SmartTask Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. As you know, I am Lindsay and today we are joined by the team over at SmartTask. SmartTask screen streamlines communication, information and project management in one single platform. It is on AppSumo starting at just forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dive into the walk through, I just want to tell you all a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in smart, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. We love to hear it. The second thing is that if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, anything like that, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below. This video, we’re going to circle back to those questions at the end of the walk through.

And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this. So if you need to step out, if you want to watch it again, you can say hello to the people in the future. I hope it’s going well. All right.

That’s it for me.

Hi, how are you doing?

[00:01:03.520] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Hi, Lindsey. Thanks for having me.

[00:01:05.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m very excited to have you walk through this today. I’m going to pass this over to you. Let me know when you’re ready for those questions. Absolutely.

[00:01:13.480] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
So, guys, Smartphone’s is an online activity.

We basically are helping you pursue the productivity levels that have not been seen before. Our goal, as smart as it is to have all of the wealth management tools in a single space for you to navigate all of the information, all of your work related items in one place, that is what our goal is. That is what region we envision. Three hundred percent increase in productivity for an organization. That is what we are going towards. That is how we’ll build our future set in the future.

So with that, I will quickly share my screen and walk you through Smartphone’s. So I hope you are able to see my screen. Yeah, so this is different. So this is a structural smartarse could create an organization, the organization will have multiple groups and other groups like a department, and the group will be having multiple projects which are going on. So you may have an operations team and multiple projects which are going on. You may have like a sales and marketing team with some campaigns are going on.

Your normal inquiries are being tracked. So that is how the structure is being. If you look at the same structure here, we have this group’s. And then we have this projection of those groups, if I click on a particular project, you’ll be able to see the details of that project, all of the tasks listed out. And then if I click on a particular task, it opens it up. You can see the signee, the start and end data set from it.

Because I to repeat, by the way. So if you have like an insurance, then you will be justified in coming up to. You can attach files from your Dropbox, Google Drive from your from your computer, you can upload your own file cloud filing. So a lot of times people have different cloud storage, just one drive and then a different story, which you can argue you can set priorities on a task. And karma points now this week, we’ll look at it later on, but something which is that karma point, then you can also add it to a task.

So there’s examples, I suppose, if I click on this edit button will open up and look very similar to the pattern does. You can also alter the contact orders of an emerging account. It creates a history of our communication with that particular contact so that a contact can apply. And when that particular information that you are not in contact is only visible to the Internet. It is not shared with the extent of the contact because of the dependencies on it.

So let’s say we have a process in which you have dostal dependent on task one. As soon as a person company stops one person, we will get an immediate notification. You can also add reminders to your task. Now, a lot of what happens is we have a critical task. It has to be done by the end of October. So we just set the end of October. We said, remind us who it is for and we might only if the case is incomplete.

This is one of the features that we have, the essential calls and e-mails and reminder, it gives you a pop up notification on your desktop at the same time also gives you a mobile phone notification. So this is where the task name goes with a respectable description, you can make it bold italics underlined bullet point, an immediate description area here. And at the same time, all of a communication can go in the comments section, so let me just give you an example of some communications going on.

So this is this is like your common feed and then you can shift to activity feed, you can see all of the activities that have happened or will change what and when everything is being tracked. Now, the task that you see can be filtered in multiple ways, you can predict by status, incomplete, completed and all tasks. You can also trade by some quick replies which are available, typically what happens is let’s say I’m looking with the beam, I want to see my task force.

In that case, you can just click on just my task and you’ll only be seeing your trust within the project Cassilis. You can also filter your thoughts by keyword project, assign a contact name and vast majority of those that here at any project level we look at globally. Now there are some red color dots, Compagno, this that basically would you basically identify what your task and you can say, for example, by duded? And also by assigning.

You can see this sorting option for your whole team if you want. Now, each project, by the way, you can also import your task list from file projects, you also have an option to convert your e-mail to a task if you want. You also have an opportunity to export your costs. Now, each project has different views. So we saw the cost of this view. Let’s look at the board of. Typically, this is how you structure your board.

You have different stages of production in review and approved and decide your task, that has to be has to be executed across the stages to pass your tasks from one state to another. And you just can make this. Now, I have some automation set up on in the review stage to check on what happens with the assignment of the status when I moved to the.

