Socital Webinar & Transcription


What’s going on swelling’s thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Sociable. This lets you create all types of pop up bars and forms to capture leads, convert visitors into customers and boost your sales. It is on Atsumi right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and people are raving about it. So I’m excited to dove into it. Before I do though, let me just go ahead and give you a lay of the land here today.


The first thing you should know if you want to tell us, if you want to say hi, if you want to tell us about your use case, you can totally do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tools, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We will circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.


So if you need to step out, you totally can and watch this again later. All right. So we’re actually going to start with some of your hot questions. I know you all care about things like integration’s and road maps and the companies in general. So we’re going to talk to you first to dove into that before diving into the there. Hey, Bill, how are you doing?


Hey, how are you? Great. Great. We’re excited to be here. I’m excited to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you to chat with us and perfect and perfect.


So I’m going to start with a couple of points regarding who we are and that we have got several questions which actually being on the other side as a buyer of optional deals, it makes a lot of sense. We’ve got a lot of questions regarding who we are and the elephant in the room. And the software is in a lifetime deal is if the deal is going to be around as a company is going to be around for a long time, said for the buying.


And so in our case, we are here for about a little bit more than five years practically. We’ve been focused initially on bigger customers and more kind of corporate deals, and we’ve been focused on the smaller type of shops and agencies and not corporate, I mean, for the past and almost two years where we kind of change the product towards this direction.


So, yeah, we’ve been around. We are quite well funded myself. I’m a runner and I’ve done a couple of exits and this is a third big software project. My background on a personal note is that I work there a long time for the company that purchased my first family, but was a job site and the it was built by career builder.


And I was running CareerBuilder for a fact for about six years and for the past years we have this idea alongside with the theme of working on the inside campaigns and making sure that we improve conversion for e-commerce. And this is what Sociales doing. It was going to walk you through in detail of some best practices. So that’s regarding who we are and the fact who are going to be around, because there has been a significant investment. Money invested in the company until now is about 2.5 million, and we’re planning to raise it around sometime by the end of the year, more or less, which is going to help us improve the product even more.


We’re a team of about twenty people and half of them are on product. And so keep doing your stuff every couple of weeks or months. This is one question that came up quite often is regarding integration. So in the talks I posted a link for a prioritization tool at Products Class where you can check it out. And we also have got the question of the deal page so you can upload or downloads ideas that have been around from the team, from the group and some links regarding your staff blog on the product.


We that was lost last week and we are already almost ready to launch three of the software requested the whammies Web site that could help you integrate with Pavilion’s up here. So this is something that you can do. It’s going to be life by next week and next week, Monday or Tuesday. And also native integrations, apart from the thing that we already have regarding emails and everything to show how this works and a couple of minutes.


So we cover many of the mainstream, like a mail team by Flavio, etc. But we also got a lot of requests for folks and in books. So these are also they are actually already there in the staging. So again, by Monday or Tuesday, they’re going to be like. Which means that for many of you that would probably see this later on, it will already be life. And I know that this is something that a lot of you wanted because these are integrations with other tools that they have been operating so long.


And this means that you can combine the two lifetime deals that deal.


Just in a very quick note regarding the little things we have, one that you can, a stall that speaks to five to five websites and you have aggregated the limit of five hundred thousand page views per month, which could be distributed among the five sites. And this is a lifetime one, of course, the forty nine dollars. And there is a second tier with 15 up to 15 websites that you can install the tool with one point five million in total page views per month.


And this calls ninety eight dollars. Again, one of parties that say you never have to pay again for ourselves. That’s it from general questions and a little bit of road map. I do have to show you one thing I forgot. We did get a couple of other questions. And one that came up quite often is regarding a B testing. Most of our clients are using our integration with Google Analytics for last until now. But we got a lot of feedback that we should include it as something that is a standard feature in the product and we are going to put it high on the road to have it quite soon.


I don’t have an exact time frame, but I can assure you that this is something we’re going to prioritize and have it as soon as possible. Every floor is yours to go through specific cases. And obviously, we’re going to have time for Q&A later on.


