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SmartCue has been in the LTD space for quite a while. In fact, for me, it’s already a like household name because of how frequent it pops up on SaaS LTD platforms, ads, social media networks, and exclusive SaaS LTD communities.

You’ve probably seen or heard about it, too. And if you’re curious about what SmartCue offers and whether it’s the right fit for your business needs, you’re in the right place.

This review aims to provide a short yet insightful look at SmartCue, covering everything from its ease of use and feature set to use cases and its overall value.

With that said, let’s begin.


What is SmartCue?


SmartCue is a user-friendly tool that lets you create interactive product demos without needing any special technical skills.

Its aim is to make life easier for sales and marketing teams by providing them a shortcut for showcasing what they’re selling.

This means that with SmartCue, they can quickly put together a presentation that can help convince people to buy, and they don’t have to wait for the tech team to do it.

What makes SmartCue stand out is its ability to help teams catch the interest of potential customers and increase sales.

At the same time, it helps them show what’s special about their products through an interactive experience.

The demos created with SmartCue can be tailored to each company’s brand and style.

Plus, because of its simplicity, you can also customize your demos for different target demographics, and guide them towards making a purchase with clear instructions on what to do next.


SmartCue’s Features


SmartCue categorizes itself as a sales enablement tool, so aside from having a demo editor, you’ll find lead-gen features, both of which helps its users achieve two things:

1) Present their product to prospects and 2) Convert them by taking the desired action by the end of the presentation.

And since its catered to non-tech users, SmartCue prioritizes function and simplicity over more advanced features like integrations and complex customization options. More on those topics later.

If you want to get technical, then let’s go over SmartCue’s main features


✔️ No-Code Demo Creation

Users can create interactive, self-serve product demos without any coding knowledge, reducing dependence on engineering and product teams. This simplifies the process of updating and maintaining product demos for non-technical team members.


✔️ Customizable Product Demos

Demos can be tailored with custom cues, branded environments, configurable social proof elements, and custom CTAs to align closely with the brand and product messaging, providing a personalized experience for prospects.


✔️ Demo Sharing and Embedding

SmartCue allows demos to be easily shared or embedded across various marketing channels and collateral, such as emails, LinkedIn messages, landing pages, blogs, social media platforms, and more, facilitating a wide dissemination of the product story.


✔️ Lead Capture and Analytics

The software captures leads and tracks engagement metrics across the sales funnel, providing insights on time spent, conversion rates, no. of views and impressions, traffic sources, and more to identify high-intent prospects effectively.


✔️ A/B Testing + AI-Based Recommendations

SmartCue leverages A/B testing and AI-driven insights to optimize product demos for better performance, making it easier to test and refine strategies for better conversion.


✔️ Integration with Different Tools

SmartCue integrates with various analytics, CRM, and marketing tools, allowing for seamless workflow and data synchronization across platforms, which helps in maintaining consistency and efficiency in marketing efforts.


✔️ Lead Magnet & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Capabilities

The platform is designed to turn product demos into lead magnets, with built-in CRO capabilities to help businesses transform their product demos into powerful tools for growth and customer acquisition.


✔️ Unlimited Demo Creation and Views

Offering unlimited demo creation and the ability to support an unlimited number of views, SmartCue promises scalability for growing businesses that need to reach a larger audience without additional costs.


✔️ Team Collaboration

SmartCue allows the main account holder to invite up to 3 additional editors under the Tier 3 Lifetime Deal (LTD) plan, expanding the team’s capability to create and manage demos. For even larger teams, Tiers 4 and 5 allow for more editors to join the platform. Each team member can be assigned specific roles, fostering a collaborative yet organized approach to demo development and management.


✔️ Chrome Extension

The chrome extension allows users to capture screenshots effortlessly, directly edit demos within the browser, and swiftly access embed codes.


✔️ White Label Solution

Available exclusively for Tier 2 LTD plans and higher, the white label feature allows businesses to present their product demos under their own brand, without any SmartCue branding. This means a fully branded experience, reinforcing the company’s identity and instilling greater trust with prospects. Incredible feature for agencies looking to utilize this tool for their clients, too.


✔️ Versatile Export Options

Export your product demos in PDF, GIF, or video formats for easy sharing, quick previews, or comprehensive demonstrations.


Things to Note About SmartCue


Ease of Use 


SmartCue lives up to its promise of being friendly and intuitive to non-tech users. Creating demos in their platform is pretty simple and straightforward. In fact, the experience is quite similar to how you create presentations using Powerpoint or Google Slides. It’s that easy.




The customization options within SmartCue’s demo editor is limited, but it’s enough considering its use case (creating product demos) and its target audience (non-tech users). Users can change the image in each “slide” of the demo, change the written text, change the color scheme and logo, add a footer and a custom CTA… and that’s it.




SmartCue boasts up to 100+ integrations with other platforms on their home page. But when I logged in, the integrations with the major platforms have not been implemented yet. The API is locked behind their custom enterprise plan. There is no indication that API is part of their lifetime deal plan.




This tool excels in versatility, offering an impressive range of functionality that extends far beyond basic product demo creation. SmartCue can definitely be used to make interactive how-to guides for self-guided learning, engaging knowledge bases for customer self-service, interactive content for blogs, presentations for investor pitches, training materials for companies, and a LOT more.


BONUS: Are the demos mobile-friendly?

Upon testing, yes, the demos look good on mobile screens.

