StoryBlaze Review: Automate Your Web Story Creation With AI

Our StoryBlaze review talks about the tool's most notable features, its pros and cons, use cases, its lifetime deal, and more. Learn more about StoryBlaze here!

StoryBlaze, powered by AI, turns web content into engaging stories.

People like its easy interface. But, some find it lacking and seek better options.

In September last year, Ram, who made StoryScraper, teased a big update. Now, in 2024, StoryBlaze launches with new features. It aims to automate the making and sharing of web stories.

This guide will look at how easy StoryBlaze is to use, its features, uses, and value.

Let’s dive right in!

What is StoryBlaze?

It’s an AI tool that makes creating web stories easy. You can make and plan stories for your WordPress site or social media.

  • The tool works well with Adsense, WordPress, and ChatGPT. You can add CTA buttons to stories.
  • It fits AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for fast performance.
  • It’s easy interface helps link websites and supports many sites.

Ram says StoryBlaze is now at V6 (beta). He notes that they are always fixing big and small bugs and checking the story quality.

StoryBlaze Features

StoryBlaze turns blogs, articles, or product pages into web stories to help you get more visibility and Google traffic.

It uses smart AI to make short content summaries that look good in image slides.

You can change colors, fonts, margins, and how see-through they are to match your brand.

You can also add your own call-to-action to send traffic to your website, landing page, or affiliate link.

Key Features:

  • AI Story Generator: Make engaging web stories easily with one click. StoryBlaze’s AI does the heavy lifting.
  • Post to Story: Change your blog posts into web stories to grab more readers and boost engagement.
  • Keywords to Story: Use keywords to create web stories fast, saving time on content making.
  • Web Story Editor: Plan and design stories for your site and social media, aiming for the biggest impact.
  • Single Story Scraper: Grab and share web stories from a URL easily, making sharing from other sites simple.
  • Bulk Story Scraper: Scrape and share many stories at once to increase your content quickly.
  • One Click Story Generator: Make and share web stories in different formats fast, for quality content.
  • One Click Automation: With one click, automate scraping to keep getting fresh content from many websites.

Things to Note About StoryBlaze

Ease of Use

The platform is very easy to use, even for beginners. Its clear interface and simple features make for a smooth experience.

StoryBlaze has a header with tabs for quick navigation. Tabs like “New Story,” “Dashboard,” “My Stories,” and more help you easily move around the platform.

StoryBlaze Dashboard

The dashboard is neat, with everything set up logically. A welcome message at the top quickly tells you what the platform does.

You can choose how to create a story with options like “Scratch,” “AI Scraper,” and “Create AI Story.” This shows StoryBlaze offers different ways to work, fitting various needs.

Adding a new story in StoryBlaze

A section for recent activities lets you see and go back to your past stories without hassle. The list like “My StoryEdit View 1,” “My StoryEdit View 2,” shows you can find and check your stories easily.


I tried its AI Scraper and was not as impressed with the results because it generated irrelevant images. To be fair, the text content was accurate.

Sample of a story in StoryBlaze

Another sample of a story in StoryBlaze

StoryBlaze plans to offer lots of customization options. You can tell from its layout that it aims to give users the freedom to change colors, fonts, layouts, and other design parts. This way, they can make web stories that perfectly match their brand. But, as I mentioned before, these features are still not ready.

Right now, four out of its six customization options – Templates, Brand, Elements, and Add-ons – aren’t working. You’ll see a “Coming Soon” message when you click on these features.

Templates are not yet implemented in StoryBlaze, but will be coming soon


StoryBlaze wants to work well with different Content Management Systems (CMS) to make creating and sharing content easier. Right now, it only works with WordPress. This lets you make, plan, and share stories straight to your WordPress site from StoryBlaze.

It plans to add more CMS in the future:

CMS integrations within StoryBlaze including WordPress, Typof, Shopify, and Blogger

StoryBlaze also aims to connect with social media and other tools:

Social media integrations within StoryBlaze including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat

For third-party tools, StoryBlaze is looking to add more. It already works with ChatGPT and will soon include Google Bard and Midjourney. These additions will help you make better content.

