Typedesk: Create Canned Responses
Easily For Your Leads and Clients


Having to deal with your customers can be quite troublesome to people who don’t know how to deal with them professionally.

It’s easy to feel burned out and then make unnecessary mistakes when you have to keep repeating and typing the same answers to the same questions asked by your leads or clients over and over again.

But fortunately, there’s a solution to repetitive typing.

Thanks to Typedesk, you can easily create and customize canned responses for your leads and clients to save you time, energy and from the embarrassment of typing the wrong name in your responses.


Typedesk’s Pricing Overview


Typedesk’s monthly subscription starts at $5, which already gives you all the basic solutions that you need to create unlimited and engaging canned responses for your business.

Alternatively, Typedesk has a limited lifetime deal which starts at $59 for a Tier 1 deal. Check out the details below.

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Price starts from:

$5.00 / month

✅  Has a 30-day free trial
Has a free version
✅  20% discount for an annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$49.00 – Single Payment for Tier 1 Deal

Typedesk Lifetime Deal Offer


Typedesk Features:


👉  Typedesk’s customizable and advanced variables and placeholders allow you to create unique canned responses quickly to your customers.

👉  Save repetitive messages and responses as a template so you can save time from typing the same thing again and again. Messages like order updates, sales outreach, and FAQ’s can be saved as templates, for, example.

👉  Typedesk is also capable of inserting dynamic snippets into your canned responses like date, time, and other specifics that pertain to your products or services.

👉  Onboarding new members to the team is made easier because of shared folders within Typedesk. Organize your responses so members of your customer support team are on the same page when they respond to your customer-base.

👉  Keep track on any changes to your canned responses with notifications and advanced sharing permissions.

👉  Install Typedesk in your PC or Mac for easy access.

👉  Typedesk can also be added as an extension for many major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

👉  Typedesk is a multi-channel platform for canned responses and is compatible with Gmail, Slack, Zendesk, Outlook, MS office, Google Docs, and a whole lot more!

👉  Save MORE time by just typing in 3-4 letter shortcuts to plug in your canned responses on whatever platform you may be using.

👉  Save your templates and canned responses to the cloud or locally in your PC.

👉  Typedesk has a Google-like live search so you can sort out and find that specific message you’re looking for.

For a full list of all their features, visit their page here.



Who is TypeDesk for?


Typedesk seeks to help out customer support teams, social media and community managers, agencies, and businesses that want to improve their customer outreach and maximize their productivity over time.


Things to Note about Typedesk


👉  Their customer support takes some time to respond to any concern that you mimght have.
👉  This tool works best when you’ve downloaded the extension on the browser or the app in your PC or Mac.
👉  Typedesk doesn’t have a mobile app which a lot of people are requesting.


User Reviews for Typdesk


“How often do you copy/paste the same text to different people? Exactly….


“This promises to solve it. I’ve tried a lot of alternative solutions and so far this looks like the best product for me because it works natively on my Macbook and I can build a library of snippets that are useful everywhere…”

by younghumanclub


“I’ve been looking for this tool for years now. There are a few on the market, but this one has true potential for personal use and to be used as a team, and kiss it true, its got a fully functional cloud arrangement.”

by steve7736


“Complete hidden gem. If you use TextExpander, buy this before it disappears. Best replacement I’ve seen.


“Better UX/UI, responsive founder and the tool works great. I missed this deal once already, their LTD has not been one to stay around for very long.”

by zeke_ducker


“Looks great, clean UI, same function with textexpander. You can customize the font size, color, add images, gif or stickers, dynamic variables.


“Not yet possible to customize the shortcut keys per canned response or custom trigger (colon ” : “) but i’m sure they can easily do this. Thanks for the deal!”

by Sonic_Built


“I love that the text expansion works really well in all my commonly used apps such as MS Word, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. text expansion is a great boost to my productivity so that I could spend my time on more worthwhile tasks such as planning, thinking and strategizing. The text expansion is fast and smooth.


“Another thing I love about this app is the ability to store canned responses which is great for any standard replies that we have. The responses can be shared across the team so there is consistency applied across team members. This is great in terms of providing customer service to our customers. I also love Typedesk for its ability to allow us to have variants of the same canned response so that I could add a translated version of the response in another language. This is not available in Textexpander.”

by Peggy Chen


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