Simple Social Buttons Webinar & Transcription

What’s going on, Sumolings, it’s your girl, Lindsay from Appsumo. Thank you so much for joining us for another webinar walk through. We’re going to get going in just a minute, but I want to give everyone a second to kind of trickle in, show up. Today, we have a nun who is the founder and CEO of Simple Social Buttons.

Hello. Hello. All right. Simple social is such a simple social buttons products and a two is a WordPress plug in that lets you customize the design and display of simple social media buttons on your website. It’s an awesome tool. We’re very excited to dove into it today. Simple social, but don’t say it’s too fast. Simple social buttons Pro is available right now on ABC and starting at just thirty nine dollars. Before I turn this over to online to give you a little off there, just let me give you two quick pointers for if you have any questions about the tool, how to get it set up, how the deal is structured, go ahead and leave that question in the Q&A box below.

The video will be sure to loop back around to it afterwards.

And and the next, we we will do a replay.

It’ll be posted on YouTube. It’ll be sent out to all of you. So if you need to step out or if you feel like you missed something, don’t worry about it. You’ll be able to watch this as many times as you want. All right. You ready to get started? And thank you for joining us today. Thank you.

Thank you for having me here. And high some weddings. Awesome.

I’m going to turn this over to you. I’m going to turn off my camera. And again, if anybody has questions, go ahead and leave them alone. Cool, so everybody seeing my screen right? Yeah, good. OK, so I am a from WPE Brigade that is our WordPress Development Agency. This is our third deal on Absolon you may have bought and I Latifi last year and this year we had lockin process well, which was very successful.

And now we have this sort of social sharing plug in of ours that we have developed like a couple of years ago. And now we are promoting our progress with more features. So let’s get started. Before that demo, I would like to tell about myself, my company and what I have done in the past. So you know who the founder is and what are the awesome things I am doing. I have done in the past like 15 years.

So I am Adnen and we have ifone as a co-founder and who is managing all the patients. We have team. And in fact me and everyone is based in Pakistan. It’s been a few months since I’m living my life as a digital woman. Right now I am in Phenix, Arizona. It’s been four months since I’m here and traveling to Kabul, traveling to different part of the United States and attending some conferences, especially on WordPress. I have contributed to WordPress core and be my admin Google Summer of code.

I have one that and I have been a Google student ambassador as well and I’m attached to. So I have been a mentor for university students and even the high school students as well. So they could successfully complete their Google coding project. This one is from when I was a Google student ambassador in Pakistan and I had organized and least 16 Google technology events and some of the events I spoke in as well. This one is one of those events as well.

These are the university guys, the students. We had fun at McDonald’s at that time. This was the last event of that time. And and then I started my life living abroad to, you know, I was eating, sleeping and everything I was doing with the work. But even though I had worked on desktop apps, Web apps and anything with the C Shop or ESPN might be called Ignitor Laravel. But then I also found the passion WordPress and we started building WordPress projects as well.

This one is when I was awarded as an innovation here back in my country, Pakistan. So sometimes this was my first word. Can talk in Katmandu in twenty seventeen. I actually talked about that we act and how you can build your it and yet so I organize what dobs what game organizers were speaking word camps to. And I’m a little bit more active in the world community so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the WordPress. Since September of this year, I was at best nomics and I was representing and you know, we were sponsoring from Latifi.

That was our first and second. It was Log-in Press and now we are pushing back our simple social buttons. This is one place our ability to get the word message and see. We have all of the team. You know, we have team developers. We have we even our team review that the public teams that people submit on board start are we are technology partners at Google as well because of analytics. I and my contributor to our premium services.

You know, we we have been doing, along with the WordPress, like conversions in the front end development of staff and even the email landing pages to and I told you at the start that I have been very active in the community. This is from the couple in Mexico. We did this one is about like a six a.m. or five a.m. in the morning when we were doing work out. It was an awesome time spent with this all watersports.

I yeah, I am dreaming and I dream a lot. This is why I was able to do a lot of stuff in that time. It’s still feel like I’m a kid who came out of the Gandy’s and rocketing cost. If you have any questions in the future or anything, just email us at support and simple social buttons. Dot com. Let’s go to the terminal. Michael. So when you redeem your code from Ximo, you will have access to our site account here and here, you will have to download to do.

One is the code word and the other one is to probe. And when you install the working, you will have the settings like that. The. These ones, if you see if you click on media and you see that you have to update, it means that you have to go to your download account again and download this for a while. And just like I’m going to do that in front of you. So. Less installed, the pro-war and the free corp, I just remember we have the few working available on what are just search with the simple social button and you will see we have forty thousand free users, you know.

I mean. When you install the provision, it is basically a plugin that enhances the cowboy and install the provisions on the top of that freeway and. It has been activated, and the first thing that I would like you to do is just go to your license manager and and the license tab from your account, copy this license and activate it here with this. So when you activated this, you will get a message that you have a lifetime license.

It will never expire before you do anything. I would highly recommend to activate your license. So whenever you wish something like updates, so you get a notification here. Otherwise you may just yell at us that there is a fix that should be here and maybe you come to our support. So it’s better that you activate your license keys so you get all the updates in real time. So when you do the lighting scheme, you have unlocked all the features and everything.

