Stencil Webinar & Transcription


Thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Stencil. Stencil is a quick and easy image editor that helps you create professional graphics for maximum social engagement. It is on Appsumo right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dove into the tool as going tell you a few quick things at first, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room and also say hi to me there.


If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box. We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough. And the last thing is there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you totally can. You can watch it again later. All right. That’s enough for me. Hey, Adam, how are you doing?


Hey, how’s it going? It is going very well. I’m excited to have you. We love stencil over here at FEMA, so it’s great to have you back and to finally do a webinar with you. So I’m going to go ahead and let you take it away. Yeah. Thanks for having me on. We’re pumped to be back. You see, my screen already looks good.


So great. Hey, hey. It’s Adam from Stancil. Hello. From Toronto. Thanks so much for hanging out today. We have some really cool ways to show you how to use Stancil if you’re completely new to. We’re designed tool specifically built with speed and ease of use in mind. So we kind of take that to a bit of an extreme, as you’ll see soon. There’s actually certain features we. Intentionally exclude to make the experience as fast as possible, but you’ll see it’s it’s for the better.


You probably got a business to run or some other important part of your job to do. So you definitely don’t want to be spending hours on social media graphics. You want to get it done quick and get out of there and get back to work. So I’m going to give you a quick overview of some popular use cases, some a little less popular. But we’ll go through them and I’m going to show we’re incidental right now. And the first thing you’re going to notice is, so you actually hit Stenzel just at a regular YORO.


We have a Chrome extension. I’ll get to that a little bit later.


But one thing you’ll notice right away is stencil is a single page. Single screen experience always has been. Probably always will be. It’s by design as well. You’ll see how powerful that is later when I show you things like the WordPress plugin or the Chrome extension. But for now, let’s let’s get started creating a couple of few different use cases that we get a lot of the most common ones. So the first one is let’s create a like a social media graphic.


Now, there’s a few different ways to start. We’ll probably end up doing Instagram, but let’s say the first way to start would be to pop over to templates. If you want to use an existing template that we have, we have well into the thousands templates here kicking around. These are designed in-house. So you can depending on what you’re trying to do, whether it’s a Facebook event photo or just like a regular post for for like a recipe or a link to a blog post, you can you can get started really, really quickly just by using a feature template.


But you can also start completely, completely from scratch, which is what we’ll do now. And first thing we’ll show you is I like to always start by by choosing a size so the size of the canvas. Cizre is located right here at the bottom of the canvas. And we’ve actually this is actually a new version of this that came out not too long ago, probably last year. We had so many different custom sizes that we needed to search.


There’s so many different possibilities out there. A lot of our users would run into the problem of like, oh, I need to create I need to create a cover photo for Facebook, like for a Facebook group or a what’s another example, a Twitter header. So we made it really easy to find that you can actually just do a search for Twitter and you’ll get everything related to Twitter or Facebook. Same thing. But just using Twitter as an example here, if you wanted to create a Twitter at Twitter, you’ll notice something right away.


That’s a bit different about the canvas here. There’s some what we call safe areas. So these areas are are parts of the base of the Twitter header that will be covered by your profile photo. You see that you go to.


See, this area right here is going to it’s going to obscure whatever is back back here in the photo so you can toggle that on or off. But remember, when you’re when you’re throwing photos and graphics into there and putting text specifically, you’ll know you want to keep your text out of this area here to make sure that it’s fully visible as a Twitter header graphic. So that’s that’s an example of a pattern image, which we automatically detect if it’s if it’s like a profile photo or a header image where they’ll be safe areas.


But today, let’s just create for this use case.


Let’s just create a regular Instagram photo, for example. So. Sometimes it’s hard to start with. What am I going to post about today? One fun thing to do sometimes is I used to site days of the year tells you every day is a holiday somewhere in the world today. Today is International Waffle Day.


So waffles. OK, so what I would start by doing here is we have Instagram photo selected as the site. I’d go to photos and I would just do a search for waffle. And this is searching all the different over image providers that we have. And you’ll see there’s a ton of different waffle photo examples that looks pretty good. So we could do something like that, or maybe, yeah, that’s probably a good place to start if you can drag it around.


