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What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar today, we are joined by the team over at trustme that IO. This helps you collect keyword filled customer reviews to improve your search engine results, entice potential customers and build a solid online image.

It is available on Ximo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dove into the school, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is that if you want to ask any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. The second thing is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room.

You can also say hi to me. I love when you say hi to me.

And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Powell, how are you?

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I’m fine, thanks. How are you guys?

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I’m doing all right. I’m glad to have you here. I’m going to pass this over to you for the walk through things. If you have any questions, drop them in the Q&A box and we’ll circle back to them later. Let me know when you’re ready for this. OK, yes, if if you have any questions about the products you stated in their comments to various reports and if you answer them immediately, welcome to the webinar. As I said, I’m I’m chief product officer, trust me.

[00:01:47.210] – Powell (Trustmate)
And we’ve been with a similar deal for a while. And we have families and. Also by your great community, thank you for finding a few minutes on this Wednesday afternoon. Well. We will tell you about the reviews today. Here is our agenda. So how buyers see how buyers convince buyers and why reviews are important, first of all, we have to convince ourselves that these are important. That’s the key point of today’s meeting. OK, second point is effective collection of reviews about the store.

And I will tell you about how to make it easy. How we manage to have bottlenecks in the review process because there was a lot of bottlenecks. We will see, OK, three point three long previews and as you. So this is another important point of our meeting. That’s why our reviews are still so long and why it’s good for as CEO of your store. For how to fight with negative feedback, we are only human, only human being, and all of us sometimes have a problem with our customers.

We also received some bad feedback from you, so all of us have had similar to this, and we will show you today how we manage with bad reviews. Interesting. Five reviews that money. This is the summary of our presentation. We’ll talk about it in all slides. But at this point, to sum up everything, OK, let’s go to. So how do customers convince customers and why is that important? At the very beginning, let’s say, for who we all shops, you basically are collecting revenues.

Who is the real audience here? First of all, customers. You must convince them to leave money in your store. The reviews will make them trust stop your purchase. This is so important because customers is the fuel for our pockets and every every each of us wants them. They are happy and. In Big No. Second of all, Google, our big brother, likes new unicorns. And that’s exactly what the reviews are during the presentation, I will show you how use these opinions do stand out on Google.

And. We will be talking about the stars and how you can lift your website up. Last but not least, management managers, bosses, chips, basically you also you do you know what, thanks to reviews, you’ll know you’ll know what reviews. Tell you what your customers speak about you so you can make the right decision in. Once. This is all for now. OK. There has to be a wise, quote, codes in every presentation, so we throw it.

Philip Couplers, almost 90 years old, and he cut his teeth in marketing. So I bet he knows what the code is. The rest of advertising is made by satisfied customers in. Make them. Let’s you live your revenues for. OK. There was a quote, They must also be statistics, everyone has made some statistics about reviews, but I have prepared a few of the most important ones. For you guys. Eighty seven percent of customers read reviews about products and companies.

Seventy nine percent trust them, just like the recommendation of friends. This is very, very important statistics, I suppose. Seventy three percent takes care of feedback from the last 30 days. Only the statistics shows us that fresh content is really important for the common good customers. Thirty eight percent of customers will consider corporation, consider cooperation with a company they won’t force that’s so powerful, most powerful, more than half of the customers want to cooperate with that low revenue and store.

OK. So how often do you buy without reading the. We have to ask ourselves. OK. I would like to tell you about the typical customer, but what can happen if Bryant doesn’t find reviews on this website? Take a look at this example. This is completely shock. One of the stories in Boland’s VIP shops that has has now reviews about their products. The customers and imagine that customers and the customer enter, doesn’t see the review and what he’s doing.

He probably answers the proper name with price reviews and Google and then. The top, let’s see, we have some commercials and the talk shows, the effects of his direct competition, it’s a massacre, how easy it is to lose our client. Most likely, the person who’s looking for the product will go to buy where they will the trust the website. The companies listed on the screen use the reviews and chose track with data from Google, thanks to which Google stars, as you can see.

