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[00:00:03.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today my dog is upset. One second. Today, we are joined by the team over at Tile Tile is a smart video and image editor that enables users to create high quality video content and daily social posts quickly using stock resources. It is available on Sumell right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. You guys already know and love this tool.

We’re excited to dove into it today. Before we do, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things. Give you the lay of the land. The first thing that you should know if you want to say hi to me like Francisco has, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. If you have any questions, though, about the tools, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video.

We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough for me. Hey, John, how are you doing? Hey, Lindsey. How are you guys doing? CEO and co-founder of Kyle. And is my honor to be back here to demonstrate about a advantage of title so far.

[00:01:30.240] – John (Tyle)
So I really appreciate to join this webinar and I value your time. So I hope this may help your work flow flow or your productivity as well. So I’d like to share my screen first and let’s.

I’ll get to the bottom line about today, I predict, and I’m going to demonstrate how tire works. Before that, I’d like to start with one simple video first. OK, I will prepare my screens a bit. OK, I start. This is the once emperor video created by TYO, actually, I made it is for you guys to demonstrate how toys are easy.

So just watch out. God, I created the video with a about, you know, advertize how advantages of TiVo, so, you know, when you think of video, it may be like like you may we may find it difficult if you are not familiar with creating video thing, but I think you think it’s easy to create creating a show or PowerPoint image as well. Like, can you do this, like put one sentence and put a proper background here?

Like this way I think you can make this easily using PowerPoint, Kinnard, whatever. How was that one? I put some one promotional video we created a long time ago, and then I write down one message about you. And so I just up and I changed the background color to gray and I put some one sentence and make it bigger. And I change the color like this week, you know, tile, as you know, tile is like using PowerPoint, slide show or Kennet.

What you can do is that focusing on writing down your message and then or the slides and combines into UAM and it turns out to, you know, video automatically with some animation or transition. Or so like like this one, I found I type social media in our library and I found these gorgeous stop stop video as well.

It is like this way, so. It’s time to go to how TIROS is the main part. So first of all, when you visit TYO, there is a button to try for free. So let’s go into the main ATM. Maneater looks like this way when you visit Taiyo, first time you will see like one size one slide template and it’s random every time when you visit Tyo. So if I were refreshed Roger, you would see the different layout every time I go tablet every time.

But you don’t have to worry about that because everything is customizable. So you can change the background image, font size, color, everything by your like following your friend guideline or your preference. So I can just explain the features one by one, but you may feel bored. So I prepared a short script is like in a typical listicle. So, you know, we are now in the covid era. So I prepared one content you might want to post to your social media for daily posting.

It’s like a listicle, as I said. So the title of this content is How Can You Stay Safe and covid-19 Pandemic and blah, blah, blah. The main part goes like this weight one wash your hands are full and blah, blah, blah. Second, avoid close contact. Three cover coughs, caftans, knees and the final message. So you may see a lot of these kind of contest. And I will show you how I can create these short video from scratch.

So it’s getting to tyo when I refresh once more and OK, anything is fine. I’m going to start this one. So first thing what I wanna do is that Capito’s had message and I pastie here there is a title layer and the content layer I’m going to paste here because a pirate is more like the main four than the content layer. And in the case of content, I don’t need it for this first flight, so I’m going to disable it.

And in the case of a logo, if you gonna put your local, you can click. I’m and I’m not the page file for me. I did my own logo so I can put it here. The color is the main character is a couple, so I cannot distinguish the logo. So there is a button. It turns out the color white or black depends on the color of the background, the background contrast, the color, things like that.

OK, anyway, I think I don’t need a logo for these times, so local and I’m going to disable it. So, oh, I do like to make a YouTube landscape sized video for YouTube or for Facebook as well, so I click this button and click this change size. And we already prepared to optimize the size four sizes for each social media. For this time. I’m going to start this video landscape, video sites for YouTube and start now.

