SpreadSimple Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.080] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar, I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at SpreadSimple. SpreadSimple is a no code web application that makes it simple and quick to create and manage a feature rich website using just the data in a Google sheet. It is on AppSumo, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it currently has 34 reviews on AppSumo, which is pretty big for just launching and it has eight five Taco rating.

So before we dive into this awesome tool, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is that you can go ahead and tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in this tool down in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tool deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box. We do have somebody here on standby from the spread simple team, Alex, who will be answering those questions as they come in.

But they will also be answered at the end of the walkthrough for those of you watching the replay. So, yeah, the third thing is that there will be a replay of this available. All right. That is enough of me. Hey Rafat, how are you doing? Hello.

[00:01:17.340] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Doing well, thank you.

[00:01:20.520] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Welcome. I’m excited to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough, but let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

[00:01:29.780] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, sure. Thank you guys for joining. And as you probably know, SpreadSimple is a noble tool that helps you to create. It is a blazing possibly to great advantage websites using Google sheets. And that means that we use Google Sheets as the database.

And it is the core concept that you can use Google Sheets for automation and or all of your data mentally and then just connect. These is the resource to spy simple and create a website if you click. And I think I can start with screen sharing and let’s get down to business. Sharing my screen is. All right. Should see it all right. Yeah, so this is our new page and this is the landing page. Let’s switch to the application and.

When you create me signing. And yeah, I mean, yeah, by the way, you just you just need a Google account in order to sign up and sign in and when you are signing, it doesn’t require you to share the full access to Google Drive. And when you create a new website, you actually have two main ways to do that. You can create it from the existing link or be one of those templates. And the Google shit link is great when you already have some inventory of for instance, you created a Google sheet previously and you already have some columns like the title Price and etc.

and you can start with it. And what is simple will do it will try to guess which column is for which element, and you can change these mapping a bit later.

And the easiest way to create a website is pick one of those template. And the important concept of templates is that don’t limit you in terms of functionality. So if you see, for instance, these job board template, that doesn’t mean that you can start from the template and create some store, because template essentially is a set of features reconfigured in order to demonstrate some features and some concept. And you can change behavior later. This very important concept, because we got many questions regarding when will you add, for instance, a template dedicated to portfolio.

You don’t need it in order to start right now. We will, but at the moment it doesn’t limit you in terms of functionality. All right. Let’s start from some ecommerce showcase. For instance, this one, it will create a website in the background and create a copy of Google Sheet for you. And you can. Yeah, you can. You can see this preview and the control panel elements. And the when you change something here, you can just.

When, when when you change the elements at the sidebar, you will see all the all these changes reflected when you just switch to some more specific items, for instance. Yeah, let’s go through the main concept. The main concept is the Google shit. All right. So here in the top, you can find these the link to your shit and you can edit the elements right away. Here you can add more columns and more rules. Each role is for the card element and you can change the mapping.

That’s a very important concept because you don’t have to stick to these particular columns. You can add more and create more sophisticated open fields and you can edit something and see how it updates and know I’ll change the price. Well. And when you refresh the data, actually, it actually exists for review, refreshing, you go to public process a Twitter or you see the data is updated and let’s cover the mapping concept. So as you can see, we have several columns here.

Table counts. Right. And you can add more. But the concept is that you need to map. And in this template, we have some mapping already to map the UI elements to your columns. And that’s where the power of Google Sheet combine is pretty simple because it allows you to add more elements and change behavior. For instance, I don’t know. I don’t need a category. I just remove it. I can change Dickon responsible for price and I can add more images and it works like a gallery.

I can add more specification and specifications. Bauk is for key value table. Actually as you can see there are four elements selected and column became on the key and the sale value is for the second one is for the value. You can add or remove the mappings and also you can change the you can feel all the greed, you can make it more like the list and change size. And here is what we try to keep things pretty simple, because the main goal is to create effective websites with high conversion rate and we still allow you to customize some elements.