What’s nice about this image actually is there’s some space up here for us to throw in some text. So dropping in text is really easy. You could double click anywhere on the canvas and text will drop in. The next thing we’ll do this to say we want to say Happy Waffle Day so we can go through. We have a ton of Google fonts integrated here. You can also import any Google font from the entire Google font collection into your into your font selection list, which would appear in here.


These are some fonts that I’ve also uploaded manually so you can upload a custom brand font that you have or any font that you’ve already purchased and want to use. You can upload your own stencil. OK, so let’s just do this real quick to show you how fast it is happy. And we’ll do Waffle Day. And we’ll get a different thought going for this. I don’t know so many options. Here we go, even something like that would be a great simple post for social media, for Instagram, you can you can get a bit more fancy with it.


Add some icons, see what we had for there’s probably a typo. Here we go. Now, as far as like the background, if you want to make the text a bit more visible, we can blur the background if we wanted to or add a bit of a darken to make the text a bit more. Something like that, we have some filters as well, but let’s just go with this for now as a simple example. You’ll see there’s a few other options you can do now.


So you can just download the image as it is right on your desktop in Retina to X, and you can share it on any social network you want manually, or you can use it in other ways or offline or. Well, let’s see the first, actually, so we have it. Now me over to save the images here where I have all my other saved images. We just let that finish up and so we got that safe. So this is where the real power comes in to.


So here in the preview and share area, you can see how it’s going to look on desktop and mobile and Facebook. Twitter. Even on Pinterest now, the good thing about Pinterest and Facebook is they will resize the image of that ratio. So you don’t have to be too, too specific about a regular Facebook post in the dimensions. It’ll it’ll usually resize Twitter. There’s a bit of a cut off at the top of the bottom usually, but this one should be OK now with Instagram, sharing to the desktop can be a bit tricky.


They Instagram once you sharing from your mobile device. There are a few scheduling apps out there that do have direct posting on Instagram. But the way we get around it is we use SMS. So here’s a preview of how to look on Instagram, on mobile. And so you just put in your phone number here and it will detect your country and you can text it to yourself once you have the image as to your phone. You can then share it directly to Instagram really, really quickly.


So a nice thing to do is actually show you an example. We can post this straight to. This is a fictitious book company. Say we wanted to actually on Facebook have a watermark. So I have this fake book company logo loaded in here. It always remembers its last position and had a bit of transparency and had sort of a little watermark there if we wanted to preview and share. And I can actually start typing.


And so I can share this directly to Facebook. And so I going to pop over here now and you’ll see the successful post itself so we can check that out on Facebook. There it is, if I go to the Johns book’s Facebook group, we posted directly to Facebook, never had to leave the stencil page. So that’s basically that’s that’s a really quick example of how to to create a social media graphic. That one was specifically for Instagram. But you can see it will work for a number of others and you can even swap like you can switch if you want to go straight to Pinterest, we could actually change this to a more Pinterest optimized sort toddler size, move things around just to reorient them a bit for the size and you how Pinterest image that we can use really in like a couple of seconds.


So, yeah, that’s that’s the social media graphic example. I don’t know, Lindsey, if there’s any questions or join me a pop on to the next Nexus case. Yeah.


Go ahead and keep showing us some stuff. We do have some questions here if you want to answer them or we just do a month in. Yeah, sure. I’ll go to the next one that we can get them all at the end. So. So OK. So for the next one. So OK, so that stencil was we intended it to be made for four speed and really quick graphic creation and posting. But say for example, you wanted to do something a little bit more involved.


Stencil can definitely handle something like a t shirt design.


So say you have to print some t shirts for your company or I don’t know, maybe a mug or some type of principle that you want to use on the print on demand website. So first thing I’ll do in that case, usually that stuff is measured in inches because it’s print. So I will switch over to inches in measurements here, down here in the canvas Cizre and we use printable for the printing t shirts and stuff. So we had print loaded in here, but there is actually a whole bunch of other t shirt options.


Works by Amazon t public print ofis as well. So a whole bunch are already pretty loaded. If not, you can always come in here and create your own custom size. So usually the print, the print services will give you a custom size to use and you can, you can create your own writing gear and save it for later. I’m going to use print. So that’s what we use that really great. So now I have the optimal size for a printed t shirt.


