Sociamonials Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.710] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And stopping share. So let’s go one on Sumolings, welcome to another product walk through webinar. We are joined today by the team over at Sociamonials. Sociamonials helps you optimize your campaigns and increase your are with important social media analytics and automation. Before we dive into the tool today, first I want to tell you three quick things. The first is you could tell us a little bit about your business and your use case over in the chat room. And then the second thing is, if you have any questions about the tool or the deal, how to get set up, anything like that, you can leave those questions in the Q&A box down below the video.

We do prefer that you put your questions down in the Q&A box, because that way we definitely get to them. If they go in the chat room, it might go unread by me. We will circle back, though, to all of those questions at the end of the webinar or the end of the walk through, rather. And then the third thing is that there will be a replay of this. So if you need to step out or if you feel like you need to be taking notes, you don’t.

You’re good. You can watch this as many times as you want. All right. We are joined by Craig and Mona. I’m going to be chatting with you all in the chat room and answering your questions in the Q&A box. You’ll be doing our walkthrough. How are you doing today? Pretty good.

[00:01:23.580] – Craig(Sociamonials)
How are you, Lindsey? I’m doing I’m doing all right. Tell us a little bit about what similar things are living up you?

Well, what we’re mainly about at social millennials is making social media marketing more simple and more profitable for agencies and their clients. So a lot of the things that people are doing about it are the tracking. Like we have full conversion tracking with custom tracking events. And what that allows you to do is just. You get way better reporting on the social you’re doing now, but also get a better insight into what you could be doing on your next post, on your next campaign.

So that’s been really great. And a lot of the automation features that will be walking through today just make life easier, lets you had more clients without adding more personnel. So I’ll be going through some of those pictures to. Yay and love automations. All right, I’m going to pass this over to you. Then again, similar things you can tell us a little bit about your business in the chat room and then tell us any questions that you have in the Q&A.

But I will come back for the Q&A after the walk through, if I’m all right.

I’m sure I’m on screen now. Hopefully everybody can see the dashboard here. So what you’re actually looking at now is Pepsi. So this is kind of a fictitious agency. We’ve set up a a dashboard for we have five different clients on our dashboard. So we want to walk through a use case where we’re going to be adding a company called Basket’s are US that does custom basket weaving, which is just in time perfect for Mother’s Day. So what you’re looking at has been customized, as you’ve probably seen other screenshots that look very different.

We have customize the look and feel of our dashboard with the IDO agency logo and giving it more of a dark color scheme instead of the blue that we normally use. We’ve also added our custom domain and our custom set piece of the email communications coming out of the software will come from Eedle. So what I want to jump into first is I want to show you guys how to. Get into the agency dashboard if you haven’t done that already. Let me hide you so I can access everything.

So when you click the dropdown, you’re going to get some options. What I want to jump into first is agency dashboard.

So if you go into your account, let’s say you just added a code and. You just started your account, first thing you need to do, you’re going to see a button here. This is Activate Agency. That’s how you get started. Now that I’ve already started and I’ve added some different accounts, I’ve got a lot more going on in my account so I can click on up here and I can actually switch between all of these different clients. So in the agency dashboard, I can see all of the social profiles I have available since I’ve stacked like five codes for these five different clients.

Then I can see all of the profiles I have available. I can see all these campaign entries that I have available and all the workspaces I have available. So I stacked a couple of additional codes on my Pepsi workspace and that gave me two additional ones that I haven’t used. So if I scroll down, I could see all the different workspaces that have already used. So let’s go ahead and add this basket weaving company. There’s a couple of choices.

When you have two additional available workspaces, you can either import in an existing account or you can create a complete workspace account from scratch. I’m going to import one just to save it some time. So this is an account that I’ve already set up as an LTT, as a stand alone account, and I just imported it to my agency dashboard. Now you can see Basket’s R US is down here at the bottom and it’s a lifetime deal. I can remove it from my dashboard if I ever divest myself of this client and then want to pay me for the use of the software ongoing, I might remove it from my dashboard and I can always add it back at any time.