But the core concept is the simplicity and go fast time to market metric. You can add filters and that support whole concept as well all you need. So actually, let’s say I need to the content is to be filtered by category. So all you need is just about this category count here and all the items, all the it is there will be the distinct items of the values in this category column. So actually that means that once you add new category, customers will see it as a new item or you don’t need to additionally maintains a list of available options.

All works automatically. Well, you can enable sorting and select which ones should be searchable. For instance, I don’t need images to be sorted. You can define the default sorting order, the items per page and some other options. And of course you can. Yeah, and that’s for details page for this template. By default it is disabled and you can connect it and you can actually add more information to the details. Page, for instance, I want to show the description in the details page.

It’s pretty simple. I just select text for text UI element, I just select the description and we got here and there are some additional options. For instance, you can be. Or. Add more features like link the bottom to some external link or use order from. And other option available options available as well. All right, so let’s switch to design. So Design Top allows you to your appearance and you can change the theme. You can select the background color or change it.

You can define header photo. And for instance, we can change behavior of interest section. And it is also pretty simple. So you you will not find some pretty sophisticated object like this because it’s not a full fledged CMS, but it is pretty enough to set up a simple store or announce a type of website like catalog or individual. You’ll startup or it will work for many use cases. Yeah, there is, for instance, we can add Phleger and the header.

Let’s switch on header, we can upload some Google and I will just. Find some real picture. For instance, the swan song title.

Tag line, right, and we can also add navigation. Let’s switch to this part. There is pages and links section that allows you to create new items to navigation and create the pages the same time. It also works in a reactive way so that you create a new page and you got the navigation element right away. You can change the title, for instance. You can it out. The same type, you can change the style of the navigation items or set up search engine mistakes, et cetera, and there is really useful things such as expensive Ed.

It allows you to work on the content in Venmo. And as you can see, the main concept of the content pages is locked down. And actually for the simple uses, markdown and what it allows you pretty easy, flexible in the flexible manner, create some sophisticated and rich content.

You like styling and you can also add some additional items like check boxes to the list, etc. It just takes some time to get familiar with.

But there is a great intro. You can follow the link and get the main idea how it works.

And you can also import the content from Knowshon if you already have some content pages created in that great. I would say to Ed.. All right. So you can add more pages, for instance, content, contact us online. And the interesting thing regarding the these Madelon Ed we use is you can embed forums. You just need to paste or videos. Doesn’t matter. Actually, anything that would be available, you just need to copy and paste it here.

OK, let’s quickly go through the yeah. Let’s publish our website and go to ecommerce because you can you can choose some subdomain based on the of domain minie or. Two, or you can connect your own domain, you just need to follow the simple process, just type your domain name here and do some simple DNS settings and it will be resolved and you will get the free SSL certificate.

OK, so I don’t describe the brawl versus free features, all the features I show are available for similar things. You just get the overall features included. We have to actually have two plans for free. And you have as many pro websites as described in the deal page. I mean, more of the features I describe actually are only features of free users. For instance, don’t able to set up a custom domain, use most of ecommerce features and most of pages and links section, et cetera, et cetera.

All right. So let’s review our published Web website. Is it how it works? Have the content pages. They have the list of items from our Google sheet.

And if we change some behavior, for instance, if we get back to the great view, you just need to republish the Web site and know that’s how it works and let’s touch the ecommerce features in it.

So you’ve got these simple cart from the very start. You can enhance it with additional features and you can change the quantity of items in your cart. As a user, you can fill out this simple launch account for them, but you can enhance this experience by adding new Add-Ons. For instance, if I need to set up a straight extension, I just need to go to add ons. And as you can see, we have a lot of adults available.

And for instance, if we go to Stripe, we just need to quickly fold the structures and set this forum up and you will see something like this. Let me show some existing sample like this. You can get to. This is an example of all stripes integrated website. The Dosso has some basic basic information, actually. This example shows the input feature of content pages and. For instance. Involved with some content. Some. The. Yeah, that’s how it works, you just complete the order while you’re all done real quick.

