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[00:00:01.390] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Signature. This tool lets you create, send, sign and store digital documents with legally binding online signatures. It is available on App Sumell right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dove into this tool, I just want to tell y’all a few quick things.

The first thing is that if you want to tell us a little bit about yourself, your use case, anything like that, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions, though, about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walk through. The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is a enough of me. How are you doing?

[00:00:59.320] – Will (Signaturely)
Well, hey, I’m pretty good. Thanks for having me. I am glad to have you here.

[00:01:03.910] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

[00:01:09.190] – Will (Signaturely)
All right. Let’s do it. So welcome, everyone. This is really I want to start off by just saying thank you to all the siblings. We’ve had so much great feedback so far and we’re working hard to implement a lot of the feedback you’ve been giving us to help make initially a great product that you’re going to love and enjoy. So I just want to start by saying thanks a lot to everyone. This is a dashboard here when you sign in.

So we don’t seem entirely to try to be very simple and easy to use e-signature software. So the first thing you’ll see here is who needs to sign? So it’s very basic and simple. You have three options, only me. This is if you’re going to sign a document yourself and no one else needs to sign me and others. This is if you’re going to sign a document and you have other parties that are going to sign the document. And this is for all the others.

This is for if you don’t need to sign, but only other people need to sign a document. So for example, here for this demo, click me and others. When you click me and others, I’ll take you to a page where you can prepare your document for signing. So the first section here lets you add a title to a document. So for this example, we’ll say this is, let’s say, a non-disclosure agreement and we’ll say that.

So I’ll type in non-disclosure agreement. So this is where you name essentially is the title of your document. This is an optional message that you can add a message here if you want to send a message to your signers, like let’s say, hey, can you can you can you help? Can you sign this document, for example, the next section of signers? So as you mentioned, this is for me and others. So by default, you’ll see that I’m here and that I’m going to need to sign the document.

And then this is where you can add other signers. So for this example, we’ll just make up someone will say John Kelly needs to sign. And just so I can show you a full example, I’m going to put an email that I have access to here. So here’s where you type in their name, their email, if you need to add other words, you can click here and you can add this is not. This is not a reality, fix this.

I can see that other signs you can do that here by just clicking AdCenter and typing in their name and email address, you can also assign a custom signing order here. So if you have multiple signers and signers need to sign in a specific order, one person first, the next person needs to sign. You can click this box there, this checkbox, and then you can adjust the signers by dragging and dropping these fields to show who needs to sign the document and what specific order.

For this example, we will use that the. We’re going to scroll down here further. The next section is where you can essentially add or document so you can choose a template, which I’ll get into in a moment that we won’t use as a template for this example, a template as we use a reusable document that you’re going to be sending over and over again. For this example, we’ll add a file so you can upload a file by clicking a button here to add a file directly from your computer.

You can also drag and drop the file to this section here, or you can import a file directly from one of our integration. So we integrate natively with Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, Dropbox and Box, so you can click here and follow the prompts to, let’s say, for example, access your Google Drive account. If you have documents stored in Google Drive that you would like to add for this example, just drag and drop a file here.

So let we pull up a non-disclosure agreement.

You drag and drop a file, you’ll see it loads here, so depending on the document size, it could take a few seconds, maybe all the way up to, let’s say, a minute or two, depending on how large the document is. Once a document is ready, which should be ready any second here, then the next one you’re going to click is prepared for signing. And this will say it’s ready now. And this will allow us to add our signature fields.

Any text boxes are checkboxes. So we’ll do that here by clicking this button. Prepare for signing. You see here I have the non-disclosure agreement I uploaded, you can scroll down and see and this is a two page document. On the left here, you’ll see the different fields, so fine, this is for signature. This is it. This is a signature field initial. This is need to capture someone’s initial. There’s a date field, there’s a text box for adding generic text and there’s a checkbox.

So I wanted to check something. So for this example, add the signature. So when you drop, you drag and drop the signature here and then you can click on the field to say who needs to fill this field filled out? Fill this field out. So so let’s say I’m going to fill this one out. This is little my signature, let’s say, for example. So I would leave that here preselected. And let’s say John needs to sign it as well.

So I’ll drag and drop another signature box here and I will click on it and I will select John. He needs to sign this. By default, all of the fields are going to be checkbox as required if you drag and drop a field that isn’t necessarily required, you can uncheck this box here. So that way back that that field be required so they can still fill out the form. But that specific field isn’t required. But by default, they’re going to be required.