So since we have this on there now, what I want to do is jump into a couple of the agency dashboard features before we swing over and set up a campaign for the basket’s company. Under a single sign on, you’ll notice that we already have a an employee of the agency in here. So the first thing I would probably want to do since I just added a new client is I’m going to edit my superstar employee and allow them to access the account information of the basket’s company.

So everything checks out here. This is their contact info I’m going to go to next and notice how the basket’s R US is not yet linked. So there’s two users already added, I’m going to select the agency user within Baskets R US and then save this. Now when this superstar agent logs into their account, they’re going to be able to click the dropdown and see all of those accounts, including the bastard’s account, just like I can as the account owner.

Of course, I can set very detailed permissions on what this superstar agent can see within each of the accounts. So you can get really granular on that. This was built for enterprises and large agencies. So don’t worry about privacy and security. Everything’s encrypted and you can specify down to the social profile what each of your employees are able to see. And white label. This is where you can set up all of the information on what you want to be visible if you want this to be dark and the logo of your agency and things like that.

So without any further ado, I’m going to jump into the new client Baskets R US. Perfect, so you’ll notice we already added some social profiles here. One thing I would definitely want to do if this was a new client is jump into account preferences because I’ve switched over to the best of our US workspace. Everything you see here pertains to basket’s are us. So if I would have had accounts settings back when Pepsi was selected, it would have taken me to Pepsi’s account settings.

But since I’m in Basket’s IRS, I can change it here. So you have full account privileges and features within each one of your workspace. That’s one thing that differentiates us from some of the other workspaces that are out there. They’re really just giving you some of the workspaces. Might be just a collection of social profiles, but with social modules, you can really drill down, go into account preferences and create a unique experience for the best interests workspace.

So here’s where I connected all the social media accounts, conversion tracking code, this is where I can go in and grab a tracking code and I can add custom tracking events. So because this client was basket weaving. I’m going to add a custom events tracking event for free course, sign up. It’s a secure page, and I want this included when calculating total conversions, I’m going to leave that off. And I only want to account the first event per user, so now what I’ve done is I can copy this and send this pixel over to my clients.

Please note that it says social animals, and that should say the custom domain of the agency, and that is an improvement that we’re going to be adding in the next week. Everything else is dialed in as far as the full white labeling, but this is something we’re really pushing towards. Every single aspect will say the name of your agency, but this is one of the final things that we haven’t done yet. So anyway, you would send this pixel to your client and instruct them to add this to the thank you page of their free course sign up page.

That way we can track when people sign up for their free basket. Meaning, of course. And once I’m done with all of the accounts set up, let’s go over and create a campaign for these folks. So it’s getting close to Mother’s Day. So what I’d love to do is something for Mother’s Day. Let’s scroll down and see if there’s any Mother’s Day campaigns. So here’s a Mother’s Day campaign. One thing is, though, this is a photo contest.

And since I’m just starting and it’s a young company, I really want to help Garner as many leads for them as I can. So I actually want to do a viral sweepstakes. So what I’m going to do is actually go up to one of the viral sweepstakes campaigns and I’m going to use that template set up. Instructions are right here, but I’m going to show you real quick how to do this. So what the system is doing, it’s going out there and taking all of my account preferences and settings and creating a complete campaign for this plan.

So this has been set up. What I want to do is go through the settings. And show you how to add some custom bonus actions. I definitely want to help them get some shared tweets. So I’m going to type out the tweet here. And I would add a link and everything as well just to keep things moving along. I’ll do a bonus entry code so I can go and throw that on social media. Every once in a while.

Here’s the instructions. And the code will be Baskett. And ask you to. So we have a couple of custom codes. Finally, there’s a lot of other ones. I can have them go to their tick account and follow us. There’s a lot of preset bonus challenges, but I want to drive something new. So I’m going to go to bonus challenge. I’m going to create one called. Refer our website, so I want to drive as many people to the Basket’s website as possible.