By the way, this is our client right now. I mean, Contigo after this presentation. Take advantage of the situation, stay ahead of others by showing product reviews in your store. See an example of our VIP client and this is the of com one of the largest and most popular stores in Poland when it sells clothes, leather jackets and travel suitcases and much, much more. This is this is top listed shop and is good name for the reviews.

Collector with us. I mean, the reviews collected the last. Is showing on the products in the picture attached, you can see the name of and the. Date of the hour, our trustmark. And text of customer. Thanks. Two days after entering a Google query for products, we can show its results on this Woodstock’s. We can put in Google the phrase suitcase. And the website will appear with. Movie stars. As you can see here.

After entering quite popular words, which are globes, leather close to the winter is the name of the show, the results are to the positions of stars. I forgot to add that it is a producer and sell their products in many stores. For example, the best example would be if you like shoes or Adidas shoes and a particular model of the shoes will appear in. Many, many websites, but then I have to start if the producer also wants to sell his products.

OK, where are you as a unique selling proposition, every one of us know what the proposition is. Could their opinions be unique selling propositions? I would like to show you on the examples of our clients that, yes, this is the top brands in top brands in Poland, also in Europe, I suppose, which we see our reviews on the website. And the guy from the company is one of the biggest shops of sports. Stocks in Europe, where they sell football stocks, moving stuff, stuff for horse lovers and bikes, et cetera, et cetera.

The show’s producers in our region on the homepage, when you click the link to open the window thanks to the customer, doesn’t leave the store and the store reviews on the website. You game the bigger possibility to the possibility that he will make a purchase. OK. Here are our old friend Biton, we can also differentiate its offer in a similar way. This is the Basic Wage Act, and as I said on the slide here, when you click see reviews, the window will open and it will shows around 30 reviews, reviews and only positive reviews, which intelligence we show on to the reviews because this is true for you and it has to it should make your purchase bigger.

Yes. Here’s an example of small shop here. We have a legend with product reviews and social proof and social proof widgets, you can put every image you like. If you’re selling bikes, you can put a little if you’re selling sports to more. In the background, you can see the future with the. Client contends. Which is working for Allsorts, CEO of the. Instore and. And for the bigger picture of the climate. OK, important, some of that some data, again, statistics, this is.

More stats, but I promise you, it’s already it’s less than it is. Why is it important? Let’s end it six six. Sixty four of buyers want to read these six reviews before buying. Having reviews on the product page increases the likelihood of buying four times product reviews increase sales from one ninety to three eight percent. This is spectacular. No, only 12 percent of customers do not pay attention to the reviews. The. Two statistic, I want to see closer those six reviews and eight reviews.

Let’s say it is. Why? Because here are some statistics from trust me. This is real data from our database. So let’s remember, we need around seven reviews to make something good for our show. But from the beginning, only three percent of customers of reviews of themselves organically, I think just this very popular problem that you have some tool to gather in reviews and you’re waiting for reviews and customers just just don’t leave it because they don’t think about this.

They have to review or they can review. I think this is what we are and we are not, you know, to put feedback automatically. If customers leave this feedback. Eighty eight percent of this feedback is mostly negative, it’s negative. Why? Because when we are angry, this is easy. And to find staff when we are supposed to leave a negative review because we are angry, we are motivated to leave those feedback. And it’s that bad for a.

If you are asking about review 24 percent of our customers attributes, this is perfect, this is perfect information for you today, guys. Because almost, almost, almost twenty five percent client clients will leave the review for your company or your products.

And nine to five of those clients leaves the positive attribute, so Sudbury’s that don’t be afraid to ask about reviews because customers and customers will. Will. Leave them and. Those reviews will be. Will be will be very, very good. OK, how about trust me? We founded the company over two years ago. We have gathered a lot. And. We’ve got a lot. From The Economist in us, we have gathered over 20 clients in Poland, we are experiencing we come from some.