So when you then go and upload this to cool, it’s going to be. Exactly what they’re what they’re hoping for when they print the graphic in the right quality, 300 DPI, all that sort of stuff. So now that we’re in inches and we’ve chosen Prineville, we’re good to go to the next step. Let’s say we wanted to just put going with that fictitious bookstore example. Let’s say we wanted to create some T-shirts for the bookstore, so.


First thing I’ll do is let’s drop some texted like a monkey quote about books anyone needs to be. So we’ll make that really big. And she’s a cool font for that. Something Boki. There we go. OK, and the next thing we’ll do is go and grab an icon and let’s see if we can find something with books. These are kind of fun. Let’s get this all centered and say, because if it’s for the Johns bookstore, we probably want the logo on there somewhere so you can toggle that back on.


You’ll see it remembered its last position so you can always toggle on and off logos in the last position. It will always be remembered. And we can just put that right here. And we don’t maybe don’t want a background because this this text is actually going to show up right on the T-shirt itself so we can remove the background. And assuming we’re going to do this for a dark T-shirt, we’ll make the text white so you won’t be able to see it here.


Let’s say we’re going with it with a white T-shirt then and the text will be dark. That’s pretty much it. It’s ready to go. You download it. We’ve already kind of selected what format it should be. In many ways, it should probably be getting 12 by 16 for print with standard compression. If you click download, you’ll get this image that’s fully ready to be uploaded directly to the print. Now, it’s kind of cool about this is you can really quickly repurpose this if you wanted to as a social media post.


So throw background on there, let’s say. You can actually our color picker lets you choose. A color that’s already in the canvas, so you can even save that, we can use that one and save it, so we have that one for later. Maybe you make the logo a little bit bigger. And we could change the size now, since we’re going to post it to social say, we want to post the same exact one on Instagram as well.


So now we have basically an Instagram photo. Branded with our logo ready to go. They’ll have to create a whole new graphic preview and share, and we can share that all over the place. You can even schedule it to buffer. If you use a buffer, you can actually schedule to all the social networks at once. You can send it as an email to yourself. We have a direct, direct link to the graphic. So what’s kind of cool about being able to do one graphic in a single page experiences?


You don’t have to be popping out of here, going into another screen, loading up anything else. We just change the size right from here and got the right dimensions that that will be optimal for Instagram or other social networks. So that’s that’s kind of another use case we’ve seen become pretty popular lately. Print on demand is kind of blowing up a lot in the last year or so. So we may we may Stenzel are capable of doing all the print stuff you may need to do as well in addition to digital.


So I can show you now another use case. This one is this really shows kind of where we’re Stenzel can shine. And that whole single page experience is with the WordPress plugin and the Chrome extension. So I’ll show you the WordPress plug in first. I have a tab open here. I’m in a post that we just finished writing for for our blog. So I’m actually in WordPress here. You all are using WordPress or something similar. We only have a WordPress plug in at this time.


But I can show you after with the Chrome extension, you can actually load stencil on any page you’re on. So this would actually work in a lot of different publishing acts, not just WordPress, but we do have a direct plugin for WordPress. So save for this blog post.


I wanted the graphic that could be shared and here featured on me on the post itself with this text in it. So going to highlight this text here, just copy it and then add a block. An image blog. Redress has always been these things around me. OK, so we’re going to add an image blog here, and once you have the Stenzel plug in installed, which is free, you will see there’s a tab in here now called Stenciled.


So you actually have Stenzel living inside your WordPress install. And because I’m logged in in the other tab, I’m still logged in here as well. I think it’s the first time you’re coming in. You may have to log in again, but you can be logged into both at the same time. And so we’re going to remove this.


We’re going to remove all this because we’re doing a new post now and I’m going to paste what I just copied the title of that post. And say, so, this is about a five ways to quickly gain a live audience on your Facebook account. So let’s use a background photo for this and we’ll do, I don’t know, maybe someone working at a coffee shop.