Yeah, I think so. Hi, guys. It’s really nice to be around. I believe that I have reached out to some of you like in person because I have reached out in person to every person that bought a deal in the past days. And I really look forward to that. To reach out to more of you. So happy to walk you through the platform. I’m gonna start saying my screen and I’m going to start with browsing around a demo website so I can show you a specific case of how you can take advantage of our tool.


And then I’m going to head over to the platform so you can have a more in-depth look of how these things can be actually built from the software. So I’m going to share my screen with you.


Just a quick housekeeping note that we do see the questions and they’re going to walk through the product. Some of these questions, we are planning to cover them anyway, but we’re going to make sure that we answer all the questions right within.


I mean, now, right after what I was going to show. Right. So. I’m currently heading towards a demo store that we have set up for the purposes of demoing how this thing actually looks on a website, so I’m browsing here. This is a fashion demo store. And what’s happening? I’m browsing here for the very first time. So I’m being greeted with a welcome popup that contains an offer for first time visitors. So this is a really common use case among yourselves and especially fashionistas.


So the case here is that I’m being given a 15 percent discount in exchange for my email address and my opting my opting into the newsletter, the client newsletter, let’s say. So I guess that you get the idea this is a pop up that can be fully customized from within the software. So Copy and Bonnar cementation staff are fully customized. And I also have here the option to do some explicit content. So before I opting for this specific call to action, I have the option to consent to specific types of data that I’m going to give away.


And I’m explicitly consenting to receiving email communication from from these from these guys from the specific shop. This is a requirement, especially when it comes to processing EU citizens data, especially post DIPA. So just a side note here. We offer all different kinds of options for hosting different types of DPR, let’s say, implementations, so you can either have one content checkbox to content checkboxes or even then depending on where your your client base is is currently. So let’s say outside Europe, us some stuff.


You don’t really need to have this, but there is the option for you to have this here. So this is fully customizable as well. And like the juice here is in one of the things that differentiates us and not from any kind of other software out there is the way to obtain to this call to action, which in our case, as you can see here, we have two different options, Facebook authentication and traditional email sign up. This one, of course, is something that you are familiar with, ie, if I want to, let’s say, obtain this 15 percent code, I can come here and there, my email address and obtain for these for the specific call to action.


Just as a side note here, even when it comes to customers opting in by entering the email addresses, we have developed some algorithms that we use to give you some information regarding the some demographic data of these people who opt into your newsletter. So if this works with natural language processing, so we process everything that is written on the email addresses, and based on that, we give you a gender estimation and even a name information, which you can then feed to your email marketing tools and use them for better personalization and segmentation, which I think is awesome.


And now when it comes to the Facebook stuff and the Facebook authentication, what we do is that we offer, let’s say, an integration with Facebook platforms and we have the option of adding here a Facebook login. So your visitors have the option to grab these 15 percent discount code by authenticating their Facebook profile. This Facebook gives you a lot of extra data, scenes, stuff you get by default from Facebook, our public profile and email address, but usually our clients opting for more and we typically support them in the process.


So you have the option of adding here permissions around user dander and user likes, which you can then use for a better segmentation. Like if you get, for example, access to what people like, you might know what brands they follow. So I’m just on the beat of their brand affiliations and profile. What things are. They are more interesting and stuff. And I’m going to actually use Facebook again for the purposes of this demo.


Just out one one quick note here, because we’ve got a question now and we also got a lot of questions.


The details regarding comparing dealt with opportunely two main differences that I would say. The one is what they’re talking about now that we have the opportunity to have a. Facebook login, we’d say, on the one hand, it makes it way easier to convert because you’ve done it and you don’t need to have an email or people are afraid to give their email, but also for the people, which is about 50 percent when you have both our experience and that they do connect with you, engage with you through Facebook, you do get a significant bigger pool of data, especially if you get the permissions to have that to access their lights.