It changes automatically, right, can see the status change and also the I see some automations on your columns. This is a board. You all set? Then you have a kind of you. In the calendar, you can move around your task if you want. You have month we can give you. You can drag and drop your task, change the due date if you want. Then we have the news feed now, this is very similar to what we do in Facebook, we post an update, very similar.

So you can see someone has posted an update saying the project is going on track. Now, this update will also reflect in the portfolio if you look at a portfolio later on. But something keep in mind then we also have a chat window where image you have project level as well as one to one level, and then we have another text analytics that’s completely customizable. You can create any kind of chart you want. If I click on the ADD custom chart, I can hit it will be able to see that our different options report type, whether you want to your report from tasks or whether you want to spend your time tracking reports.

So let’s keep it that for said the chart spot we have line and buy. Also as an option you can set your Y-axis as X number of tasks. You have some options here. Let’s give it a number of Taspinar and X-axis as a signage. Now, given the settings, we are able to see who was Harmonix within the project. As of now. They can also say, for example, by audio status and see as how many overdubs.

So want to create a chart, you can see we could have and I think it’s you and your analytics will keep on updating as we keep on working on this. Now, this is at the project level. Let’s look at how we can fake the toss across projects and how we can create custom jobs in those custom use that we form. So with that, I will just click on search option here and you can see that isn’t one search button.

Just click on it. It gives you a lot of options through which you can see the list. There are a lot of options you can see. For now, let’s forget about all of the old Uta’s across different projects. So let’s take the status as incomplete. Would you is a word you. And let’s search. So anybody to look at all of the overdue tasks. Across different projects. These are all of your. If I go to TextView.

You will show up all of those stars to now. I have already seen those reports so you can go and see what I already see, what the auditors report against you. And then you can share this report with yourself, with your teammates if you want. And if I go again, you can create your own custom charts within this custom use navigator, the report section. Now, that’s all about general tasks and how you can execute them within certain tasks.

Let’s look at how you can track your inquiries with this trip to inquiries. So what I’ve done here is I have all of the tasks listed out, all of these basically if I click on a particular inquiry. You can see we are talking about a steady drip of oil, which is a company. I have a say in the status of one, obviously, this person said the next do the next follow up due date and some custom fits the custom fees, admittedly, like your customized columns here.

So I created the page as well as a deal that you now typically when it comes in, you have it passes from multiple sealed stages. So you have the lead being qualified, whether the requirement is something that we can fulfill or not, then it goes to a meeting. The client is convinced you send across a proposal that it is lost, that it is one. But those are typical sales stages. But you can customize this requirement because those are custom fees, visiting customer service.

At the same time, we also have a value which are important. So each and every client or reasonable inquiry will be associated with the value. You will attach your contacts here, as you can see, advertised Sallie’s contact and all of the conversion that have happened with the part that can go in the comments section. So it’s a history of our interaction with. I once you have all of your inquiries coming in. You can go into a shearim you.

You can look at all of your contacts and you can sink it with MailChimp if you want. You also have an option to import your contacts from Google or if I Google Analytics. Now, as you saw, we have a lot of inquiries coming in with different stages and values.

Now, depending on the stage and the value corresponding the value we calculate and estimated sales, we can see that estimated sales here.

And you can also look at a number of inquiries that are there in different stages. And you can also look at the estimated sales by different users to end user analytics, prominent tosspot completed, how many deals were won by issues that you can further filter this if you want. Now, for Indian clients, you also have to be Jizo each and every contact you attach to a task. You’ll be having a pattern here. Just click on that button and your phone will be connected with the line.

All of the recordings that have happened will be. So that’s all about CRM, of course, you can further create custom charts within the CRM view and you can see the value by assigning, which is a custom chart. Also fetches the custom field to increase the charge for you. So that’s all about the system. Let’s talk about your projects. So let’s assume by building that houses across the country and this is an example of the building where we have different stages of planning, design, procurement, execution, weapons and so forth.

So we enter this stages as a section and sometimes at the end of those stages. And at the end of one section, you will find a milestone. So at the end of each stage, you have a milestone. You will be able to track exactly how you are progressing. I want to set this up. You also have an option. Let’s say you are doing similar kind of projects again and again. You can set this other than. What’s cited as a template, your teammates can just click on the plus button.