And so we could just drag this over. The right position for the tax. And you make it much bigger. Through dropshot on their. And we now really quickly have a blog post image that we can use. Well, that’s pretty cool. You can filter on their. Or dark in the background? Just a bit. There we go. I’m pretty happy with that. So since I’m inside of WordPress, this new button will appear. This only appears if you’re inside the WordPress plugin, if you click add to media library, this will start to compress and optimize the image to be shared or to be posted directly in the face in the WordPress post that you’re writing.


So this just takes a quick second and then you can title the image. This is good for SEO.


If you want to open the file name so you can call this Facebook groups, you probably want to do something better than that.


That’s just an example. This is in high resolution. We can add this note to the WordPress Media Library. And there you have it. It’s here now. We’re just going to wait for it to finish uploading every go, given all tag and then select it. And now it is inside the post. So we’ve we’ve done this all without leaving the page, without having to open another application, save the image, upload it to upload it to WordPress.


It all kind of happened in a single stream. I updated the posts and.


Refresh it on this end, we now have the photo appearing in the Post that can be shared and the Post is now a lot more interesting because it’s got a great photo at the beginning with with some text on it that has the title of the post. You can also put a view around here, which is really good, a logo to link back to back a stencil watermark would work really well here or something like that. So that’s just another example of like a really quick, different way of using stencil that a lot of our competitors don’t really have this particular workflow.


The Chrome extensions, another really good example. So if we go over to.


Install the Stenzel Chrome extension you can install right here from the Chrome Web store. So this is another case of kind of using stencil on the go as opposed to using it directly from the stencil site itself. So now we have the Chrome extension installed. I’m just going to pin it so that we.


What’s. OK, so we have Stenzel available here now. Now, you could just open Stenzel, like if you go to Google or any Web site and just open Stenzel and it actually slides in. You notice I haven’t left Google. I’m still logged into Stenzel. Remember my last image so I can create an image really quick. Share it right from here. Back to that same Facebook page and then close it off, and I haven’t I haven’t left the page online, so it’s just so fast.


Another example, like on Splash by Golden Splash. I know these photos are all safe to use.


So what I’ll do is I can pick any any one of these. Here’s kind of a cool and I will right. Click this. Now that the chrome extension is installed, I can right. Click this image and say, OK, an image of a stencil and this will actually I’m still see I’m still on splash. I haven’t left. This is going to take over the canvas and open. That image in the Instagram photo says we can change that as well to whatever and drop some text in.


Without ever leaving the page we were on and. Sherry. Straight to Facebook, this is all taken kind of under under a minute, under two minutes. Just wait for it to load and refresh. And we have that image pretty instantly on Facebook. So then one other way, you can use the Chrome extension to hear I’m on a BBC article.


I can say, oh, say I’m reading, oh, look at this quote, Pete has added, he has been added to Rory’s team so I can actually highlight this text. And I can just get that text into stencil, but with that text highlighted, I can right click this photo and say an image was stencil and this will open up. That image with the text that I just highlighted has been added to his team, really ready to make a graphic in just a couple seconds here, and that’s ready to go.


If you wanted to share that with a quote in a sports blog or some news place, you want to share this. So that’s a that’s another really, really quick way to use the chrome extension. We have a cropping tool as well. So if you just if you don’t even want to use pencil and you just want to kind of crop an image, you can just open up the cropping tool with stencil. Actually refresh the page. And this will open that image inside outcropping to towards you could just say you wanted.


Rory and Peter together. And you can then crop that and download that directly, you can actually copy a link directly to this to this heart shaped crop. I’m hoping that in a new tab. And you’ve got you’ve got this fun crop that you can use, there’s so many different examples of what you can do there and get really creative.


So before that’s pretty much it for those use cases. And that’s that’s that’s three. Fairly popular ways we see Stenzel used the really simple social media graphic. Creating it really, really quickly and moving on, getting out of Stenzel, going out to other parts of your job, the t shirt design, which there are many, many tools for creating t shirt designs, we kind of cut out the crocked where you have to go looking for sizes. We have the size built in all the different sizes built in that you might need.