Let me go through some of the things that I’m hearing, that there are lots of simple social buttons out there. And what is the coating that you are providing? So my my main goal was to have a clean plugin without a lot of clutter. And the focus is on clean simplicity and speed. If you look at our setting, you know, it looks like a very clean thing. You could just step by step, activate, activate your social icons, the one that you need.

Sometimes you can just leave the light button as well. The first you have to activate the button that you want to use. And then there we have a styles like Drownded Square and oficial buttons. Obviously, official buttons, you can’t style them, but other than these and they are available, that can be matched with your website. And then we have five positions, normally, you see people use only in line or sidebar, but we have three more options and these three options are actually available in the pro working.

So, like, if you need the sidebar, I will just check dispositioned and all these options are available for sidebar, and if you want to have four in line to select the in line, I will to actually talk more about the pop up and fly in settings. So if we have this pop up and fly in, check in and then say it. Let’s go to the front and see how they look here. So didn’t it actually, I call it actually a social pop up, and here you can put your own messages right now on the simple social button.

I can edit this message as well. So they are all parts of it. Oh, my God, this is nature’s. So here we have the message as well and the pop up, but you can do all of these customizer customizations with the success and cheers of whatever you want. So this one is a little different with other ins out there. So then we have this flying message. When you scroll it, it will appear and you can edit the title of the description as well.

So there are different settings for each each position like fly in or media, right? No, I’m saying that there are fewer requests coming in, that there should be different selection for each position. You know, like on media, people only want to show the interest. So this is what we are working on. And let me show you my roadmap as well. We have put this in our documentation and on our team page. Well, here is our road map.

And these are the things that we are working on. Sometimes people think that right now that there may be some of the features missing in the social sharing plugin. But I just make sure you that you should invest in this product for 2020. You know, next year we are going to put more resources on our products. And I make sure that all all of these awesome features are going to be implemented. Like right now, we are working on click to tweet and add more social networks, limit on media buttons.

These are the things that right now we are working on. But I make sure that we will bring analytics tracking as well. So I am very open to other people ideas. Just make sure that you input your ideas and feedback in our roadmap so we could analyze it and see what are the things that we have to work on.

I think that’s it from my side. We have this help page as well. Whenever if you see that there is something, there is something that you have to ask for the support. And I will ask you to download this log file and attach with your support request. So we know that whatever site we we are going to deploy and what are the plugin settings. So that’s what we could provide you, a better support. I think I’m ready for me, yeah.

All right, thank you so much for taking the time to show up. Show us the road map. That was actually one of my first questions. People had asked specifically about click to tweet and then the adjustments that you already mentioned, you know, with the on media stuff. Can you tell us anything about click to tweet eclectically?

Yeah, sure. It’s like that like you are writing a blog post and plans for 2012.

I am actually just pushing this now that we are implementing this tweet and hoping to launch it as soon as possible in 2020 sometime, you know, people, our users just sometimes get into it and that this new feature is not going to launch. When is it? Yeah, but, you know, when you have fifty thousand active installs on it plug and you have to make sure too much about the quality and testing that’s going on.

So just because this sounds for me to figure out so I totally get it. And I know this is great and thank you for sharing the roadmap on the screen. I wanted to ask you about the page loading speeds. I believe that there is also a link for that.

Yes, we have written a blog post as well to we stand individuating speed. There are few requests that we are getting in our life chat as well. Sometimes people test in a different way, you know, a support request that, oh, no, you the speed is not fast. The one you are claiming. And then we talk about them when we took the control from about their admin section. And when we analyze and show them, hey, look, this is what you were missing in your test, and that’s how he realized that.

Oh, yeah, simple social buttons is actually faster. And yeah, it’s sometimes, you know, people when compared with other plugins that he or everyone should be at the top. But when we see that these top three are the good plugins and that’s fine, the market is too big, you know, some other plug into interface. Some people like different.

Sure. Can you. Are you able to manually edit the social share metrics?

So the questions are now. Yes. It can be mentally and then we already saw the full list of the social media accounts that have buttons for. Right.

Yes, and I just want to know a little bit about your analytics, what can we get in the analytics side in analytics we are doing right now is research on that, that what is the best way to have this feature implemented that is going on this team?

Awesome, and then can you just tell me what you’re most excited about with simple social buttons pro and I want this to be installed on every word, this site, I’m very concerned about the speed and having less plug ins as well. So even with this, I don’t want to add more features as adults. No, I don’t want that because we had experimented this with the login press where we had the add ons for every feature and login even we are combining all of those add ons in one plugin.

So I am excited about all the new features of simple social buttons pro but not as fit within one thing.

Awesome, awesome. Thank you so much. I’m going to turn the camera back on. Hello again, everybody. All right. Swelling’s that’s all we’ve got for you today. If you have not already redeemed your code for simple social buttons pro, I highly recommend you head over to apps right now. You can find it under Brouse. It’s also in our one stop shop for all things WordPress. So you can get a simple social buttons pro starting at thirty nine dollars.

And of course it’s that perhaps most 60 day guarantee. Feel free to set it up and play around with it. See how it works for you. Check out this page speeds. As I heard, they’re supposed to be fantastic and then let us know in the comments how it’s gone for you. We’re looking forward to seeing how it uplifts your WordPress site and gets all of your wonderful content things out into the world. Thank you so much for being with us today on.

This has been awesome.

Thank you for everyone’s awesome.

And I’m sure I will talk to you. Have a good day.

I have a good day to everyone.

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