Taplink Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.050] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
What’s going on, Sumo-lings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsey and today I am joined by the team over at Taplink. Taplink is a link in Bio-tool offering a micro landing page builder with professional tablets and drag and drop functionality. It is available on apps right now, starting at fort-nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dive into the tool itself, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, what you are interested in Taplink for, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. We love to hear from you over there. You also leave your questions in the Q&A box that’s down below this video. We do have somebody from the Taplink team on standby to answer your questions, but will also circle back to those at the end of the walkthrough.

And the last thing is that there is a replay available of this shortly after we end here. So you can watch this as many times as you want. You need to step out. It’s no big deal. And hello to the replay, people.

All right, that’s enough of me. Hey, Andrew, how are you doing and doing?

[00:01:08.910] – Andrew (Taplink)
Great. Lindsay, how are you doing?

[00:01:10.860] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
I’m doing all right. I am glad to have you here. I’m excited to dive into this today. So you let me know when you are ready for the questions.

[00:01:22.100] – Andrew (Taplink)
I’m ready.

[00:01:24.020] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
All right, you can dive into walk through. I know you want to start with a brief intro and tell us a little bit about yourself, and then I’m going to be off camera for all of this. But, yeah, let me know when it’s Q&A time and you’re done walking us through.

[00:01:38.540] – Andrew (Taplink)
OK, thank you.

[00:01:40.070] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
Have fun.

[00:01:41.870] – Andrew (Taplink)
Hi, Sumo-lings. I’m Andrew. Thank you for joining this webinar. I really hope it will be useful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them right on the chat. My colleague Alina will answer you all of your questions. And before we start reading the page, I’d like to clarify something about Taplink. So many users tend to compare topping with huge website builders like Wick’s big commers, Tilde and others.

We often receive questions like Why should I use Taplink instead of website builders? And this is quite a good question. So let’s figure it out quickly. First of all, our main aim was to create an easy to use tool that is accessible for everyone, from beginners to professionals. And despite the fact that many people consider website builders as something incredibly easy, in fact, it’s not. It’s easy for designers, it’s easy for marketers, but not for people who have zero experience and website building.

And, you know, once they deviate from the template, everything tends to go wrong because it’s difficult to change the template and keep it beautiful.

So as for Taplink, it’s very difficult to make your page wrong, really. Taplink is for those who want to create a walking page quickly and easily. And what’s more, you can craft and manage your page right from your smartphone so you don’t even need a computer. Just imagine how convenient it is for people who spend most of their time in the smartphone, like, I don’t know, fitness trainers, travel bloggers, dentists, bakers and many others.

So you’re going to manage the page directly from your phone. You can receive and process requests and leads wherever you are. That’s awesome, I think. And in addition, many people believe that websites created on huge website builders like Weeks or other builders will give them better conversion and they will be able to bring more leads and requests. But in 90 percent of cases, this doesn’t happen because if a person is looking at a page on the phone, the page should be made for the phone.

It’s not enough just to be adapted for the phone. And in this case and in this case, the page created on Taplink, will work much more better. It will be compact and will be created exactly for the smartphone and to cover all the needs of mobile traffic. We implemented a lot of amazing features like like smart links, smart links that redirect your client to the SMS chat or small things that open the desired of seconds. We also integrated a lot of payment processing providers so you can process your payments, write on your page so that your Instagram customers do not have to leave the app.

And because everything can be paid right on the spot, I think that is awesome. So that’s it for the introduction. Sorry it was so long. So if I were to start creating the page and for let me share my screen.

Well. OK, I think you said, all right, so let’s start creating the page, and before we start, let’s walk through the interface and its pages. So the first one is the main page. This is the page where you can edit your landing page at different blogs. And here, see what it looks like at the moment here. The second one is statistics page. So here you can see a graph with page views and a table that reflects headline of each of your button clicks and it’s conversion.

Then we go into leads page. This is a built in CRM system. It’s quite simple, but it works perfect for leads management because here you can see a number of leads status, name contextless. They saw it’s not enough for all of your purposes. So and the next one is design section.

There are hundreds of different templates made by our designers and we will get back to it later. I mean, this designs the designs are much more better. And then you can find add on sections and you can see a great list of services. We have integrations with karaoke and setup modifications for your instant messengers. You can connect your Google analytics and there are a lot of different email automation services. So and finally, there is a settings page. So here you can customize your domain if you have one.