Most of you haven’t seen this, we have a brand new feature that I want to highlight really quickly. So here are the instructions. And I’m going to change the icon. Website so you can go and search our. Collection of icons. Let’s do. Skillshare. So we use this. The icon looks good now what I’m going to do is use this new feature called Refer Friends. And the link to share will be my website. So let’s say this is basket’s dotcom, the default message to share will be signed up for a free wheeling course.

And I’m going to award entries each time their friends send a return visit. I could also send a free I can also award entries for free if somebody signed up for that free event. Now, I forgot to save that additional customer bonus challenge or the customer tracking event when we were setting up the account preferences. But had I say that, we would have had a nice additional one here that said signed up for the event. So I’m going to choose referred visits and let’s move on to the next step.

OK, so now we can see that the viral sweepstakes is all set up, but I wanted to use that Mother’s Day template. So what I’m going to do is import a design, including the style and all of the content. For the Mother’s Day campaign, so don’t box yourself in and think that any one of these campaigns is limited to that purpose, only if you like the look and feel of a campaign like the Mother’s Day one, go ahead and create the functionality of a different campaign that you like and then come back and just overwrite the visuals with the design that you like.

So I’m going to select the Mother’s Day photo contest. And what this will do is just overwrite all the visuals. But all the settings of my campaign are untouched. OK, so we’ve got Mother’s Day photo contest, and I’m going to do instead is we’ll call it a giveaway. The lucky winner will receive a. Stone basket for mom. And just like that, I have a Mother’s Day sweepstakes instead of a Mother’s Day. Photo contest. So instead of upload a photo, I’m going to say enter below.

Much of what you see on the design. Ed can just be clicked on to be edited. We are actively working on a task right now where literally anything you click in here will become editable. Right now, you can find anything you need over here, but we’re going to make it so you know anything you like. If you click in the form, it’s going to slide in the form. Editor, you won’t have to leave the design editor to do the complete campaign, even text down below the non social media, not using social menials yet.

I want to get rid of that and show you how this works. So if you go to advanced settings, this is a common question we get. You can click remove social emotional branding. And for all of you agencies, starting tomorrow, if you have five plus codes and you have access to the appearance tab in your agency dashboard, it’s going to automatically remove this completely because we don’t want the word social model showing for you guys and it will automatically remove all social modules branding from all of your campaigns.

So that will save you some time. While I’m in here, what I want to do is let’s change our page image. So what you can do within the Advanced Settings tab is change your own dog tags. So what I want to do is change this page image to the Mother’s Day. I’ve already uploaded a screenshot and let’s change the state of cotton to a basket that’s in my asset library already. So the campaign looks really good. I’m going to go to the thank you screen and make sure everything looks good.

The one thing I don’t like is that it’s got a header here on the thank you page, I think I prefer to not repeat the header, so I’m going to go to edit our edit header area and scroll down to the bottom. There’s an option here to hide the header on the thank you page. I’m going to do that. And this looks really good. So now that this looks the way I want, I am going to save and deploy.

All right, so I’m going to copy this and let’s have a quick peek, see how it looks. And I’m going to enter this. Perfect, I just earned an entry. So there’s other things I could do, like tweet a coupon, enter a bonus entry code so you’ll notice as you click on each of these, it expands and gives you instructions and a call to action button, refer our website. I don’t think any of you have seen this yet.

So I’ll just click on this real quick. What this allows you to do is basically create a complete refer a friend campaign. Within your viral sweepstakes, so you’ll notice that this looks similar to the one up top, but instead of just sharing the track link to get people back to your sweepstakes, which all of these have now, you’ve got refer friends to our website. You’d want to make this look a little nicer. Oh, definitely. Go back to the design and make that more bold.

And now we’ve got a special you are all that’s unique from the one above that takes people to this basket weaving company’s website. So now the client are their end user. Their friends can just click here, copy this and share it across all of these social networks. One of the things we do differently than any other company is we create a unique link for every single one of these methods of sharing. That way, when you check out your campaign reporting at the end, we’ll actually tell you how many of the refer visits to that website came from email, Facebook, LinkedIn and all of these others.