Then you get a collection of links, which you can get interest. You can give an estimation of the gender that you take away a bigger pool of data, that you can build recommendations, and especially through the native integrations with emails, you can export all these data to the main tool that we are using and make sure that you create segments that they were way more relevant. So this is one big difference for their Facebook login, which is also on top of some and almost all our pop ups.


You can use the Facebook login as an option. I’m saying almost because in some specific mobile they’re probably maybe very small or the size of atoms or something like that. It just doesn’t fit to close. But generally, this is the big differentiator. And the other regarding the deal itself, is that in our second and why the price is the same, you can use it for 15 sites when the deal was for them. So that by far the basic differences other than that, I feel that at least the way that we interviewed, that they often deal in total and we are relatively similar.


Great. So once your visitor clicks on their Facebook call to action, they’re being presented with this login dialog where they can review your website’s logo name. And also they have a preview of what kind of submissions you are about to access. Of course, they are able to edit these and revoke the kind of information they don’t feel comfortable sharing. Generally, from our experience, we’ve seen that the percentage of people who go through this process and invoke specific information is like insignificant three to five percent.


So by continuing here, what happens is that the system automatically authenticates me. They subscribed me through the pop up and I am being presented with the success screen of it. So now here what happens is that based on the data that they collected during the syndication process, we are able to Real-Time feed the dynamic content here on the screen. So first batch of personalization, let’s say, is the fact that we got the name of the operation and we’re able to feed it dynamically here on the success of the pop up.


Of course, we are giving away the code 15 percent of and here the right side of the screen, I have a different banner based on my gender and my set of likes. So for me that I’m a female and I follow, let’s say, some brands and specifically play, I’m being presented with these specific banner which has a visible call to action. And this is actually clickable. So once I click through, I am being redirected to the specific section on the website where products are being showcased.


So if if we sum this up somehow I was a first time visitor at this specific website, I got a welcome or a pop up with a 15 percent of code for my very first grade days in exchange for my email address. I used Facebook authentication and I got a recommendation, let’s say, based on my gender and my interests right away, even from my first visit. And now I am redirected on a specific category with products that I like.


So you understand that we somehow increased chances of the expression converting to buy or even from the very first visit. And even if I don’t convert, I got a really nice and smooth experience. So I, I somehow had a very positive interaction with this specific brand. So this was like an end to end demonstration of how pop ups work and especially how newsletter sign up box work. We have a lot of other options, like even promotional campaigns which have simply buttons and other types of on site displays like bars, sliders, boxes and stuff.


And another thing I would like to point out is that I am actually going to head over to the platform to show this. So here is the interface. Let’s say this is the very first update I’m being allocated to when I signed up for Sottile. And what I have here is I have a set of, let’s say, many, many different ready-Made campaigns, which our team has a team of designers has already created with the thought that you can just go find the ones that you like and really want it on your website.


And what’s really nice about this page is that you can come here and really quickly filter based on your goals and objectives so you can feed it by display mode. I want to launch pop up or a bar or a box or a slide up or a site up and then you can feature it based on your goal. So, for example, I have selected Popov’s. So now this is going to load and bring me only Pop-Up campaigns. And let’s say you can also filter based on we have somehow categorized the four most common goals that our clients typically want to achieve through our product.


So first goal is to convert existing visitors. Second goal, grow your mailing list, promote offers or reduce your card abandonments. So we have ready-Made campaigns for all these types of objectives. And let’s say for me to use the example, we have already reviewed them website. I’m going to select the mailing list target since this is all about growing more. And also an expert that’s here is that we have been working a lot on creating different types of special occasions campaigns, because we’ve seen that they are very popular, especially when it comes to e-commerce clients.


So you know that cases like Black Friday, Women’s Day or Mother’s Day or summer, summer, summer season are really nice occasions to work up on and increase your onsite conversions. So we want to make sure that we cover these as well. And I can just come here and even feel that by special occasion. So but by this, I’m going to be I’m going to present only, let’s say, Black Friday stuff. So let me just pick one campaign, this one, and by clicking on it.