It was like that, and I would like to cover some additional yeah, let’s let’s just real quick go through dance so you can set up Google Analytics and tech manager and other analytics tools and of charts. Zappia and Recoups allows you to extend the features like let me bring an example. You can configure all your orders.

I’ll go to your CRM and you have some additional you can have some additional actions like sending data, some sort of emails with some additional data and also based on your own, your order, input and and much more. Actually, you can use everything that software can do. Since we have the building integration and it supports more than two thousand of applications and even more can be achieved by a Web hook, and if you don’t see any of integrations here, they are probably can be kind of implemented either through the Zakar or the automation or using additional scripts in the settings section so that you can add some chopped that doesn’t show in the doesn’t in the discrete.

And some of those extensions, adults are coming soon. We are working on them or just testing them. And among those which are presented here, for instance, we are about to add WhatsApp sent integration’s. That means that a customer will be able to write after the order of completion. He will be redirected to the WhatsApp dialogue so that you can receive the most the information about the order in WhatsApp and the contact with your customers.

All right. So actually, do I have some additional time to tell about some tips and tricks?

[00:22:53.590] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah, totally go for it.

[00:22:55.650] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s all you can find out in Iowa, actually, just by browsing the features of print, simple.

And you can go and check out the search engine optimization top that allows you to add preview of Aykan, etc. and just wanted to show and you Templar’s it it is in progress. Just share it with you guys so that you can. So most of our templates is kind of not what we deliver new features and we don’t always add them to the previous templates. And it’s like you can find much more on features by browsing the simple dashboard or browsing the templates.

Demitri, for instance, this one.

This one has the subscription for them and it goes to male chimps right away. And it has a logotype, the content pages and forums and different type of filters and marked down inside the Google sheet cells and it works like that. Let me show the example, so it allows you to create rich text content. And this one should go to its website. Yeah, it is.

Yeah, that’s another representation of subscription for just pop up and get getting back to tips and tricks.

I would like to show some Google sheets kind of inspiration, maybe because it is a pretty powerful concept in terms of creating creating your websites. So sometimes it just substitutes your WordPress website a simple version of your WordPress site.

I would say, but sometimes Google spreadsheets are above and beyond some. Classic content management system systems, because of this power of the formulas, functions in building to go shit and a lot of ways of automation and for instance, you can like we showed in the example. They need to show. Two temples. Yeah, this example. There is a negotiate and corresponding website, and you can create the Google Shit forum that aired new entries to your.

Tab in your it and in this example, you just. Select the status of the application roll and it goes to the public website right away. So if those is as follows, a user submits the form and it goes to these stem and once you approved it, use these dropdown, it goes to that Google shit and it works. Using these filter function and filter function actually get the narrows down the result from the distant front, from the source range using some condition.

In this case, it is straightforward. We use the reuse form responses sheet and we use these conditions that shows show only publish it. And when I for instance, for that item select I just select. It is the climate. We don’t see it here, and when it is published, we see it again and these data goes to your public website, Rightway, for instance. The last item was removed and. Some other inspiration concept is filling out your sheets with some external data and for instance, let’s say you would like to get your content from the public API.

And this might sound a bit tricky, but just for inspiration, for instance, we get these APIs that shows us covid information on countries and we can. Converted to. Just once again. Doublecheck. Yeah, in this case, I will create a new spreadsheet. And use this for more to encode the data. And then we’ll share. And just create a new spread, simple website. And I can just map those columns, for instance, country is for title saved.

Yeah, and for instance, county gold goes here and a bit of.

Like these. OK, so we’re moving this one up, so in this case, we just created a website or just a use that you can embed actually to your existing website using these feature, you can just copy this code and base it as it is to your WordPress or I don’t know which website. And using data of your bullshit just render some always update content like we see here and we can disable some unnecessary items. And at some futures. For instance, our country.