And select from the existing template. We also have some pretty fine templates you can utilize to and to find them, you can check out and modify your requirement. I want you to have your project set up, you can go into your timeline view. The timeline, we will show you your project’s timeline and more on your task. We want you can set Dependent’s Uschi here. You can have milestones, you can move it around.

I want you to have structure, this is a. So you can see what happens. I can click on this scheduling button and automatically the whole project will be scheduled to see. And you can then click on the showbiz line button and see exactly how your project is progressing. This is your original timeline, the audience, and then this is the current one. You can see over the six days already by 10 days. So we know exactly where delays have happened to.

Now, once you have set up your timeline and all your project managers will update the status on the project and it will reflect in the portfolio of you say a portfolio is a grouping of similar kind of projects together. So different teams maybe having different portfolios, so they click on a particular portfolio, would be able to see your projects, the status of whether it is off track, on track of the progress of the project over the last milestone, you completer your due date, the completion date and the owners of those projects.

Now, you can also create custom within this view to click on this project. It shows me all of the milestones which milestones are completed as milestones are overdue. What is the planned due date or the current due date? And when it was completed on, for example? This is a status update on the project. So we can comment from here and ask what are the details like? So this is the portfolio you will be able to see all of it projects in one single screen with the predicted completion dates and stages.

Now, let’s talk about time tracking a lot of people out there would like to track how their resources are being utilized in this often. So here’s what I’ve done, some projects. And then each module and each task, that model will have different estimates. And then people can click on the stock button, select whether it is, believe it or not, available on the stock button and start tracking it. I’m going to start with up in your total time.

And so once you start logging your time, your team starts taking their time. You can go and do the time tracking you. This figure this out. And you’ll be able to see all of the time logs by different dates to see any log one not on a particular task and click on the stock, opening up for more details. Is like a summary of time tracking report. And then you can go into analytics. The project. And you’ll be able to see the total estimated time, the current reported time, the total cost of the project, the amount that we charge to the claim, we can see the rate and the cost for each resource that is getting utilized.

So there’s a time blocking view and then we also have now by the time but I think you can further you can have further analysis, but the customs time tracking data. Now, we also have an automated check in speech when what this does is typically we have a lot of stand up meetings and organization every day you have a end up meeting. We spend about 30, 40 minutes, one hour to discuss how we are progressing towards a set goal.

But with automatic check ins, it just replaces your stand up meetings. You don’t have to waste your time. You can focus on what you are going to be doing. So if I go and show you how it look like. So. So this is a question I asked and the teammates have replied back so you can see different replies. This is like a thing that we do daily. We ask people what they are working on and they reply back.

And this is like a summarized e-mail that that gets sent to you by the end of the day. So you don’t have to have those meetings. You can just set up an automated check in and give you the current report. So that is the automatic feature. Now we also have a video conferencing within the room, so you can just click on this button and then you can see the video. I can hear just click on it. Start making.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to connect because I’m already connected. All right. So you can see the people to see the video and you’ll be able to have a video conferencing with your team, you can also share the link with your external party and they will to be able to join in and communicate and collaborate with you.

So that’s it from my side. Now, if you have any questions, any doubts, you can ask me and I’ll be happy to answer. Awesome, yeah, let’s go ahead and take some questions, similar things you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box right now.

I’m going to start from the top.

Kimie would like to know one of the things I’d be wanting to know, and this is not covered in the presentation. Can you export a template and share it with another smart user who you can export?

This is a project can be exported and then imported again. You can do that.

Yes. So if I want to share my screen and show you how you can import it, so.

If you go to our guide. And. We’ll go to importing cars from space while we have an extensive guide on how you can import that are different options out there and which you can utilize to import your classmates back into the. Awesome, thank you. What is considered storage towards your limit due to client folders contribute to this, or is it only attachments?

So if you attach your files from Google Drive, Dropbox or Watershed from Cloud Cloudland, we do not consider into the total storage limit if you only attach your files directly into our software from your computer.

That is what is considered towards your storage limit. So if you are attaching from Google or Dropbox, there is unlimited storage, can attach as many flights as you want.

Yeah. All right. I’m a bookkeeper.