Some very popular companies include. Effective collection of reviews about the storage products. How it’s working, what is transporting and how it’s working? We are asking about reviews. The customer receives an invitation to issue a review, then he’s redirected to the forum on the second picture appointed. Where he can use the review and review system or write his own comments, you can see those trust the system. We just say customers want what they want, what they can use to create his own private.

After giving the review, the customer says, thank you, beach, where you can where he can insert the code for the next purchase or a link with the reaction to the page with complimentary products next to that, you can make your purchase purchase a bit bigger. You can add on other products and. This is a very big game. So this is the process. How drastically can help you and six points reduce the amount, the company and yes, we will gather information from your customers about through your process of process or delivery, and we will show it in our widget.

We focus, we are focusing on hense related to online offline service. Second, reviews about products and services. We can also gather reviews about every product we sell in our form, is ready for this. Is ready for this. You can set. Trust hands to those to this. Review forms. Thanks to this, the reviews will be very, very long and. We work. To your cells and as. If if we have here some guys with the Treasury bonds, but we also get reviews from certain points, you can also ask the survey research to our normal review process.

Of course, data that full data that we we we gather, we can collect. We are presenting in our panel. We will show you that later and we should show it later. Reviews which are collected and presented in the widgets will increase the traffic for certain keywords. Last but not least, the collected feedback is owned by the store that collected it. We are only two full kaleck for collection. We don’t want to keep keep it for ourselves, we want to give it to you.

OK, I said about Buckel next. As far as you know, we are living the dynamic times, none of us has time for stupid things are just hanging around and we need to we have a few obstacles to skip. The first them was the open right and how to how to manage with the open right. And how to. Make sure that the customer will open that email list invitation, so we did a few things. First of all, we manage the time of sending.

We are watching. We are watching. When. When is the best time to open up what is the best part of the opening? The customers where where customers when customers in. And we sent our sentiments to this time, this is very this is very sad and we are very flexible to this. Thirty four thirty three percent is quite high. With time, no. But what is then the main advantage for trustme to. You can continue displaying the their name time to send timeless reminders, sending number of reminders, customizing text of the email, adjusting communication with the user, customized coler of companies brands and customizing the email.

Thanks to that customer is familiar to mail that he received. You can watch on the screen from my phone a lot of e-mails about the cash flow in the mail from the column, from trustmark. So I’m familiar with this email because I have purchased some shoes in the capital for a few days ago, and I’m I stay in mind with the problem and I come and the couple can be sure that I remember does purchase. So I click on that.

It’s more likely that I will click this email. This is also a screen from our panel. OK, another bottleneck. If a customer opened the email, we have to force him to go to the restroom for. If he clik. We want to make sure that one of the stops. One of the stars that the regular mail looks like this, so we shall hear some nice graphics which stars you can replace it with any other image that is connected with your brand.

This could be stars, faces, hearts, even even tires. If you if you want move after customer, click in stop. He will be moved to our product for. Our product form is another another bottleneck, not our product from the old product forms and product review serving the whole world. Why? Because customers know they don’t doesn’t know what to write about review. OK, that was good is the long reviews. If its customers even decided to to live in.

And. The question was how to how to make customers live longer reviews, and we decided to show them the part of sentences that will. That will. Make one big review. Thanks to that, we we have now the. Reviews along the proximity to it and done this very long review, and it’s working for you. Each form contains random sentences prepared in advance so the customer can click on them while writing better. And we create also dictionaries of this, hence after consulting companies to find out what keywords to insert in the content and change depending on how many times they’ve.

We are watching our health system, and if some health is overburdened, which we will replace it, we have some new content and we don’t want to make it supplicate. The reviews are, as we said, are owned by the store and they can be sold at any time for additional use in marketing, you have to just click the policy as file in our shop at. And as I said, the average length of review is two hundred and pakoras.