So that’s just another way that we give you a little bit better reporting than you’re used to seeing. So what I want to do at this point, let’s jump back, I want to promote this campaign, I think it looks good. I probably want to go back and tweak the way that one thing look. But I think it looks pretty good. I’m going to go and. Promoting. So I’m back to my publisher, but since this is a new account, I want to show you guys real quick how to set up a schedule so the schedule makes your life so easy.

When you get a new client, the first thing you want to do is just figure out what frequency of publishing this client wants to do, what types of content you’re going to be publishing for them. And what I want to do now is show you the different categories that we give you by default. These are the default schedules and default categories that every client gets. And I’m going to make a quick tweak because I’m going to be running a lot of campaigns for this client.

So what I would want to do is set up a whole category of posts for campaigns. I’m going to click the plus button. Let’s call it campaigns. Because I plan on sending out fresh campaigns every couple of weeks, let’s come up with a new color for this, what stands out in the calendar and I’m going to optimize seven times for my campaigns are really all about, you know, again, this is where you would select the basket weaving sign up had I save that.

So I’m going to choose leaves. And you can also associate this with a specific campaign, I’m not going to do that in this case because this is going to be more of a generic. So now we have a whole category set up for campaigns. So you can drag things over like promotional. This one is just a little different. This was set up for anything that you want to do to promote your company. But since campaigns are a little bit more for engagement, you we’ll use campaigns.

Let’s see here.

And if you go over to the publisher, I want to show you real quick to see you understand what happens when you create a campaign. As you can see here now, we have campaigns as an option when we’re posting to social media. And we clear that out and let’s go over back to the schedule. Let me add a couple of times here per week. I’m going to say Tuesday. Let’s do Tuesday at seven a.m. we’re going to send this out.

I want all of my campaigns to go to all of the social networks, including Google, my business. And I also want another one to go out every Friday. But on Friday, I’m only going to do it to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, just so it’s not quite so frequent. Google only likes once a week, so I’m going to skip Google my business. OK, now that these two have been set up and ready to go back and start adding information into the queue, so let’s go back to the publisher.

And type out a post. I’m going to add a link, and for this I’m going to paste in the short link that I copied previously for the campaign. So, oh, this was actually the link to that share, let’s go back and grab the campaign link. So here’s another feature you can go straight to the get code. And it will take you to the end of the campaign so you can grab your microsite, you are URL. Make sure I copy this.

Now, let’s try that again. Both of you guys are much more creative than I am. And I love my Mac, so I didn’t copy that particular giveaway. So we got the oil here. OK, so here is that your only go out. So what happens is our software is going to go out to that page pulling the information from it just so it saves me a little bit of time. What I’m going to do now is go over category and campaigns.

So now, since the categories campaigns, that tells the system not only what I want to run the ports, can I say I want to see only the campaign reports, but also it’s going to help me with the cue. It tells the system when to send this out, namely Tuesdays and Fridays. So now that I’ve already put the message in here, I can go in and just make the detailed tweaks. If you click on the text, you can change this for your Facebook users.

So here you might say share with friends. And like. LinkedIn looks fine for Twitter. You might want to add a tag or two. Same thing with Instagram. And see Google in my business, so Google my business, you can choose to attach media or not. You can also change your call to action button. So I’m going to change this button to sign up because we’re asking them to sign up for this. So let’s add a basket image.

As well, so now we have at least a couple of images going out, and what I’m also going to set up here is a rescue. So what this will do is not only posted the first available time in the queue, but it’s also going to send it over and over again, since I only want this campaign to run for a couple of weeks. I’m going to say run this until the 19th, because that’s what I’m going to be launching my next campaign.

So it’ll automatically stop the queuing at that point. And I’m going to click add to queue. OK, so as we could see, it was successfully added to the Q. And I can go into the queue now and just have a look at what this looks like. Notice how it says stop reposting at this time published to all of these social networks, and you’ll notice that they’re all going out at 7:00 a.m. because this is a fresh count and that’s the very next available time.