I have one part time contractor working for me when I set up my clients as groups or projects. Well, it depends completely on her use case, not if if your projects are long, you are doing multiple projects for a client. In that case, I would suggest a group. But if you are only doing a single project for different kind of clients, I would suggest having a single group and having multiple projects under.

[00:20:55.090] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
He thinks we have a concept of guest users, so guest users are unlimited and they are free to invite as many as clients windows into a project and collaborate with them to achieve those goals.

I like it. All right. One of the most critical of the measures I use to judge productivity is how I can get data tasks into the system, specifically the emails and web searches to smartarse have these abilities.

If not, is this on the roadmap?

[00:21:32.980] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Yeah, that’s a question. Yeah. So basically we have an ability to convert your emails into task. So each project and each user within the software has a unique similarity. You can forward your email to that unique simulated. Looking forward to it. Let me just show you how you can do that.

Yeah. Seriously has written to us from agreement. If you do that, each user, a user will have this kind of an email. Each project will have this kind of project. So whatever you send across to this ities will convert those emails to a task. So your email subject will become Varshney, your email body will become task description. And if you have added someone else, let’s say your teammate in there do feel it automatically assign that to that person.

You can convert your e-mail to this cool.

[00:22:29.930] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, can you connect CRM with active campaign?

Are there Web hook possibilities? So, yeah, we have our books. So as soon as a contact is created and smartarse, you can integrate that with any kind of software you have. We are also integrated with tools like Integral My adds up to possibly connect the tools we integrate with strongly. So you can also utilize those people if you want and if you want your own developer team to develop those integrations for you. We have you already will be able to find our development documents.

[00:23:03.120] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Cool. Thank you. Can you tag CRM contacts by campaign or by product?

[00:23:10.110] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Yeah. So you you have those bags, you will be able to put those tags on each and every of those contacts. Yes. So let me just share it with.

Oh. So we created some categories here so you can create your own bags and bags a bag with that. So when you let’s say you are looking this up with sand forks, for example, or maybe MailChimp, all of those tags still can be exported to. Awesome, thank you. Is there a plan to include documents or tables and forms we can have submitted from prospect’s clients? Well, as of now, we do not have a native form functionality, but we are planning one maybe in the future will be having that two integrated within the tool and you guys will have that feature to.

But let’s say you only needed tools like George Farm, Google Farm, you can do that through Integral Megacorp and indignations.

[00:24:21.150] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah, great, is the video built into the app or is it just an integration?

[00:24:28.560] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
It’s a video that we have built upon, an open source told. Is our customization upon? Yes. And we use that video conferencing to.

[00:24:40.340] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, we do have some questions about specific integration’s, this one here is with Microsoft teams. What can you tell us about Integration’s in general?

[00:24:51.170] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Yeah, so let me just share my screen. I will just stop. Go to Smart does not less, perhaps. This are some of the institutions that are currently lives up there who will drive Dropbox. Now, if you have your projects and if you have your portfolios and portfolios, have multiple projects under them, you can link it, link a portfolio with a Google sheet.

So what happens is typically your management teams may not like their software, but you can share it with them. It automatically gets refreshed. Every one are with the project ideas, with the milestones which have been completed.

[00:25:31.960] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What are they going to do over your tasks and what is included like?

[00:25:37.550] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
For the project so integrated with Google sheets, we have MailChimp integration, Google integration, so you’ll be able to export all of your current tasks to Google. And then we have integral integration so you can integrate Imad ZAPU, this will help you connect with the other tools we got from bombs, which you can connect with some of the integrations that are going on. And we are building up on those integrations. Mr..

[00:26:06.810] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Great, thank you. Will there be a Mac native desktop client and if so, when?

[00:26:13.350] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And to that end, I’d love to hear about the road map in general.

[00:26:18.910] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Sure. So so with regards to desktop apps, if you go to graphic U.S.. If we never get to the Smart does have a desktop app, you’ll find your Windows application, yet you. We took an install with regards to Magdala, some steps you would have to go through. But we also have app. We also coming up with a new Mac up soon. But then you can use Lazes with a little bit steps you have to follow to get your desktop app in that.