Product innovation work on a similar principle of combining patient has the photo and so the customer can associate justice as much as possible. In addition to immigration, we can also have the review of sending service. In the survey, you can ask the customer about the border details this our internal research, so you don’t have to be afraid that some bad feedback will be will go in life. You can observe this and someone will know. Nobody will see it.

So we can ask and if you want the clients to the customer. And it will be private. OK, I have reviews and to what to do with them, because this is the questions that we usually hear from our customers. Our triumph displayed the reviews in business cards, and this is typical for us when you’re starting cooperation with us. We make the business for you and home collecting views about the company representing their. This blank, if you read the reviews here, it’s additional polls in show for you and Google.

Here’s an example of that for any company that can boast of rich spots on Google, thanks to this blank reviews. If we if we set the query on Google for EFF reviews, the business card will appear on the first position, which is very, very important because the customer won’t go anywhere to watch to to search some reviews and for everyone to it. Those plans.

OK, I will show you some examples of our clients implementation and see how they present better reviews, which is first of all, this is product counsel in product counsel. We we serve twenty last twenty one reviews per session that this is good also for customers and for people because we want to here the content. So we have many reviews and we will mix them. We will shuffle them. And thanks to that, that Google will think there is always the fresh content and it will lift your website up in this search results, which it also presents, is presenting a photo after you click on the photo.

It’s it’s it’s coming bigger. And you can see this photo comes from our also from our Polish Polish client file. This is our customers for rounder’s customers from another widget, reviews about product in this thing to have Stoss. Now, some of the rest of our clients. We have here currently allegiance or sidebar WeChat or Social Widget. OK, how to make how to gain Google stars, thanks to Google stars you have to set. Feedback on your website, you can make it by adding another site page, for example, Moxey plus reviews thanks to that.

And there our widget. Thanks to that, you will have the stars in Google and showing also that you are collecting. OK, review as a content and unfolds. Why is star positioning important the. The best the best answer is more traffic, more customers or more chance to make them customers. Google likes new content, which reviews definitely are perfect, four pages with fresh preference for pages with fresh and frequently modified content. This is some part of the model that I think because if you.

If you collect the review, if you make purchases, clients will come and pick for you. So this is the circle. Google also likes time on the page, customers who read reviews spend more time on the portal. This is perfect. This is also a perfect solution because customers want to read some other experience as you can. If I can remind you the statistics from the beginning, almost 80 percent of customers trust the personal feedback from reviews and the feedback from their friends.

So they just like to read keywords if we include keywords and the trustees will also work. But that’s what worked for. Your website. Google stars, if you set out widgets, it will make Google to present and stars on this thing close to your website. How it’s working. How how does it work? Long reviews due to trusting buyers at Long Prevue, thanks to trust in stores, present reviews about transactions and products, both andexanet content, increasing the position on the Google search engine list, future bias more often find the source of them.

And finally, store has more transactions. At the right, you can see the example of. An example of our trust fund for. Oops, I clicked something. Sorry. And it’s. OK, about our allegiance, we have many of them, you can find it in our IQ on our absolute mobile, just sent the query widget and there you can find a movie with explanation about that, which Richard. Natalija is a microdata thanks to that, that Google stars will appear sooner or later.

It also. Work, work for you. Sales because of convincing customers that you are trusted website. Here you can see some one of the widgets sidebar, the sidebar is this look is moving from the right and from the left. You can set it anywhere from the website. There’s a simple configurator in your panel. It’s presenting a proposal last twenty twenty one, Grevious. On the mobile, it looks like this this is a simple little stop. If you click on the start of the window with prejudice will appear that you only have to click anywhere else and it will vanish.

This is our big widget with social proof you can configure in our show. It shows the readiness of our product company and also showing a mix of it. This is our Castle, Egypt, and we I was showing that in after implementation in two shops before. There are shots also from our financial planner. This is a beautiful example of implementation then becomes law. This is native solution. Vitron is integrated with our A API. Thanks to that, they just don’t load the data until in their solution.