And that’s it. Yeah, and once this API has new data available, your website will just reflect that updated data. Yeah, and I think we can go to the questions, but before that, I would like to touch some probably one of the most asked ones regarding the performance. And as we discussed, as we answer to the comments in the page, our servers are based in the US and we are about to add Guillot, I mean cDNA, that will allow you to watch your websites pretty, pretty fast in Asia and Europe as well.

And but mostly if we are talking about the website performance, it depends not only on the service locations and it also depends on the data you show. And if you select too many rolls per page and you use some huge images or you use a lot of images in the gallery, it will also affect the website performance. It will affect the performance and maybe maybe just as showcase. I mean. Yeah, I got on this website and check the performance.

Speed is known to. It should be A or B. Probably because, as you can see, we don’t use huge images and the amount of data per page is pretty well.

And Woodsey. It takes some time. Yeah, it is not. It’s not a perfect score, but again, it will be better and better since we add when we add CDN support and the data will be distributed. Yeah, I think we can switch to the questions.

[00:35:03.080] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, thank you so much, simoleons, if you have any questions, go ahead and throw them in the Q&A box. I’m going to just cruise through the ones that we have here.

Can one build a site and sell it?

[00:35:16.750] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Which type of website?

[00:35:19.330] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m not sure it just as a site. If you want to follow, Anonymous attacked me.

[00:35:30.660] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
oh, yeah, and yeah, I got it, I think I got the question. Yeah, honestly, the deal structure is not optimized for wrestling. So we have considered different ways how to how to make our offer. And we we consider different ways among those ways. We’re, for instance, limiting the pro features, for instance, for so lifetime buyers limit some of features sold to the, I don’t know, number of pages.

They can use a number of rules, etc.. We decided to. To don’t limit those speeches at all, so someone will get the full access to broad package, including feature of future updates, but this deal is not optimized for resealing. You can’t buy it to resell principal licences to your customers or friends or anybody in the Internet. Technically, it’s not restricted, but it’s not optimized. Optimized. All right. And one of the ways to have a lot of use cases for agencies, for instance, you can create a website for your customer and connect his Google sheet to the website.

Then you can continue editing. She’s content with his teammates and it will be connected to his domain and it will be pretty much standalone. There are some options that will be available only through the dashboard, of course, like design, etc. But again, it is possible also you can add as many licenses is you got you can add as many widgets as you bought both licenses and input to the to your customers websites and sell it in that way. And.

After all, you can create a website for your customer using all the procedures to make a demonstration so that the customer is happy and then just transfer these website to his account.

[00:38:05.870] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome, I guess while we are on the topic of use cases, I am an agency, can I use your app for my clients?

[00:38:14.830] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, and I think I just covered that that question as well. You can you can you can resell it completely with lifetime lifetime auction.

Of course, it is limited to your account, but but you can create and transfer. These customer will need to provide some sort as well. But. But yeah, you can transport. White label for agencies option. I can I can say it’s not it’s definitely not on our road map at the moment, we might consider it in the future, but again, it will to optimize it for reselling in that case. And it’s also a huge piece of development work.

All right. So that’s why we have more pressing things to do at the moment. And I can promise I can’t promise anything regarding Weblink at all.

[00:39:31.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How is page speed on spread simple pages?

[00:39:36.200] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, I just got this question. It could be good. It could be great as well. So adding a few optimizations, I can make it great a two, but it’s not optimized or goal wise at the moment. But that’s one of the top priority features in our on our plate. Right. And I think we will deliver the CDN, I think during or coming from.

[00:40:09.610] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, can you explain the use case for a startup to validate ideas, or is this mostly useful for catalogs, store e commerce thinks?