We can also look at the previous ones we’ve sent and our drafts as well, so it looks like we have a couple more minutes. Let me show you, like a more seasoned account and I could show you some of the deeper reports that you can run. So this is an eight year old account. This is an overview chart that you guys can run. Notice this one’s been run on revenue, but you can run this on leads, basically whatever you want to whichever measure you want to run this on.

So for this one, you can see it’s nice to have for each of your clients which networks are generating the most leads. What is the source of most of your leads? And as you can see for this one, it’s campaigns. And the campaign types, the sign up campaign type is second best, but referral sweepstakes is definitely generating the most leads. Media type video photo or text and even the message type, if you if you’re attaching a lot of media to your campaigns, you’ll be able to see it.

That’s helping or hurting in this particular case. For this account, looks like link posts are doing much better than the ones where you’re only attacking media. And if you have several users connected to your account, this will tell you which one of your sub users is generating the most leads for you. You can create a little bit of a competition there within people on your team. You could do this in total or on average, let’s say like if one of the people on your account is working part time and the other is full time, this isn’t really fair.

You’d want to check out the average to see how that works. All right. So I’m going to scroll up to the top if anybody has any questions. This is the time when Lindsey will shout them out to me and I’m going to leave the screen up in case I need to show anything. But take it away, Lindsey. Awesome, awesome. All right, so. Oh, yeah, civilians, if you have any questions at all, you can go ahead and leave these on the Q&A and middle of the chat.

We don’t have a ton of questions right now, so you can give us some stuff to do. The E? Yeah. So the question that we have are from people that bought it in the past, they’re excited about the updates and they want to go over the testimonial features. But I feel like we’ve covered so much since that question was asked. So, yeah, let’s get some more questions in here. And I’m going to I’m going to scan the chat and see what we got.

I know that Mona has been helping everybody in there, so I feel like all of these questions have already been answered. But I do want to make sure that they’re available for the replay. So the one question that we have from Brad is just one code. Give me an agency availability.

You need at least two codes in order to access the agency dashboard. And once you reach five codes attached to your dashboard, that’s when the appearance tab shows up. That’s the one that allows you to change the look and feel. It allows you to add a free SMTP email server and add to allows you to add a free agency custom domain. And one thing that we did change about the agency custom domain, that’s not just for people logging into your software, it’s also for all of your campaigns.

Now, they will all use your custom agency domain and all of the campaigns will use your custom SMTP email. Sam, thank you, thank you.

And is a workspace a client or user workspaces are confusing, and I wish they were more simple because but it’s really hard to do if you want discrete permission. So what we want people to be able to do, if you have a big enterprise like Pepsi and you have another basket weaving company. Right. If that were a real example, you’d probably have an enterprise account set up as a workspace for Pepsi and maybe only one of the social only or the social and campaigns, the lesser accounts for the basket weaving company.

So you have ultimate flexibility like that and what you want to import as a workspace. So to go over what the difference is between a user in a workspace and account. One code equals one account equals one workspace, an account and a workspace are really the same thing. The only difference is as soon as you import an account to an agency dashboard, that account becomes a workspace. When you remove that workspace from the agency dashboard, it becomes an account again, just like it was before.

As far as a user, you get three sub users. It’s better to call them sub users because it gets confused with username, which is actually that’s what you use to log into your workspace. Some users are you get three sub users for every felted code you have left on your code that you have and enterprise users get 10 sub users. So for a lifetime deal users, a sub user would be an an agency representative, a supervisor and even a client.

So you might give a client a sub user login and only give them permission to view the reports. If you do that, the only thing they’ll be able to see when they log in with that user account is the reports link on the left navigation. Awesome. All right, it is social media designed mainly for promotions, are going to be used only for social testing if I don’t run promotions.

