Swipebucket: Save the Internet One Content at a Time


What is it? Why you want it? 

No need to say goodbye forever to the amazing things you see in the internet! Swipebucket is an application that lets you save anything from the web. Whether it be screenshots of spectacular ads, photos, videos, articles, blogs, recipes… all of these can be saved in “buckets” where you can easily organize them to your liking. Now say goodbye to saving your screenshots in the desktop because Swipebucket offers a more accessible solution!

Swipebucket’s lifetime deal on Appsumo are perfect for individuals and professional teams who need to save, store, and organize various things they come across with on the Internet. They offer a large storage size and a team workspace which allows for easy collaboration within a business environment. Grab the perfect deal for you today!


Features & Benefits of Swipebucket

Below are some of the highlighted features and benefits of Swipebucket that makes it stand out:

👉  Swipebucket allows you to grab any content from the internet for your future use or reference and then save them all in one place — screenshots, photos, instagram posts, tweets, youtube videos, articles, ads, texts, recipes, and Kindle highlights. They all go into a “bucket” which can be found in your dashboard. Whatever it is that you’d like to save, you can easily grab the content, swipe it, and they’ll be automatically saved in your storage.

👉  Organize your saved files in different storage boxes called “buckets” (categories). You can then further sort each file and buckets with tags, stars, and written notes to help you navigate through your saved items quicker and make finding a particular file like a certain screenshot or article much easier.

👉  Sorting 101 – You can also add and assign colors to your swipe cards if you’re more of a visual person and you want to organize your things with visual cues.

👉  Collaboration – If you’re the owner of an account, you can add team members to your account where your team members will also be able to save content and access any saved items within your team account. You can also manage your team members. You can easily share your saved files to your friends, colleagues, or teammates. They can interact with your saved items by commenting on it in the Swipebucket chat.

👉  Daily email reminder – It’s easy to forget any content we saved and stored after a few days has passed. That’s where the daily email reminder swoops in. It’s there to remind you of your saved items via email, and the content of the email feature some of the items you saved, even from a week before!


Who is Swipebucket For?

👉  Marketers and copywriters who want to save awesome copies and ads they see online — on social media platforms or websites or search engine results.

👉  Students and teachers who want to save learning materials on the internet and use them for future reference for their study or work.

👉  Anyone who wants to save anything of interest to them from the internet and organize them in one place.


Things to Note About Swipebucket

👉  Loading time is slow because the web servers are very slow.

👉  You cannot mix tags in the search box.

👉  Added tags sometimes cannot be seen in the dashboard.

👉  There is no storage meter on the dashboard to display usage.


The Company 

👉  Year Founded: 2019

👉  No. of Employees: 2-10 employees

👉  Founder: Sankha Bhattacharya (Founder), Nicky (Founder), Ursa (Co-founder)


Domain Information

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Domain History

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Swipebucket Reviews

👉   Appsumo: 4.6 stars, 4 reviews


Swipebucket Competitors:

👉  Evernote

👉  Pocket

👉  Readwise

👉  Instapaper

👉  Paperspan 


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