[00:40:22.280] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
That’s a great, great question. Question with me with this case, one of. Least one that’s a sample of a website created by one customer, and it is dedicated to start ups. Actually, I mean I mean, that’s for startup use. Case actually describes the how it works its website, and it helps to connect a remote services providers to their customers. And it shows the list of experts. And you can filter those experts here by the various customizations you can sort, etc.

and you can hire an expert by booking his time slot. And these odone using spirt, simple and a bit of external code, that’s so that’s so based on Google’s tech, it’s spreadsheets, Google forms and a bit of Google abstracts, but all for free in terms of you don’t need to pay to Zakiya or any external provider. You just use your free Google stack. And for instance, this example checks the eligibility of the selected expert and it sends the email notifications to those.

Once these forms submitted you, it sends the both expert and customer. And it also Beukes a event in Google Calendar. And that’s all using simple Google sheets and a bit of customization. And these guys are about to raise some money for development, and it helped him to run the walking and be in one week, including content.

[00:42:46.320] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Oh, all right, um. So a follow up question kind of to this on the online course example looks like a curation of resources use case. So instead of sending a newsletter, you can keep updating a page and share as a link in your email signature. Ms. Is it regarding the causes or was it?

[00:43:16.410] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Is one I’m trying to ask a question, but I understand that there will be no answer, of course.

OK, so I assume that’s for this showcase. All right. And so basically, when you put an e-mail here in this box, it just goes to your MailChimp database and you can configure all these newsletters. And yes, you can with some additional efforts, you can configure some more sophisticated cases, like when you create a new role with new cars here it goes to mail chain and sends the newsletter or sends it once a week. And that’s not a concern.

It’s pretty simple because in this case, at least, Phoolan is not a concern, because in this kind of sophisticated use case, you need to combine different tools. And this is usual thing in the world. You get editable, you get Xabier, you get mail, Cheam, you get travel, you trying to combine and you create new things without a single line of code. But it still requires some things to be crafted.

And the general answer is yes, but with the help of other third party tools.

[00:44:48.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, we’ll more template selections be added and how often are new ones added?

[00:44:57.170] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, definitely, because as I mentioned, we add new features and we want to showcase them, we are working on this template and we will clean it up a bit and publish soon. And we also working on Google Maps as template. Let me show some work in progress here. This one. Yeah, this one uses Google Maps and. This is on our plate as well, what else we will add portfolio template soon and some sort of my favorite books or movies differently is among the first to come and more and more.

But again, once again, templates don’t don’t limit your functionality. You can create you can you can start from farmers to template and go to this one, excluding the content. All right. In twenty minutes. It’s possible definitely.

And we we always would like our users to create something. We encourage them to create something that fits their use case. And we always try to help in our support channel, too, not to just use some existing template. And we we encourage them to create new Colins formulas, combining different concepts and create something that fits their own needs.

[00:46:53.020] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Thank you. Can you touch on how to add additional text and each page as a section of its own directly under the Hero banner section?

[00:47:05.550] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
So come again you.

[00:47:08.490] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can you touch on how to add additional text and image rich media as a section of its own directly under the Hero banner section? Yeah, yeah, I do. I mean, we showed so it’s added to these courses.

Another question similar to this one same person, can you please touch on how to add additional sections layouts to your example templates? Let me see if there’s other design things, I think it’s just those two.

[00:47:46.880] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, step behind them, yeah, so you have this intersection of things,

[00:47:56.180] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can you adjust image sizing if the images are different sizes?

[00:48:00.300] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you. OK, so in this case, we can add some modern text here, for instance, like that. It’s not optimized to actually you can add links, you can add some photographs of text, you can add more things like into the images and all that modern supports and even tables. For instance. Let me use example. Just a week. For instance. Like this and by the way, you can use more down in your cells, too.

For instance, I can render this table as a part of this description and so on and so on. And I do recommend you to use page editor because it’s more like dedicated to some additional content. You can you can upload images here. You can add to tables, checkboxes, et cetera, and just copy this content and go to your, for instance, before and after the card section and paste here. And the same concept works for Future, where you can add modern text to future.