Here is the HTML section where you can insert some code if you know how it works. So to add some specific widget, specific forms and finally there is a CEO section. So there is a page title of your tab and meta description for search engine.

OK, well, let’s start creating your page. And here is the just one button and blank page at the beginning. So what do we click on it? We see a wide range of different blocks you can use for your landing page for better understanding how to use them. Let’s imagine that we are creating a page for a lady that is engaged in social media marketing, usually a marketing specialist, and to start with their name and avatar. So let’s use our blog.

This is actually the profile picture of my Instagram, I mean, the Instagram with this lady. So here we go already. And let’s use a text blog to specify her name.

Let it be Gloria. For us, it’s about Russin.

Here, you can adjust the size of the text, the font and text alignment. I want to make its middle headline, something like that.

OK, then we’ll add mine headline that delivers a key message to landing page visitors. It must be concise and clear. Let’s use text block. And let’s try something like, um, I’ll power your business, to new heights. Yeah, something like that, I’m choosing the center alignment, small and small headline and safe changes. Keep in mind that you can come up with something better is just an example. So everything depends on your imagination.

And by the way, if you think that the headlines are too close to each other and you want them to be more structured, you can add a divider or we call it delimiter, something like that, you’re choosing the style. I like the simplest one. Make it full with flying. OK, that’s it. Which is Chuck and Robert adds one more by duplicating it.

Yeah, here we go something like that, and now let’s add some images of services that we offer so users could understand what we actually do to to do that. Let’s add a headline first. Let’s try something like my services. Why not make it small headline save changes, OK?

And to showcase your services, I’d recommend you to use Image Carrousel because this is the best way to showcase your services. Let me show you how it works here. You can upload as many pictures as you want. And what is more, you can add a description and call to action button. So let’s make it, for example, this picture.

We are adding a description like strategy.

I think I already prepared all the text. So to save your time and we are writing the description. So that’s how it works. That’s how it looks like at the moment. And finally, we have to add a link or something like order. This is a great call to action that triggers your user to make an action, to make an instant order on your website, something like that. And I’m just going to write random a random website, save changes.

Yeah, that’s how it looks like. And, you know, I think that one service is not enough. So let’s create one more.To do that, we are adding a new slide. Uploading the image and writing another headline like Content Creation.

Some description. Like that and link order, yeah, we’re the website. Save changes, yeah, awesome. I like it. Now let’s add some extra buttons with call to action. To do that, we have to choose a link. And here you can enter a headline and subtitle and, you know, one of the easiest way to trigger your client to get in touch with you is to offer him something for free. For example, book a free call.

Yeah, like that, and then. Let’s add a description to to add more value to your bottom, like free 30 minute consultation, and here you can choose the action that happens right after your client clicks on the button. And there are some options like open the website to make a call, to make an SMS. But I would personally recommend you to use SMS because when your clients send you an SMS, you immediately receive this phone number and some information so you can use this phone number for your future marketing campaigns or for direct calls.

Doesn’t matter.

Oh, that’s right. OK. OK, and by the way, you can add a template, it will be how to say it will be written for your clients so something like “Hi.

I would like to do a consultation” and something like that save changes. OK, looks pretty good.

And let’s add one more button like learn more about. And of course, we are adding some more value to trigger our customers, so let’s try something like 20 percent discounts, why not? And the same SMS. Because we were just thinking, getting his number high, I would like to know more about his.

Raices. So changes, yeah. Here we go now we have two buttons and I’d also recommend you to add some messaging options because there are a lot of customers who prefer to get in touch. We are messengers tried them. We are using messaging apps. You’re on each other. We’re using messaging apps, and I like to add, let’s say, Whatsapp? I’d like to add Facebook Messenger and let’s say telegram.

OK, so here we can write something enticing to trigger our customers, like get free pies from wherever are writing that on our phone and.

I, I would like. to get some advice from you. Something like that, and Facebook Messenger already contacted me with Facebook Messenger.

And I’m going to put my personal OK. I think it’s enough. We don’t need telegram, honestly. Yeah, that’s enough. OK, so make the changes now. Our bodies look like that as the next section. I would recommend you to add FAQ section. It’s very useful because it helps you to answer all of your clients questions in advance. So we’re going to FAQu section and let’s have some like I don’t know what services do we offer?