Also have mobile mobile apps by the Android app, and I have to now with regards to how we are progressing forward. You can you can look at updates and you will be able to see a roadmap. So what are considering currently what is coming up? This is already like whether we have an update or roadmap as of now, given the amount of requests we are getting and not be able to update, it would be able to see what is coming later.

We are working on Outlook and we are working on Jamaluddin. Integration is coming up to select us with Chip, but we already have deselect with. But what is also coming up and then you have those updates which have happened recently, you can see this is a project budgeting which has been released with cost and we will reach milestones where the redesign a little bit. Then you have a portfolio of you with custom field recordings with the. Dean Vogeler, by the way, I forgot to share this with the with the audience out there, so let me just quickly go that.

So when you’re working on different projects, you would like to make sure our team has a balance? Well, no one is a at work. No one is underutilized. So you go to your portfolio, you click on the portfolio, you work law review. And just shift some beads. So you can see that at some. Mountains here, which identifies how many hours of work it has, for example, and then let’s assume you have this task if I change the due date.

You can see she has seven hours of work. Like bacon added to. You can see she is not alternative for each person in the organization can set their own capacity today and spending all those capacity, those talks would be generated.

You can go around and give out some gas to someone else in case you see Gruchy, for example, in order to book someone who has never been. And she’s no longer ordered into the book. So there’s a book called Feature, an extensive workload that very cool. I like it.

[00:29:24.310] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. How do roles work? For example, how do we work with collaborators who are not on our team but are part of a specific project?

[00:29:33.670] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Sure. So I hope you are able to see my screen. Yeah. So this is a structure, so you have groups now groups can be public to the organization. It can also be private to the organization that say you have hundred people in your organization and you can have 20 people in the group. The group can be private. In that case, only those 20 people will be able to see the group. The projects which are public within the group.

Similarly, the project can be made private or public to the group. If the project is public, all of those 20 members will be able to see that public project, which is a private project to united only five people to that project.

In that case, only those five people will be able to get the project. And you can also fund that if you have a project and it is private, only five people have been added to it. You can assign one of the cost or six member in their team, and that six member will only be able to see that Toscan. Nothing else. Now, this this I’m talking with respect to the core members, with respect to the guest users that are collaborator’s third party users.

In that case, you have an explicit rights for guest users, which means if you invite someone to a project they don’t like, they only can see that nothing else within the group, nothing else within the other group, even if it is public. So it’s an explicit right you are to give for your guests. We can also have a guest in a particular project who can also have a guest at the castle. The guest only sees that task, nothing else at the project level.

It will be able to see all the details. Now, when you create your project. You have something called project members. And if I add someone else. I have an ability to add them as admin added, only use it or comment on it to use it in case of a comment on a user, that user will only be able to comment and not make any edits in the project. So that is how the privacy levels work within smartphones.

We’re getting some great comments in the chat that I just want you to know about while the role management is fantastic. Very cool app Sumo’s are offering. We had somebody earlier, the first comment that came in said you and your team are amazing, just bought another code and use cases, managing my blog and video channel, self publishing books and preparing for speaking gigs.

[00:32:00.440] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So a whole bunch of use cases, they’re a bunch of people are excited about this. Yay! All right. We’re going to keep moving. What did the Dow what if I attach a file from Microsoft, one drive where I have unlimited storage? Does that affect my storage limit with smart TASC? It will not.

[00:32:19.460] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
All of the cloud filings are just linked with almost always links to you touched or something. It is so there is no limit to it. Can you throw some light on email automation?

Well, we say we do not have similar accommodations, but I would show you an example. So let me just quickly share my screen. So we handed one of our clients integral microphone. So I’m just going to show you to. So if you see here the example of an integration we have found for them to receive and Facebook lead, it gets converted to contact and smart going to tablets a a. It also sends customized email template to the client and also an estimate.

Now, a lot of you will want to trigger some customized e-mail whenever something happens within smartphones. So if you see here, we have created. So, yeah, so let’s say you reached a designer status as an architectural firm, so when they reach a design stage, they send across an email and so you can see added to task, it fetches their contacts and then an SMS and also and so in this way, you can create your own automation’s.

It is pretty customizable in whatever type of triggers and actions you want to create with smartarse. It is quite possible to integrate. Might be a kind of boot because we have those haboobs. We have those API endpoints. We also are rejigging our development documents to find more and more end points. That’s. Wonderful.

