rent and we are looking at limiting the total up to one point five GB as our platform can be to really mention, you got some feedback for it.


And we’re discussing internally before we put up the limit, will get a lot of feedback from put a limit in terms of the size. And we don’t have a limit in terms of the late. Awesome, that 15 dollars payment for extra projects, is that one time or is it a subscription project?


Awesome. All right, there are a bunch here, and he was answering a lot of them, so I think we’re about done similar things. If you have any more questions, go ahead and drop them in the Q&A box. I’m reviewing these. I believe we’ve answered everything that’s here. And these are just people saying hi to us and saying that they want the RSS feed for podcasts you can download. We got the cost. Did that anybody else got any more questions?


Drop them in here. Can you integrate the TV with anything for lead captures through the pop up with my email.


Marketing providers who currently platform that supports the book is an example of a platform that integrates the books you can trade with select integration that completely Bubley Sepehr, you can use that and decollete and synergy that can be done to reach out to a fan base and you can do that. Awesome.


I’ve been told by some people that they’re going to be giving me a second, giving me a question in just a second. So can we combine and upload a video and a video from a YouTube link?


And so right now, I don’t think that we have any dating functionality that you can combine with it in the future, if you have this kind of functionality where you have multiple videos together on bit, you might do that currently with. Can you demo how to use the virtual background feature? Yes, I can. And your second. Let me set up the watch in the background. It should be set up in regard it seems to be done and it consumed a lot of bandwidth on is working on it so you can get an update.


And so I just selected this background. If I go for a camera, we start recording too many cameras. So if I need you to make me an even a little background still in beta. So take some time to load because we are optimizing it for backgrounds, so. So, yeah, it’s there. It’s like that, and as an update, you will be able to do it. Zoom being a native app, is able to do it better, but we are restricted to browsing, trying to optimize the place.


So that’s good enough for you. What looks good to me.


All right. What services and tools you rely on for maintaining DMCA compliance? So currently we take requests in terms of being cheated and beaten, people reach out to us in terms of complaints in the content that we do comply to that. I know that this time I am not aware of the tools that I utilize. Please do not talk more about it in the Facebook group or the ME. And I would like to move in this time of DMC will that we do take feedback on this.


Can I do the live stream with multiple video streams like Vimeo and can I stream to YouTube and Facebook? We currently don’t support streaming, and when we have the feature and if we want to feature, that would be better placed to talk about. All right. Can you host interactive videos like where the user or the viewer can choose their own flow in the video? So we are discussing that we’ve got a lot of a lot of feedback on the quest for interactively deals, we shouldn’t be taking this up.


So I need to get an update and under consideration.


All right. Similar things were back down to just a couple questions here. If you want to get your questions answered, please be sure to drop it in the Q&A box. Now, we’re only going to be here for maybe another 10 minutes max, I’m thinking. So this question here is a personal one for you. Can you tell us a little bit about where the company is located, where you all do business, how many of you are there, et cetera?


So we talk about why we’re working on this and a few more things about it. And I started working on the problem because I realize video is a big use case. It is not a medium anymore. It is a platform. So the applications will be built on top of the next day. And inside we have. And that’s why we need a lot of use cases on top of it. And you’ll see us focusing on certain problems when you see us using this as a platform.


We started working on it in Banyard and the first company listed that we have for of us, we incubated that, received money from an expletive based out of London called Entrepreneur First, and they put into money. And now we literally started as a delivery. He got delivered and and we have an entity that and the other. So I think if you had any kind of technology, please, to reach out to us. And right now we have five people with entirely new technology and more information if you want it so much more.


And if you are and like working on far to reach out and what not. We also raising money from sometime in the couple of months so you can hear more about. All right, um. Oh, where did my question that I just go if I’m working on a platform in which I’m not the only one uploading videos, how many separate partners are allowed to have a separate login? Is there a limit?


Yeah, there is a limit on every deal. And if you take the DVD, you’ll get to know the number of users. So one would be that would be the people you can. Well, there is a great frontier like. As for the storage, is there a way to extend it to it so it’s unlimited? Yes, you really have unlimited bandwidth and we have limited storage, which is also generous, and if you want any extra storage, even beyond that, you can get right now, I think there is a monthly fee.


You can be a if you can put it up on check because your department goes to, I guess, around 15, 20 dollars per month.


So can I use one account for two companies and if so, how? Going to mean any military for two companies? Yes, you can, but hopefully you’re not. I’ve been offered so and I’ve been this gives me a unique account and you can add yourself as a leader to a different part of the Pentagon’s. Cool. OK, that’s a he’s responding to somebody who can’t go. Can you show how the how your branding appears in the player?


This person doesn’t know if they need a white label version, so does not contain the brand name any possible showcasing. Just give music.


So if you go to any one, you see, I go to this video and if you go to customizations, you have an option to update them or you won’t see a vote. So there’s no branding on the player. I can you can upload your own. So I upload a taco and you’ll see which everyone loves and maybe upload it on eBay and unneighborly. You can sew for every dollar we need. It is available and we don’t put up an immediate.


Yeah, thanks. All right, I think those are all of the questions, it looks like a lot of these are just thankyous. All right, I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. Please don’t kill me anybody. I really hope that we got to everybody’s questions.


But if we did not, what is the best way to get in contact with you and do reach out to us using a Facebook group? You can reach out to the community and they can solve your problem in your inbox. And we’d be happy to answer that. It’s called What Do We Search on Facebook? Certainly reach out to us if we want to announce it simultaneously. We’re trying to be there pretty soon. There are certain indications we have a third option is reach out to us on a supporting military support.


And if you want to reach out to me by e-mail us at 1:00 a.m.. So. Wonderful. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you walking us through everything and for answering all of these questions. Same for me and a whole lot behind the scenes we got through. One hundred and fifty three questions somehow today. And that’s just a testament with you. And I know there are questions, so simple things. I hope we got your questions answered if you have not already good ximo Dotcom’s Vidhu TV Dasch player, vudu TV Dasch player to redeem your codes starting at thirty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.


This is one of our licensing deals. You can go ahead and jump between the tiers if you need any help with that. Our support would love to help you. I promise they will help you upgrade and downgrade and do anything you need to do there if you would like to get double the storage. I know a guy apparently who will help you do that. That’s the guy who will help you do that. But you do have to go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page.


We love to read your reviews. And when I tell you, man, these, they’re giving you honest reviews and there’s still a five TOCO rating and there’s almost five hundred of them, my brain is blown. I’m so happy for you all. And if you have any more questions, reach out to their support. I know that they would love to help you all out. Thank you so much for walking us through. This has been a pleasure.


It’s been a pleasure. Thank you. Have a good one.

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