Screenshots taken from a desktop will adjust accordingly to the screen size, so expect such images to shrink down slightly making some elements and texts in the image hard to see. Thankfully, you can zoom in on mobile so that kind of solves the problem. Here’s what it looks like:


SmartCue Demo on Mobile


Best Use Cases of SmartCue


Presentation tools in general have a wide array of use cases. Think of Powerpoint or Canva. You can use such tools and the presentations you make with them in a lot of situations like creating business reports, teaching classes, hosting webinars, etc.

SmartCue isn’t too far from being a presentation tool when you look at it… But the addition of clickable cues in each slide plus the CRO features suddenly make SmartCue have a specific purpose. And that is good.

Because when we use a SaaS tool with a defined purpose, its possible use cases click to us as fast as we get our hands on them.

With that said, let me walk you through some of the best use cases for SmartCue (in case it hasn’t clicked on you yet):


  • Product Onboarding – Businesses can create interactive demos to onboard new users, guiding them through the features and functionalities of their product, thereby reducing the learning curve and support tickets.
  • Marketing Campaigns – Marketers can embed product demos in their email campaigns, social media ads, and landing pages to provide a hands-on experience of the product right within the marketing content.
  • Sales Enablement – Sales teams can use this tool to create tailored demos to showcase to potential clients during virtual meetings or as a follow-up, enhancing the sales process with visual and interactive content.
  • Customer Support – Support agents can share step-by-step interactive guides created with SmartCue to resolve customer queries, which can improve resolution time and customer satisfaction.
  • Trade Shows and Virtual Events – Businesses can use SmartCue demos as an engaging way to attract attendees to their booth, webinars, or online session, and give them a feel for their product without making a full-scale demo.
  • Investor Relations – Startups can create interactive presentations for investor pitches to demonstrate their product’s capabilities, user interface, and unique selling propositions in a dynamic way.
  • Internal Training – HR departments and managers can leverage SmartCue to create training materials for new employees, helping them understand internal tools and processes through interactive, self-serve demos.
  • Educational Content – Educators and e-learning platforms can create interactive modules and how-to guides for various subjects and skills, providing an engaging learning experience.
  • Content Marketing – Content creators and writers can spice up their content by including engaging presentations into their blog posts or articles.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Websites can use SmartCue to enhance their landing pages with product demos, aiming to increase the conversion rate by engaging visitors with an interactive product experience.


How Others Are Using SmartCue


SmartCue has plenty of real-life examples of how their clients use their software. If you’re interested in viewing their entire showcase, then click here. You’ll find different companies utilizing SmartCue in their product demos, walk-throughs, onboarding processes, and more.

In the meantime, here’s two demos that showcases SmartCue’s outputs.


Strell utilized SmartCue’s interactivity to give users a walk-through on how to use one of their product’s features.

NexLvl made a how-to guide using SmartCue to demonstrate how users can create a website in their CRM.

Company Behind SmartCue


SmartCue was launched in 2021 and is currently being developed by a small team composed of 2-10 people (according to their LinkedIn Profile), with Robin Singhvi as its founder.

There’s not much information that can be gathered about the team who’s working behind SmartCue, except for Robin.

Robin has plenty of videos and blogs about his product in their official Youtube channel and website. It’s worth noting that their social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and their YT channel had been quiet over the past few months (at the time of writing this review).

Nevertheless, Robin had been active ever since their lifetime deal launched on SaaSZilla. He has been diligent in answering customers’ questions and he’s been open to feedback and suggestions from users as well.

SmartCue has an active roadmap which you can follow here.


Thoughts on SmartCue’s LTD


SmartCue LTD 1


SmartCue’s lifetime deal on SaaSZilla ranges from $49-$299, from Tier 1 to 5.

Their Tier 1 deal looks viable for personal use only since this is the only tier in their LTD that doesn’t offer unlimited views and demos. On top of that, it only offers basic analytics. Plus its missing other advanced features as well.

Meanwhile, Tiers 2-4 are the plans you should be considering if you’re planning to use this tool commercially or in-house. If you’re in affiliate marketing, an influencer, or a small business who wants to use this tool, then these are probably the best tiers for you. The only two differences between each of these tiers are the number of editors you can add to your account. Tier 4 is unique in this group since it offers a CNAME customization.

Tier 5 is no doubt for agencies who either handles lots of clients or who makes a lot of marketing/sales materials. With these tier, you can add up to 20 editors in your account, plus CNAME customization as well.

There are promised features (those labeled as “coming soon”) that are included in the higher plans, but for now, we can only hope for now that they’ll come in the future.

I highly recommend that you visit their LTD sales page on SaaSZilla to learn more about each of SmartCue’s LDT tiers.


Is It Worth To Buy?


Considering its features, versatility, simplicity, and reliability as a tool, I’d say it’s worth it.

I can see SmartCue being impactful for individuals and businesses in many ways — from hastening product demo creations to giving a breath of life and interactivity to tutorials and training materials. Its so useful in many scenarios, plus the fact that you can make these presentations in 30 minutes or less is a cherry on top.


How Would I Rate SmartCue?



In terms of rating, I’d say it’s a 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s a well-rounded product with solid features and a reasonable lifetime deal.

I just hope that in the future, we’ll get to see more customization options in the editor, more integrations being built, and features in the roadmap getting implemented. They’re off to a good start, so let’s wish the team well so they stay on track.

And that concludes our review of SmartCue.

Remember, always do your own research for the SaaS LTDs that you’re considering to buy. Test them if possible. Ask questions if you need clarification. You can join our Facebook group to meet like-minded individuals like you to gain more insights about this tool.

We hope to see you in our next review, so stay tuned!

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