[00:34:09.900] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. Once documents are pulled into the system, are they searchable? Can I find specific words and documents and it’ll return those documents in the search results?

[00:34:23.130] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Well, as of now, it is not as expensive.

We cannot look at your documents because that’s your title file from Google, right? The Google Drive has its own parameters. Right. We can look into it. It’s not possible for us to do that for your privacy. So, yeah, but we have an extensive search, as we saw by just one search, through which you can filter out any kind of data to enter witness markets.

[00:34:47.490] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah, awesome.

Where did you set the hourly rate for billing and how did you track time? Let me share that, so first of all, you’ll have to go to your time tracking, I can hear.

[00:35:03.430] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
And activate the time tracking so that it would be able to activate or just click on it to activate and then go to the settings icon. A way you can set your capacity, but are per day for each and every resource you have that cost per hour and billing rate, but once you do that, depending on the logs, you’ll be able to generate a believable amount or a cost amount for a project or for a particular activity. So now if I go into a project where you can project management will basically set the estimate and then people can log their time and all of the logs will then reflect as an activity field within your activity view, you can go into analytics, you select a project.

And you’ll be able to see the estimated total estimate for the project, the current report or time, the cost, the billable amount, and each user weighs in. Now, we have extensive amount of custom charts, which you can utilize.

So maybe I will show you. So you can see I’ve created a report type time tracking custom chart babies bar is a long time since the last time did you can see the data, these time logs for individuals so you can create any kind of chart you want. You can also have a productivity percentage for that employee, which calculate it based on the billable time by the total capacity for a particular person, a particular. You can also generate productivity personal data report for each and every employee in case you have.

[00:36:46.050] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful, thank you. We do have some questions coming in on the chat there, talking about how smartarse compares to other products on the market, the names that have come up our click up and agile. There have been a couple others. What what can you say about how you all stand apart from others?

[00:37:07.770] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
So we believe every tool has its own space. They are doing their bit to solve the problem.

Our goal is to help you have all of your wealth management needs in one single form and with that goal in mind. So there are two buttons here. One is to have everything in within one single platform while your work management use. The other one is to have insights into productivity. Now, now, to achieve those goals, if you see what management, typically project management, cost management will just do that. There is no CRM added to it.

We do have that CRM when it comes to productivity, understanding and to gain insights within your productivity. We have customers you can customize and create whatever kind of things you want then for. For the CIA to have Paul tracking the workload of your portfolio of you, let’s say you have multiple projects going on, you have a portfolio to see what projects we are currently at. What is the status of this? And then you have you will people to see, OK, how is your workload divided across your team to make sure that everyone knows everyone has a balanced workload?

Then we have cut them up now. And let me preface this. Typically, what happens in any organization knew how data points, the data points are typically analytical. And I do as you please see Azana click up. You have all of those data points out there, but those are quantity to read. What I mean by that is you have to ask, let’s say a task force stretched for 10 days. You, after doing 10 days of work, the output is not as for your standard.

There is a waste of time, and yet the click ups and asanas will show you work for 10 days. But what about the quality pork? There is no quality expectorate it right, but with smartarse, we have recently released a extension called Karma Points Karma with what happens is all of elected 13 member team. 10 member team has proven points, for example, looking for standard, but let’s assume each and every person has it been pointed to someone else within a month.

So let’s say I did some good work, I will I will get my points from my colleagues, they will be me points. And depending on your performance, depending on the quality the human beings, now I can redeem those points as awards in software, but that may be like a movie ticket that maybe a holiday island somewhere, you know, one scores. So all of the stuff you get with my point. So it brings a quality to expect, which you can also utilize.

[00:39:44.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
That’s awesome. Thank you. Can you please demonstrate or explain the call recording feature again is call recording built into the app and how do you use it?

[00:39:57.360] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
I will not be able to. OK, let me try. I know that’s a weird thing to demo, but if you can talk us through it in any way, that’s awesome. Sure. Let me see if I can find. That is one of your leads, so you can see I recorded some calls so you can play it up and you’ll be able to, you know, so that is a button. See, this is the button. Just click on it.