They don’t have to use our widget widgets. Benefits from the placement of widgets we cited before, but let’s show some some customers are looking for reviews outside the store. Social proof of how the stories fight starts in Google Google search, raising your position in Google search engine and lower shopping cart abandoned. One of our features also, you can replace Facebook reviews with an easily manageable trust module, every one of us knows that the Facebook user are hard users and they’re very, very likely to leave reviews because this is public and it’s hard to manage it because the public discussion is never no good for for for shops, for foreign companies.

Because you are always the better person here. So. We advise to our shops that they can remove the Facebook reviews and at our. Facebook plug in, and the only thing is that you have to make and you have to have over two thousand likes on Facebook page multisystem and on Facebook. So we cannot do anything with this. After you install our plugin, that will be the mirror of our of your business card entrustment so you can manage those reviews easily.

And every review has to be confined, confined by. Email and some order number. Review management, how to fight with negative feedback. Let’s look into our panel, see how it works. It’s very easy and comfortable in use from our perspective. And this from your perspective, if we can be sure of the reviews in Somerville. And we have we have also there a lot of statistics. You can track everything. You can make some AP tests and you can track your configurations to make your results perfect.

OK, what was this negative feedback everyone knows or how about those a satisfied customer will transfer the shopping experience to free people and dissatisfied customer will transfer the shopping experience to ten people. And here’s that heads from Jeff Bezos. And thanks to Internet, it will go to ten thousand people in a few moments because we have Facebook right now. We have social media and that that lets use can move very, very fast. That’s why I trust my mediation system, mediation system is an internal chop, chop chop.

We’re sending emails from customer to you and from you to customer mediator to review disappears from the business card widgets and Facebook chat with our customers taking place in the trustme dashboard to no one else can save time to resolve. The issue is 21 days. The review returns to the website only after the customer confirms his decision. So if you set the mediation and customer wants to talk with you, he will ignore it. We will have this review forever instead of this review.

There will be information and information for customer other customers that. You just it with those customers, but he’s not answering. So we decided to remove it. We are sending many reminders to the customer, so don’t worry. This is not some some other legal business. We want to make sure that your reputation is here in good hands. OK, we know you are not working 20 hours or so, 24 hours or so, we might ultimately mediation module, youth guarantee to you that mediation will start.

Mediation will start with every review that is not positive. Net positive for us is a review, which is from one to three, four and five are positive points. OK, how how to make money on this is, as I said, a summary for US traffic, the direction from business cards and Google search engine thanks to its. And the most important thing for us is that. We want to lift your websites up in Google search results, if you have if if if you don’t have reviews yet, start collecting with us.

Please show it’s in our widgets on our website and just look how it works. It will lift your website up and it will shows it will show the the stars on the listings. The stars were empty for you, more click through rate. Because we are greedy persons, and if we see something is leaking, we want to clear it. So the statistics says that these thirty three more click through rates thanks to start on Google listings. OK, well, we need to say more about I would think you make a lot of you asking about how to place the coupons or special promotions for their customers.

Here we are in our configuration to have the page sales and extra benefits from the same clients. I think, after all, the land is taken to the bank. So if you are sleeping with you, everything is done for two seconds that you will see the to your message from the shop up to thirty five clients go back from that. Thank you to the company’s website. This is a lot of traffic to gain. Again, you can put this customer to your website here will be crooked again.

The cookie will travel with your cookie, will travel with him for the next 30 days, for example, and you will be able to show those customers a lot of commercials in Google or Facebook. That’s. You can configure on your page almost everything you can to figure the message on the bottom. This is this could be packed and shops could be built. Landing page. The most important is that you supposed to tell clients where they will go after clicking.