And the answer is. That so we are going to add it. Yeah, something like that, but you can see that it looks kind of messy because we didn’t separate the blocks with buttons and FAQ section. So to do that, I’m going to use FAQ, like that small headline and drag it in here. And I still think that it looks kind of messy. So let’s separated by Delimiter. Like that, I’m going to duplicate it. Like that, yeah, much, much better.

OK. I think it’s not enough to have just one question, so let’s add some more like. Other a warrantees. Uh. Item, what are the prices? And answer. Like that, I think that. Yeah, it looks like that, so we have an epic U.S. it would be better if you make it at once like this one. The new item here, because there is a little gap which is not. All right, I’m going to delete it.

Yeah, it’s not. OK, so now I’ll show you a killer feature that will help you to collect even more information about your clients. And I’m talking about the forum.

But first, let’s try something enticing again, let’s say. Want to get Instagram packs every day. I subscribe to my newsletter. I like that I’m doing a small headline in alignment. Save changes, yeah, something like that, and now we are adding a forum now a greater form using Foreman’s name lock here, actually actually there are a lot of options like string name test fields, phone list. So it’s fully customizable. But I want to keep with name and email.

I think it’s not for now.

Yeah, looks like that now you’ll see information about everyone who filled out this form and elite section in your your lead section here, I mean, I’ll show you later how it works. OK, I think that we can add. No, it’s OK. I think it’s OK. Yeah, OK, we’re very close to the end, and I would recommend to you to finish your page with social networks, of course, don’t forget about attractive text, something like I don’t know.

Small headline like Jobs or Hacks. My social’s. Yeah, like that. And the next one is we’re writing social networks. Let’s say we’re going to add Facebook. Salai. And your profile. That and I’d like to add Instagram. Yeah, oh, OK, and let’s add Twiiter, why not? Filling in the twitter profile, save changes, yeah, it looks like that, honestly, I don’t like when the position is this way so we can change it to something like that.

Yeah, it’s much more better, I think, just in case, let’s add a YouTube button. I just want to show you some good features about this button later, my YouTube channel.

YouTube channel. I’m going to add my. You don’t like. OK, let’s add a random random channel just in case this one subscription option and save changes. All right.

OK, we are almost all set and I think that we are. It’s time to try to go to the design section to finish creating the page, the page. Let’s move on to design section. There are over hundreds of different design templates made by our designers, and they are all divided by themes like Flora, Wiktor, Foda Services, abstract and so on. I’d personally love to to choose business.

I think this one would be OK. So that’s that’s how it looks with the design. I think it’s much more better than the previous way, so choose this one.

OK, we are almost all set, and I think if we compare the before and after it, it looks really awesome.

So I guess everyone wants to see how it works on the phone. And I will show you that updated. This is how your page looks on the phone so you can swipe all these buttons. You can click on it, click on it later. This is that for I think it looks really good for the page created for, I don’t know, maybe 10, 15 minutes. And unfortunately, my webcam can’t focus on the phone, so I just recorded the video of how everything works out here.

So let me show you.

So this is actually my phone and now we are going to Instagram. They are clicking on this link Taplink. Yeah, so, look, this is the almost three page oh, by the way, sorry, I forgot to show you one important thing about the page. After we created the design, we have one more killer feature, which is called section. So if you want to combine your blocks visually, you can use section. Let’s go here section.

Wait a minute, let me explain how it works so we can click on any block on your landing page, like fake you here or here, it doesn’t matter. So section you’re running a new section, we’re choosing the color, for example, this one.

Save changes, so here is the block and you can stretch it right away like that. For example, I want to I want my customers to pay more attention to this block, to my services, to these buttons, so that’s why I highlighted this section. So now it looks like that look. It’s not bad, right? So now we’re moving to the video that I recorded for you guys. This is my phone. They were going to Instagram first, you’re opening the topping.

And we can survive everything, it looks pretty smooth, so now we’re going to click on this button, book a free call. Look what happens next. So we are instantly redirected to the SMS chat. So now your client can send you a message like that and how it looks like. So you receive his phone number, you receive the information about him so you can use all this data for your future marketing campaign or you can make a direct call.