The campaign is created. So this is kind of as simple as that. And now I’m being redirected to the campaign, Edita, where I have some some specific elements. So here on the right path, I have the preview of this specific campaign and also I can control it responsiveness. So how this is going to look on desktop, tablet and even mobile. So this is very important for us in all our campaigns are designed to play well on all different devices.


Also, we offer many different targeting rules, one of which gives you the option to design dedicated campaigns for different devices. So you might want to create a whole different experience for your desktop versus mobile visitors. So you have the option to do that from within the platform. And also you can switch between Michelle and screen so you can still control your email and your thank you message. And on the left part, you have different options for editing, so I’m currently being on the set up.


We have all these different options. I’m going to briefly show them a and here I just want to show how the Facebook integration works. So once you create your dedicated Facebook app and connected with Social, then using your app by the and secret, he does come here and select the specific Facebook app. You want to integrate on the specific campaign. And it works as that. So text editor here, title, subtitle and important thing are native integrations.


So I want to make sure that every time a new subscriber joins my audience through any sort of on site campaign, I will not feed it to my, let’s say, mailing list. So these updates in real time and this is going to update in real time with the new integrations that we’re launching and inbox. So you have all your subscriber data updated in real time. And this also allows you to create any kind of automation’s connected to the subscription through the Social Pop-Up.


So, for example, in our case, you can set up a welcome automation and also giving away the 15 percent of code via an email as well. I think this is something that our users tend to like a lot. I’m going to send over to the design staff. So from from this top here, you can add alternative background demonizes either by writing and dropping your image or by adding in background. Then you have the option to add the content that we have used in the live demo.


And also you have the option to adjust the font sizes, styling and color from here. So we have many different forms that we play well with and from here also you can change like button fixing and stuff. I’m just throwing around. Everything works in real time. So we supply chains and it shows in the preview. And also we have an option for advanced editing. For those of you who are more tech savvy and want to take it to the next level.


And from here in the success screen, you can customize your success message and add all these different types of recommendations we show in the live example. So from here, you can set up, let’s say, a female binder for you, for the people who are females. And you can set up the banner and click through your buy by doing this and you can have as many of these as your ways from here. And just a quick note on this one.


This is one of the features that make a lot of discussion, conversion, especially some products that either brands or among women categories are separate clothes.


Obviously, in this case, the fact that you could customize their success screen and have a different complexion regarding the next step based on these kind of characteristics, either a man or woman products, or am I brand affiliations or interests. This makes a lot of different single version of best practices are on the decline that they actually went through with. And they created a lot of recommendations and they can really give you your rate.


Some think, feel and some some important options as well are when and to whom your campaign is going to show. So we have all different types of behavior, like you can trigger this immediately. One of the visitor lands from your website apply a few seconds delay or even a scroll trigger, let’s say, when the visitors Kreuz up to the 30 percent of your page. And you can also trigger these with the next and then trigger. And an important note here, which is also kind of differentiate or factor with many of our competitors, is that we are able to trigger campaigns with excitement and even on mobile devices, because for those of you who are familiar with the accent trigger, it’s super easily working on a desktop where there is a mouse and you can follow the movement of the person when browsing at the specific website.


But this is even harder when it comes to mobile devices because there is no clear intention of exit. So we have managed to somehow categorize, categorize these and create the next thing trigger, which works really nicely. We’ve got very nice feedback from clients and of course it has increased a lot. Exposure affects content campaigns because, you know, browsing at two thousand twenty one is happening on mobile. So we want to make sure that really successful flows that are being posted through content like browser abandonment and abandonment, we are able to trigger them on a mobile device as well in order to increase conversions and sales on mobile.


And final thing, we offer many, many, many different and really advanced targeting rules which can help you really customize the audience to which you’re going to present your campaign. So here I have selected the girl next target and the specific campaign is by default, let’s say, showing two new visitors only. But there are a lot of other options. So you can target specific pages or specific group of pages. You can target new versus returning visitors. Also, you can use these to get the specific targeting room in case you don’t want to annoy people with the same of the same messages.