Once you drag and drop your fields, let me move aside the way once you drag and drop your fields and confirm that everything is looking correct here, you would extend this is going to send the document to the signer for signature. So, for example, click send once you click send it will say thanks for sending your document. You’ll receive a copy in your inbox shortly. I’ll type back over here to document. And you’ll see it’s processing, this will take maybe 30 seconds, let’s say a minute, Max, and the document will be sent off.

So let me refresh the browser here. Awaiting, so now the document has been sent. So let me type over to General for this example. You’ll see this is the email that we received here has my name nondisclosure agreement signatories requested. And then you can click, review and sign. This is the area where you’d be able to sign the document, so we have a start signing here in case there’s multiple fields required, it will tabi through the fields one by one, gives you a guide to process for this.

There’s only one. So I just click that. It’ll tide me down here for signature. I’ll click signature by default. We create a signature for the signer. So you can see it here. John Kelly, you can click you have to click here to check box that you authorize. This is your legal signature and you click sign not to sign this. The signer can also create their own signature. So I’ll show you that here or click create it now so the signer can type their name and initials and they can choose a specific font, let’s say, for their signature.

They can also draw their signature so they can draw it here and they can draw their initials or they can upload an image. So there’s a few options here. So, for example, with just type it in will say, John Kelly One-Click, I understand this is a legal signature, could create. The document has been signed here. Now they just have to submit. So we’ll click submit. And I agree. And the documents been signed. So that’s a quick walk through here of signing a document and how the process works.

A few other areas that I think are important here are so this is the document section. So this where you can see all your all your documents, the status of your documents. You can search for a document. You can also tap here to send reminders of the activity, someone’s view to document. They’ve opened it, they click the link. You can also share the document with a teammate. You can also edit it. If something needs to be added in your recent to a customer or client or employee, you can do that here.

You can also filter the documents by, let’s say, their status to see all just completed documents or drafts, you can also follow through the documents by date. Another section I think is very important is templates, so template, again, it’s a reusable document. So this is something that you send over and over again, for example, with a non-disclosure agreement. You want to send that to your employees or if you have a specific, let’s say, client or agency agreement that you’re sending to your clients marketing agreement, whatever that may be, you can create the template here so you can create it once and then you can easily resend that over and over without having to always upload that find on your computer and upload it.

So it’s it’s a reasonable document that you’re going to send more than once. A team section here allows you to add teammates. So we currently have with some of the one code plan, and that’s called the one code allows for three teammates, three total users, and the two code plan allows for unlimited users. So you can click on team and you can click add a team member to add team members to your account, to other teammates at your company, but also would like to use ignorable.

I think that’s a basic walkthrough of the basic elements of the platform, and we’d love to hear your question, some throwback to Lindsay here. Let’s do it simoleons, if you have any more questions that you want to drop in the Q&A box. Now is your time to do that. We got some here. Manney asks, just having two coats give you the option to run as an agency. Yes, so here’s what I would say, if you take a look at the settings area, you’re allowed to add your company settings.

So if it’s if we’re talking just one single company that’s going to have multiple users at that company, multiple teammates, I think it works great. If it’s if you have, let’s say, multiple brands, let’s say multiple brands, they probably most likely each do their own account, unique account just so they can add their custom, a company branding to each account. All right, thank you, can we upload your documents or only PDF? Yeah, we can apply both word and PDF, both work.

When will be will be Ababa? When will you be able to customize the redirect you are based on the document we are sending out to sign rather than only globally. Good question. That isn’t something that we have live yet, but we are taking your feedback and we’re listening very closely. So if you see we have a feedback section here, you can even just head over to feedback that have a whole list of feature requests there. You can add your feature requests.

You can upload it. We also have a Facebook group and a community we love for you to join. So we’re definitely taking feedback. We’re listening. We’re already starting to implement the feedback we’re getting from all the similar. Awesome, will you be bringing out an iPhone app? That’s a good question. So right now, our platform is mobile friendly from the signers. And so if you send a document for signature, that signer gets the document. The app is essentially mobile friendly when you’re signing it.

But the platform itself as a whole, like when you’re signing documents, isn’t. So right now we are reviewing options either to make the platform fully mobile, responsive or to develop an app. So it’s in discussion and it’s unclear when that will be life. Can you go over the follow up reminder features you provide once we send out a document? Sure. So by default, if you send a document for signature and the signing doesn’t sign that document, there’s going to be an automatic follow up, essentially reminder to that person to sign the document.

