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For some people, the content creation process can be a grueling and time-consuming task. Add to the process the countless times that you have to work with others, edit, resize, download and re-upload your work to different social media platforms and website to get it published.

All this work can be draining very quickly. But now, it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing Simplified. This app does it all: create content, collaborate with your team, write your copies, plan, and publish all your content in one place so you can have 100X more productivity.

Do all your content marketing and creation, from idea to launch, with Simplified.


Simplified Pricing Overview


Simplified’s price starts at $10 per member per month. This plan is a good starting point for freelancers, and small teams and businesses. The price per member per month scales up if you want to gain access to more of Simplified’s features that aren’t available for lower plans. Simplified also offers customizable plans for larger businesses and companies.

Alternatively, Simplified is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $79 for a Tier 1 deal. Learn more about Simplified’s lifetime deal below:

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$10.00 per user / month

✅  Has a free trial
Has a free version
✅  Get 20% discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$79.00 – Single Payment for Tier 1 Deal

Simplified Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


Simplified Features


👉  Create stunning, professional designs with our lightning-fast, no-code editor.

💡  Thousands of Templates: Never run out of ideas again. Start designing with beautiful, professional templates that stand out online.

👉  Powerful AI copywriting: Write effective copy for ads, blogs, bios, websites, and anything else you need with 35+ AI copywriting templates.

👉  Unlimited resources: Add premium stock photos, illustrations, elements, stickers, and more to your designs for free — without ever switching tabs.

👉  Lightning-fast design tools: Magic background remover, instant animator, image resizing, and more lightning-fast tools that speed things up.

🎥   One-click video: Reels, Youtube videos, TikToks, and Social Ads come together in minutes with our drag and drop video editor.

🤯   Workspaces that work: Instant commenting, tagging, and sharing with your team. Secure approval process control to keep work going. Plus, we’ve got unlimited workspaces to separate projects and people!

📂   Organize with Folders: Organize projects, assets, and more in folders so you know where to find everything instantly.

🖍   Unlimited Brand Kits: Upload your logo, fonts, colors, and more into custom Brand Kits so you’re always ready to go.

👉  Work and scale faster with immediate integrations with the tools you already use, in-app social sharing and publishing, and an AI idea generator.

⚡️ Loads of Integrations: Connect Simplified with your favorite apps for instant integration of your workflows.

🎉   In-app publishing: Publish to every single social platform without leaving the app.

🔮   Plan and schedule: Plan your layouts and bulk schedule content to get work done, faster.

🚀   Templates for everything: From google ads, FB posts to long-form blog content, you never have to start from scratch ever again.

🤯   Unlimited team members: Just add more seats as you need them.



Who is Simplified for?


👉  Content creators, marketing teams, freelancers, and influencers who are looking to speed up or scale their content creation with the least possible time.


Things to Note About Simplified


👉  It doesn’t have the functionality to hide or show layers

👉  Simplified doesn’t have an SVG export YET

👉  Can’t create rounded corners on components


Simplified Alternatives



User Reviews for Simplified


“Great product. Was kinda buggy at first, but things are addressed in a quick manner. Still lacking some design UX standards, like the way zoom is working with the mouse and layer handling… but they assured me, that it’ll be fixed.”

by lossless


“Simplified is an incredible tool – design, ai, copywriting, collaboration…all in one! I used to design on Canva and use a separate AI Copywriting tool. Now I don´t need that anymore. I highly recommend switching to Simplified.”

by francesco76


“I found this tool to be very useful and user-friendly. I like how it’s both a web app and a desktop app. I can use it on my laptop at home and also on my phone when I’m out. The templates are well made, easy to customize, and they save me time. Also Simplified is a high-quality content creation tool that can generate content in less than 2 minutes. The overall quality of the content is great for most purposes. Simplified provides some good blog posts and ads along with some branding options, but it may also be worth trying other tools if you need to write product reviews.Thank you guys for creating such an awesome software!”

by vipinchandra


“Simplified helps me automate 2 hours of manual work every day! I’ve been using it for months now, And I’m not going to look back. From creating Instagram posts to writing catchy LinkedIn ads in SECONDS! This tool has unified my marketing team, content team, and design team all in one tab.


“I don’t have to worry about writing blog posts or landing page copies or learn complex video editing software, All of it can be made with a click, scheduled, and published automatically! This helps me save time and money, and brainpower – all of which are precious resources for my team.


“Highly recommend it for startups, agencies, marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, SEOs, – or actually anyone with a social media account.”

by abishek927


“One thing that worries me when purchasing a one-in-all products, is the lack of attention to each product. It’s not the case here. All products in this offering (brandkit, AI, graphics editor) are mature and very functional.


“As strange as it is, the one feature that did it for us is the Brandkit. We run a blog and one major problem we’ve been having is that our marketing team always ends up designing things, because the actual designers are busy. As a result, we’ve been having a hard time enforcing the branding guidelines. The fact that we can have a Brandkit (colors, fonts, logos) on the same system as the rest of the content creation platform, is *brilliant*.


“Their AI Assistant surprisingly works very well, and much better than most offerings on AppSumo, with the exception of Sentence Expander. I loved the Before-After-Bridge feature, which we plan to use for emails. I didn’t have good luck with Sentence Expender. Compared to Rytr, I’d still say that Rytr still has an upper-hand in general AI writing, but Simplified has a lot of case-specific AI generators that work very well for their purpose.


“I haven’t had as much time to work with the graphics, but one thing that stood out, is the quality of the images it generates. It’s somewhat common for online editors to export pixelized images or badly blend layers together. I’m happy to say that pictures come out very crisp looking.”

by tdrozhzhin


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