It doesn’t matter. Is the same for these buttons, so it automatically redirects you to the chat and the writing something sending an OK. Is the soFAQ section, so it works really smooth. Then let me show you how our form works. So I’m writing my name and emails and. Clicking Subscribe. You’re getting the notification that everything is OK, you’re going go into the website and you see this red dot over here, so it’s like notification that you received new leads.

Yeah, here we go. Here is my name. It is the context and this is the date. That’s how it works. It’s really easy. And finally, I’d like to show you how our buttons works. Look, for example, there is a button about my YouTube channel and what we click on it. Look what happens. Yeah, we were immediately redirected to the channel where we can subscribe, unsubscribe like the video is like the video and that’s it.

Why is it so important? It is important because a lot of people do the same mistake. They put their ear, they put their YouTube channel link to the bio. And it doesn’t work really well, like on this guy. Look, we’re going to click on this link. Look what happens. Yes, we were redirected to the to his YouTube channel. It’s OK, but the problem is that we cannot subscribe. We can’t like the video or dislike the video because it asks us for signing in.

It’s really impossible to put it like or dislike or subscribe without signing in to the to the YouTube because we were redirected through the Instagram browser. Of course, there is about an opening up, but it’s not obvious and many people miss it, unfortunately, so it’s not really convenient. That’s what I wanted to show you. OK, now let’s talk about the let’s talk about the wait, I’m going to close this up. OK. OK, we’re almost all set, and I’d like to show you some more color features.

It’s for those who want to make the most of their page, who want to connect some add-ons or marketing automation systems. So we’re going to add-ons. And for example, I want to get some modification. I want to receive notification to instant messengers or my email. So there are many options like getting your notifications on telegram, Facebook Messenger, email slack, but I’d prefer. My email, so do I’ll be at. Send an invitation. Let’s go to my email provider, so your messages.

OK, here we go now we have to just confirm our email, Gloria, social media has been connected. Close the page. So now when when a user fills in the form, I will I will be notified instantly at my email. It’s really convenient. I think safe changes for those who want to connect Google Analytics, to track web statistics, to assess their users behavior. We have this amazing feature to integrate with Google Analytics. It’s not easy at first glance, it’s not easy, but let me show you how it works.

So they’re asking for the code and we’re going to our dashboard on Google Analytics. We are going to have men’s section or go into data streams, and before doing that, we have to add a stream to our Taplink. And now we have to click on it. And the only thing we have to go to the target instructions and we have we have to click on add new on page tag. So here is the code. OK, coming back to the page or placing out here.

Activate. All right. So now you will see all the information about your page, about your users behavior or some statistics right here. It’s empty now because it’s not updated yet, but it works really good. And a lot of our agencies and customers use. OK, if you’re interested in if you’re interested in arranging if you’re investing in online and sending your online partner out, tump or connect forms with Melching, please, to increase your subscription base, you can connect it or you can choose other email automation services.

So I personally use MailChimp. So I want to show you how it works. So it’s asking for API access key. Honestly, it’s not difficult. So we’re just going to MailChimp. I’ll got it. Asking for my personal data. I hope I remember it. I hope I remember it.

OK, since I don’t remember it. Let’s make it this way. All right, the last chance I know what I’m doing wrong, I chose. Another Robert Afkos. OK, guys, sorry, I think I just forgot my password, so I don’t think this is a problem. So you’re just going to account, you’ll find extras, you’ll find your API case and case and fill the received API key section. So that’s how it works. So this is our page.

I think that’s it for today. I think it’s enough. You already have a good working page that will definitely increase your conversion. I’m pretty sure I personally do really love this page. I be allowed to and I think that it is today for the webinar. I’m turning off my demonstration, OK?

[00:32:15.610] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
That’s wonderful. Thank you so much for that walkthrough. That was obviously super quick and easy. You built an entire, like, functional page just now.

Marisol’s to use Dash Lane for your passwords.

A little.

[00:32:34.720] – Andrew (Taplink)
Thank you so much, it’s really it’s my travel doing that. I’ve got my passwords.

[00:32:41.590] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
I came up with a little strategy for all of my passwords. So it’s like they’re different for each. But I can remember them all. I do recommend that it took me a full afternoon to change everything, but it was a lot of fun.

