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Signaturely is a software that makes it easier for the users to sign their documents. Let’s face it, it’s awfully difficult to sign documents online and is a great hassle having to print, sign, and then scan them.

Features and Benefits of Signaturely

👉  Guided Signing – You won’t have signees that are confused as to where they should place their signatures because Signaturely automatically creates the fields and then guides signees to complete them.

👉  Type, Draw or Upload – The signees can either type their name, draw their signature, or upload an image of it without having to leave the app itself.

👉  Team Collaboration – You can also collaborate with your team on a document before sending it.

👉  Sign and Get Signed – This app enables you to either sign or get signed. You can send documents to be signed by clients or employees and you can also save your own signature.

👉  Remote Signing – The app allows people to quickly access documents, review, and sign them on their own, no matter where they may be.

👉  Sign From Your Phone – You can also sign documents straight from your phone which totally increases convenience.

👉  Templates – You may also create any type of templates using this app and share them with your team.

👉  Signing Order – The documents will be sent to the right people and in the right order through Signaturely. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to prioritize certain clients.

Who is Signaturely for?

👉  Legal teams who need a safe tool to use for signatures and sending and saving their documents.

👉  Freelancers who need a tool that can help them sign offers hassle-free.

👉  HR Departments who need a platform where they can collaborate with the department and add employees into to sign important documents and store them safely.

Things to Note About Signaturely

👉  The application sometimes does not accept PDF’s in fonts with the foreign language.

👉  It is not custom branded which can be a big turn-off for agencies.

👉  It does not support having a direct link to the document.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2020

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 1

👉  Founder: Will Cannon

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Signaturely Reviews

Capterra - 31 reviews


G2 - 3 reviews


AppSumo - 42 reviews


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Ability to Change Email For LTD

They responded by saying that they have a glitch that prevents users from changing their emails. But, they will be fixing it soon and will send us updates once they have already dealt with the problem.

Signaturely is Currently on Lifetime Deal at Appsumo

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