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Tixio is an app that describes itself as a digital workspace best for small businesses and large teams. It streamlines task management, project tracking, documentation, collaboration, and file storage – making it easier for teams to collaborate on projects without getting lost in the chaos of paperwork.

With a sleek interface and useful features, Tixio is an ideal choice for any business looking to stay organized. Read our review below to learn more about what makes this app worth considering.


Pros of Tixio:


  • They’ve been consistently improving the product since their last LTD.
  • An actively updated changelog (https://c.kenmoo.me/tixio-changelog)
  • They’ve rolled out a bunch of exciting features since their last LTD:
  • Task module
  • Fresh new UI
  • Script center
  • Whiteboard
  • Nested folders
  • Chat feature
  • Their offerings are pretty comprehensive – for teams needing simple task management, Tixio could be just the ticket.
  • Added team perks: team chat, integration with cloud storage like Google Drive, easy documentation creation, and a brainstorming platform via their whiteboard.

Good deal: $69 for 10 user. $129 for 20 users per workspace and there’s 3 workspaces.


Cons of Tixio:


  • While feature-rich, Tixio lacks depth. If you’re a customization hound or after more advanced tools, you might be left wanting.
  • For example, their bookmark manager saves all open tabs but won’t save AND close them (when you want it to).
  • Plus, it saves tabs from all windows, not just the one you’re currently in.
  • Their doc builder boasts plentiful editing and formatting tools (even more than Notice), but the public sharing isn’t mobile responsive. Other than that, it’s not half bad.
  • I didn’t test the chat function with a team, nor did I check if notifications are timely. On the surface, it seems solid – you can create multiple channels, format text, add hyperlinks, and assign members to specific channels. But, no GIFs – so not quite party central yet.
  • To sum it up, their offerings fall short of specialized competitors: the whiteboard isn’t quite Miro, chat isn’t Discord or Slack, Tasks doesn’t match up to Taskade, and their bookmark manager isn’t as robust as Start.me or TabExtend.
  • That said, you might not always need the sophistication of Miro’s whiteboard for every project. If you’re after a straightforward whiteboard to annotate and add images, Tixio might just be what you need – with the bonus of other features bundled in.
  • Limited workspaces and tasks on boards do not sync with tasks in the advanced tasks module


Final Words


Hopefully, this gives you a taste of Tixio’s ups and downs. I’m toying with the idea of using it to organize tools into boards and folders (Start.me style), but still on the fence.

Curious to hear your thoughts, folks! Share your insights about Trixio here!


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Ken Moo