Uteach Review: All-in-One Learning Management System

Written by Chandril Ghosh


In this review, I’ll share my experience with you while I used and tested Uteach. Uteach is a SaaS that allows you to build professional websites and set up courses online. It got featured on Appsumo a while back, and I had a chance to give it a shot. To give a context of my feedback, here’s my use case and my stage in the e-learning business:

I am an academic at a UK-based University. Outside the Uni, I am a solopreneur (wannabe online instructor) who wants to create video tutorials on self-help topics. So far, I have published two short courses, but I imagine I need to have a dozen more before I launch my own school to the public. In short, I consider myself in an early stage of production.

You may view the Uteach roadmap here.

Without beating around the bush, here is a video walkthrough (no audio) of me using and navigating Uteach to show you how it looks like inside the platform:



Pros of Using Uteach


✅  The landing pages that you can create with Uteach looks prettier compared to other Learning Management System (LMS) LTDs I have tried on Appsumo. I tried Go4clic, Mastera, TutorLMS (for WordPress), Learnum (also for WordPress), and Senseily, and all of their landing pages are nothing compared to what Uteach offers you in terms of landing page customization.

✅  The team seems to be making a lot of upgrades within a relatively short time, unlike other LMS LTDs I’ve tried on Appsumo.

Uteach can be set up to be completely white-labelled. I refunded Mastera because there was no white-label option within their app. This was also my problem with Heartbeat (if someone is considering that as an LMS, which it is not).

✅  It is probably the cheapest option so far on appsumo. For $99, they are offering unlimited courses and live classes (you get one school). I inquired about the un-sustainability of the product’s unlimited offer at 15:15 on 27th June 2022, and they replied to me on the same evening. Their reply is under the CONS. It’s a must-see.

✅  Customer support usually gets back within 24 hours and doesn’t work on weekends. This is super-fast compared to TutorLMS (WordPress LMS plug-in) response rate standards. Plus, they are polite and nice to talk to.
Pabbly Connect will be available in Uteach, and both Action and Trigger option will be there once implemented. A common problem for LMS apps is that they only have one option and not both. Therefore, Uteach has an edge when it comes to setting up integrations with other apps.

✅  I also liked that you could create promo codes for your students.
You can easily set payments using Stripe and Paypal (but no Razorpay, unfortunately).

✅  They have a mobile app, and if your students download the Uteach app on their phone, they will be able to find your school and your courses.


Cons of Using Uteach


🛑  In practice, landing pages does not look “as good as” the way they advertised on Appsumo. The screenshots of landing pages from their Appsumo advertisements look prettier and neater than the way this product actually looks. The page looks fluffy and bloated, and there are lots of white spaces in between elements. Although you can customize the layout of the landing page, the page builder isn’t as user-friendly in my opinion. I prefer the page builder to be a drag-and-drop visual editor similar to Wix and Godaddy.

🛑  Currently, it’s more like a WordPress LMS where you fill in certain information in the backend and then see them automatically set up on the front page. You don’t have control over text looks, fonts, or sizes.

🛑  I asked them, “How do you plan to manage our unlimited plan?” Their reply was, “Only a little percent of our users will be LTD.” I’m a layperson, but it didn’t sound like an elaborate description to me, and I would have preferred to hear a more concrete answer from them.


My Verdict for Uteach


⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5)

In my opinion, I would say Uteach is probably the best learning management system app released between 2021-2022. It has all the features I need, and they are also getting Pabbly Connect for integration features. Subscriptions and course bundles will be available by the end of the year 2022. There are ready-to-use templates of certificates as well.

While all these features are expected to and should be included in an LMS app, most of the LMS apps I tried before lacked them. For example, go4clic does not have certificate templates. They ask you to design one on canva.com and upload it on go4clic, and you can then set the name of the student and course information on it. That’s a hassle.

My biggest complaint with uTeach is the aesthetic look. The platform’s interface can be better. But if I compare it with its competitors, even Thinkific’s interface are not that great. So, I guess I don’t have much to complain either. My second big concern is their unlimited offer; I have not heard any concrete plan from them with regards to LTD users. So, long-term sustainability concerns me. Uteach is rich with features and for me, it has set a new level of expectations for future LMS products.

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