As you can see, the Huldah design, things change automatically. There is a box which is necessary for now, have a higher readability of your text message for this time. I don’t like to click this box and I can’t change the color or.

Change the car or I can just remove it like this way. I like to pick one good stock images from this library, I clicked this background and I clicked this to stop images and we’re such covid now I’m trying to find a suitable image of the text. OK, I think I go with this one. You know, it looks like that the image is like like like darker because, you know, the tail automatically to have a higher rate of readability of your taxes.

So it makes the image darker than the original color. So if you don’t like it, you can change it any time like this way, but you can lose the reliability of the text. So I recommend you to make it automatic as a default. So I think, you know, the text is in front of the guy, so I’d like to move the text to the right side of the car. I cannot do that. In a typical solution like PowerPoint to keynote you and I click this text layer and we’ll we’ll hear what Kyle doesn’t work like that.

So I recommend this, that there is see other designs, but to the design shop for watton. So when you click this one, you will see possible design options here. Oh, this one looks very nice because there is a right side. There is a passenger side, there is a guy or so OK, there is no magic margin. So you can’t expand all like this week or so. How about the color? I think we can’t find a better color because there is a very messy Section eight in an automatic detector color of the background image.

So you recommend a suitable color. So I picked the rosy pink is nice and I’d like to change the font as well. These days I fall in love with Pumpkin’s. This font is just my preference. OK then I spend a lot of time to explain the first slide though. It’s time to move the second slide and it’s a web service. So I recommend you to click the button frequently as it as it can possible. And in the second slide, I’d like to copy the one more line and paste to here and for the design, the second slide, I’d like to video first and find a suitable layout for the relay related into video.

Right. So I click stock videos and I put the key word covid once more and put anything which shows the covid era. I think this image is nice, but in a half of images it’s like a hidden by text box. What you could do, I think I can remove the box and oh, the background image goes wider because. Because the basic text is a blank. So you want to keep the readability of the text. But I don’t like this at all, so I’d like to change this color to white.

So make it darker. Oh, before that, I need to explain how the system works in entire. I don’t like to open the box once more and change the layout first. You may keep it smaller then I will explain if I pick this up when you click this button, this is the change in color button.

We already prepared you know, we’re unmatched color palette for your convenience, so why do you need to do is just a click the. Like, for example, if I create this Crayford button. You see that? The main text color changed to. White and describe the Holocaust in color, what I found. If I click this electric line. Oh, the background color is like a greenish and main texture color goes like black. Here’s the thing. This big box is the same as box color and this song is written in black.

It means that the basic text color is a black. FIP. These Matt Black. It’s a retaining white base color has to be white and with the black box. So if I send out these. Text like this way, and I put a click this, a button, a hat, and you can see some special symbol between the rules changed it changed the color right this way. It color comes from the D highlight color. So this is the short explanation of how tight our system or wave looks, and then I’d like to remove the box like this way and click save and I’d like to create one more slide like this.

Wait, no, I don’t have that much time. So I just let us keep some packs and I’d like to go to the main part of this listicle. I see here. Oh, for now, you know, we have a title and in the main text, so I would like to recall the content layer like this way and I copy the content line and paste here. And I’d like to pick some better layout by using click this button and button, I mean, or there’s a layouts menu and you can select things as you wish, like like we prepared typical Motaung layout for creating videos.

How about this one? Oh. It’s like, you know, stretchmarks being weird. Well, I’d like to change the theme right this way or and then I expand the image area. So I think this is a go for express the main texts coming from you. In the case of content, I’d like to change the font following the title. Change the scale like this, we, in the case of TYO, the scale system is different than any other service.

You know, over 90 percent of content are consumed or consumed on mobile mobile device. So you may not directly aware how 14 pixel like like 15 pixel works for mobile environments. So we scale through like these with the one zero point nine eight seven, something like that. So one is it means one hundred percent and is perfect for it. Be ready for the base on the iPhone four, which is a very or not smartphone. But you don’t have to worry about that these days.

