SmartTask: Project Management, Task Tracking, and CRM


SmartTask is a software that you can use for Project Management, Task Tracking, and CRM. With SmartTask, you won’t have to switch from one software to another when it comes to monitoring your team’s progress, and making sure that the tasks are properly disseminated.

Features and Benefits of SmartTask

👉  Collaborate on a Task – SmartTask enables its users to collaborate on a task using comments, and being able to assign the task to users.

👉  Customize Task – The tasks that you and your team work on in SmartTask can be customized. You can set the deadline, you can customize subtasks, and you can upload images for the tasks.

👉  Invite Guest Users – You can also collaborate with vendors, clients, and third party contractors with ease. You just have to invite them into the task and then you will be able to star collaborating.

👉  Custom Report View – The reports or the analytics can be customized. You can add your meetings, and the date of the data that you need so that you can get a detailed view of the report.

👉  Project Milestones – SmartTask also has milestones which can help you track major progress points in a project. Also, it displays a clear view of what you need to do to achieve or reach a certain milestone.

👉  Tracking Projects – Timeline is a feature in SmartTask that makes project tracking easier. Here, you will find what your team is working on and which tasks have already been completed and which ones are pending.

👉  AutoScheduling – You can also auto-schedule tasks in SmartTask. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to assign deadlines and having to check every task in terms of scheduling and project deadlines.

👉  Baseline – This feature helps you to compare the project with the original plan, allowing you to know if you and the team are on the right track.

👉  Project Portfolios – You can also create multiple portfolios to track your team’s goals and have a single place for you to see the status of all your projects.

👉  Tracking Deal Progress – This feature allows you to track an inquiry throughout all sales pipelines for you to have a clear view on which action plan to follow next.

👉  Analytics – You can also get accurate sales prediction and overview on your deals or sales.

👉  Customer Interaction – All communication are accessible in the history for the users to view and check. This way, you won’t have to remember everything that happened during the last meeting.

Who is SmartTask for?

👉  Project managers who need a tool that can help them manage their tasks, projects, and their teams.

👉  Marketing agencies that need a tool that can help them collaborate with team mates and clients.

👉  Businessmen who need a platform where they can talk to their teams and clients and monitor their project’s progress.

Things to Note About SmartTask

👉  The tasks and subtasks cannot be automatically duplicated. You need to copy and past everything.

👉  Sometimes, the site does not load and is down for fifteen minutes or more which may be very inconvenient or frustrating for client meetings and collaborations for urgent projects.

👉  The UI is a bit cluttered and the loading time sometimes takes too long.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2016

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 8

👉  Founder: Shymal Parikh

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Capterra - 8 reviews


G2 - 13 reviews


AppSumo - 161 reviews


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They responded immediately and said that we cannot change the user email but we can invite another email and then remove the old one.

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