So we’re going to go ahead and do the Q&A right now. Obviously, you have somebody on your team here who has been killing it, answering these questions. So I’m going to go through and just ask you some of the main ones that we’ve gotten. They’re curious about integration’s. They’re asking about specific tools that you might integrate with. I don’t want to go ahead and name them all by name because I feel like that will open the floodgates to other questions.

But what can you tell us about Integration’s, or do you mind if I if I share my screen again? Yeah, go for it.

[00:33:28.330] – Andrew (Taplink)
OK, awesome. So, look, we have a lot of integrations. This is just the whole list. So let me make it bigger. So there are notifications. If you want to get notifications, there is a legal information to your forums so that your users could check it and understand your terms and services.

So cookie files policy for those who are interested in checking the Web statistics, you can use Google Analytics for those who want to integrate their CRM system with their mail automation service. We have MailChimp get response automated the most Miller Lite Pebbly and the last the last add on is for setting up text and image for links to the social networks. So just to make them customizable. And by the way, it’s a really good question because I forgot to mention something important.

We also have integrations with a lot of payment systems. So, look, there is a great list of our integration systems. So there is a Strib, PayPal, but also there are a lot of popular payment providers. And for example, if you want to receive payments, write on your page. You can set up any of these payment providers. Let’s say I want to receive payments from my users using PayPal. So it’s really easy. So the only thing you have to do is to fill in your PayPal account.

And don’t need to live moment safe changes and now we’re going to the forum here. Payments received payments, and now you are setting up the price. So, like, I don’t know, we review of your website. So that’s how it works, safety changes. So now when someone submitted the form, this user will immediately redirected to the PayPal section to process the payment. The most important thing is just to notify your user. That’s that’s it.

[00:35:53.500] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
That’s awesome.

Thank you. And I feel like that’s a very unique feature, I haven’t seen a lot of that. All right. So somebody asks, how do you share this page that on your social media?

[00:36:08.390] – Andrew (Taplink)
There are many options, for example, look, I forgot to share my screen. OK, so look, what do you first log in, you won’t see this link. To get this link, you have to click publish. You have to connect it with your Instagram.

So after you connect it to your Instagram, you instantly get the link. So here is the link. And it’s really easy to share it somewhere in the social networks. Just copy and paste it and that’s it. For example, you can there’s a link to your Instagram bio or your TikTok or your Facebook. It doesn’t matter. So you’ll just copy and paste. That’s it. That’s how to share it in social media. How to make sense.

[00:36:56.630] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
Yeah, very cool. All right. Can you ask the question that came in was, can you go over the Apsey module? Can you just breakdown the terms for us, what you get with each code?

[00:37:08.390] – Andrew (Taplink)
Oh, yeah, sure. Absolutely. Think. So here’s the deal page. We have actually one, two, three, four or five options, so for the for the one court, you will get all the features above included. So here it is. I think I showed all of them maybe instead of SSL certificate. But it’s easy. It’s automatically updated by toppling. So you don’t even you don’t even have to connect connected integration with Facebook. So it’s really cool to you can customize your own design, as I showed you later is I show you before.

Sorry. So the offers are for one coat. You will get five accounts and five landing pages. The most specific think about something is that we provide one landing page for one account so you will get unlimited links. So really we have no limitations regarding the link so you can even place 100 200 links. It doesn’t matter. You can add unlimited team members. By the way, if you don’t mind, I want to put some more attention to this feature.

For example, if you want someone to edit your page or you want to add some members of your team, you are going to access. So and you can you can open access to anyone who is registered on the website here, you can see the list of people who shared access to you so they can edit your page. And they can, I don’t know, do everything with your page and of course, you can make it full access or limited access.

It depends on you. So what’s next? So unlimited unique visitors, because we saw a lot of deals on apps who who offer limited, unique visitors in something. You don’t have any limitations regarding the unique visitors. And here is the cool feature, too. You will get five hundred internal pages per account. A lot of people ask us what is the internal page? So let me show you what it means.

For example, you created the page, you’re satisfied, but you realize that you want another page, like another internal page, for example. Look, I’m going to add New York. I’m adding it page, let’s say create a new page. Page to. Now, page one. OK, so now you will have this button that redirects you to another page. Let me show you. I’m just refreshing it, so page one, and he can place another information, for example, if one page is not enough for you, you can create the second, the third, the fourth.