And you can do it all from Stenzel and it’s three hundred DPI and ready to go. There’s the Chrome extension in the WordPress plugin, which are fast ways of using stencil on the go. And now that I’m in here, I can show you just a few other kind of cool ways. People are using stencil things that they’re doing that aren’t necessarily use cases. I showed you the cropping tool just now. So that’s that could be accessed from inside the stencil, too.


You just click on your image and say you choose your background image and there’s all kinds of different ways you can crop images. For different purposes. Reload the page, it noticed that we saved it on another page, that we were on it stencil always remember the last image you created. So another another way that people are using it to is is for Facebook asked, for example. So let’s say you wanted to create a Facebook ad. So we have all the different ad sizes that regular ad sizes, social ad sizes built in.


If you want to do a regular Facebook ad, one of the issues with Facebook ads is they don’t like it when you put too much text on the ad and there’s actually different tools you can download like little Photoshop files and stuff. You can download the load into Photoshop and kind of work around their bleeds and stuff. We just have this great tool so you can top of the grid on or off from anywhere. And the trick with with Facebook is you don’t want text to be in any more than five boxes.


So you got to make sure when you’re doing a Facebook ad that there’s a smaller amount of text of this text. Like right now, this text is touching one, two, three, four, five, six boxes. This this ad may not get rejected, but you may not get the same deliverability that you want out of it. And they kind of warn you about that. So here right now, with the text just inside of four boxes, you would be OK for Facebook and you can toggle that we know this is now safe to use for Facebook because it’s only in four boxes.


Another thing and stenciled because there’s so many assets. We have a collections area that each one of these various sections has collections that you can create. So we have a quote section here. You can actually create a collection of quotes on ones that you like. So this one can be called.


So now I actually have a collection here, I can add other quotes to that I can be, let’s say, do a search for flowers. And any of these quotes I can add to my collection to be used later and then I can access that collection from up here and there, the two flower quotes that I that I’ve saved in my collection can move them around. And that works for photos as well. Icons, templates, saved images. There’s a collection for all of them.


So this is a photo collection.


All right, so you can go. We come here to our winter collection, there are those two image, two images, drop those in. Now we have kind of a completely different image, same out of context, quote, but same image. And so, yeah, that’s that’s another way to to save assets and get access to them later. You can do this with colors as well. You can save any color that you’ve used. You can you can save to be used later.


This is great for brand colors that need to be reused to other quick, cool things you could do for four icons. Sometimes I just want an icon. I don’t want anything but an icon doing it for a presentation. And I want the icon perfectly cropped so I can actually. Previewed here, see how it looks, but if I just right click on it, I can export just the icon in fairly high resolution. It’s still a bitmap, it’s not a vector.


We don’t have vector downloads, but you can do you can do this graphic and fairly high resolution that will work well for a presentation or anything like that. You may want to use the even on our website. If you want to just drop it and load it up onto a site, you can do it this way. We also focus mode, which some people have liked. So it’s it’s a way to kind of remove everything else and just work on the canvas.


You’re heavy in design mode for something that’s a bit more involved. And that’s that’s probably that’s probably it. Of course, you can upload images as well by dragging an image anywhere onto the canvas. Anyway, onto the screen. We’ll upload an image and stencil and then you can drag that image into your into your canvas. You can use it as a as a front. We call this sort of like a very sizable image. Or you can set it as a background where we intelligently resize it so we know exactly like.


Where to put it, so if you do like a tall image like this and you said that as a background, we’ll know that it got resized at the longest at the short list so you can draw down to the part of the image that you want to use. And that’s pretty much it. Lindsay. If there’s any questions or anything at all, look to hear. Awesome, thank you so much. I’m going to go ahead and read you the questions here.


We got some links. If you have any more questions, you could throw them in the Q&A box. Now, first one, is there an option to remove the background from an image?


So we basically you can remove the background altogether like that, but I think you need removing the background from an image like the background area here. We don’t have that at this time. There are some cool tools available now that like libraries that we can incorporate that I think would work really well. We may have that in the future. We just at the moment, that’s not available.


Who are you likely to be bringing in the use of videos rather than just image? Most likely not. Our focus has really been just on on images at this time, so I I don’t want to say that we’re going to do video. I don’t think it’s in the cards anytime soon. On social media platforms, is there a way that we can schedule rather than just post directly?


