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Interactive content such as a quiz and a survey has constantly been on the rise of popularity among content and digital marketers because it engages your customer with what you’re offering them. Knowing what your customers and leads want or need from your products or services will surely be a great information to have as you develop your business strategies.

If you want to engage your customers with your product, service, or brand, one way to do it is through making them participate in a quiz.

Introducing Smart Quiz Builder, a tool that helps you develop your sales funnel through beautifully designed quizzes that can drive your leads up, segment your customers and audiences, and recommend the right products or resources for them based on their feedbacks.

Important thing to note: Smart Quiz Builder is a plugin for WordPress. However, you can publish your quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder on a non-WordPress website by simply embedding its code to your site. But first, you will need a WordPress site so you can create, manage, and install your quizzes.


Smart Quiz Builder’s Pricing Overview


Smart Quiz Builder’s price starts at single payment of $69 for a One-site License. This allows you to build quizzes, complete with all of its features, but only on one website. Theirs is not a subscription model so the price scales up if you want to build interactive quizzes on multiple websites.

Alternatively, Smart Quiz Builder is offering a limited lifetime deal which starts at $59 for a single code. Check out the inclusions in this deal below:

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Price starts from:

$69.00 – Single Payment

✅  One-time payment for 1 website
Has an Unlimited-License plan and a Lifetime License plan
✅  30-day risk-free money-back guarantee

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for 1 Code

Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal


Features of Smart Quiz Builder


👉  There are three types of quizzes that you can build: Personality, assessments, and scoring.

👉  Smart Quiz Builder allows you to create calculators, surveys, personalized and timed quizzes.

👉  You can include all types of questions in your quizzes or surveys such as single choice, multiple choice, open-ended questions, yes/no, fill-in-the-blank, file upload, rating scale, matrix-style, ranking, and sliders. More types of questions are coming soon according to their roadmap.

👉  You can choose from pre-built quizzes so you won’t have to start from scratch.

👉  On the other hand, Smart Quiz Builder has an advanced and user-friendly customizer so you can easily edit your quizzes and modify them as much as you’d like. This also includes a mobile-view customizer so you have control over the mobile responsiveness of your quizzes and surveys.

👉  Their intuitive UI/UX allows you to build and publish your quizzes in just a few minutes.

👉  Create advanced quizzes using feedback surveys, conditional logic and analytics, and much more.

👉  Add smart branching logic where answers dictate the next question.

👉  Send your leads to a fully-customized, personalized outcome screen or a recommended product page based on their feedback and results of their quiz.

👉  Add your own custom branding and style to all of your quizzes, surveys, and assessments.

👉  Smart Visual Builder can integrate with all major email and marketing platforms.

👉  Create and view detailed analytics and reports of your quizzes right in your dashboard.

👉  Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin but you can embed their code so you can easily insert the quiz widget in any part of your website.

👉  People can easily share the quiz with their friends through social media integrations and buttons.


Email, CRM and Marketing Automation Platform Integrations:


👉  AWeber
👉  ActiveCampaign
👉  ConvertKit
👉  Drip
👉  FluentCRM
👉  GetResponse
👉  MailChimp
👉  MailerLite
👉  MailPoet
👉  Mautic
👉  Moosend
👉  Klaviyo
👉  SendInBlue
👉  Sendfox
👉  Vbout
👉  Encharge
👉  Integrately
👉  KonnectzIT
👉  PabblyConnect
👉  Zapier



Who is Smart Quiz Builder For?


Digital Marketers, business owners, or any sales team that wants a better understanding of their customer’s wants and needs through an interactive sales and quiz funnels.


Smart Quiz Builder Alternatives


User Reviews for Smart Quiz Builder


“I have bought at least 4 other quiz building tools over the years and all of them have been useful in one way or another. Smart Quiz Builder is another level. I am not going to share all of the technical details in this review I am sure others can. What I will say is this tool is designed extremely well and easy to use which is a sign of it being well thought out.

“One one hand it is so very simple to set up and configure. It’s easy to test your quiz and update it in a quick hot minute. I love 99% of the functionality and here’s the best part. The 1% is that you have to build your quizzed on wordpress which is a little bit of an issue. But the power and flexibility is worth it. I have spend $99/mo for other tools with similar capabilities that are cloud based but damn… for this price and power adding to WP is just a small inconvenience.

“The best part though is the support. Veena (SQB’s founder) is a superstar and even helped me with a few issues over the weekend when most teams are not working. Unbelievable support and superb quiz builder that is truly smart.”

by pstone


“The plugin has great features and great integrations with a lot of email and integration platforms. I was almost desperately looking for a tool that allowed for scoring and conditional quiz options. I got that in the form of smart quiz builder. It has all the features that I need.”

by ranvir1


“I purchased this deal for what I know it can be, but was really impressed with what it already is. In my former company, we used a tool to build some pretty impressive quizzes and calculators. The problem is that tool cost over $25,000 a year. I am glad to be able to do similar things with Smart Quiz Builder.

“Even better is what is to come. I am very impressed with the founder’s involvement with the community and with the great confidence instilled towards this great asset for many business types.”

by CWD1979


“From fun lead generation quizzes, to assessments in our courses, this plugin is a tool with so many uses! The plugin is easy to set up and when you are ready, just watch a video in the documentation that shows you step-by-step how to create each type of quiz. We’ve been using software from Veena for years to grow our business and we are never disappointed!”

by mary-lynn


“SQB is a one-stop-shop because it’s offering every type of quiz and survey, and I can only think of maybe two others that do this as well as SQB, and they cost at least 10x what you are paying for this software.”

by MyFutureBusiness


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