You connect your phone number with the end line. So you can do that currently limited to wanting and getting clients. But will this one be expanding it for all of the following lines through the window Integration’s and. Also, Gates has kind of recordings, and if I go into the CRM, you are going to calls. I can see all of the cars that have been made to Kansi answered, not answered how long the duration was who by what.

[00:41:00.400] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
No sense of what’s going on. They’re going to go it up. Family did. OK, how does a star how does one hundred gigabytes storage work with stacking, is it one hundred gigabytes per code or per workspace?

[00:41:16.430] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Things stack more cause you can you have an ability, I guess, to increase the storage to one DB But as I said earlier, you have an ability to share files from Google, Dropbox or also your own cloud filing, in which case you do not calculate those fired towards your total limit. Those are unlimited. So you can have as many selfies as you want. Awesome. All right, can emails be connected to contacts in the software? ViaSat would like that as of now, we don’t have that feature, but maybe in future we will see that feature.

We would like to have that for a.

[00:42:01.280] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We all want it. Can one’s Outlook calendar be connected to the software calendar?

[00:42:07.780] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Yes. So if you go to our apps page, you’ll find a Google calendar link. Actually, that is also a outlook calendar, Apple calendar linked to just be sure that the genders are unique. You are and you keep that you Orlinda with Calendar or Apple or maybe Outlook Calendar indicated all of those tasks within your calendar to enable us to see all of the tasks out into the calendar go.

[00:42:33.800] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can you use a single instance of smart task for more than one business, brand or location?

[00:42:40.970] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Yes, you can basically email and you can have multiple organizations linked to it so you can have as many organizations as you want. But just to share something, let’s say, which just an absolute macaw, you apply that to a particular organization only. So let’s say you apply that to a particular organization. You cannot replace that code for another organization. But as a concept, you can get as many organizations as you want. The clarification questions are one code per business question mark.

So what do you apply to a particular organization you can utilize for another organization? Let me just share my screen and make it a little bit clear. So if you see this is our demo purposes and you can see we have a lot of organizations for dimmable offices, so you can have as many organizations as you want. But typically most of the names of businesses would require only creating one single organization and having multiple groups.

Yeah. All right. Thank you. Maybe mention this and I missed it. How do you set up recurring tasks? And looking at a couple task related questions, can you bulk transfer existing tasks from other platforms? Somebody asked about our subtasks of viewable in the task list.

Let’s talk tasks. Well, so let’s create some task in that case. So I would just click on add it to task for me. You just type the task name. You can also see you tomorrow. And once you do that, check out a document, a PDA, tomorrow’s date. So you have NLB animal and then you assign it to one of your teammates, you want to add it also to automatically. So can you remind us through here a reminder?

And you can also be at recutting tasks. By putting the weekly monthly, you also have custom repeats so that you want to repeat it, only three days you can do that. Did you mention can we bulk transfer existing tests from other platform? OK, you have just a moment.

So you have an input from CSA functionality so you can board whatever list. You download it from other tools like this on top of what you can import those skills within the years of subtasks. You just click on the more, click on Add Subtask and again start typing your task. Click on interpreting you. Awesome. And a clarification, our our subtasks only viewable within the particular task, or are they viewable in the task list themselves?

Yeah, so so typically, if you see a task, we’re sure whether it has subtasks or not, it has some guys would be able to navigate and see the subtests within their. Awesome. All right, so we have some people that are ambitious and hoping to grow with smart TASC, so curious about upgrades for more storage and for more users in the future. Absolutely, you can have 10 stacks, you get hundred users, so you can go forward that now moving forward, our goal is, as I told you, to bring in the productivity insights.

So our focus would be their productivity insight. Plus focus will be on getting you all the tools that require a lot of requests for email saying if you need that. So maybe that is coming up, then there are a lot of requests for my dashboard. They’re pretty excited about it. What all can be done with video conferencing, whether you can audio recording or a message within the task itself that some of the things that we’re currently working on are goal, as I as I said, is to have all of it work management needs into one single platform or to have it very much powerfully integrated or strongly integrated with other tools out there if we cannot build that.

And then to help you with the productivity insights that are a critical part we are focusing on, because most other tools out there don’t do that. And I feel it’s like a neglect in a way, because you cannot have on the quantitative part, you also need to have a qualitative aspect to it. A follow up question about automation’s, can you explain more about automation’s and what kind of automation’s exist? We have seen a couple of times, yeah, so.