So it is a limited number of pages. Of course, it’s custom domain to recount. If I’m not mistaken. I mentioned it. You’ll get premium themes if we counted. Correct. There are over three hundred themes for you guys made by our designers. It’s for people who are really designed challenging. By the way, we have some animation backgrounds like this. It’s for Valentine’s Day or for Christmas, something like that. And in the nearest future, we are going to implement animated backgrounds that can be made by you.

So it must be customizable in the near future. So I think that’s it. I don’t accept payments online and remove Taplink branding. Oh, good. So a lot of people asking are asking whether it’s possible to remove something branding. And of course it’s possible. Look.

It’s been like that, let it be like that. OK, so. There is a. Logo powered by tapping ads, and we can remove it in settings. Remove something Branning H updated. Sorry, changes going on here and now we don’t have this logo, so that’s what removing the branding means. So I think that’s it.

[00:42:10.570] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
Wonderful. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Somebody said thank you for asking the question question. Can you change the address of the internal pages?

[00:42:22.500] – Andrew (Taplink)
Actually, at the moment, we don’t provide this option, but we realize that a lot of things are asking for this feature. So I think that we will take it into consideration for sure, because for now, look, for example, are going to this page. It looks like that know, it’s not really beautiful, but this is quite such a good idea. So I think we will implement it in the near future. Yes.

[00:42:52.050] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
Can you speak a little bit more to what you’re excited about on the road map, what you have to look forward to?

[00:42:59.070] – Andrew (Taplink)
Oh, yeah. Oh, I hope I remember my password. OK. Try with my Google account, I’m not sure whether it’s.

It’s awkward that a lot of families are watching the guy who never, never, never was password’s,

[00:43:34.270] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
I’m sure there’s at least one person watching this who’s really thinks they’re wrong.

They’re wrong.

[00:43:45.660] – Andrew (Taplink)
OK. I think this is not the correct one. I’m sorry that I can show you at the moment, because I remember that somebody asked me in the comments section about it, and I remember that I placed a link in the comments section on the deal page. So please fight it if possible, because I don’t remember my name. I’m sorry.

[00:44:11.140] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
That’s fine. Before I came up with my system, this was me. So maybe maybe I’ll fair I’ll tell you how I make up my passwords.

You can remember them. All right. So I know that we have some agencies here. If you’re we don’t have this question. If you are setting up for clients, how do you get the link? Do you have to get their username and password from Instagram?

[00:44:35.530] – Andrew (Taplink)
It would be the question back to my place totally, if you are setting this up for clients, how do you get the link for them and how do you do you have to get their username and password from Instagram?

That’s really easy, guys. So, look, I’m going to switch to my main account. SEC. Yeah, you. So, for example, if you want your client, if you want to create a page for your clients, you’re simply go to my profiles.

You’re creating a new profile here, empty profile. So here is the credit profile, and the only thing you have to do is to upgrade your read fund, for example, by entering absent a code and then you’re creating the page like a shown you like that implies that avatar, you place the text images and so on. Then you click publish. Oh, then you share access with your client. You ask him to register on the website, you’re opening access to him, and then you’re asking him to enter this page and connected with his.

[00:45:53.700] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
He’s our Instagram and that’s a fantastic easy peasy.

And then we just got this last question that came in. Is this page automatically posted on Instagram?

[00:46:07.830] – Andrew (Taplink)
Now, we don’t have this option. Unfortunately, we are only for a landing page where only about a landing page that shows showcase your images, products, buttons. But we are not working with automation of your Instagram posting.

[00:46:23.670] – Lindsey (Appsumo)
Go. All right. Those are all the questions that we have for you today. So thank you so much, Andrew, for answering them. Thank you so much. Thanks for asking them. Of course, if you have not already, you can go to Appsumo dot com slash Taplink to redeem your codes. It is available on Appsumo starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you, as you saw here today, was able to build an entirely functional and well designed landing page in the span of a webinar.

So fantastic. And the reviews are backing it up. This currently has a five toco rating with twelve reviews. And if you have tried out Taplink, we would love to hear what you think. You can always leave your reviews on the same page. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the deal page as well. Thank you so much, Andrew, for hanging out with us.

[00:47:19.530] – Andrew (Taplink)
Thank you. Bye, everybody. Have a good one.

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