We have a bigger screen on average, so you can’t put like your point to five measly. For this time, I’d like to go to Japan. 60 percent of scale, the tax scale and my key point for the key to like this way, we used to Blackheart with that coastline that we like to change to light. Here is just a short recommendation if you are not familiar with the car, but I recommend you to just using is white or black.

This is simple and the easy. It reduced your time to considering the color selection. OK, so I put the message here and now we need to find suitable stock videos with these texturally so I can do the wash. I click this of Pass from the text line. Now, I got some nice images from throwing rocks, I will go read this one. And while what about we make one more slight? Like this one. I copy and paste here and I promise to split it this way.

And it’s a time to find videos about coffee. Covering, covering your cough, you’d be. You know, it may be tricky to find someone who covering your cough. OK, I think that this what it’s like looks like a covering the cough, even using the t shirts. But this image is like a vertical size, so how can I do that for command is that click this button so you can find the layout which has a like, oh, how about this one?

There is vertical images left and the right side. You can put some text here. If I create this one, yeah, it changed the layout like this one. This is the way you select the design on tile. It’s like a bit different, but it’s I guarantee you it can give you a higher productivity. OK, so when you click preview, he will turn the slide into video like this play out, but the regime is like kind of happy.

You know, we are talking about covid there. So I don’t like to change the name BGM from the grumpy section. So how about this one?

OK, and here is a theme. There is a mumba with the title of the game. It meets BPM beats per minute. So if you pick higher number BGN, it means that the contents please faster.

So I will pick this one. 153. Opposition is not free. Can you assure that the content is placed faster? You fly slower ones like these one.

We see that play slower and then one more or more each. I think the point is that when the content that the BGM Ahriman automatically fit into the length of the content.

As you can see that the music stopped when the content stopped by. This is the one little thing of the time. So my I do like to have one more slide, that’s the. Last demonstration. I’ll put down a last line from the sample, and this time I’d like to remove these content and I will lay out this peacefully and personally. You can remove the background, right? Easily caffeine. And after you think you are done with your walk or you need to do this a place for button.

Then the image processing goes first. It just takes less than a minute, less than a minute. It just to take a few seconds, I stop. So when you click this image button, we get the. Image, if you like this, we so appreciate our share, sharing your antipasti here. Even though we make video content, but what you can see is like no carousel style. Images here when you share these images, too, you know, a smartphone, but you can see why these with your thumb.

So if you wanna get the video content video, Phyo as well, when you need to do so, click this video rendering now button and app. Now, now in real time, we rendering your video in our server and when you stop, you will get be notified by these chat center and your email as well. So while waiting this process, I like to show you a cool theme of. So here’s the thing. What we created right now where I want to do is like make a duplicate version and make another size of it with a few clicks.

I don’t like to click this button and change sides. How about go with the Instagram story size? Like this week, as you can see, you don’t have to touch them much, but, you know, cool design automatically changed. Like this way.

But in the case of this one, we intentionally made the design like this way. But it doesn’t go with these portrait sites. So what you can do is click these copy’s button, the whole things like this. And you think you want to make a variation that we were going to do is export a game once more for another video while we record. The first the video is now here.

So when you click this link, the video file is downloaded to you, to your device, because that there is the reason, what we may right now or so, I will use the video rendering as well.

Here is a thing you can change the text, the like this. We just so we have to.

How can you stay safe in the at 19 and. It with me is that these kids from Muslim Holy and Swipe and other services, so if you want some special access. Wash your hands. You can ask us and we can stay for your convenience.

Demming doing dozens of w.h during don’t last until we added a lot of resources from the hearts of a country. Social Haggerty’s. This is 20. OK, you guys can ask to that. OK, I think that’s all for sure demonstration. I think it’s time to go to questions as to Lindsay at. Yeah, thank you so much, simoleons, if you have any questions, we didn’t see all the chat already, you can go ahead and drop those and the Q&A box now.