There’s there’s one cent at day three and there’s another one sent at day seven. Those are the default reminders. If you want to manually yourself send another one, you would head over to documents. You would find the document. Let’s say, for example, this NDA, let’s say it’s not signed, you would click options and you click send reminder. And that’s going to send a reminder to that person so you can manually do that. And then we’ve also had some feedback that some customers would like to customize their minders, let’s say, set them at specific intervals, the specific days.

So that’s something that we’re exploring in our feedback section and that’s something we’re talking about. Great, thank you, siblings, if you’ve got questions, drop them in the Q&A box. All right. We kind of touched on this, but if you have two different companies, can we buy one subscription and have the documents come from the two different company domains? So I me one company to. Right. So right now, at the moment, we recommend having each having their own account, so because in a settings area, you can you can customize your company’s name in the from, let’s say, the to from name.

But essentially you could if you want to add the company name you’re sending to one company, one, but then you’d have to manually go change the company name company before sending a document to. So if you’re if you’re running multiple businesses at once, it might get a little hectic considering how do we change the settings for right now, we would recommend ideally you have separate accounts just so things don’t get messy. Great, thank you. Can we have the date format as the year first and then month DE?

Yes, I believe we have got here to. Well. So the preference is here so that you Tabata settings and then profile, you scroll down to preferences. There is a few different settings here for different date formats. But yeah, if you like, let’s say, for example, specific format, you’re not saying here that you want to request. We definitely recommend talking to us about that support, it seems like, or sending it to us in the feedback section.

But you can change certain date elements here on the preferences. Thank you.

If I created forms in Google forums or any other app, can it be imported into the document? And they say pain, but maybe panel. You can upload a as mentioned PDF word document, certain type of image files to be signed, but if you’re creating a form, we don’t, let’s say, necessarily integrate with Google forms. So there’s no direct connection that currently. How do you add the other Sinar? So let’s come back here to documents, sorry, son, so to add other signers, when you’re preparing a document for signatures, so you click me and others and you would scroll down again here.

So by default, you’ll see yourself and other signers. So you just type their name and their email here and then you just click add seiner. So this is the required Sullins they will kenen will geneology making this up so they can go quickly. You would click add Zeiner to add and you could add another sign. John Kelly. John. And you know, and you can continue to do that if you have multiple signers here just by clicking at Seiner, could you show us what we can brand so the user knows?

So the user knows the company sending it, can you just show us what we can brand? Sure, yeah. So we’ve had a lot of questions around custom branding. We’ve already started making some changes to make, let’s say sequentially. Is branding less prominent on the emails? So I’m going to over here to the email so you can kind of see what what comes and what what you would see. So when you when you’re when you’re in, let’s say let’s go back here first so you can see I can show you where you can add your company logo and information.

So you would click on settings and then you to be here on company. So right here you can upload your company’s logo. So we recommend a transparent PNG logo as far as the upload. And this is kind of the resolution and size that we recommend for for best visibility with an email. So you would add your company logo here. You can have your company’s name here. You can update your from email name. You can just put your, let’s say, your personal name or you can even put your company name here.

You can also add a redirection page. This is after a document, a sign that would go directly to your, let’s say, your website or your redirect your your your page right here. In order to do that, you just click, activate and you can type in your redirection page here. Once you’ve set all that up, you want to come down and click save at the bottom. And once you’ve done that and then on the emails that you’re sending out for signature.

So let’s say this is an example, what you’d see here is signature. This logo at the top would be completely removed. So this is something new that we just have a few days ago, because multiple similar things were telling us, like our branding was too prominent. So this signature logo will be removed. It’ll be it won’t be here at all. This section here that has my face, that will be the area where it has your company’s logo.

So so that’s where the branding is, essentially where we’re moving our logo and we’re adding your company’s logo here again from Maine would be your the name or the email I’m sorry, the name or the company name that you add in the setting area. And by default, there’s no name currently. So right now it’ll always come from neuroplastic initially. That’s something we’re also looking into as far as elevating the custom brand, even more so. That’s what you.

So that’s the branding elements that we’ve done so far. And that’s what you’ll see if you say actually right now. Yeah, I know similar things, they love that custom branding, they love those names, I suppose one of us sign and send to a client a proposal for approval. Can I ask a colleague for following up with that? Colleague does not need to sign. Does this work and how. Yes, so you can read the documents area, you can send a document here, you can you can share documents so you can click share and you can share.

Let’s say someone that needs to review the document, so. You would you can copy the link here or you can add their email and click share, so that’s a way to share a document with someone else. All right, what type of security protocol does signature use? Yeah, so we have went in depth on security is very important to us, and what I would recommend is you just had to actually dotcom backslash security and I can even pull it up here.