If you go back to the convent board. What you can do is each column will have some automation options on automation here, and then if you have set up a custom feed, the customer will option would be automatically selected. Whenever the card is more into this particular come the same time, you can assign their task to a particular party member and you go, said the card, the status automatically. So to show you as an example, typically a review is being done by a manager in their team.

So when you move your toes from, say, your writing is done for the content in the view stage, it automatically assigns it to the product manager or the project manager manager. Awesome. Yeah, do you have an import function so we can migrate our current projects from other platforms that we do have to import that we just saw a more detailed view on that.

Our guide would be available on our guide section.

This looks like a great help support site, wondering if there is a printable user manual. I’m a little old school about liking to highlight and make notes on some parts.

[00:48:53.700] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I like that. I like.

[00:48:57.000] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
So yeah. So those, those accessibility features need to be out there with tools. But given that we are not as matured as maybe some tools out there, maybe bit to that level that having the accessibility things out there are very good because as of now you can replace some chrome extension to export all of the pages you’ve gotten from the. All right, will there be or is there a Web extension to save websites as tasks? So let me keep that a secret.

Maybe we have something coming up. I like the mystery, can you create checklist, templates for processes that can be reused? Yes.

So let me just share to my screen. So we already have a lot of templates you can utilize. To go to our templates page, we have this template out there, marketing, operations, projects, accountants, engineering, Echard, and then there are some quality related things, obviously, with Ecolab, which is a MNC out there. So you have a lot of templates which you can download and modify your requirements. You can create your own templates, too.

So a lot of outlines are into digital marketing, I.T. products, or maybe they are many factoring in. That is, they create their own templates, digital marketing templates. Then you have a template from template. So there are lot of options out there. You can create with smart, but I’m sure you’re one of the links we created. So this is like a digital marketing plan for Macmillan. Cool. You can see that is Mondoweiss plan month one month to you are doing some quality in figuring out what the keywords are.

Then end of the month you have a report back decline in the month you’ll be working on your content strategy and so on and so forth. So you kind of a template and then save it as a template and then you just click on a button. And go to your templates listed, have extensive templates, you can see for your organization and then you can get from it. All right, thank you. Well, we are going to echo can we create tasks for messages during a chat with teammates?

I know we already saw you could do it through email.

So we way do it through chat a little bit, demanded a feature out there. We haven’t been able to do that yet.

But eventually you will see that especially in the tasks and also within the chat area. That is Project Katznelson.

What about languages would you consider translating smartarse? I know you get this a lot. Your face just that we get all the time. Everybody does. Yeah.

Yeah. So currently you can import in any language you want. So our imports are pretty much accessible for a level playing so that we can import German, Spanish, French, whatever kind of language you want, you can put through that language. But when it comes to the interface is basically English.

But those English text are pretty much, you know, short, I guess if people out there to be able to figure out what to do with an smartarse. But I know there are people out there who would still like to have local languages maybe in future, but it is still early for us.

All right. Will there be a Google calendar to waisting coming? So we have one missing I just now posted integration with Family on Poverties Group, maybe you just need to check it out. We just that we think to poverty. So maybe you can just go to that group and check it out.

I don’t understand this question, but it’s the last one we got.

What is your tech stack, your laser printer in the background screenshot of MEPA for our needs. That’s the big stack we have got. Amazing. And you’d get that one better than I did. All right. Thank you so much. Simoleons for all of your questions and for hanging out with us today. It seems like people were really engaged throughout the webinar and are really excited about the project. We’ve got a giant all sold. People seem excited. Awesome.

I love to see it. All right. So soon? Wheelings. If you are also excited, you can go to ABC Modak smartarse to redeem your codes and starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and of course, backed by most 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we love to hear how it’s working over in the comments section.

[00:53:59.480] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Please leave your review on the deal page. And of course if you have any more questions, you can leave those questions on the page as well. I should just say, I just noticed gotten forty eight reviews at five tacos, which is the highest it goes. You seem proud of that and I think you should be. This is this looks to be like a really great tool and people really seem to be loving your team as well. So kudos to you all and thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Good to.

[00:54:29.510] – Shyamal (SmartTask)
Have you talked to Rely.

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