SpeedPPC: Easily Build Hyper-Targeted, High-Converting Ad Campaigns That Convert


SpeedPPC is a unique and helpful tool for creating hyper-targeted ads. Ads can be easily customized to meet the needs of any company or business. Because SpeedPPC offers built-in research tools that help you improve your campaign performance as well!

SpeedPPC provides companies with everything they need from targeting options down through analytics data on how effective each individual ad was, all while lowering costs of your campaigns.


SpeedPPC Pricing Overview


SpeedPPC’s monthly price starts at $69 for a Pro plan. The price scales up if you want to avail an Agency plan which lets you add more users within your account. The Agency plan also lets you have more research add-ons per month.

Alternatively, SpeedPPC is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $69 for a Tier 1 deal. Find out more about SpeedPPC’s lifetime deal today.

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Price starts from:

$69.00 per month

✅  Has a free trial
Save 50% more when you subscribe to their yearly plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$69.00 – Single payment for a Tier 1 deal

SpeedPPC lifetime deal on Appsumo


SpeedPPC Features and Benefits


👉  Set up unlimited campaigns and ads.

👉  Unlimited campaign spend – SpeedPPC doesn’t charge more based on how much you spend on campaigns and ads,

👉  Add an unlimited number of keywords in your campaigns to build targeted ad campaigns that match the keywords people search related to your product or service.

👉  SpeedPPC doesn’t restrict your campaign size.

👉  Build up to four different campaign types — Google ad campaigns, Microsoft ad campaigns, Single Keyword Ad Groups campaign (SKAG), and Single Thematic Ad Groups campaign (STAG)

👉  Combine up to four keyword lists that you can also set up within your campaigns, no matter their type.

👉  Build and manage responsive text ads and call-only ads that match your target keywords.

👉  You can set up campaigns for different audiences without any hassle. You have the option of viewing multiple versions within your dashboard, or duplicating them with just a few clicks on the fly!

👉  Competitor research – With the click of a button, you can keep tabs on what keywords competitors are bidding on and see what kinds of impressions and clicks they’re getting.

👉  SpeedPPC’s keyword research tools allow you to find relevant terms from keywords or competitor domains, and expand your campaign with them!



Who is SpeedPPC For?


👉  SpeedPPC is a time-saving and cost effective tool for creating targeted ads. It provides marketers and agencies with the opportunity for more varied ad campaigns at once, as well as allowing them an easy way of creating better performing ones without all that hassle!


Things to Note About SpeedPPC


👉   More integrations and features to come including: Shopify integration, and AI ad copy starters.

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User Reviews for SpeedPPC


Bravo – SpeedPPC is one of the best deals this year!


I’ve been running ppc campaigns since 2010, am Google Ads Certified and have taken nearly a dozen PPC related courses and trainings not to mention that I use Google Ads daily to manage clients for multiple agencies.


Even though there are other tools to build campaigns I still most often use old school spreadsheets for my initial campaign building prior to importing into Google Ads Editor. I’ve found that the AI building tools just don’t do it right yet.


I heard of SpeedPPC several years ago when it was a desktop app, and it was solid then. When I took a look at this deal, I’m blown away. I watched every video in the help section and I must say that SpeedPPC is leveling the playing field for campaign building.


Someone with just basic GoogleAds and Keyword research knowledge can use PPC to build a professional level ads campaign. In fact, I’d say better than professional. Many “professionals” aren’t building logical account structures like SpeedPPC will build if you follow their workflow.


There is not a direct integration with Google Ads. You will have to export your campaign and then import it using Google Ads Editor. This will be a turn off to some of the inexperienced buyers.


A direct integration although seeming easier opens the possibility of the tool getting banned, not working as expected, or having some error with the import that you are not aware of until after the campaign is running. Importing campaigns via Google Ads Editor is the best practice, and the method most professionals use. Taking the time to learn Google Ads Editor, is the best thing that you can do if you want to be serious about running Google or Microsoft Ads. I’m happy to see this as the import method, and it shows me that SpeedPPC is a serious PPC Campaign building tool.


Learn how to use SpeedPPC by watching the training videos!!!


This is a great deal for a really good PPC campaign building tool!

by Csdoes | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Most useful PPC tool in awhile


Every so often a tool related to PPC pops up and it’s semi-useful for both creating campaigns or monitoring them, a Jack-of-all-trades.


This tool knows exactly what it is and excels at it. If you’re looking for something that allows you to research AND put together complex campaigns then this is going to become your go to tool.


Definitely check this out if PPC is something you’ve done in the past and have realized how tedious it can be.

by topoutchris | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Best PPC Ad Builder – Smooth UI – Exceptional Support


I have to say I’m very impressed and happy about this deal.


Google PPC is a beast that really can’t be ignored. Even for higher-consideration purchases intent because people will just key in more buyer-intent keywords when ready-to-buy. If, you’re running ads that reflect those key phrases you’ll get the clicks and increase in revenue.


Speed PPC makes it much more simple to structure PPC campaigns to do just that.


The interface is built where you can tell it’s built by big agency with tons of experience running a lot of ad spend.


It’s very intuitive and you just glide thru the process.


Best of all it’s simple to save your keywords lists, research and even ad copy and campaigns so you can easily pick-up new clients in same niche but different city etc.


And rinse and repeat.

by Ekklesia | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I had just been researching python scripts to solve a problem I had – creating large and complex SKAG/STAG campaigns effortlessly. Then boom, out of nowhere SpeedPPC pops up in my emails.


This tool has seriously saved us 200 hours of work already. Super easy to use, fast and it just works.


I think I read somewhere about potential Shopify connection in future.


I’m also excited for the new features coming up!

by ceej | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Have been running google shopping ads and a few basic search campaigns for my e-commerce tea brand. I know that there is a lot of potential for promoting my tea with google search ads but I was not sure how to go about it. SpeedPPC was just what I was looking for – a slick professional interface and clear explanations on how to go about getting google search ads up and running.


This deal for a lifetime membership could not have come at a better time.


Really pleased about this being available on Appsumo.

by info4140 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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