Samdock Review: A Well-Rounded CRM for Small Businesses


Samdock is a CRM SaaS application designed specifically for small businesses to manage leads, customers and tasks in an organized manner. It has everything you need from contact information on your prospects all the way through their purchase journey with easy access at any given time!

In this blog, we’ll be reviewing Samdock, look at how it works, highlights its best features and the deal breakers. If you want to learn more about this new app, then read on!


What is a CRM?


A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software application designed to help businesses manage their customer data. By tracking customer interactions, a CRM can help businesses to identify patterns and trends that can be used to improve the customer experience. Additionally, a CRM can also be used to automate marketing and sales processes, making it easier for businesses to manage their customer relationships. While there are many different types of CRM systems on the market, they all share the common goal of helping businesses to better understand and serve their customers.

A CRM software is an unavoidable tool for every solopreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and even corporate companies. It has a big role to fill in these types of organizations to log exchanges between you and your contacts, remind you when to keep in touch, and help you close sales. It also divides your lead’s path into stages to categorize which prospect needs attention.

A CRM can also show you KPIs to let you know how effective your strategies are. For example, a CRM helps determine what source of lead or product is bringing you money with financial metrics.

You can unload your brain by logging everything in the software, and it’s supposed to streamline all the human connection processes, and let you know what to focus on next.

For the last weeks I’ve been looking for a CRM that fits my needs and I tested several solutions such as Samdock. Let’s see what Samdock has to offer.


How Samdock Works:


👉  Lead Capturing and Customer Acquisition – In Samdock, you can create custom forms to get your leads into Samdock. You can embed these forms on your website or app so your customers can fill them out on their own. You can also add a lead manually within Samdock, or configure a source to automatically add leads into Samdock with a webhook that will send new leads to you via an external API. You can create several sources for different APIs, and assign an employee to that source specifically if you’re handling leads from multiple channels.

👉  Handle each new incoming contact in the Requests tab where you swipe to decide it is a lead or not. Then, in the Lead board tab you decide if a lead is qualified and on which pipeline it should go into.

👉  Next, in the Deal Board page you will track sales with budget, timeline, products or service you’re selling (called ‘Positions’). It’s very well made, you have the board of ‘qualified leads’, ‘confirmed requirements’, ‘offer sent’, ‘negotiation’, and ‘WON’ in a drag-and-drop interface. You can modify the names and add or remove stages.

👉  In the Home tab you’ll have analytics about deals won or lost, sources of leads, and upcoming tasks and meetings.


What I Love About Samdock


🌮 The Appsumo deal


👉  196 reviews on AppSumo with 4,4 tacos

👉  3 users; Lifetime access; 15,000 persons; 7,500 organizations; 5,000 Leads & Deals; 10 Pipelines (max. 20 stages each); 10 GB storage; Email BCC; IMAP/SMTP email sync (2-way); Unlimited requests; Webforms; 10 inbound sources; 30 custom fields; 20 list views; Contact segmentation; Double Opt-in Automation; Integrations (i.e. Zapier); Open API; User upgrades possible later; 100% GDPR compliant; Only for new Samdock accounts


On the deal page they talk about “email sync, IMAP/SMTP 2-ways sync” but on their roadmap & app they talk about “email logging”, which is not the same. Sync would mean automatically retrieve sent & received email by contact, while logging means accessing in Samdock the email you have priorly forwarded to Samdock or added it as BCC. Turns out they’re working on both functionalities, email logging is in beta, and email sync is planned (and has been for at least 8 months).


🥇 Golden taco


  • The UX is beautiful and very well-thought. For me it helps getting things done! Nothing to do with the usual boring UI of like Salesforce, Pipeline, Zoho, Sales Simplify…
  • There are no bugs.
  • You can do everything from everywhere (assign a company to a contact while creating a task, link a company to the contact while on the deal page…)
  • The functionalities of it being a CRM are complete
  • Samdock can adapt to your use case


Samdock Lifetime deal on Appsumo


💔 Samdock Deal breakers (for me…)


❌  I couldn’t redeem my code, and it’s taken them one whole week to help me, which I find unacceptable for a software you are supposed to use daily for your business. I then left a bad review on AS and they asked me to change it which I didn’t because I lost my time waiting after them and trying to reach out to apply my code. I created a trial account to test it. No answer from their FB page, and no answer from their CEO (which was a bit pushy from me anyway I guess).

❗ The Android app is basic: You can manually add contact and logs tasks/calls. That’s it. Functionalities are lacking.

❌  Zapier integration currently in beta, Pabbly Integration not completed yet

They should have a Chrome extension to quickly add contacts from social media accounts

❌  No recurring appointments

❌  No email and phone verification

❌  No integration with Twilio or Ring to make calls from the app directly

❌  No contracts, payments, and booking features…

❌  They don’t communicate & ship enough

❗ Someone asked on AS page on May 18th when the email sync will be released, in the demo video 8 months ago she said “next month”.. A month has passed but still no news!

❗ The roadmap stopped at Q3 2021 and they’re not communicating on their current positions.


⚖ Verdict


Well-designed versatile CRM 👍 overall very good software as it is, great at unifying your relationships sales data, giving you insights, and managing day-to-day contacts whether you’re a solopreneur or a company.

I will wait to see how they evolve for my personal use. The lack of communication and roadmap progress in the last six months is too concerning for me to adopt Samdock. If they continue to work on their roadmap, it could be the perfect tool, and I hope they’ll do well.

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Ken Moo