Third-party tools integration within StoryBlaze including ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Midjourney

Use Cases of StoryBlaze

Using StoryBlaze is easy. You just enter a keyword, and it crafts a web story for you. AI takes on the heavy lifting of producing web stories, saving you time and effort.

StoryBlaze offers several use cases that can benefit businesses in different ways:

  • SEO Improvement: It turns your content into web stories, boosting your site’s visibility and traffic. This can improve your search engine rankings and bring more visitors to your site.
  • Brand Personalization: You can customize your web stories to match your brand’s look. This means you can change the design, layout, colors, and fonts to make your brand stand out and make a strong impression on your audience.
  • Efficient Content Creation: It makes creating web stories from blogs, articles, or product pages easier and quicker. This lets you transform your existing content into attractive, interactive stories that reach more people.
  • Trend Utilization: StoryBlaze helps you make stories about trending topics, increasing audience engagement. By using the latest trends, you can create stories that capture your audience’s attention and keep your brand current.

Company Behind StoryBlaze

StoryBlaze started from a simple idea between its founder, Ram, and his friend Abdul. You can read about it in their “Our Story” section. Nimay, who leads the development team, helped turn these ideas into reality.

Their website doesn’t list full names, but a look at their LinkedIn page shows the main team: Ram Sohoo (Co-founder and CEO), Nimay Routh (Co-founder and CTO), and Suraj Pandey (MERN Full Stack Developer). They are based in Anandapur, India.

Ram, the CEO, has worked in SEO before and went to Bhadrak Autonomous College in India for computer science. He shares updates about StoryBlaze on Facebook to his 5,000 followers.

He started StoryBlaze but hasn’t founded other startups. Ram answered questions when StoryScraper, now StoryBlaze, had a deal on Appsumo in August 2023.

Nimay, the CTO, is good with Python, Django, and Node.js. He loves making things that pull people in. We don’t know much about Nimay outside of his work because he doesn’t use other social media much.

To keep up with StoryBlaze, you can follow their roadmap on their website.

Thoughts on StoryBlaze’s LTD



Storyblaze has four lifetime plans: Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise.

The Basic plan costs $29. It’s great for beginners in web story creation. You get a few story credits and features, enough for basic needs.

The Pro plan costs $59 or $998.99 every month. It gives you more story credits, better editing tools, and more ways to connect it with other apps. This plan is a good mix of price and features, making it a popular choice.

The Premium plan costs $199 or $2239.99 every month. It’s for users or businesses that need more. You get even more story credits, extra brand settings, and ways to customize, perfect for sites that want to attract a lot of visitors or tell more complex stories.

The Enterprise plan is customizable. It’s meant for big projects or businesses with special needs. You can get unlimited story credits, lots of ways to connect with other apps, and options to make your brand stand out.

Many of these features are still being developed. If you’re interested in trying it out, there’s a 7-day free trial on their pricing page, and you don’t need a credit card.

Is It Worth To Buy?

StoryBlaze looks promising for making web stories, but note that several features they talk about aren’t ready yet and are listed as “coming soon.”

StoryBlaze could be really useful for people who create content and businesses wanting to make their online stories better. It’s all about making stories that grab your attention and look great, which is what people enjoy these days.

It plans to offer cool editing tools, ways to work with other apps, and options to make your stories your own.

The CEO, Ram, knows a lot about SEO and has studied computer science. This means StoryBlaze is likely to be good at getting stories out there and making them interesting. Ram is also into starting new things and sharing stories in new ways.

With over 5,000 Facebook followers, it seems people are interested in what Ram has to say about StoryBlaze. But, we don’t hear much about Nimay outside of his job, which makes some wonder how involved he is.

Whether you should buy StoryBlaze depends on what you need, how much you want to spend, and if you’re okay with waiting for features. Trying the 7-day free trial is a smart move. It lets you see what StoryBlaze can do right now and decide if it’s right for you.

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