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Trustmate is a tool that helps you gather your customer’s reviews through hints. It also helps organize those reviews and give you the boost that you need in the SERP.

Features and Benefits of TrustMate

👉  Mailing Planner – You can ask for feedback from your clients through this feature. It enables you to choose the recipients of your invitations through manual entry, copy from email, uploading a file containing many email addresses, or make use of the automatic mailing process.

👉  Intelligent Feedback Form – This feature helps you get more ratings and comprehensive comments. You can get the feedback through invitations sent by email, forms on the website, and widgets.

👉  Customer Panel – You can immediately see the most important statistics after logging in through this feature. This way, you can see everything, even the most important information on invitations and reviews in one place.

👉  Viewing Feedback – This feature allows you to reach users through multiple channels. These channels are also completely customizable to match your brand.

👉  Mediation – Stop worrying about mediating unfavorable reviews because Trustmate has already got that covered for you.

👉  Reports and Statistics – You can keep track of how your brand is doing through reports and statistics served in a user-friendly and readable manner.

👉  Surveys – This feature allows you to create more than just standard reviews. You can ask clients your own individual questions that are added to the evaluation form.

👉  Integrations – You can also connect your Trustmate account to your favorite applications and social media accounts.

Who is TrustMate for?

👉  Ecommerce who need a tool to help them gather customer reviews to boost their standing in the SERP.

👉  Marketing agencies who need help in gathering more reviews about their services.

Things to Note About TrustMate

👉  There are some programs that cannot be integrated with Trustmate.

👉  You won’t be able to add or remove websites manually into your Trustmate account.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2018

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 18

👉  Founder: Jerzy Krawczyk

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Ability to Change Email For LTD

We cannot change the email for the account but they can change it for us as long as we have a valid reason.

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