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Music brings life to any type of content, and we all know how time-consuming it is to find the right music that will fit the theme of our projects — whether it be for a short presentation, a video, or a podcast. And so we ask, why not make the right music yourself?

Introducing Soundraw. Gone are the days of searching for stock music!

Soundraw is an AI music generator that allows you to create and compose original, royalty-free music which you can use to elevate your content or projects. Create your own custom tunes and music with Soundraw by customizing the length, tempo, composition, instruments, and genre of music.


SOUNDRAW’s Pricing Overview


Soundraw’s monthly plan starts at $19. They only have one subscription plan that already gives you the full version of this software. It also covers unlimited downloads, licensing, and monetization.

Alternatively, Soundraw offers a limited lifetime deal for a single payment of $69.

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Price starts from:

$19.00 / month

✅  Has a 7-day free trial
Has a free version
✅  Has a discount when you get an annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$69.00 – Single Payment

Soundraw Lifetime Deal


Soundraw’s Features


Soundraw makes it easy for you to create your own unique music with a few, simple clicks with its AI music generator!

👉  Choose from a list of themes and moods that you want, and the AI will automatically generate 15 tracks for you to choose from based on what themes and moods you picked earlier.
👉  You can easily browse through the list of AI-generated music and customize the one that you pick.
👉  Soundraw allows you to specify the tempo, genre, instruments, and length of the music that you’re working on for a more personalized soundtrack.
👉  Easily re-edit the soundtracks that you were previously working on.
👉  Soundraw has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to seamlessly create, edit, and download music on the fly.
👉  Soundraw has an Adobe plugin version which allows you to use Soundraw’s features while editing videos on Premiere Pro or After Effects.
👉  Soundraw also allows you to share your in-progress music with your clients or your team.
👉  Create unlimited music and save it on your account.
👉  Unlimited number of downloads. The music file you download from Soundraw will be on .WAV format.



Who is SOUNDRAW for?


Soundraw is perfect for content and video creators, podcasters, streamers, and anyone who works and deals with the multimedia side of things who want less hassle and time finding the right music for their projects.


Things to Note about SOUNDRAW


👉  No “looping” feature for the music that you’re creating.

👉  Some people may find the themes and moods to choose from a bit lacking when it comes to options.

👉  There’s no interface to see your download history.

👉  Some people may encounter troubles during account creation. When you encounter such problems, contact their support.


User Reviews for SOUNDRAW


“I love AI audio and graphics because it can help avoid liability concerns. I really like SOUNDRAW. It’s a simple interface and gets the job done. The team also has an Adobe PP and AE plugin you can use which sweetens it a lot. I have no use for those, but I’m sure many of you might.”

by NotARobot


“I’m very pleased with the Soundraw Deal, and can only imagine the massive creative power this tool can unlock as Soundraw continues to expand.


I had some trouble with my email at account creation. I think it’s missing the username field on the form. So after contacting support, I created an account on the homepage and luckily it synced.

I think the interface is very smooth and fluid, creating and changing as it plays. Another feature I love is how each bar on the editor has so many variations by color. This makes unique edits, transitions, breaks, bpm, length, key, volume, and more making the ai generated track even more unique. There are a lot more cool features than explained above.”

by iworldnet


“SOUNDRAW is just fantastic. Although I only tried it for a few minutes, I am very, very satisfied! The interface is easy to understand. The different modes and the finesse of the adjustments that we can make, and the speed at which artificial intelligence generates a lot of quality content is simply incredible. I think, and I want Soundraw to become a reference in its field.”

by guillaume.juge


“The interface is well-thought-out. The audio quality is fantastic. There is a level of control that novices have access to that is definitely prosumer.

I am not going to overthink the licensing issues because for your own created content, you should be fine.

As a practical matter, I would encourage the Sound Draw guys to think about optional commercial licensing that covers those areas that they are most concerned about specifically creating and selling content to third parties. Let me build that cost into my contract.”

by Destinyknight


“I do some video and jingle production and this tool makes the process of creating music so much easier. I can easily change the length, structure, instruments, etc. of the music to find the perfect music to complement my project.

I also love that SOUNDRAW has AI on your side. I can simply input the mood of the video I’m working on and the software will generate original music that complements my project. It’s a fast and easy way for me to create music with the perfect tempo and style.


“As per licensing….it is a normal, standard licensing and I do not find anything confusing about it.”

by GoodNewsNow


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