As we’re talking and it kind of goes into depth on where we store our data and in depth on the best security practices we use, the best practices we use in order to keep everyone’s data secure. Other languages coming to the user interface, is their voting happening on this?

And so, yeah, definitely, yeah. So so this is another item, a request that we’ve had from the things is people talk about multi-language Spanish, Spanish, he speaks French, Portuguese and multiple other languages. So, yeah, this is something that we’re looking into heavily. I definitely recommend you upload it on our feedback board and our team is looking into it right now. The app is only in English, but we are exploring other possibilities. Any exploration of an affiliate program, is that maybe happening?

[00:21:06.960] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We have another question.

[00:21:09.060] – Will (Signaturely)
Definitely, yeah. So we have an affiliate program. You can you can find that you’re under settings and then share an earn or you can just head right to refer that second True.com. It’s a twenty five percent recurring commission for the life of the customer. You can quickly set your set up an account and grab your affiliate link. Oh, fun.

[00:21:28.440] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Do you have an API? Can we automate sending an NDA or a contractor a click of a button on our website. And this is another great question. So this is something that we’ve had a ton of feedback for, probably it’s the number one request has been API Xabier Connection Web hooks. We’ve also heard Padley and Tagamet, things like that. So right now it’s actually in progress. So it’s something that we not only plan out to do, but it’s something that we’re actively working on.

[00:21:56.380] – Will (Signaturely)
And it’s hard to say exactly. It’s unclear at the moment how long it will take to roll out, but it’s something we’re actively working on. Definitely. Who is signature a compliant? Currently, we’re not, so that’s another item that we’ve been looking into right now, so currently no, but it’s something we’re looking into and it’s also in our feedback section, if you like, that voter.

[00:22:20.970] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Clinton says this may have already been answered, but can you add notes to a document that are not editable by the seiner? Good question. So not in our document editor here, when you’re when you’re when you’re adding a document, you can’t add necessarily a note, but you can let’s say if you’re uploading, for example, a Microsoft Word document, you can add something to it obviously beforehand if we’re uploading it. But once it’s uploaded, there’s no there’s no note right now.

[00:22:54.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, this is the last question that we have here sometimes if you want to drop any more in the Q&A box, you can go ahead and do that now. Greg Stone asks. Email closing signature. What is that? Yep, so the email closing signature, I believe, were. He was mentioning here, OK, so this is a brief, let’s say, immobilizing, like have a great day in your name, let’s say that will appear on the signature request email.

[00:23:21.820] – Will (Signaturely)
So where that would appear is. Right here, so there’s a message section and then it would appear under that, so when you’re preparing a document here, let’s go back and you’re preparing a document, you can add an optional message. And then the closing signature that you had here would go below that message. Very fun. All right, is signature compliant with I don’t know what this is e i. D. S. Yeah, that’s also something that we’re we’re looking into and we’re speaking with our lawyers about right now, because there is a little bit of confusion on that.

I would say if you shoot us an email support sequentially, that we can get you a more in-depth answer because it is with the laws and certain different countries, it is a little complex. So shoot us an email and we’ll have a more detailed answer from our legal team, just so you’re fully clear on all the complaints.

[00:24:16.900] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Yeah. You know, laws are weird. OK. All right. OK, we got to question, how does others only work? Yeah, so so others only is just if, for example, someone else didn’t sign a document, so maybe you don’t need to sign the document, you just need to send it for someone else to sign. So it works. Just how kind of the first walkthrough I gave, except by default, instead of your name being here, that’s pre added to that requires your signature as well.

It was just just be someone else. So you’re going to add their name here, their email here and everything else is pretty much the same as the documents name. Upload a document and we’ll send it off just to that other person to sign that to you.

All right, last question, can you add a logo and contact details in that closing signature section? You can add contact details that set your name, your title, your email, your company and things like that, there’s no way to add a logo in that closing section. But again, if you add your logo here, it’s going to appear at the top of the email that you receive. It will appear right here in this section if you add your company logo and signature logo will not appear.

[00:25:30.450] – Will (Signaturely)
So it’ll be fully custom branded their. Very fun. All right. Those are all of the questions that we have today. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. Thank you so much for taking the time to walk us through this schooling’s. If you have not already, you can go to absolute signature to redeem your codes, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by up sumo’s 60 day guarantee.

[00:25:55.440] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we’d love to read your reviews on the deal page. So go ahead and leave your TOCO ratings there. And of course, you can leave any more questions that you have on the deal page as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Will. I hope you all have a good one.

[00:26:13.380] – Will (Signaturely)
Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

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