It’s really a mixed bag. We have some people I’m surprised with the number of social only like looking at our monthly subscribers. A lot of people sign up for the social only because they want something like Meet Edgar or you’ve got that complete scheduling system with a separate category posts. But we add certain things that they don’t have, like all of the custom conversion tracking where you can track all of the different stages of your funnel and tie them back to each post, each sub user, each one of your social networks and all of that.

So we do a pretty good amount of business just on the social posting side, on the campaign side. Usually people that use our campaigns also use our social posting because why not also everything you’re doing in social menials? We are gathering intelligence from that. So if if it’s a social post that goes out and people are clicking and converting, if it’s a campaign you’re sending out and people are clicking and converting and entering, all of that data goes into our social CRM feature.

So everybody that enters your campaigns and all of your social following that engages with you, you’re going to be able to see a complete picture because everything they do on your campaigns share buttons and their and your published messages out there. And let’s say the Facebook feed, we’re gathering that information and bringing it into your social CRM and you can link that data to your CRM like we integrate with Salesforce and Infusionsoft and others. So it’s mainly about building that intelligence.

That’s the main reason that we built such a robust, robust platform is when you have a lot of little tools that do each of these things, even if they do it well. Connecting them together can be very difficult and time consuming, and they’ll never get the level of, you know, kind of cross pollination that we observe by having that pixel and we’re creating all of the shortened links with our own software so we can observe what happens across multiple spaces.

So we just give you a much better 360 degree view of what your clients are doing. So some civilians, I just do a. Everybody knows that there will be a replay of this available and it will be sent out and also accessible on YouTube for a few people who have asked, we did get another question.

[00:35:23.180] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Oh, can you go over the testimonial features?

[00:35:25.880] – Craig(Sociamonials)
Yeah, sure.

So the testimonial campaign, I’m going to share the screen again. So I’ll go back to. Workspace and let’s go into campaigns. So I could just as easily have added a testimonial campaign, so really quickly, I’ll do this. So with our testimonial campaigns, you can have these be video testimonials, text testimonials or a combination so people can record video testimonials on their mobile phone. We also have proprietary software that we’ve created that lets you do it on a laptop.

So if they have a laptop that has access to to that tech, they can use that. If they don’t, it’ll automatically hide that option and tell them to go to their mobile phone. And we actually go one step further. They can either type in that shortened length that we give them to record it on their mobile device. If they aren’t there yet, they can actually enter their mobile phone number and we’ll send them a text, a white label text with a link to jump them right into the recorder on their mobile phones.

We’ve made it really easy for people to submit recordings, but as you can see, every one of our testimonial campaigns is just as customer customizable as the last campaign we created. This is the home screen where they can view all of the existing testimonials. They can share it and like it, and they can also jump into the entry screen and submit their own. And this is where you could customize the entry screen, add custom instructions. Custom branding to the header, and finally, you can customize the thank you screen, just like with all of our different campaigns, and this is where people can add their comment and share.

We do go a little bit further than just about any company I’ve ever seen on the testimonial side in that when people add a comment and share, we’re sharing that video testimonial to not only the social channels that they choose Downbelow and we use direct we use it direct upload for Facebook and Twitter, so it will actually automatically play in the end. Users feed. You can also set our campaigns up to publish to your YouTube channel. And to take it a step further, if you go to the social stairstep, you can even add that.

Like, if you have different social media accounts, are you using to publish to you can also have an automatically publish that testimonial to your Google my business account to get awesome SEO. You can have it, send it to your business page on Facebook and all of the other accounts as well. That’s a really convenient feature and it helps you fill your news feed in an automated way with user generated content that’s coming in from your testimonials.

One last note on testimonials. You can have the testimonials anywhere like on the seven diploid page.

We generate not only a microsite you URL for you, but we also give you widgets that you can use and those widgets allow you to add it as like a sticky tab on your on the side of your campaign. You can have a pop up that fills the screen at people attempt to leave your page and all of that code is generated for you. Awesome. Next question that just came in, Khan submitted. Must be removed, edited from within search manuals without having to visit each social platform and edit, delete them individually.