You can as I said before, you can CyberSource, this could be some category page, this could be the product or some landing page syndicated for people that live for you. You can also set some image, some GIFs. In the future, where we’re talking about something here, some movie. OK, displaying reviews on the store website. This is very important to show this also product and reviews, because a customer won’t want to make sure that this money is in safe hands and customers likes the trusted companies that are caring about the customer’s voice, who’s listening to them.

And after after they can see. Also review about company, and they know it is trusted and they are true, that product that they want to buy is good as well, rated by other customers, there’s more likely that the purchase will be. Some examples of implementation. And Integration’s, you can find it also in our. And our videotape that we have right now, integration with Facebook, open the show, Shopify shopper e-commerce, the vendor of Magento shopfloor, and you can also integrate the fast and the simple integration with JavaScript.

And we have also integration for advanced clients. You can use our API to integrate. And that’s all for today. Back to the jobs. Thank you so much. Are you ready to do the CUNA? Are you ready to do the Q&A? I think so.

So we do have Cesari and the Q&A kind of clearing out all of these questions right now. But because I know there are some people watching this on the replay. Hello, future. We’re going to go through some of these. So I know simoleons are excited about upcoming features and things happening in the future.

I would love to talk to you about the roadmap, what’s coming up, and specifically, will there be a way to add video testimonials, which is what somebody here wants to somewhere to see those questions?

Yeah, they’re all in the Q&A box. OK, so. Yeah, and then they’re all they’ve all been answered. But we’re we’re performing right now. We want the Q&A people to see.

The same questions that we’ve gotten so far have been about video testimonials and translation.

Perfect poster for the second piece. So we’re going over the top. Answers and openness. Both are obligated. And right now is it? Yeah. OK, then as well, will there be a way to be a symbol of trust? And it’s designed to reduce our audience here. Yes, I can say more just to our roadmap. And I present this right now on Douceur, I’m sure I will share it again with you could.

OK, perfect. So there is in front of your eyes. Oh, yeah, we had a load of dust from your questions, from your ask. To us that the operation was very, very few days ago, with your questions, without testimonials, I think it will mean we will work on that, but we need a few moms to manage. This is not this is not the most important thing right now for us. I think the most important are right now are the language translation, as you said.

[00:56:10.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And second question from you as well is about the language is language. Translation under the of this language is very, very important to us. We want to be able to languages platform so it up here, I think in a few weeks or months it depends on the language. So we have the cue of this one, which is.

[00:56:38.350] – Powell (Trustmate)
Thank you. All right. This next question, what is the cost to add more websites and domains? Mean. OK, I see from Charles. Yes, what is the cost to the. Charles, I’m afraid you have to be more accurate because. If you if you make a purchase and you have one quote, you can at six dollars right now, it’s free domain. So for one quote from two quotes, it is six. Free is nine.

[00:57:18.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Four is. Twelve and five is the twenty five domains I remember well, so somebody needs more than twenty five. Yes. So if you if you want to wanted more, please come back to live with us and support us. Trust me. Dial and to manage its. What are your thoughts on giving away something to get a review from a customer? Do you have this functionality built in? The. OK, two to. Well, it’s staff question.

You know, there are two ways, the Google way and your way, I mean Shipway, because Google doesn’t recommend that I even submit submitted to show this show, you can give something for review. But from our perspective, our integration model is very, very good. And to me, you don’t have giving something for review. Without this, you can easily, easily gain 20 and over 20 reviews from one hundred customers. Ask really awesome. Fantastic.

All right, so those are all of the questions that we have here, so thank you so much for walking us through everything. Thank you for the presentation. Thank you for answering all of our questions. If you have not already, you can go to absolu dot com slash trustme to redeem your codes. This is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, it’s backed by up to 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you.

[00:59:28.440] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Once you have done that, we would love to read your reviews on the deal page. This does currently have five TOCO ratings, so people are raving about this tool. You can leave your reviews there. And if you have any more questions about the tool or anything else that we missed today, I am sorry. And you can leave your questions on the page. Thank you so much. It’s been great having you. Have a good one. Thank you so much, bye bye.

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