So once a person of themes to your newsletter through this specific campaign, they’re not going to be presented with the same pop up all over again, which I think is one. It’s a very nice thing because we don’t want to alienate visitors with the same messages over and over and also from the specific with using the specific targeting. Really, you can also create more advanced kind of workflows for your campaign. So what you can do with these is that you can trigger a specific popup based on the interaction your visitors had with previous campaigns that launched using social call.


So, for example, I want to take this specific campaign only to people who have not converted on and meet, lead, capture, pop up in the past. So I’m only targeting, let’s say, people who are not already subscribed. And with this way you can dove like really deep. And so campaigns, if people have seen or not seen other campaigns in the past and we’ve seen really nice use cases here from clients, and I think it’s a very nice, nice tool which offers the liberty to create many different flows and target them to really different audiences on site.


So this is the targeting role I mentioned in the very beginning regarding differentiating experience on desktop and mobile devices. Also, you have the option for sure to target your campaign based on the number of pages your your visitors have have seen. So, for example, I want to show this campaign on the third page, et cetera. Also, we have even more advanced, targeted things targeting rules. So I want to create, let’s say, different experiences based on what these the traffic source of my visitor is coming from.


So let’s say I’m going to create a different popup from people coming from Instagram or from or coming from Facebook or from my newsletter and stuff. And also you can combine these with the key parameter targeting and let’s say create a more holistic campaigns even for it, say your ads. I know that you you advertise a lot and you also use your vampyre meters to track the performance of your ad campaigns. Ads heads up. Keep in mind that you can combine your advertising with.


Specific on site campaigns by targeting the visitors who are coming from the specific campaigns and also you have the option of targeting campaigns based on keywords, and once you’re done, you simply save your campaign.


And I have like hundreds of campaigns creative here on this account. But I’m going to show you how you can activate. These are scheduled for later activation. So I’m going to head over to the last page. This is the campaign I just created for it for the purposes of this demo. And you can, like, come here and activate it or you can schedule this for for later activation. Like, for example, I’m going to activate these on on Saturday, Saturday morning, let’s say, and it’s going to automatically activate on Saturday.


The only thing you need to do, I know for you to be able to simply launch campaigns from from within your social account is to install a piece of code, either in your e-mail or in your monitor in case you use one. So when it comes to like we have already published, I think, a tag, a template in the gallery of monitors. So you just simply go there and find the tag and your your client I.D. and it’s done.


And of course, for those of you who use Shopify, we have a negative integration with the tool. So you can go ahead and install our Sleepify app and this is it. Then it’s going to play well on your website. And also, this is where you can set up your integrations as well. So from here, you can just come and copy paste your email API key and connect your email marketing tool with social Thul.


Can you explain what connect me in this case? I mean, what the functionality that the how do people use this. Yeah.


So yeah, sure. So the way this works is that you have the option to realtime feed your lists a for the latest subscriber data. So you have the time to real time seeing every subscriber from every campaign that you’re on to your email marketing to release. And also you have the option to bulk export users in case you you want to do so. This is the basic functionality of email marketing integrations. And I think this is pretty much it when it comes through to the demo.


And I don’t know if you want to add anything else at this point.


Yeah, but probably a little bit on the audience and the leads the way that they are captured. Well, OK, so this is the spade’s every time you capture a Mignolet, we have the table here with all the different kinds of data that you get, you have grabbed for this for this person. And the most important thing is the aggregate aggregate data here in the audiences tab. So from here, let’s say in this specific example, I have run my campaigns and I have captured twenty leads, meaning subscribers with all the data so I can come here and play with filters.


So I when I drive, let’s say females aged 18 to 35 and I want to retrieve people who opt for my Mother’s Day discounted say so. This narrows down my audience and my coverage from 28 to almost nine hundred. And I can actually come here and create a dedicated audience for these people. So let’s say a young.