Submitted posts. OK, so if somebody submits to a campaign, let’s say everything goes into the approve. So like if you go to customer photos, I don’t know if we have any on the demo account. Let me switch over to one where we have some actual. With this. So I’m going to go to approve customer photos, so if somebody submits a photo or video or text, you have the option to view it before you even approve it.

OK, so like this one that’s pending doesn’t appear anywhere. As soon as I approve this, it’s going to go out to all the social networks. If I delete it, it will delete it from YouTube if it was a video, but it will not delete it from all of your Facebook accounts and Twitter. However, unless I misunderstood the question, one thing we do is if you go to our publisher and you look at sent posts, one thing that we do that a lot of other companies don’t, if you delete a cent post.

You can actually delete this post not only from your sent item, but it will also go out and delete that post from all of the different social networks. So in case I confused the question, we do both of those things. Amazing, I think I think that answered it, and that is the last of the questions that we have in case any siblings want to sneak in.

[00:40:38.190] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
A last question and a quick follow up on testimonials. Is there a way we can download the testimonial video for use elsewhere, like to add to a website, or is there an embed code that we can put on any website to pull it from ceremonials?

[00:40:53.820] – Craig(Sociamonials)
Yes, yes. All of that. Basically, if you go to the approved section, that is where the asset lives. So these are all different videos. I can click here, I can download this and it will download the original video. We store those on our server. You can also embed them in an email, will generate code for you to paste that into an email. So we’ll play within Gmail and also if you go to our campaigns.

When you create a testimonial campaign. You can go and create a widget that will add it very easily to your WordPress site or your page. Like I said, you can embedded as an iFrame right in the middle of it. You can have a sticky tab. You can even create additional campaigns that where all they do is display testimonials. So, for example, let’s say I just created that campaign I was showing you that’s capturing all these testimonials. I can create a whole separate campaign that only displays testimonials and then this is getting a little advanced.

But if you click on display groups, what this allows you to do is you can tie those together so I can create a display group like I did for this sample client, Moin. And then you can add if you check the box on both of those campaigns, any testimonial that was submitted to the motion contest will also display in the MÔN contest wide page. So you can create very discreet little frames that gets rid of all of the form submissions, the rules and all of the other stuff, and just has a nice, neat list of testimonials that people can scroll through.

So you don’t clutter up your thank you page or your confirmation page on your store, for example.

[00:42:43.800] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome, we have just one more question here from Brad if I purchase five. So now does the price change to add more in the future? You guys will get 50 percent off all of our paid plans for life, but once the lifetime deal is gone, it’s gone. So if you wanted to get it as a lifetime deal, you would need to get it before that similar deal ends.

[00:43:10.980] – Craig(Sociamonials)
But even after that, even in 20 years, you’ll always get 50 percent off of our pricing gauge. And it’s just a good time to mention, again, if you go to our pricing page and want to know what the lifetime deal is all about, everything you see listed in the business page you get because you literally get a business page or business account. So if we change any of the terms of our business account, that’s, you know, that would also change all of those monthly paying customers that are on our business account.

So that will stay there for life as well. Awesome aura. It looks like that is all we have for today, so thank you, everybody, for joining us for this walk through. Thank you so much, Craig, for answering all of your questions. Thank you. Also preparing our questions. If you have not already gone to gotten your code for Sociomedical so you can go to dotcom shows monorails right now to redeem your code. The lifetime deal is starting at just sixty nine dollars.

[00:44:14.980] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And it is, of course, backed by APSA most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get started with it and see how it works for you. If you have any more questions, you can leave those on the deal page. But we also want to hear how it’s working for you. So go ahead and let us know in the comments as well how how it is going. Tell us how your campaigns are. Yeah. Thank you so much, Craig and Mona.

And thank you, everybody, for joining us.

[00:44:40.000] – Craig(Sociamonials)
You’re welcome. Thank you, Lindsey. Stay safe, everyone.

[00:44:43.480] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yes. Awesome. Thank you. Have a good one. But.

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