[00:28:29.180] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Right now, we don’t have any questions. So thank you for a very thorough walkthrough. Is there anything that you could tell us that human beings have to look forward to if they go ahead and get your deal now? What’s coming up for them?

We got some questions.

Helen asks, Can we add a call to action in the case of contraction, you cannot added on a chair to yourself directly, because our main purpose of title is that you can download and before file and you can download it to other social media like Facebook or YouTube. Awesome. Somebody asked if we can send the record. Yeah, I’m assuming that’s about this recording and if so, yes, there will be a recording of this available to you and it’ll be emailed out to wherever you registered.

Helen asks, Is it possible to make the right panel larger?

[00:29:38.530] – John (Tyle)
I think you need this panel to recommend these just to, you know, just mean the browser that love it.

And again, that’s how we got here. So is there anything left that you want to make sure it gets covered? I don’t want to wrap this up too soon, I want to give everybody a second to leave their questions. Anything else, the. I’m really bad at the stalling thing, whenever I have to stall, I run out of things to say very quickly.

[00:30:18.950] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, we got a question about the road map. What can you tell us about what’s coming up down the pipeline?

[00:30:26.300] – John (Tyle)
I think there’s a better to give you a road map, the arrow of time. We love that. I’m going to share it to.

It’s OK to see here with these checkbooks, yeah, this is a world of tile. Actually, we are now in the middle of developing the whole new annex, the Virgin, because, you know, when we started tile, we didn’t expect to get this bigger. So we changed the whole backhanders structure for for having better, better features. So we are working on to have an extra virgin and or you have some more lifetime. ATD users get the upgrade.

But to sum, the features like which caused a massive traffic, like creating the video automatically, mass mass, mass production of things, there might be some limitations. All right, this looks awesome, thank you so much, Helen says that it’s very interesting, she’ll need to test it out. Mike asks, Can we choose the video quality when rendering? Can it be like nineteen twenty, seven, twenty, etc.? Sure, of course, there is optimal size for the YouTube, so you can pick seven to zero or make it for HD with a theme, there is up for HD sizes as well.

[00:32:10.980] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. And in the future, do you think that they’ll be able to convert images to gifts, uncovering images to achieve in future? I think technically it’s not a big deal, because when you get MP for file, there are a lot of other sort of party solution to turning to MP for turned MP and referring to chief. So technically, it’s not a big deal, but we are not sure when when we get into it. All right, we had a late joiner, they wanted to know what does the slide mean?

It’s like one video.

[00:32:54.870] – John (Tyle)
Yes, you can imagine the PowerPoint. So I just created the five slice of video. So when you create six slides so it can’t slide, what your awesome or a similar thing.

[00:33:16.750] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I just went through all the questions. If there’s anything else you want to know, now is your time to go ahead and send it in. Really appreciate you walking us through this, showing us everything. And thank you, Francisco, always for joining us. All right. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. Simoleons, if you have not already, you can go to Asamoah dotcom slash tile. That’s t y l e. We have one person asked, can we get team members?

Can you add team members to the. I’m sorry, can you add team members to your account? Remember how we don’t have a workspace features, but it’s definitely in the rock map and actually we already developed it, but it will be applied with the launching of next version.

[00:34:08.160] – John (Tyle)
All right. All right. And that’s going to be a I’m going to wrap this up. What I can still see why you have not already redeemed your codes and is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is back perhaps the most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, you can add your reviews to the two hundred and thirty two reviews that are already there, which is crazy, exciting.

And obviously people aren’t loving this deal and loved it the last time you were with us too. So we’re excited to have you back. Make sure you don’t miss out on it this time. You don’t want to miss out on all of the awesome features that are coming up. And of course, if you have any more questions, go ahead and leave those on the deal page for us as well. I’m sure you all are happy to answer them.

[00:34:52.890] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much, John, for hanging out with us. And thank you everybody else for watching along to have a good one. Thank you.

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