Yeah, and just just d we helped our customer to set up Google ads, and it required us to just send us a piece of e-mail. There are elements here and actually here, and it render the Google Edisons blog right after the casts least and regarding the images, there was a question which is you can use different aspect ratio of those images and there is a option to keep. Image is the ratio, and in this case, it will keep it as it is, as you can see,

[00:50:28.560] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
For each sale item, is there an option to show the Arpit price, then show next to it the discount percentage along with the discounted price?

Also, can you add the ability for a countdown timer option?

[00:50:42.890] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Mm hmm. Yes, this is an interesting question. Countdown timer isn’t a glittering future for sure, but you can edit using phrases, there are a lot of widget builders out there like Hellfish or so, and you can just use it as a piece of code to the section or using some additional scripts here. And as I said, it’s not a full fledged Sims. And but we we might consider adding such popular things to our adults catalog. And my first question was regarding.

[00:51:35.580] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m working on it. It’s on a different page now, sale, item for sale item, is there an option to show that our price then shall next to it the discount percentage along with the discounted price?

[00:51:49.170] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. Actually, for the price we got only the one feel dedicated to this value, but these rules to be considered for as a feature request. And if you ask me how to write right away, you can use justifications if you like, in this section you can render old price and it’s really you be.

[00:52:23.100] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Are you able to embed a spread, simple e-commerce site to another website and if show?

And if so, can you show an example of how to manage, navigate and between an external site and spread simple?

[00:52:34.650] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yeah, that’s a good question, actually. There are a lot of examples in our showcase section. I can get and yes, we can create, we can add to other platforms. Just for these inspired simple hip hop Section four, this article, and it will show you how to add but simple website as a widget code to all those shamers platforms, but you can use just a simple Ishmail code. You can just copy it from the from these.

Just copy and paste to work, right, for instance, and it works great with.

So. This is. Well. For instance, it shows you new items in the landing page. We did with other technologies and the owners of this one maintain the least of their menu items in the Google shit. And all they need is just maintain this bullshit, because once it is updated, if you will, right away, just wait here as well. And regarding navigation spread simple uses the secondary navigation kind of soft version of navigation and doesn’t conflict with the host website litigation.

Let me show some example. If I fly, I would try to find some.

This one. This one. Just checking if they have some pages. Than. Warmblood. It has, and this will work.

So are the existing website, it has a simple website as a widget, and you can open the details page and as you can see, it uses these soft navigation that shouldn’t it should not conflict with the host website Rolton. Also, you have to stop scrolling through this Web page. It’s making me hungry in bed, simple, only limited by Google Sheets and Google spreadsheet limitations. So forty thousand new rows, maximum number of columns, number of tabs, 200 sheets per workbook, etc.

. First of all, I would discourage you to use all those, then it shouldn’t be different. So it’s not for that Web sites and actually, technically it at the moment, it allows you to use only Google sheets. But when designing the architecture, the technical side of the I’m an implementation technical implementation, we kept in mind about extending it in the future and adding more sources like Editable or Excel Online, etc.. We don’t have any of those on our plate at the moment, but technically it is possible.

[00:57:06.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What part of a spread’s website is not handled by Google Sheets, is every single button truly customizable on the sheet?

[00:57:16.350] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
And I’m not sure I’m following this one. So we got a similar question. So we don’t we don’t use Google Sheets for all type of content, because sometimes you just need to set up title or contact us page or I don’t know about us or some delivery settings, describe the delivery options. And you wouldn’t update this piece of content every day.

And but we use spreadsheets to manage it all content like your list of products, your courses, your menu items, et cetera, et cetera. And we tend to use it for data only we don’t control. We do we don’t allow to control style options in Google searches because there is this specially designed dashboard for for that. And you don’t do it every day, but you do update your content frequently. And that’s why it is handy to keep that in Google searches.

[00:58:38.650] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Can we create a Google sheet for clients to populate and it automatically updates the spread simple site?

[00:58:47.200] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Absolutely, yes.

You can use all the power of Google, Google searches, collaboration mode.

[00:58:56.120] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can one create an app for cell phones with a spread simple site for clients to access their websites made on this platform?

