SyncSpider: Getting All Your Tools to Work Harmonically


Being in the e-commerce industry for so long can mean having tons of tools for your business or job. SyncSpider is a tool you can use to keep all your tools in sync so that you can automate multi-channel sales and also keep your inventory in sync.

Features and Benefits of SyncSpider

👉  Universal Marketing Automation– This feature automates several repetitive tasks. It has been used in e-commerce for years now, making its users’ work easier.

👉  Synchronization Across Channels and Platforms- You can work using all your tools and see all your progress in your campaign across each of those tools with the synchronization of data across channels and platforms.

👉  Automated Support Tickets- is a management tool that manages customer service requests. Once the customer submits an issue or a query, the system creates a ticket or a case making it easier for your support team to deal with those queries.

👉  Save and Organize Customers’ Details in One CRM- using SyncSpider, you can save and organize all the customer’s details in one CRM so you’ll know right away where you can have access to them.

👉  Leads Synchronization– Even your Facebook leads can be synchronized using this software making it easier for you and for your team to reach them.

Who is SyncSpider for?

👉  E-commerce businessmen who need help in managing their everyday tasks and tools efficiently to make their services and campaigns better.

👉  Marketing Managers who need help when it comes to managing their brands and having one tool that can manage all the leads and customers.

Things to Note About SyncSpider

👉  No tutorials for beginners. It would be nice to have some since the software is quite complicated to use.

👉  Has some glitches when trying to transfer a large amount of data from other platforms.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2016

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 17

👉  Founder: Norbert Strappler

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