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With SyncSignature, you can change your signature easily, fix mistakes, or update details quickly, saving time and frustration. Learn more here.

The Problem with Traditional Email Signature Tools 😫

Tired of spending too much time perfecting your email signature? Imagine you’re rushing to craft an email signature and hitting those free tools. But wait, they can be a rabbit hole—hours tweaking every pixel, only to realize you misspelled your own name! 😅 It can be frustrating having to redo everything each time you want to fix or add something.

The SyncSignature Solution

SyncSignature aims to fill the gap. With SyncSignature, you can change your signature easily, fix mistakes, or update details quickly, saving time and frustration. Combining a profile pic maker with a signature line is also smart.

So, I decided to test it out. Now, let’s explore the pros and cons.

Pros of SyncSignature 👍

✔️ Clean and Simple Interface: For creating professional email signatures and profile pictures.

✔️ Profile Picture Maker: With templates available, it lets you remove unneeded elements from signatures. Plus, templates adapt well to the changes.

✔️ Company-wide Analytics: It provides analytics on email signatures linked to your account, including link clicks and detailed stats.

✔️ HTML Signature Customization: Make and download HTML signatures for email clients. You have full control over the HTML code, allowing you to modify it according to your liking. (Note that any changes you make can impact your signature tracking)

✔️ Email Client Compatibility: Compatible with most email clients, making integration seamless.

✔️ Automatic Installation: Install it once on your email client, and signatures are then added automatically when composing emails.

✔️ Quick Setup: Signature creation typically takes under 5 minutes.

✔️ Secure Storage: Images and media are securely stored on SyncSignature’s AWS servers.

✔️ Unlimited Edits: You can adjust signatures at any time. Your signature is saved securely on the cloud, allowing you to make changes without starting over.

✔️ Unrestricted Downloads: Downloaded signatures don’t count toward plan limits, and there’s no restriction on downloads. You can reuse them if you don’t need tracking.

✔️ Mobile Optimization: Signatures are optimized for mobile phones and designed to display correctly on any device.

✔️ Signature Sharing: Share signatures via email with colleagues. You can design a signature for your colleague and forward it to them by email. After getting the shared signature via email, your colleague can set it as their own.

✔️ Team Account Management: Option to rotate users under the same team account. (Note that this means you will lose data related to previous entries.)

Cons of SyncSignature 😒

⚠️ Limited Email Tracking: It lacks email tracking for read/unread status, dates, and times. It currently only tracks link clicks and their origins (e.g., region, browser, OS, device).

⚠️ Incomplete Features: Many features are listed as “coming soon,” but no clear ETA is given. This makes the product seem incomplete or rushed.

⚠️ Limited Signature Templates: The premade signature templates are limited. They currently only offer six options based on the user’s theme color.

⚠️ Low Agency Plan Limits: The agency plan has low limits, allowing only 75 signatures across multiple workspaces. This may not be enough for some users.

⚠️ Restricted “Clone Signature” Feature: The “Clone Signature” feature is only available in the $59 plan, limiting the ability to create and use signature templates in lower tiers.

⚠️ Lack of Whitelabeling: The software currently lacks whitelabeling features, making it hard for resellers to customize the platform with their branding and domain names.

⚠️ Mobile Limitations: It only supports making profile pictures on mobile devices. Email signatures must be made on desktop or laptop interfaces.

⚠️ No In-Portal Signature Editing: You can’t edit signatures on the portal. It can’t update all uses of the signature to the new version automatically.

⚠️ Hard Usage Limits: Hard limits on usage without automatic renewal, necessitating consideration for higher limits.

⚠️ Limited Customization: Inability to add custom fields to signatures, limited stroke width tweaking options, and resizing options for company logos in signatures.

⚠️ Unclear Support Access: No clear information on how to access support within the app, such as a chat widget or visible email contact.

⚠️ Base64 Export Limitation: Signatures can’t be exported as base64 images, which could hurt GDPR compliance and data privacy.

Features We’d Like to See in The Future 🙏

💡 Centralized Signature Management: Manage signatures centrally and deploy them for groups of employees. Automate it for new hires, reducing work for HR, marketing, and IT teams.

💡 Dynamic Elements: Add dynamic elements, such as using RSS to show last updated posts, making signatures feel more dynamic.

💡 Animated Signatures: Add support for animated signatures beyond background changes, allowing users to create dynamic profile pictures with different clothing options.

💡 E-Signature Capabilities: Include e-signature capabilities for clients, expanding the functionality of the platform.

💡 Flexible Reseller Plans: Enable flexible Reseller Plans, offering packs of extra signatures for purchase in reseller plans (e.g., buy 500 signatures for $500) for scalability.

💡 Review Platform Integration: Enable integration with TrustPilot or Google Reviews, allowing users to download banners or marketing materials for use in signatures.

💡 Additional Image Uploads: Provide an option to upload additional images and banners.

💡 GIF Support: Enable users to upload GIFs for use in company logos or profile photos.

💡 Photo Editing: Enable users to make minor photo edits within the platform.

💡 Layout Options: Provide additional layout options for signatures to enhance customization possibilities.

💡 Custom Call-to-Action Banners: Allow users to upload their own banner image for the call-to-action area in signatures.

💡 QR Code Support: Add QR code support to signatures, enhancing functionality and connectivity.

💡 Template Library Expansion: Expand the template Library to offer users more design options.

💡 Improved Communication Channels: Improve communication channels, such as creating a Facebook group or sending email blasts for updates, to inform users about platform updates and improvements.

Best Use Cases for SyncSignature 🎨

For Salespeople

Imagine you’re a pirate looking for treasure. But your treasure is clients. SyncSignature helps you impress them with your email. It’s fast and looks good. Your clients will want to work with you right away.

Startup Founders

Your startup is important to you. You want everyone to know about it. SyncSignature makes your emails look great and shows you which emails work best, helping you see what makes your business grow.


If you’re good at meeting people but your email doesn’t show it, use SyncSignature. It makes your email signature look professional, and you can change it anytime, like when you get a new job title.


If you love being creative, your emails should show that. SyncSignature lets you add your style to emails, keeping your info safe and looking good, even on your phone.

Busy People

If you value your time, SyncSignature is for you. It’s quick to set up, great for anyone who’s always busy.

On-the-Go Users

Always moving? SyncSignature makes sure your emails look good on phones too. Send professional emails, even when you’re not at your desk.

Team Leaders

If you lead a team, SyncSignature helps you share great email designs with everyone. You can add or change team members easily, keeping your team’s emails looking sharp and consistent.


SyncSignature is helpful for individuals and teams who want to make email signatures quickly. However, it might not be good for people who need advanced email tracking (read/unread status, dates, and times are all lacking in the platform).

Additionally, users who heavily rely on extensive premade signature templates or who need whitelabeling features for customization may find its current offerings limited. Although, the founder has stated that this feature is their top priority.

Users who need strong support options or want to export signatures as base64 images for GDPR compliance and data privacy might also find it lacking in these areas.

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Ken Moo