[00:59:05.890] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yes, why not just create a just pick one of those templates, you do some simple tweaking and fill out with your content and you’re ready to go? Actually, actually for me, it will take 15 minutes to set up or you will spend more time to create your first store, but then you start treating them very fast. And yeah, and by the way, a little hint as well, you can create some website as a template and just duplicate it.

So it’s very useful for agencies when you create typical solutions. And imagine you have some set of partners in different cities and you want them to have their own website. And the content is pretty much the same because the brand is the same. You can use the same Google shit as a content and you can have. For each state, for instance, or for each city, a dedicated website, dedicated domain, optimized for indexation, Google indexation for that city, but the list of items is pulled from the same Google bullshit.

And it’s also that you cannot stop such a thing using some classic symbols, but using simple and spreadsheets, it is very simple.

[01:00:47.260] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How is spread simple used for blog post content?

[01:00:52.740] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
I would suggest using medium or some WordPress or some dedicated for that purpose block management system, but it is still possible you can just create what it. Let’s open the same courses. You can create extra pages for your blog post items and just fill out the corresponding content. And it’s not so convenient because you still will miss some functions, like automatically generated a list of Walpole’s, some RSS, Ximo, et cetera, et cetera.

But if you really want, it is possible. Awesome. Can I create Dashboard’s from Google Sheets data? Depends. So what should be inside these dashboard, but you can create some dashboard and and but it is a frame in your one of your pages, for instance, you can in this case, if we build some community for these causes, you can create some stats, even Google charts, based on what is the most popular source of those courses, what is the most popular language or topic.

And you could create the you can aggregate the data, create Google titles and dedicated page four like statistics or some good to know information on them all like. And yes, in this case it is possible.

[01:02:50.210] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Could this be used to sell ebooks that link to Amazon Kindle, or would it have to be a separate store?

[01:03:00.280] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Yes, I think yes, because that just sounds like a regular catalog that has external links. And by the way, recently we helped our user to set up a A.W.. So the Amazon based website there was. So striped demo. Me, I just want to go and this one is pretty interesting. That’s why I want to share it with you guys.

Yeah, this one. So this example shows how to use. Spreadsheets and spread simple read of four, I believe you saw in this case for Amazon and those who work with Amazon knows that if you want to know if you want to embed and sell your Amazon items in some external sources, you are not allowed to use Hotaling due to zero images or the link.

You could be a real pain. And that’s why they provide sites type thing that actually allows you to embed it as it is. And for this example, we just placed these Sipes elements here in this column and image and link is generated automatically and you just copy paste the code provided by Amazon and create some stories like this. This one is pretty simple because the item is the same again, using formulas you can achieve or. A lot of use cases.

[01:05:06.260] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Sumolings we have time for just a few more questions here. If an item sold, if an item sells does spread simple update the stock in the Google sheet.

[01:05:22.560] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Not really. Not really, because currently we just pull the data from Google shit, but it is still possible using integrations and some of our users set up zappy or intergovernment or any other platforms, it’s supports my whoops. You can actually the real process in The Real Story is a bit more sophisticated.

You can just you can just decrease the number of stock items by four for each incoming order. You need to set up some process. You’re on the order or reject it and ship these order and only then decrease the number of stock items. But it is possible using for instance, you can set up that simple gotz, the just one. Quick overview. Automation. Yeah, it is pretty easy to set up and for simple physical since the information about the order goes up and you connect the searches the same or another will to the action and just reduce the amount of items and you can send some emails and use a more sophisticated place.

[01:07:01.220] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. A few few simple things have asked, have ya’ll compared to other competitors in the space, they ask specifically about Google sites. They’ve asked about Ali dropship and app called. I don’t know. I’ve never heard of any of these. That’s on me. But but what would you say? How you compare and the advantages of responsible.