Yeah, so we handle all of our scheduling specifically through Buffer. So if you’re let’s say you have your image here, you can go preview and share. And if you have a buffer account, you just have to click, adds a buffer. And this will pop open buffer. We’re fully integrated with them. So you’ll get all the options that they offer. We don’t offer scheduling directly without buffer. So you would need to have a buffer account. But I think they have a free account with, I think two two social networks that you can add for free or three, something like that.


How would you say Senzo compares to other graphic design and editing apps? Yeah, that’s a good question.


We get that one a lot because, I mean, we’ve been around now for probably going on seven years and a lot of different other graphic editing design tools have popped up in that time. We try not to be the kitchen sink. We try to sort of differentiate ourselves by maybe we have less features, but we’re designed to be used for a quick, quick use case. So sometimes I always tell people something that always comes up is why would I use Stenzel for this versus another another tool, stencils.


Kind of like if you needed to cut a piece of bread, you wouldn’t use a chainsaw, you would use a redneck stencils, the bread knife of graphic design tools. So it’s it has its purpose. It’s very specific for selective use cases I just showed you. It works really, really well for there are other tools out there that have more advanced editing functionality there, more involved.


They have multiple screens in their interface that you kind of have to navigate through to get to creating your image. Stencils, really just the light version of those tools. Sometimes, Campbell, is a good example. Campbell’s a great app. Stenciled doesn’t exactly do the same things. It can do a lot. It can create a lot of the same final images. But stencil just takes a different approach to get there. Awesome, thank you. We got this we got this question twice.


Mobile apps, is there any of that in the future we’re looking at if we get a lot of requests for for for iOS and specifically we try to figure out the desktop experience and get that nailed down. We don’t have plans for an iOS app at the moment, but. No, no. How much storage do you have for your images? For image, for image, sage, you can save as many images, any images, as many images as you’d like on the unlimited plan, that’s the current deal that’s up on unaccessible right now.


So there’s no limit on Sage there. You can kind of go crazy and save as many as you want and uploads as well on the unlimited plan. Did not have the limit at this time. The last question that we have here, Summerlands, if you have any more questions, put them in the Q&A box. This one is if you have an integration specifically with public or do you have any integration’s or any in the pipeline? We don’t have one with poverty.


I’ve heard them come up a few times now. You’re on Ximo. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’d love to look into that and see what’s possible there. We don’t have one right now. Right now. The only the four sharing specifically we we use a service called Tullio that handles the Instagram messages. But Buffer’s the main sharing integration that we have right now.


OK, I found a couple of questions in the chat room, so I’m going to go ahead and ask you these. Do you have any tips regarding workflow for static sites? Yeah, I mean, once you download the. Want to download, which from here, it’s ready to be used on any standard site, if I understand the question right, you can. You can. I mean, I would recommend going with the random image depending on what you’re doing and probably a higher compression.


You’re going to want a slightly faster load time, but with a high resolution image for the retina screens. But, yeah, I mean, we have I’m pretty sure we have in here like we have. If you’re creating a website, Thero Image, let’s say on a static landing page, we have a preset size for that as kind of an optimal size to use for that. It doesn’t have to be nineteen hundred by seventy. That’s just kind of a recommended size that we have preloaded create the image here, as you would whatever you want to put on it, download it directly to your desktop or whatever.


You save images and upload it from there to your static website and just included as if you’re actually writing it in code. Just an image tag referencing this this image right here. Awesome, thank you. And the last question, as an affiliate, do we miss out on commission if users use the Chrome extension? No go as well as an affiliate, you just as long as they sign up using your affiliate link, you will get credited for that.


Sweet love to hear it. All right. That’s all we got for today. So thank you so much, Adam, for hanging out with us siblings. If you have not already, you can go to Absi. Moroccans slash Stenzel to redeem your codes, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is back perhaps the most 60 day guarantee. So go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you once you’ve done that.


Love to read your reviews on the deal page. People are definitely raving about them over there and you can always leave your questions there as well. All right. Thanks so much. Have a good one. Thanks, Lindsey. Take care.

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