You mean Mothers Day when you say, I can save this, all these kids up here, every time any new leads that is being added to your audience matches those characteristics, they’re being automatically added in this specific audience. So you can, you know, real time update those and feed them either to your email marketing tools or very nice use case here is that you can export those data in Mississippi and feed them on your Facebook advertising. So many, many of our clients use this this data to feed the audience here and then go and create customer lookalike audiences on Facebook.


And especially if you combine this with the fact that we offer the Facebook login and we know they many people have used for registering to Facebook. This means that you have very, very nice, very good marketing. Actually, you have almost one hundred percent matching with Facebook custom audiences, which saves a lot of money, advertising money that people were either spending on Facebook. And also we’ve seen very nice performance here, look alike audiences, because, you know, this is a specific audience that you have acquired that your own audience, you can feed their characteristics and then go back to Facebook and say, OK, now give me people who are similar to these ones.


And just to point out that you before a box to go back on the list.


Yep. So one functionality that people has asked us many times when they have some kind of a contest or give away, that they have a winner, random mechanism here, which is a want that because they want it to be transparent. So you could automatically do that to the period that people participate in the contest, in the contest and they just have a number of winners and automatically produce the winners.


I think that’s about it in terms of functionalities and the details. One point is that we are launching a lot of new stuff. So there are actually sending a campaign that’s a feature that is about to belong to the next month when we’re building on an updated version of our builder, which is going to be ready during the summer. The fact that we are we keep investing in the company and our theme, this is something that we are it means that we’re going to bring a lot of new stuff in the next month coming.


And I have a question regarding client accounts on that to and in.


So you can have up to 15 accounts, which means that you can install the script up to 15 different slide sites and the limit is aggregated, which means that you have a hundred thousand pages from their side. But because you buy it all together, practically, if you have one size with one million, you’re going to use it there and then you will distribute the other five hundred on the other sites. If you have practical practically, you’re buying one point five million page views per month and these could be used to up to 15 sites.


And I just show now and they do that to change the subject, says I, even though it says up to 15 sites to set them separate accounts. It used to be then it’s 15.


So that’s the right thing. I covered this question.


I think we’ve got a question regarding custom three years and how you can trigger your campaign manually using it to get from the website. So I’m just going to say again, my screen with you and I’m coming back to the campaign I was showing previously. They where you can set this up is by landing here on the behavior tab and by setting the trigger to minyon. And you can set up a custom event from your website and you can send it over to social.


And the specific campaign can be triggered manually based on a specific event realized on your website, let’s say a video of you or a click of a button or anything else.


I do have another question, which is regarding if you have more than 15 sites and planned accounts and that is it is kind of optional members. Look, this is the standard price. If you go on our site for a deal of that size with of the thousand limit, it would be at somewhere around one hundred thousand. Beijing is for a hundred dollars per month, so if a daily show awesome and I know it’s going to double down on this one, I think the best way to add more is just to buy more of the official model, because we’re not going to do any deals anywhere close to that.


It’s a completely specific thing for option law. And so I don’t think that there is any other way that you can get a bit of. Thank you so much for going through and answering all the questions and asking them for me. I love it so. Those were all the questions that we have here in the Q&A box. If you all want to send in anything else, you can go ahead and do that. Now, is there anything else that you’ll feel like we haven’t covered that you want to make sure is addressed?


If people have questions, maybe for support, where can they go to? Yeah, so you can either support contact us via support at Sociedad dot com. I can send you the email address over the chat. Also, we have a we do it on the website, which you can use to contact us. We I believe we answer everything. I think that we’re very, very helpful and responsive over. So feel free to reach out to us.


I personally answer a lot of your questions, so I would be really glad to see more and more of your questions coming in the next few days.


Wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you, Theo. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up for you. Thank you. All the siblings who have joined us today, if you have not already, you can go to the dot com shuttle to redeem your codes, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you.


Once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page. And of course, if you have any more questions, reach out to their team or you can also get them on the page as well. Thank you all so much. It’s been a pleasure having you.


Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Bye.


Thank you. Bye.

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