[01:07:34.760] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
That’s a good question, and I think it should be compared to a group of mass engines, like, for instance, Google Sites is not a direct competitor at all. It allows you to create a pretty simple or no set of pages using very simple blocks. And you can’t really connect to the Google sheets. You can Google shit. But that’s not a concept that we have compared to other shit. Site applications also depends on the competitor we compare with.

But I would say our main advantage is the usability and the that’s by the feedback we got from our customers. We can feel the default design that we provide and we don’t put everything in Google searches. If you see some of the alternatives, you’ll see the, I don’t know, 15 number of tabs in your Google sheet where you should place the hex code of each element and I don’t know, select from the number of values they have deep connection between this sheet and the result website.

And in that case, you are blinded to the selected templates. We try to be more flexible and distinct what should be managed in Google sheets and what should be managed in our dashboard instead? And yeah, we have a lot of integration’s, as you can see, and we’re about to add more and more and we try to try to keep things simple. Some of our customers, including our chat, I mean, require some subtle, sophisticated features.

And we definitely wouldn’t say yes to every feature request because there is there is some vision and the main part of this vision to keep things simple and don’t have these UI with every single feature you can imagine is it’s not full fledged CMS, but you’ll be able to create sites simply and very fast. And what more important, you will be able to manage the content or the easy.

[01:10:24.510] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Is it possible to add a currency dropdown list at the top of a spread simple page, which you could then program behind the scenes to format the prices shown on the spread simple site so it can convert dollars to pounds, for example?

[01:10:43.790] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Definitely not out of the box, I can imagine at least a few ways to achieve this with a bit of customization, but it will require advanced knowledge. But out of the box, it’s not possible on the one selected language and on the one selected currency. All right. Can one create a business directory, organizational chart for a company using simple. Yes, definitely is one love that attitude, if you read an RSS feed into a sheet, display each item to an editor who could select into individual elements into another sheet to publish on a website.

Was dreaded RSS feed, right? Yeah, I read an RSS feed into a sheet with.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, definitely, and display each item to a manager. If I get the question right, there is a built in function, and that’s what I love in Google Sheets. They work well with different sources of data and there is important feed function that actually do. What you are asking about is in the process feed from the external source and you can then you can input it and you can add more columns based on that content using formulas, and you can use it as a source of data for your website.

[01:12:33.250] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, I’m going to ask you one more question, unless I get yelled at by somebody. Don’t yell at me, actually, OK?

And one link from a category tab on Spreads and Bull to a WordPress site without the user knowing they are going from one platform to another. And we without knowing.

[01:13:00.930] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Trying to imagine the damage in this case, actually, actually, when you when you and but a simple website as a widget to your WordPress website, for instance, it’s not.

It’s not integrated as iFrame and that’s that was our intention to use it as the integrated piece of data to your website. What does it mean? That means that you can use you can apply the style of your external website to this region. And you can using a bit of success, you can make it look pretty much the same as your work. A theme you can feel. Looks like you can change the phones. You can make it look more similar to your environment.

And I see no workers, but. And we do have examples, for instance, or I think in this case, it looks pretty natural to the environment and no one can say that these parts are just some form. Elements from throw from spread simple, yeah.

[01:14:31.040] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Thank you so much and nobody objected to us wrapping up, so I appreciate that everybody. If your questions didn’t get answered today, I am so sorry we didn’t have quite a few of you.

While we were in this webinar, we actually asked one of our panels is the proper channel. And somebody had written into customer support saying that this deal, what did they say? Might might change lives. So the huge props. We’re grateful to have you here in your store. And we’re we’re excited to bring this deal disemboweling. So if you’re not already, you can go to Atsumi dot com slash spread simple to redeem your codes. They’re starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

And of course, this is back perhaps a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your feedback on the deal page. We love to read your reviews. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can always leave those on the deal page as well. Thank you so much, Refaat. Thank you so much, Alex.

Behind the scenes, answering all the questions, helping me get through the Q&A. It’s great having you guys here today. Thanks so much.

[01:15:50.300] – Rafat Amitov(SpreadSimple)
Thank you. Have a good one. Bye.

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